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Old Family Photos are probably the 2nd most important research items missed out on when tracing your family tree. We, or our parents or grandparents all have that little box or old album of “dead people” with serious faces that are ignored or forgotten about.

Browse through our Old Family Photo Album of found people and Unknown People

Although there are probably a large percentage of these photos that don’t have names, many of them will have the photographers name and a town on either the back or the front of the photograph. On old family photos, have you ever looked at the name of the town of where the photographer was situated and then checked a census or street directory to see if it matches any of your family members?

Don’t forget to look at the clues below and type of photograph that may help you:

  • photographer’s name
  • photographer’s addresses
  • hairstyles
  • clothes and fashion accessories
  • studio props
  • card mount – shape and size
  • card design – including graphic artwork, typography, font size and colour
  • card manufacturer and printer
  • photographic process
  • patrons
  • medals awarded
  • etc. etc. etc.

 I have created an album that I will be adding photo’s to from out of date publications of people whose names are mentioned – if you have photos of anyone you would like to send in, please contact me first and then I will send you my email address (for spam reasons) and send them to me and I will add them to the “Missing Ancestors” Album and hopefully someone will be able to put a name to them.

Is image shiny like a mirror? Daguerreotype
Can you only see image from an angle? Daguerreotype
Does back of image plate look like copper? Daguerreotype
Is image on a glass plate? Ambrotype
Does image seem to have depth or 3D look? Ambrotype
Is image on a blackened iron plate? Tintype
Will a magnet attach to the plate? Tintype
Is image on a thin card about 2 3/8″ x 4″? Carte de Visite
Is image mounted on a card 4 1/4″ x 6 1/2″? Cabinet Card