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I have known Heather for a number of years and can testify to her knowledge, interest and ability with respect to genealogy. She founded the Cape Town Family History Society to promote the study of genealogy in the city. Her energy and drive made it a great success. She has also shown through her work at Ancestry24 a broad grasp of the information required and the means to access it in a way that assists those tracing their family history. The extent of data gathered there in a short period of time is truly outstanding. I would recommend her any job in the genealogy / local history sector particularly where accessing and interpreting information is key. Ian Neilson Executive Deputy Mayor at City of Cape Town

Heather has more initiative and tanaicity than enyone I know – she wil create new opportunities where nobody else sees it and carry it trough. her people skills are exeptional and her aptitude for technical aspects of her profession is cutting-edge – this combination is rare: Heather will be an asset to any institution, and I recommend her with pleasure. Francois Verster Company Archivist/Historian at Media24

Heather is one of those professionals that has endless energy and drive to make things work. She was extremely committed to the company and the Ancestry24 project and managed to build a business from scratch with very limited resources. I have the highest regard for her abilities.Arrie Rossouw CEO at Mobile Potential Inc., Director at Mobile Potential (Pty) Ltd.

I have worked with Heather for many years on issues relating to the history of Cape Town. She has always openly shared her knowledge – not to mention her enthusiasm. She has volunteered help on various projects and assisted generously with networking. The body of heritage knowledge that became publically accessible through her work is in itself testomony to her achievements. Dave Hart Heritage Resources Management at City of Cape Town

tutu-desmondHeather MacAlister, who has been known to me for some time now. I know that her tenacity to unearth records for all members of our community with ensure a bonding in the local community. I initially approached Heather to help me obtain a copy of my birth certificate, and the trouble she had in obtaining it, made ME realise how important it is, that every available resource in the country must be harnessed to protect the records of the past, because without preserving and revealing past, whatever it may show, there can be no hope of a peaceful future. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu

I can unhesitatingly recommend the services of Heather as a genealogical researcher. I am an attorney and notary and my requirements for attention to detail and a sceptical mindset are not negotiable. I was most reluctant to delegate this important research to a third party, but as I cannot attend personally at the various archives around the country I had no option. I was most fortunate in having been referred to Heather. She is knowledgeable and meticulous and her copies are of the highest quality. Her turn around time is also excellent. In addition to this, she is cheerful and shares in my delight every time I find another brick in my wall. I have been fortunate to have Heather as a partner in my research into what is at the end of the day a highly personal and emotional journey of exploration. Jane O’Connor Johannesburg (Lawyer)

Heather MacAlister provided an excellence service when I was drafting my family tree she provided guidance and clear routes in the different branches that comprise the Wilkie-Smith geneaology. Dr Katie Mooney (Researcher and Heritage Practitioner, Cape Town

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Heather MacAlister as a genealogy researcher. She was diligent and thorough in the research she did for me. I will use her services again and recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance in tracing genealogical records. Aubrey Little (Canada)

Heather MacAlister has successfully researched a wide range of biographical data for me.  She is a sleuth of note and has been my main source of information for my book about my pioneering family. I have been particularly grateful for Heather’s kindly approach and for her unfailing ability to always dig in the right places.Duncan McGregor (Sussex)

I have used Heather’s Services for the last 4 years, for genealogical research in South Africa. She provides a professional and reliable service, and does not leave any stone unturned She always with provides me detailed reports Heather has worked on all my South African cases to date, with great success, and has recently found a long lost father, in one of my cases. She is highly recommended, and her commitment to detail cannot be questioned. Phil Jennings Bond Lane Research ltd. UK Specialists in finding Missing Beneficiaries.

You have been absolutely fantastic with all the research you have done for which I am truly grateful. Prof Hans Bornman on “Cockney Liz, Legendary Barmaid of Barberton”.

Heather is one of the most dedicated goal orientated individuals I have have ever come into contact with. She has excellent research abilities, and a great sense of tradition and historical fact in South Africa. As a genealogist she is rated as one of the top. Isebelle Krause authorised representative for Oral Genealogy and aquisitions at

What you have done is very quickly, intelligently, grasped the complexity of my request;
* appreciated the vast distanced between us, namely: Australia vs South Africa and that I would need extra guidance along the way;
* provided advice that went far beyond what one would normally expect;
* taken an interest in the inevitable twists and turns of the search and
*taken me along a pathway that revealed far more than one would expect.

In a nutshell I feel that I haven’t had “just a genealogist” but rather “a very knowledgeable friend who knows all the back roads of getting family information”.

Your grasp of the South African milieu is remarkable and I doubt you would have an equal in your trade.
If anyone ever wants to contact me about Heather’s services please do not hesitate to contact me. Veronica Power  – Australia client. Read Veronica’s amazing story here.

You provide a wonderful service at a time when those words are rapidly turning into a form of mythology. I wish you and your visionary website and staff every success into the future. Ron Paterson client Australia

For as long as I have known my Gran, she has held a secret very close to her heart – she was adopted in the 1920’s.

She has always felt less than her worth and always questioned why her mother abandoned her.

My Grand-father passed away 10 years ago and as time has gone by I have seen my now 87 year old Gran slowly start to give up on life; but still holding onto the mystery of her Biological Mom and family.

I stumbled by chance onto Heathers website and reach out to her to help me solve my Grans mystery. I braced myself for a long haul struggle and disappointment, BUT Heather with her clear understanding of my situation, her experience and knowledge made the process remarkably easy and gave us valuable family history tracing back 5 generations of my Grans biological family, the information answered so many questions and has honestly given my Gran a new lease on life – it is like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

Heather words cannot tell you how grateful I am for how you have helped my Gran and the family. You do your research with such passion, dedication and compassion – you are truly an Angel! Thank You!  Candy B. client South Africa