The Fox and the Flies

/The Fox and the Flies

The Fox and the Flies

fox-fliesThe nineteenth-century was the age of industry, witnessing extraordinary advances in manufacturing, trade and communications. Exploiting the new infrastructure of railways, steamships and telegraph systems, European pimps and ‘white slave’ traffickers were hugely successful in establishing an integrated global market for commercial sex.

In the newly developed industrialized economy, criminal syndicates in capital cities such as Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, New York, London and Rio de Janeiro – were able to commission the seduction or rape of women by agents in under-developed parts of Europe and ‘export’ them as prostitutes to meet the insatiable demand for sexual services throughout the Atlantic world. For three turbulent decades before the First World War, Joseph Silver – brothel-owner, pimp and trafficker in women on four continents – was central to this hidden world of betrayal, intrigue, lust and sexual slavery.

Burglar, gun-runner, jewel-thief, rapist, safe-cracker and sodomist, Silver’s notoriety was captured in the most confidential correspondence of a dozen countries in the western world. What those in charge of law-enforcement agencies kept to themselves, however, was how their officers had attempted to use Silver as an informer to infiltrate syndicates built on ‘vice’ only to have him outwit them as he moved in the dangerous space between police and prostitutes.

A disturbed adolescent, youthful predator and adult misogynist driven by dark biblical and medieval obsessions, Silver’s mental universe remained largely hidden from his family, other gangsters, and police handlers. Joseph was well known in brothels in the Centre of Cape Town as well as District Six and had a large group of associates with whom he did business dealings with. He also spent time in the Southern suburbs dodging the police as well as time inside Pollsmoor prison.

In this first reconstruction of the life of a dangerous psychopath, Charles van Onselen situates the private life of one man amidst the demi-monde of the Atlantic world to identify the most infamous serial killer of all time – for Joseph Silver’s darkest secret of all lay in London, in Whitechapel, in the autumn of 1888. Were your ancestor’s part of the syndicate?

Author by Charles Van Onselen

Publisher: Jonathan Ball

ISBN: 9780224079297

Format: Hardcover

Publication Date: 2007

Size: 241 x 161 x 40, 970g

Pages: 588