Adoption – Donald’s Story Part 1


It was quite a while after I met my husband that I found out he was adopted. It was a dark secret back in those days, something to be hidden from all but the closest of family - it was as if you would go straight to hell if you even mentioned the word. I suppose that finding out Donald was adopted and the fact that I came from a very large family (five sisters and one brother) were what first got me interested in genealogy and family history, not to forget the arrival of our first computer with [...]

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St. Peters Cemetery Observatory Records


The saga of St Peter's began in December 1994, when its Mowbray Church of England parish placed a notice in the newspapers informing the public of the imminent sale of the 2, 2 hectare cemetery to a developer. Included in the announcement was the proposed removal of the 3,000 monuments, and the exhumation, cremation and mass burial

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Terms and Conditions


I the user of the website www.ancestors.co.za acknowledge and agree that the information provided on this website has been provided in good faith and transcribed from original documents and sources which some of them are in the public domain. It is up to the user of this site to verify any information provided on Ancestors South Africa. This information may only be used for personal use and not be used on any other commercial or free websites where family trees are built en-masse. When using this information for your own purposes please cite and acknowledge Ancestors South Africa. Ancestors.co.za cannot [...]

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Index of South African Constabulary in the 2nd Anglo Boer War


Over 10 000 South African Constabulary Records are now available using newly digitized and transcribed attestation records, we provide a detailed description of the composition of the South African Constabulary, a volunteer force of mostly English recruits during and after the Second South African War. These records contain personal particulars, such as age, country of origin, occupation and religion, for 10 399 service terms.

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Transcribed and free genealogy records for South Africa. If you have any transcribed records in excel or csv format that you would like to make available on my website please contact me.