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Surname | Year Names Date of birth Date of death | Year Database View
1998Lasker, CassiemGG Page: 65 - CapeView
1998Lasker, CassiemGG Page: 73 - CapeView
2002Lasker, JanapGG Page: 63 - Western CapeView
2003Lasker, Ronald IsadoreGG Page: 67 - Western CapeView
2004Lasker, Ronald IsadoreGG Page: 89 - Western CapeView
2004Lasker, Ronald IsadoreGG Page: 89 - Western CapeView
2006Lasker, JanapGG Page: 80 - Western CapeView
2010Lasker, Nathaniel IsaacGG Page: 66 - Kwazulu-NatalView
2012Lasker, CarrolGG Page: 59 - GautengView
2013Lasker, CarrolGG Page: 81 - GautengView
2018Lasker, Leone CaroleGG Page: - Western CapeView
2020Lasker, Leone CaroleGG Page: 169 - Western CapeView
2021Lasker, RoyGG Page: 81 - Western CapeView
2021Lasker, RoyGG Page: 143 - NationalView
2022Lasker, LeslieGG Page: 39 - NationalView
1994LaskerGG Page: 18 - 15593View
2003LaskerGG Page: 55 - 25622View
2003CoetzeeGG Page: 7 - 25453View
2003CoetzeeGG Page: 12 - 25453View
2004LaskerGG Page: 42 - 25943View
2008LaskerGG Page: 70 - 30863View
2010VilliersGG Page: 17 - 33482View
LaskerHerbert EduardNaturalizationsView
LaskerRonald IsadoreNaturalizationsView
LaskerJoseph Maxwell1973Eastern Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerJoseph 1915Cape Estates Death Notice IndexView
LaskerSamuel 1915Cape Estates Death Notice IndexView
LaskerCassiem08 July 1998Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerChristina12 October 1967Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerHerbert Eduard11 September 1988Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerMercia Patricia08 January 1992Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerMichael John25 June 2002Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerMichael  Ben16 April 1978Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerRachel Katie22 June 1995Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerRonald Isadore27 September 2002Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerStanley Douglas01 April 1982Western Cape Estates IndexView
LaskerMartinSouth African MarriagesView
PearceJamesSouth African MarriagesView
LaskerJozefSouth African MarriagesView
LaskerCaroline Mary (Fisher Nee Lasker)??Eastern Cape BaptismsView
LaskerSimonCape AlmanacView
LaskerSimonCape AlmanacView
LaskerSamuelCape AlmanacView
LaskerS & CoCape AlmanacView
LaskerSamuelCape AlmanacView
LaskerSamuelCape AlmanacView
LaskerJosephCape AlmanacView
LaskerSamuelCape Town Directory 1867View
LaskerSouth African Law Reports IndexView

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