Boer War Casualties Records Search : C
Surname Names Regiment View
CWfImperial Yeomanry View
CaddensGHighland Light Infantry 1View
CaddisDHussars 18View
CadleFNesbitts HorseView
CadleyFOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CadmanJLancashire Fusiliers View
CadmanTRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
CadmanJWest Riding 1View
CadmanArmy Chaplains DeptView
Cadmore FwWest Riding 1View
CaffertyFHighland Light Infantry View
CafferyPRoyal Field Artillery 20View
CaffreyRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
CaggerANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CagleyWjImperial Yeomanry View
CahillJRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CahillMtConnaught Rangers View
CahillPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CahillPGorringes Flying ColumnView
CaigerFWorcestershire 2View
CailleyPArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CainRYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CainMManchester 2View
CainJtRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CainJtArmy Service CorpsView
CainJhSouth Lancashire 1View
CaineMLoyal North Lancashire 1View
CainesSSomersetshire Light Infantry2View
CairdCdImperial Yeomanry 5View
CairnsGBrabants Horse 2View
CairnsFHighland Light Infantry View
CairnsGeCape Field ArtilleryView
CairnsAKings Royal Rifles View
CairnsFNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CairnsAImperial Light Horse View
CairnsHlMarshalls HorseView
CairnsPjIrish Guards View
CakebreadEmBritish South Africa Police View
CakebreadHfMiddlesex 2View
Cal WayFhLancers View
CalcleughIArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
CalderDRoyal Navy DockyardView
CalderheidRImperial Yeomanry View
CalderwoodHDriscolls ScoutsView
CalderwoodJKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CaldwellThKaffrarian RiflesView
CaldwellACheshire View
CaldwellJcRoyal Sussex View
CaldwellPEast Lancashire 1View
CaldwellARoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
CaldwellKRoyal Highlanders 2View
CaldwellCKings Royal Rifles View
CaldwellWNew Zealand 5View
CaldwellARoyal Scots FusiliersView
CaleGWorcestershire 2View
CaleyJRoyal Dragoons 1View
CaleyWfRoyal Fusiliers 2View
CalitzJFarmers GuardView
CallWmHighland Light Infantry 1View
CallabyWNorfolk 2View
CallaghanJEast Yorkshire 2View
CallaghanPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CallaghanWKings Royal Rifles 9View
CallaghanILeicestershire 1View
CallaghanIWest Yorkshire 2View
CallaghanJDurham Light Infantry 4View
CallanIGrenadier Guards 3View
CallanTRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
CallanJLeinster 2View
CallanHEast Surrey 2View
CallanJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CallanceAGloucestershire View
CallanderGabBritish South Africa PoliceView
CallasGBerkshire 2View
CallenWRifle Brigade 1View
CallesJmBrabants Horse 2View
CalliganJLincolnshire 2View
CallinghamAgLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CallisCImperial Yeomanry 8View
CallowWManchester 5View
CallowERoyal Field Artillery 62View
CalthorpeHityaRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
CalthorpeCBerkshire 2View
CaltonFHussars 13View
CalverFwLancers View
CalverlyFDragoon Guards 6View
CalvertJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
CalvertNlDragoon Guards 6View
CalvertJMafeking Town GuardView
CambiererWRoyal Warwickshire View
CambrayGrRoyal Engineers Field TroopView
CambrayARoyal Field Artillery 69View
Cambridge0Royal Munster Fusiliers View
CambridgeIRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CameronACameron Highlanders View
CameronHCameron Highlanders View
CameronWRoyal Highlanders 2View
CameronJYorkshire 1View
CameronWHighland Light Infantry 1View
CameronASouth African ConstabularyView
CameronGgImperial Light HorseView
CameronWdBrabants HorseView
CameronJRoyal Highlanders 2View
CameronCdNatal PoliceView
CameronAlNew South Wales Mid Rifles EView
CameronWCameron Highlanders View
CameronFgRoyal Highlanders 2View
CameronJImperial Yeomanry Lovats ScoutsView
CameronDHighland Light Infantry 1View
CameronAGordon Highlanders 1View
CameronCCanadian ScoutsView
CameronWdArmy Intelligence DeptView
CameronDaNew Zealand 8View
Cameron JhSouth African Constabulary A New South Wales Mtd Rifles 3 Kitcheners HorseView
CammJDerbyshire View
CampbellKDriscolls ScoutsView
CampbellBScottish Horse 2View
CampbellJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CampbellEgRifle Brigade 2View
CampbellDScots Guards 2View
CampbellDImperial Military RailwaysView
CampbellJNorth Staffordshire 2View
CampbellHSouth African Constabulary EView
CampbellDhCanadian Mounted Rifles View
CampbellWRoyal Highlanders 2View
CampbellPImperial Yeomanry 10View
CampbellRbNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 1View
CampbellSlRoyal Dragoons 1View
CampbellEcCape Police SpecialView
CampbellRRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
CampbellIaGordon Highlanders 2View
CampbellEjImperial Yeomanry View
CampbellBfImperial Yeomanry 1View
CampbellNCameron Highlanders View
CampbellAdKitcheners Fighting Scouts 2View
CampbellDhImperial YeomanryView
CampbellJRoyal Garrison Artillery AntrimView
CampbellFeHussars 14View
CampbellDArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 4View
CampbellHArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 4View
CampbellJImperial Light HorseView
CampbellRbRoyal Field Artillery 69View
CampbellFHussars 19View
CampbellJNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CampbellJrmcGordon Highlanders View
CampbellAmNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 3View
CampbellGLiverpool 1View
CampbellJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CampbellAArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CampbellAcImperial Yeomanry 6View
CampbellDCameron Highlanders View
CampbellJImperial Yeomanry Lovats ScoutsView
CampbellGRoyal Field Artillery 81View
CampbellCSouth African Constabulary EView
CampbellJRoyal Lancaster View
CampbellWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2View
CampbellGBorder 2View
CampbellJcCape Garrison ArtilleryView
CampbellJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CampbellCImperial Light InfantryView
CampbellJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CampbellHaImperial Yeomanry View
CampinAMiddlesex 4View
CampionFSouth African Constabulary EView
CampionPwRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CampionWjBritish South Africa Police View
CampionCImperial Yeomanry View
CancellorEvLord Strathconas HorseView
CandlerGImperial YeomanryView
CandyCdhBerkshire 2View
CandyJRoyal Highlanders 2View
CandyJSouth Lancashire 1View
CaneJManchester 1View
CaneWSouth African Constabulary AView
CaneFtLiverpool 1View
CaneyEp-JRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CaneyPArmy Post Office CorpsView
CanhamEKings Royal Rifles View
CanhamBDragoon GuardsView
CanningASouth Lancashire 1View
CanningFaBrabants Horse 1View
CanningWgArmy Veterinary DeptView
CanningJSouth Lancashire 1View
CannonEBedfordshire 2View
CannonBRoyal Fusiliers 5View
CannonAwLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CannonGRifle Brigade 2View
CannonJRoyal Lancaster View
CanovanJScottish Rifles 2View
CantAKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CantelloTSouth Lancashire 3View
CantorMgWest Yorkshire 2View
CantrillASouth Lancashire 1View
CantwellAImperial Yeomanry View
CantyCtMiddlesex 6View
CantyWRoyal West KentView
CantyMNew Zealand 8View
CanvassCEast Yorkshire 2View
CapelWLeicestershire 1View
CapelHoBerkshire 2View
CapellTRoyal West Surrey View
CapellWSouth Staffordshire 1View
CapellWRoyal Field Artillery 79View
CapewellNjImperial Yeomanry View
CapleCArmy Ordnance CorpsView
CaplesJwwThorneycrofts Mounted Infantry Hussars 19View
CarburyScajRoyal West KentView
CarbuttEgRoyal Horse Artillery UView
CardHcGloucestershire View
CardellCJohannesburg Mounted RiflesView
CardenALondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CardenWRoyal Field Artillery 53View
CardenWConnaught Rangers View
CarderFwlLeicestershire 1View
CarderTImperial Yeomanry View
CardewFcCape Mounted RiflesView
CardingGRoyal Engineers 6View
CardwellJHighland Light Infantry View
CardyAEssex 1View
CardyJRoyal Scots FusiliersView
CarelessJSouth Staffordshire 1View
CareyCMilitary PoliceView
CareySjSuffolk 1View
CareyTRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
CareyHImperial Yeomanry View
CareyImperial Yeomanry View
CareyEEast Lancashire 1View
CareyMManchester 1View
CareyTPrince Alfreds GuardView
CareyGaLeinster 2View
CareyFMiddlesex 2View
CareyEWorcestershire 1View
CareyBImperial Yeomanry 5View
CargillGwScottish HorseView
CargillWImperial Yeomanry View
CargillDerbyshire View
CarlessCRoyal Horse Artillery MView
CarletonPRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CarletonWScottish Borderers 1View
CarleyPRoyal Dragoons 1View
CarleyFYorkshire 1View
CarleyGcEastkent View
CarlileJgYorkshire 1View
CarlisleJImperial Yeomanry 8View
CarloARoyal Warwickshire View
CarlsonCDriscolls ScoutsView
CarltonRRoyal Field Artillery 14View
CarltonWLancashire Fusiliers View
CarlyleAArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CarmichaelWScottish Borderers 1View
CarmichaelARoyal EngineersView
CarmichaelWdImperial Yeomanry View
CarnenJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CaryHjlDevonshire View
CaseRuLumsdens HorseView
CaseyRjConnaught Rangers View
CaseyTRoyal LancasterView
CaseyTDragoons 4View
CaseyJKings Royal Rifles 9View
CaseyGNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CaseyWRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CaseyWRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
CaseyWRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
CashellTRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
CashmanJSteinaeckers HorseView
CashmanTsImperial Light HorseView
CaskeyLjQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
CassFCape Mounted RiflesView
CassFLancashire Fusiliers View
CasseltonFBritish South Africa PoliceView
CassenJjYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CassetWRoyal Garrison 2View
CassidyEScottish Borderers 1View
CassidyJNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CassidyFRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CassidyISouth Lancashire 3View
CassidyPDragoon GuardsView
CassidyJNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CassidyMRoyal Field Artillery 91View
CassonJSouth Lancashire 3View
CassonFgNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CastelliARoyal Lancaster View
CastleWhArmy Service CorpsView
CastleEArmy Service Corps 38View
CastleJLancers View
CastleWtRoyal Dragoons 1View
CastleRKings Royal Rifles 1View
CastledineJRifle Brigade 2View
CastletonAeRoyal Engineers 20View
CastorRDerbyshire View
CatchWhImperial Yeomanry View
CatchpoleRSeaforth Highlanders 2View
CatchsideHpImperial Yeomanry View
CaterFwSouth African ConstabularyView
CaterWGrenadier Guards View
CatesAcArmy Service CorpsView
CatesChrRoyal Field Artillery 4View
CatesRNorfolk 2View
CathcartJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CathcartWhWorcestershire 3View
CathcartRKings Royal Rifles View
CathieRRoyal Horse GuardsView
CatonRImperial Yeomanry View
CattCeImperial Light InfantryView
CattPwKings Royal Rifles View
CattAjImperial Yeomanry View
CattanachHGordon Highlanders View
CattellCYorkshire Light Infantry 1View
CattellJaArmy Service CorpsView
CattellCeWorcestershire 1View
CattonGpMarshalls HorseView
CaugheyFhVictoria Mtd Rifles 5View
CaulfieldHRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CausleyCSouth African Constabulary EView
CaustonWaNorfolk 2View
CavanaghPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CavanaghPLancashire Fusiliers View
CavanaghMYorkshire 3View
CavanaghJYorkshire 1View
CavanaghWImperial Military RailwaysView
CavanueWScottish Rifles 2View
CaveJLeicestershire 1View
CaveHNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CavendishCwhLancers View
Cavendish-BrowneJImperial YeomanryView
CavillGGloucestershire View
CavineRpRoyal ArtilleryView
CawardinePRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CawgronRNorfolk 2View
CawleyJShropshire Light Infantry View
CawleyWSuffolk 1View
CawoodPImperial Light Horse View
CawteJWorcestershire 2View
CawthornARoyal Field ArtilleryView
Ce ScondePcKimberleyView
CettiPCape Mounted RiflesView
ChadbornJaCape Police Dist View
ChaddichMilitary Foot PoliceView
ChadwickEtRoyal Engineers 10View
ChadwickRjScottish Rifles 2View
ChadwickPjLiverpool 1View
ChadwickTcImperial Light HorseView
ChadwickJhWest Yorkshire 2View
ChadwickSgWest Yorkshire 4View
ChadwickJRoyal Field Artillery PompomView
ChaffeWgRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ChaffinJsSouth African Constabulary AView
ChalcroftHArmy Service Corps 42View
ChaliceSColdstream Guards View
ChalkWiArmy Service CorpsView
ChallenorRrLancashire Fusiliers View
ChallisGNew South Wales Imperial Bushmen View
ChalmersWCanadian Mounted Rifles View
ChalmersSLancers View
ChalmersJScottish Horse 2View
ChalmersWSouth African Constabulary AView
ChalmersRRoyal Highlanders 2View
ChalmersHSouth African Light HorseView
ChalonerRaRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
ChamberlainJaDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
ChamberlainChArmy Post Office CorpsView
ChamberlainGwbImperial Yeomanry View
ChamberlainADragoon GuardsView
ChamberlainHtNatal Volunteer Ambulance CorpsView
ChamberlainJoEast Surrey 2View
ChambersJhLife GuardsView
ChambersJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
ChambersCImperial Yeomanry View
ChambersAiRoyal Engineers 7View
ChambersWLiverpool 1View
ChambersPSteinaeckers HorseView
ChambersJaColdstream Guards View
ChambersHbImperial Light InfantryView
ChamierEhstlRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
ChampionWlKitcheners HorseView
ChampionWArmy Service CorpsView
ChampnessWMiddlesex 2View
ChanceEWorcestershire 1View
ChandlerIDragoon Guards 1View
ChandlerHRoyal Engineers 7View
ChandlerJpRoyal Engineers 38View
ChandlerFRoyal Fusiliers 2View
ChandlerEhBrabants Horse 2View
ChandlerTRoyal Sussex View
ChandlerWaRoyal West KentView
ChandlerHcHussars 13View
ChandlerERoyal Field Artillery 61View
ChandlerGSouth African Light HorseView
ChandlerAecScots Guards 1View
ChandlerFhJohannesburg Mounted Rifles 2View
ChandlerAhWelsh 1View
ChandlerHManchester 1View
ChandlerJSouth Staffordshire 1View
ChaneyJLancashire Fusiliers View
ChangeSDragoon Guards 7View
ChanningEImperial Yeomanry View
ChannonWhGloucestershire 2View
ChantGRoyal Sussex View
ChanterJEast Kent View
ChanteyHrColdstream Guards View
ChantlerHLoyal North Lancashire 1View
ChaplinWNorfolk 2View
ChaplinEaRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
ChaplinJrRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ChaplinWYorkshire 3View
ChaplinCYorkshire 1View
ChaplinJRoyal West KentView
ChapmanERoyal Engineers 5View
ChapmanFDragoon GuardsView
ChapmanSWest Riding 1View
ChapmanCeSouth African Constabulary AView
ChapmanHawLiverpool 4View
ChapmanWKings Royal Rifles 1View
ChapmanFjDragoon GuardsView
ChapmanWJohannesburg Mounted RiflesView
ChapmanEArmy Service CorpsView
ChapmanECape Mounted RiflesView
ChapmanCSouth Staffordshire 4View
ChapmanEfRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
ChapmanSdKaffrarian RiflesView
ChapmanJrLeicestershire 1View
ChapmanSNatal CarbineersView
ChapmanToDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
ChapmanJBerkshire 2View
ChapmanARoyal Lancaster View
ChapmanWEast Surrey 2View
ChapmanTRoyal Horse Artillery View
ChapmanHSuffolk 1View
ChapmanWWest Yorkshire 2View
ChapmanLjaRoyal Field Artillery 2View
ChapmanRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
ChapmanFWiltshire 2View
ChapmanADragoon Guards 7View
ChapmanDaScots Guards 2View
ChapmanFhSouth Lancashire 1View
ChapmanJEssex 1View
ChapmanVWest Yorkshire View
ChapmanGfWest Yorkshire 2(Atd)View
ChapmanWKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
ChappellMcRoyal Canadian 2View
ChappellWaGloucestershire 2View
ChappellPSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
ChappleSLancers View
ChardonCQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
CharetAKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CharlesFpjWelsh 2View
CharlesWRoyal Engineers 37View
CharlesWicDorsetshire 2View
CharlesARoyal Engineers Field Troop 2View
CharlesworthThNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CharlesworthJKings Royal Rifles View
CharletonEejWelsh 1View
CharleyJfwRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CharltonGLancers View
CharltonRwJohannesburg Mounted PoliceView
CharltonJVictoria Mtd Rifles 5View
CharltonEImperial Yeomanry View
CharmanAhScots Guards 1View
CharnleyWpRoyal Field Artillery 2View
CharnleyWShropshire Light Infantry 2View
CharnockRLoyal North Lancashire 1View
CharterGMiddlesex 2View
ChaseJScots Guards 1View
ChatcuffDSteinaeckers HorseView
ChateShArmy Service CorpsView
ChatterisWaKings Royal Rifles View
ChattertonPImperial Yeomanry View
ChattoSImperial Yeomanry View
ChaukleyWLancers View
CheadleEwaRoyal Engineers 7View
CheastyJRoyal Irish View
CheckleyCKings Royal Rifles 3View
CheddCImperial Yeomanry View
CheerBLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CheeseAArmy Service Corps 12View
CheeseleyJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
CheesemanFSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CheesemanEcImperial Yeomanry 10View
CheesemanADragoon Guards 6View
CheesemanEImperial Yeomanry 7View
CheesemanEvScotts Railway GuardsView
CheesleyWjLeicestershire 1View
CheethamWManchester 1View
CheethamSRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CheethamGSouth Lancashire 1View
CheeversSfKings Royal Rifles View
CheeversGLeinster 1View
ChellJwImperial Yeomanry View
ChellGcRoyal Sussex View
Chenevix-TrenchCRoyal Engineers 7View
CheneyStLeicestershire 1View
ChenneryAcArmy Service CorpsView
ChequersCEast Kent View
CherrillCYork & Lancaster View
CherryJRoyal Horse Artillery View
CherryRYorkshire 2View
CheseldeneGLincolnshire 2View
ChesherEbNew South Wales City BushmenView
ChesherCRoyal Engineers TelView
CheshireIGordon Highlanders 1View
CheshireESeaforth Highlanders 2View
ChessonJEast Kent View
ChesterJBerkshire 2View
ChesterEast Surrey 2View
ChesterFjKings Royal Rifles 3View
ChesterFjEssex 1View
CheversHRifle Brigade 2View
ChevertonTArmy Ordnance CorpsView
ChewJwEast Lancashire 1View
CheyneACeylon Mounted InfantryView
CheyneWGordon Highlanders View
ChichesterLImperial Yeomanry View
ChidleyTRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
ChieveleyRDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
ChilcottJfDevonshire View
ChildGeImperial Yeomanry View
ChildWhRoyal Field Artillery 79View
ChildSwRoyal Field Artillery 63View
ChildeCbSouth African Light HorseView
ChildsCDragoon Guards 3View
ChildsWjmRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ChildsHRoyal Fusiliers 5View
ChildsGRoyal West Surrey View
ChildsHEssex 2View
ChildsHRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ChildsRRoyal Engineers Field ParkView
ChillmaidAwRoyal Dragoons 1View
ChiltonANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
ChiltonGArmy Ordnance Corps 4View
ChiltonLRifle Brigade 1View
ChilversHhBorder 1View
ChinnHrEastkent View
ChinnerEaImperial Yeomanry View
ChinneryHArmy Ordnance Corps 6View
ChinneryIaijSouth Lancashire 1View
ChinnockTwImperial Yeomanry View
ChinnockWwImperial Yeomanry View
ChippendaleSWest Riding 1View
ChipperfieldWScottish Rifles 2View
ChippettWtNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
ChippingGRoyal West Surrey View
ChisholmCGrenadier Guards View
ChisholmAGordon Highlanders View
ChisholmAjhNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 3View
ChisselEGordon Highlanders View
ChiswellCrNatal PoliceView
ChittickAScottish Horse 1View
ChittyEgArmy Service CorpsView
ChittyCwImperial Yeomanry View
ChittyJOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ChiversSKings Royal Rifles View
ChivertonWgRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ChoatFjRoyal Field Artillery 64View
ChorleyIGloucestershire 1View
ChorltonCScottish Rifles 2View
ChouffotAKings Royal Rifles 2View
ChowlesGWiltshire 2View
ChownWjKings Royal Rifles 1View
ChownScArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
ChrispJgVictoria Mid Rifles 5View
ChristensonWgBorder 1View
ChristianHEast Yorkshire 1View
ChristianFScots Guards 2View
ChristianERimingtons GuidesView
ChristianJScots Guards 1View
ChristiansonWbRailway Pioneer 4View
ChristieJRoyal Highlanders 2View
ChristieWRoyal Highlanders 2View
ChristieHmRoyal West KentView
ChristieJpNatal Volunteer CompositeView
ChristieJScottish Borderers 1View
ChristieJdImperial Yeomanry Lovats ScoutsView
ChristieJwVictoria Bushmen 3View
ChristisonDArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
ChristmasARoyal Horse Artillery View
ChristopherWRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
ChritchleyJScots Guards 1View
ChrystalRpBritish South Africa PoliceView
ChubbFHussars 8View
ChudleyFNatal Volunteer CompositeView
Chuf3BWhnSouth African Constabulary BView
ChumCape Police Dist 1View
ChurchWGrenadier Guards View
ChurchMrImperial Yeomanry View
ChurchHtRoyal EngineersView
ChurchTWelsh 1View
ChurchBeDragoon Guards 7View
ChurchJDerbyshire View
ChurchillFRoyal Field Artillery 8View
ChurchillHHussars 19View
ChurchillWRifle Brigade 1View
ChurchillWhImperial Yeomanry View
ChurchleyAArmy Service CorpsView
ChurchmanJNorfolk 2View
ChurmJcOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ClaasenPjImperial Military RailwaysView
ClackAjNesbitts HorseView
ClackJRoyal Field Artillery 17View
ClackWSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CladdoJpSouth African Constabulary EView
ClairGrahamstown City VolunteersView
ClampIcRoyal Field Artillery 69View
ClanaghanJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
ClanceyHgKings Royal RiflesView
ClancyTRoyal Irish 4View
ClancyLRoyal Irish 1View
ClancyWeNew South Wales Mid Rifles 2View
ClancyJRailway PioneerView
ClancyPjQueensland Imp Bushmen 4View
ClaphamGGloucestershire View
ClaphamJWest Yorkshire 2View
ClaphamWmjNatal Mounted RiflesView
ClappFImperial Yeomanry View
ClapshawJRoyal Sussex View
ClaptonMImperial Yeomanry View
ClaptonGLincolnshire 2View
ClarkGScottish Horse 2View
ClarkEgDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
ClarkCeEast YorkshireView
ClarkHGordon Highlanders 1View
ClarkWRoyal Field Artillery 14View
ClarkMBorder HorseView
ClarkThCape Police Dist 2View
ClarkGhRoyal Field Artillery 38View
ClarkEGordon Highlanders 1View
ClarkWaSouthern Rhodesian VolunteersView
ClarkHRoyal Field Artillery 39View
ClarkJHighland Light Infantry 1View
ClarkJRoyal Garrison 4View
ClarkWaCape Town HighlandersView
ClarkJBedfordshire 4View
ClarkERifle Brigade View
ClarkJRifle Brigade 2View
ClarkTGordon Highlanders View
ClarkJeDragoon Guards 2View
ClarkJrSeaforth Highlanders 2View
ClarkLgImperial Yeomanry 7View
ClarkEImperial Light Horse 1View
ClarkJRoyal Field Artillery 78View
ClarkJSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
ClarkWRoyal Field Artillery UnatView
ClarkRImperial Light InfantryView
ClarkJwKings Royal Rifles 3View
ClarkFNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
ClarkGRoyal Field Artillery AmpkView
ClarkFRoyal Scots 3View
ClarkEaImperial YeomanryView
ClarkeEcRoyal Field Artillery 81View
ClarkeJMiddlesex 6View
ClarkeFKings Royal Rifles View
ClarkeAColdstream Guards View
ClarkeManchester 2View
ClarkeCArmy Service CorpsView
ClarkeAeRoyal Field Artillery Maxim GunView
ClarkeJSouth Staffordshire 4View
ClarkeJfRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeARoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ClarkeGhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ClarkeWGloucestershire 2View
ClarkeJSouth Staffordshire 1View
ClarkeCOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ClarkeRRoyal Warwickshire View
ClarkeTcHighland Light Infantry View
ClarkeWwsImperial Yeomanry 1View
ClarkeEjCape Medical Staff CorpsView
ClarkeJRoyal Lancaster 4View
ClarkeGRoyal Field Artillery StaffView
ClarkeWEssex 1View
ClarkeAhSouth Wales Borderers 2View
ClarkeEMiddlesex 6View
ClarkeGhQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
ClarkePKings Royal Rifles 2View
ClarkeEjBorder 1View
ClarkeCeWest Riding 3View
ClarkeGBritish South Africa Police View
ClarkeGKings Royal Rifles View
ClarkeJRoyal Sussex View
ClarkeHOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ClarkeJgRoyal West KentView
ClarkeWRoyal Scots FusiliersView
ClarkeBcKings Royal Rifles 1View
ClarkeRBethunes Mounted InfantryView
ClarkeFgManchester 2View
ClarkeHWorcestershire 1View
ClarkeFNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
ClarkeFhRoyal Dublin FusiliersView
ClarkeWImperial Yeomanry View
ClarkeWLancers View
ClarkePSouth Staffordshire 3View
ClarkeJRoyal Fusiliers 4View
ClarkeDNew Zealand 5View
ClarkeJRoyal West Surrey View
ClarkeJRoyal Garrison Artillery View
ClarkeJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeGSouth Wales Borderers View
ClarkeJRoyal Field Artillery 28View
ClarkeTLeicestershire 1View
ClarkeHDragoon GuardsView
ClarkeWaeYork & Lancaster View
ClarkeFgKings Royal Rifles View
ClarkeBKings Royal Rifles 1View
ClarkeANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeGRoyal West Surrey View
ClarkeCcArmy Service Corps 37(Atd)View
ClarkeMRoyal Garrison Artillery View
ClarkeGDragoon GuardsView
ClarkeASouth Staffordshire 1View
ClarkeDrRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeTaRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeDArmy Service CorpsView
ClarkeJjjwFarmers GuardView
ClarkeRrImperial Bearer CorpsView
ClarkePtImperial Yeomanry View
ClarkeRSomersetshire Light Infantry View
ClarkeErDorsetshire 2View
ClarkeJRoyal Scots 1View
ClarkeWgQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
ClarkeRRoyal Engineers 38View
ClarkeJYorkshire 1View
ClarkeDRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
ClarkeWeVictoria Mtd Rifles 2View
ClarkeAYork & Lancaster View
ClarkeGDorsetshire 2View
ClarkeARoyal Lancaster 2View
ClarkeWHussars 14View
ClarkeHSouth African Constabulary BView
ClarkeHRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
ClarkeJLancashire Fusiliers View
ClarkeTRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeAScottish Horse 2View
ClarkeGLincolnshire 2View
ClarkeEDragoon Guards 7View
ClarkeChArmy Service Corps 26View
ClarkeWhEast Kent 2View
ClarkeAWorcestershire 2View
ClarkeGSouth African ConstabularyView
ClarkeFRoyal Scots 2View
ClarkeJPrince Alfreds GuardView
ClarkeGKings Royal Rifles 3View
ClarkeCeBrabants HorseView
ClarkeGvRoyal Field Artillery 87View
ClarkeANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
ClarkeWgbKings Royal Rifles View
ClarkeJRoyal Scots FusiliersView
ClarkeJRoyal Engineers 31View
ClarkinCColdstream Guards View
ClarksonTCape Town HighlandersView
ClarksonJrEast Lancashire 3View
ClarksonCImperial Yeomanry View
ClarksonChKitcheners HorseView
ClarksonJWorcestershire 2View
ClarksonHWest Yorkshire 2View
ClarksonShtSt Johns AmbulanceView
ClarksonJCameron Highlanders View
ClasperWBerkshire 3View
ClaveyGSomersetshire Light Infantry View
ClaxtonFhImperial Military RailwaysView
ClayWDistrict Mounted RiflesView
ClayFwScottish Horse 2View
ClayTLiverpool 1View
ClayAjKings Royal Rifles 3View
ClayLWiltshire 1View
ClaytonBjRoyal Field Artillery 88View
ClaytonJScots Guards 1View
ClaytonKArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
ClaytonBjtImperial Military RailwaysView
ClaytonWjEastkent View
ClaytonCRoyal Engineers 47View
ClaytonARoyal Field Artillery 20View
ClaytonHeNorthamptonshire 2View
ClaytonJHussars 19View
ClaytonGwLiverpool 1View
ClaytonWtaRoyal Field Artillery 67View
ClaytonWRoyal Engineers StaffView
ClaytonWEast Surrey 4View
ClaytonJEast Surrey 2View
Clayton-DaubneyRjLumsdens HorseView
ClearyJEssex 1View
ClearyJColdstream Guards View
ClearyHeKings Royal Rifles 3View
CleasbyWSteinaeckers HorseView
CleaveApLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CleaverGRoyal Warwickshire View
CleaverERoyal Scots 1View
CleaverWNatal CarbineersView
CleeELancers View
CleeveFDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
CleggJManchester 3View
CleggWbColdstream Guards View
CleghornGgDurban Light InfantryView
ClelandJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
ClelandEMiddlesex 2View
ClementDSouth African Constabulary BView
ClementJRailway PioneerView
Clementi-SmithEImperial Yeomanry View
ClementsWSt Johns AmbulanceView
ClementsFwDurham Light Infantry 2View
ClementsWSouth African Constabulary AView
ClementsSDevonshire View
ClementsFrArmy Service Corps 25View
ClementsADragoons 2View
ClementsHhCanadian Mounted Rifles View
ClementsonJwLiverpool 1View
ClementsonTImperial Light HorseView
ClempsonJImperial Hospital CorpsView
CliffeGycSouth Lancashire 1View
CliffeHRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CliffordPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CliffordRColdstream Guards View
CliffordJeBerkshire 2View
CliffordHlLancers View
CliffordDLancers View
CliffordEcBethunes Mounted InfantryView
CliffordCcWest Australia Mtd Infantry 6View
CliffordCEast Surrey 2View
CliffordWhShropshire Light Infantry 2View
CliftonFwSouth African Constabulary EView
CliftonTNatal Volunteer Ambulance CorpsView
ClinceJRoyal Irish View
ClintonFDragoon Guards 7View
ClippendaleChImperial Military RailwaysView
ClissoldFRoyal Engineers 38View
ClistARoyal West Surrey View
ClitheroeJColdstream Guards View
ClodeHoRoyal Army Medical Corps Gh 6View
CloeteJNamaqualand Border ScoutsView
CloeteJNamaqualand Border Scouts 1View
CloeteSNamaqualand Border Scouts 1View
CloeteMNamaqualand Border Scouts 1View
ClokeWThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
CloseHdpImperial Yeomanry View
CloseFwRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CloseTArmy Veterinary DeptView
CloseJArmy Ordnance CorpsView
CloseFSomersetshire Light Infantry View
ClotworthyWDevonshire View
CloughAKaffrarian RiflesView
CloughTgBeaufort West Town GuardView
CloughJEast Lancashire 3View
CloughJwNew South Wales Imp Bushmen 3View
ClouterERoyal Irish 1View
CloverFHussars 19View
CloverWEssex 1View
ClowJGordon Highlanders View
ClowesPScottish Borderers 1View
ClowesGvwGordon Highlanders View
CludlowDShropshire Light Infantry 2View
CluerTjManchester 1View
CluleyGKings Royal Rifles 1View
CluniePjRoyal Canadian2View
ClutterbuckJWelsh 1View
ClutterbuckAjSouth Wales Borderers 2View
ClydesdaleTrjRoyal Irish Rifles 1View
CoadRsImperial Yeomanry View
CoadyJRoyal Irish Rifles View
CoalbyJLancashire Fusiliers View
CoanJDurham Light Infantry 2View
CoateFImperial Yeomanry View
CoatesWWest Riding 1View
CoatesJwImperial Yeomanry View
CoatesFLincolnshire 2View
CoatesEImperial Yeomanry 8View
CoatesAWelsh 1View
CoatesFrNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CoatesWEast Yorkshire 2View
CoatesTsjpBorder 1View
CoatesSjRoyal Engineers 9View
CoatesWcRoyal Horse Artillery View
CoatesHImperial Yeomanry View
CoatesANorfolk 2View
CobbHKitcheners Fighting Scouts View
CobbJeEast Surrey 2View
CobbettTSouth Wales Borderers 2View
CobbinWSuffolk 1View
CobboldHSuffolk 1View
CobboldCYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CoburnWLiverpool 1View
CochraneTRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CochraneImperial Yeomanry View
CochraneBSouth Australia Imp 5View
CochraneJNorth Staffordshire,4View
CochranelRRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2View
CockJBethunes Mounted InfantryView
CockadayWNorfolk 2View
CockadayJfSouth African Constabulary RedpView
CockainWtImperial Yeomanry View
CockburnCjRoyal Warwickshire View
CockerGfrImperial Yeomanry View
CockerillJLeicestershire 1View
CockertonRWest Riding 1View
CockertonTjWest Riding 1View
CockingBjKings Royal Rifles View
CockingReWiltshire 1View
CocksARifle Brigade View
CocksCDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
CocksHDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
CocksTrRifle Brigade 2View
CoddCRoyal Irish Rifles View
CoddIcjRoyal Horse Artillery View
CoddingtonTwpImperial Yeomanry View
CodyEbColdstream Guards View
CodyWSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CodyRSouth African Constabulary AView
CoeAHussars 14View
CoeRhcRoyal Lancaster View
CoetzeeArFarmers GuardView
CoetzeeMBechuanaland Border PoliceView
CoetzeeCgSouth African ConstabularyView
CoffeyJRoyal Lancaster 3View
CogginEKings Royal Rifles View
CogleyMCape Medical Staff CorpsView
CohenSCape Medical Staff CorpsView
CohenJbNatal CarbineersView
CoilCRoyal Engineers Tel Div 2View
CokerHRailway Pioneer 2View
CokerRgKitcheners Fighting Scouts 2View
Col BranESomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
ColbourneJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
ColbranAeRoyal Sussex View
ColcloughSImperial Military RailwaysView
ColeWcRoyal sussex View
ColeWRoyal Field Artillery 13View
ColeJtBethunes Mounted InfantryView
ColeWwcSouth Staffordshire 3 View
ColeJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
ColeTjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
ColeDLoyal North Lancashire,1View
ColeFDevonshire View
ColeJOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ColeCgsImperial YeomanryView
ColeBLancers View
ColeCShropshire Light Infantry View
ColeGArmy Service CorpsView
ColeJhKings Royal Rifles View
ColeWGloucestershire 1View
ColeCtSouth African Constabulary AView
ColeJfRoyal Scots 2View
ColeTgImperial YeomanryView
ColeFRoyal Scots 3View
ColebeckGLincolnshire 2View
ColemanCGloucestershire View
ColemanJdRoyal Horse Artillery GView
ColemanPWorcestershire View
ColemanFOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ColemanCEast Lancashire 1View
ColemanWhDragoon GuardsView
ColemanFRoyal Garrison 4View
ColemanWrCape Police Dist View
ColemanWOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ColemanJRifle BrigadeView
ColemanFSuffolk View
ColemanIManchester 1View
ColemanPSeaforth Highlanders 2View
ColemanWSuffolk View
ColemanHHighland Light Infantry View
ColemanEBethunes Mounted InfantryView
ColemanFaRoyal Navy Hms DorisView
ColemanItConnaught Rangers View
ColemanJtWorcester Dist Mtd TroopsView
ColemanWNorthamptonshire View
ColesJHussars 8View
ColesALeicestershire 2View
ColesGArmy Service CorpsView
ColesAGloucestershire View
ColesWSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
ColesErImperial Yeomanry View
ColeyAHussars 19View
CollardAEast Kent View
CollardAlImperial YeomanryView
CollardFRoyal Field Artillery View
CollettTGloucestershire View
CollettMwWest Australia Mtd Infantry 1View
ColleyArmy Service CorpsView
ColleyTaYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CollickIRand RiflesView
CollierHipKimberley Light HopseView
CollierJaSeaforth Highlanders 2View
CollierAjCape Mounted RiflesView
CollingeRImperial Yeomanry View
CollingsGfYorkshire 1View
CollingwoodWRoyal West Surrey View
CollinsCwCheshire View
CollinsBjColdstream Guards View
CollinsHEast YorkshireView
CollinsCWest Riding 1View
CollinsAImperial Yeomanry View
CollinsTBerkshire 2View
CollinsJRoyal West Surrey View
CollinsRWelsh 1View
CollinsHSouth Wales Borderers 2View
CollinsJRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
CollinsWRoyal West KentView
CollinsMConnaught Rangers View
CollinsCjBethunes Mounted InfantryView
CollinsPDragoon Guards 3View
CollinsHKings Royal Rifles View
CollinsHNew Zealand 7View
CollinsHfwBorder 1View
CollinsFArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CollinsEImperial YeomanryView
CollinsSRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CollinsHEast Surrey 2View
CollinsFDurham Light Infantry 1View
CollinsWDorsetshire 2View
CollinsJRoyal Field Artillery Maxim GunView
CollinsJKings Royal Rifles View
CollinsHRoyal Garrison View
CollinsJConnaught Rangers View
CollinsAgImperial Light InfantryView
CollinsWDurham Light Infantry 1View
CollinsBCheshire View
CollinsGcImperial Yeomanry View
CollinsCwNatal PoliceView
CollinsJVictoria Mtd Rifles 5View
CollinsMWorcestershire 2View
CollinsHrRoyal Lancaster View
CollinsonSKings Royal Rifles View
CollinsonJRoyal Lancaster View
CollisARoyal Dragoons 1View
CollisCbNorthamptonshire 2View
CollisGRoyal West Surrey View
CollisEeImperial Hospital CorpsView
CollishawGLincolnshire 2View
CollisonToKings Royal Rifles View
CollisonHeNew Zealand 10View
CollisonWRoyal West KentView
CollopHRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
CollopyERifle Brigade 1View
CollumbellWhKings Royal Rifles View
CollyerErtDorsetshire 2View
ColtartCImperial Light Horse 1View
ColtherdJaPrince Alfreds GuardView
ColumbineHLincolnshire 2View
ColvillJDevonshire View
ColvilleJshNatal CarbineersView
ColvilleAeNatal CarbineersView
ColvinAfRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
ColvinWcNew Zealand 3View
ColvinJwCape Police Dist 2View
ColwellJRoyal Irish Rifles View
ColyerScKings Royal Rifles View
CombeTRoyal Field Artillery 53View
CombeGeImperial Yeomanry View
ComberJOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CombesEWelsh 1View
CombrinckJfBeddys ScoutsView
ComerJKings Royal Rifles View
ComerPConnaught Rangers View
ComerfordTManchester 1View
ComleyAjKings Royal Rifles View
ComptonDGloucestershire View
ComptonEDragoon Guards 2View
ComriePNatal Volunteer CompositeView
ComynsKhdLancers View
ConatyBRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
ConboroughTCape Medical Staff CorpsView
ConcannonTjLancashire Fusiliers View
CondeHHussars 3View
CondonJGloucestershire View
CondonTKings Royal Rifles View
ConeyTjBritish South Africa Police View
ConianSDevonshire View
ConinghamCWorcestershire 2View
ConlanJpJohannesburg Mounted Rifles 2View
ConlanWcImperial Yeomanry 6View
ConleyFKings Royal Rifles 1View
ConleyGbQueensland Mid Infantry 1View
ConliffJConnaught Rangers View
ConlonJWest Riding 1View
ConlonJLincolnshire 2View
ConlongWLoyal North Lancashire 2View
ConnJeSouth African Light HorseView
ConnabeerWDevonshire View
ConnellFImperial Light Horse 1View
ConnellAScots Guards 1View
ConnellJRoyal West Surrey View
ConnellERoyal Fusiliers 2View
ConnellMImperial Military RailwaysView
ConnellJManchester 1View
ConnellJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
ConnellJBorder 1View
ConnellChSouth Staffordshire 2View
ConnellJvdNew zealand 1View
ConnellyHRoyal Highlanders 2View
ConnellyWNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
ConnickSLancers View
ConnihanWhBritish South Africa PoliceView
ConnockAGloucestershire 1View
ConnollyJeYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
ConnollyJfWest Riding 3View
ConnollyRMiddlesex 2View
ConnollyPmEastern Province HorseView
ConnollyPRoyal Dublin FusiliersView
ConnollyJArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 4View
ConnollyJKings Royal Rifles 2View
ConnollyJRoyal Irish 5View
ConnollyERifle Brigade 1View
ConnollyFtLancashire Fusiliers View
ConnollyWjLeinster 1View
ConnollyJSouth African ConstabularyView
ConnollyDaSouth Lancashire 1View
ConnorAShropshire Light Infantry 2View
ConnorDSouth Wales Borderers 3View
ConnorJShropshire Light Infantry 2View
ConnorJWelsh 1View
ConnorJcCape Garrison ArtilleryView
ConnorFhbRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
ConnorPRoyal Scots FusiliersView
ConnorPLiverpool 1View
ConnorTjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
ConnorJRoyal West Surrey View
ConnorJManchester 1View
ConnorWSouth Lancashire 1View
ConnorCNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
ConnorENorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
ConnorJNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
ConnorWadEast Surrey 2View
ConnorMRoyal Horse Artillery View
ConnorsNLeinster 1View
ConnorsCRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
ConnorsMLeinster 1View
ConnorsAWelsh 3View
ConollyPRoyal Field Artillery 18View
ConollyTDragoon Guards 2View
ConradARoyal Field Artillery 84View
ConroyLRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
ConroyJYorkshire 1View
ConroyJManchester 1View
ConryJConnaught Rangers View
ConstableAjOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
ConstableHBedfordshire 2View
ConstableBeRoyal Field Artillery 73View
ConstableHpBritish South Africa PoliceView
ConstableMSouth African Constabulary AView
ConstableJgmRoyal Navy DockyardView
ConstableTSouth Staffordshire 1View
ConstableSRoyal Horse Artillery View
ConstanceJlImperial Military RailwaysView
ConversGhImperial Yeomanry View
ConwayJhsSouth African Constabulary EView
ConwayCDerbyshire View
ConwayCRoyal West KentView
ConwayDpImperial Yeomanry 9View
ConwayJScots Guards 2View
ConwayTImperial Bearer CorpsView
ConwayFSeaforth Highlanders 2View
ConwayFYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
ConwayMWest Australia Mtd Infantry 1View
ConybeareEjNew South Wales Mtd Rifles IView
CoodePWest Riding 2View
CoodeJhcRoyal Highlanders 2View
CookHDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
CookHGloucestershire 2View
CookHLincolnshire 2View
CookAeDragoon Guards 7View
CookSYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CookGKings Royal Rifles 5View
CookTDorsetshire 2View
CookAgKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CookJLancers View
CookGRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
CookHRoyal Warwickshire View
CookGBorder 1View
CookDeRoyal Field Artillery 81View
CookTRifle Brigade View
CookSDevonshire View
CookHRoyal Field Artillery 61View
CookJwManchester 1View
CookHRoyal Field Artillery 38View
CookTRoyal Engineers 11View
CookWcManchester 1View
CookWKings Royal Rifles View
CookTGrenadier Guards 2View
CookJArmy Service CorpsView
CookWRoyal Fusiliers 2View
CookRWest Riding 1View
CookERoyal Horse Artillery View
CookJRifle Brigade 1View
CookJYork & Lancaster View
CookFOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CookAeLancers View
CookTScottish Borderers 3View
CookWGrenadier Guards 3View
CookCRoyal West Surrey View
CookJjRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
CookWRoyal Scots FusiliersView
CookLwRoyal Lancaster View
CookADragoon Guards 3View
CookeJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CookeEEast Yorkshire 2View
CookeAtLower Rhodesian VolunteersView
CookeRwYork & Lancaster View
CookeWLiverpool 1View
CookeDRoyal Engineers 38View
CookeARoyal Sussex View
CookeBBrabants Horse 1View
CookeBgLancashire Fusiliers View
CookeAGloucestershire View
CookeWaKings Royal Rifles 2View
CookeWwSouth African Constabulary BView
CookseyWGrenadier Guards 3View
CooksonCRoyal Warwickshire View
CoomberHRoyal Sussex View
CoomberJsRoyal Engineers 29View
CoomberJManchester 2View
CoombesItRoyal Field Artillery 61View
CoombesWfLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CoombesHDorsetshire 2View
CoombesAYorkshire 1View
CoombesCsArmy Ordnance Corps 11View
CoombesWelRifle Brigade 1View
CoombesGtKaffrarian RiflesView
CoombsRRoyal Fusiliers 2View
CoombsWImperial Yeomanry 6View
CoombsFWiltshire 2View
CoonanJRoyal Lancaster 2View
CooneyPRoyal Dublin FusiliersView
CoopeBLancashire Fusiliers View
CooperAGrenadier Guards 2View
CooperWYorkshire 3View
CooperFhSt Johns AmbulanceView
CooperAGloucestershire View
CooperJtCanadian ArtificerView
CooperJRoyal Field Artillery 4View
CooperSLancers View
CooperGwLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
CooperJRoyal Highlanders 2View
CooperWjDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
CooperJGordon Highlanders View
CooperWHussars 8View
CooperHjBorder 1View
CooperADevonshire View
CooperASuffolk 1View
CooperTEssex 1View
CooperLpImperial Yeomanry View
CooperGKings Royal Rifles View
CooperJHighland Light Infantry View
CooperJaRoyal Field Artillery 74View
CooperJdImperial Yeomanry View
CooperHSouth Staffordshire 1View
CooperWhArmy Service CorpsView
CooperBwRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CooperFOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CooperJwImperial Military RailwaysView
CooperEwEast Kent 2View
CooperEDragoon Guards 1View
CooperARifle Brigade 2View
CooperHKings Royal Rifles View
CooperARoyal Field Artillery View
CooperEBorder 1View
CooperRManchester 1View
CooperGHussars 19View
CooperDwLiverpool 1View
CooperTWest Yorkshire 2View
CooperLRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CooperFeRoyal Artillery StaffView
CooperWYork & Lancaster View
CooperHLoyal North Lancashire 1View
CooperGtNew South Wales City BushmenView
CooperAaNorfolk 2View
CooperGaSouth Staffordshire 1View
CooperHSuffolk 1View
CooperJRoyal Fusiliers 2View
CooperTwCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
CooperJRoyal NavyView
CooperEwRoyal Lancaster 2View
CooperBWiltshire 3View
CooperGRoyal Lancaster View
CooperFCape Mounted RiflesView
CooperJbNorthamptonshire 2View
CooperJGloucestershire View
CooperPbImperial Yeomanry 7View
CooperTNatal Border PoliceView
CooperAeDragoon GuardsView
CooperReGrenadier Guards 2View
CooperGLancers View
CoopsTRoyal Engineers 31View
CopeEGrenadier Guards View
CopeJSouth African Constabulary EView
CopeJSouth Staffordshire View
CopeTdbImperial Hospital CorpsView
CopeCWorcestershire 2View
CopelandFDurban Light InfantryView
CopelandEaSouth African Constabulary EView
CopelandFRoyal Field Artillery 21View
CoplandJGordon Highlanders View
CopleyCWest yorkshire View
CoppAhSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CoppardHDragoon GuardsView
CoppinsCdEast Kent View
CopplestoneRaLancers View
CopseyFmSouth Staffordshire 1View
CopseyFSouth Staffordshire 1View
CoptcoatFRoyal Field ArtilleryView
CorbettJjNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CorbettCeDragoon GuardsView
CorbettJKings Royal Rifles View
CorbettJNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CorbettJCape PoliceView
CorbettTEastern Province HorseView
CorbettWcThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
CorbettGImperial YeomanryView
CorbettTRoyal Irish 1View
CorbettLeicestershire 1View
CorbleWNorfolk 2View
CorcoranJManchester 5View
CordeeyAeRoyal Engineers 9View
CordellTRoyal Fusiliers 3View
CorderHSuffolk 1View
CorderGGrenadier Guards View
CorderoyJcImperial Yeomanry View
CordnerFgCape Police Dist 1View
CordyERoyal Warwickshire View
CorfieldHNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CorkJImperial Yeomanry View
CorkWfEast Surrey 2View
CorkWeRoyal Field Artillery 53View
CorkhillGRailway Pioneer 1View
CorkhillNatal Volunteer Ambulance CorpsView
CorlettAjEast Kent View
CormieJDragoons View
CorneliusSKenhardt Town GuardView
CornellERoyal Field Artillery 21View
CornellAeRoyal Lancaster View
CornellFScots Guards 1View
CornerSiNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CornerWcImperial Yeomanry View
CornerANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CornerWDevonshire View
CornforthACheshire View
Cornille0Cape Mounted RiflesView
CornishWRoyal Horse Artillery JView
CornishHRoyal Engineers 38View
CornishWgCape Colony Cyclist CorpsView
CornishWWiltshire 1View
CornishPRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CornishGImperial Yeomanry View
CornwallWNorfolk 2View
CornwallGLancers View
CorpsLdgSouth Wales Borderers 2View
CorrTRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CorrieJhCape Police Dist View
CorriganJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
CorriganPLancashire Fusiliers View
CorsonDrNew Zealand 4View
CorstophineJBritish Volunteer CyclistsView
CoryRvImperial Yeomanry View
CosgroveEjRoyal Lancaster 1View
CossWcSouth African Light HorseView
CosserWhImperial Hospital CorpsView
CosseyWColdstream Guards View
CostalWDerbyshire View
CostanWRoyal Irish 1View
CostelloJYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CostelloPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
CostelloJVictoria Mtd Rifles 5View
CosterphineJScots CyclistsView
CotesworthHRoyal Navy Hms BarracoutaView
CotterWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CotterGConnaught Rangers View
CotterWWest Yorkshire 2View
CotterEwArmy Ordnance CorpsView
CotterFRoyal West KentView
CotterJtNew Zealand 7View
CotterellFBerkshire 2View
CotterillCcSouth African Light HorseView
CotterillCwLord Strathconas HorseView
CotterillFSouth African Constabulary EView
CottisARifle Brigade 2View
CottleGaRoyal Engineers 38View
CottonTArmy Service CorpsView
CottonDRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CottonFgsRoyal Engineers 11View
CottonHRoyal Canadian2View
CottonCImperial Yeomanry View
CottonJImperial Yeomanry View
CottrellTRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CottrellGCheshire View
CottrellJDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
CouchHDevonshire View
CoudryTLancashire Fusiliers View
CoughlanMvDiamond Fields ArtilleryView
CoughlanJRimingtons GuidesView
CoughlanTLancers View
CoughlinLeinster 1View
CoughlinJConnaught Rangers View
CouldbourneWRoyal Field Artillery 82View
CouldpidgeJwRailway Pioneer 3View
CouldryABedfordshire 2View
CoulridgeBgKitcheners HorseView
CoulsonGhbScottish Borderers 1View
CoulsonAeVictoria 1View
CoulsonANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CoulsonTNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CoulsonJMafeking Town GuardView
CoulsonRhArmy Service CorpsView
CoulsonCSouth African Constabulary AView
CoulstockTRoyal Garrison Artillery View
CoulstonWImperial Yeomanry 8View
CoulterJArmy Service CorpsView
CoulterJDragoon Guards 7View
CoulterEManchester 1View
CoulterSrVictoria Mid Rifles 5View
CoultonLOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CounihanJNew Zealand 7View
CounselChMiddlesex 6View
CoupeSEast Lancashire 1View
CournaneHRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CourtWGloucestershire 2View
CourtHGloucestershire View
CourtERoyal West KentView
CourtWRoyal Dragoons 1View
CourtNhDevonshire View
CourtNeCape Mounted RiflesView
CourtenayGeArgyll 5 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CourteneyAEssex 1View
CourtneyJHussars 19View
CourtneyTRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
CourtneyJMennes ScoutsView
CousensCrImperial Yeomanry 7View
CousinsWGloucestershire View
CousinsEHussars 19View
CousinsJQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
CousinsJRoyal West KentView
CouttieCScottish Borderers 1View
CouttsScottish Rifles 2View
CouttsDwBorder Mounted RiflesView
CouzinsHRoyal Garrison 3View
CouzinsFGloucestershire 1View
CoveneyMsgRoyal Irish 1View
CovillCLincolnshire 2View
CovingtonWRoyal Sussex View
CowanJArgyll A Sutherland Hldrs 4View
CowanAaImperial Yeomanry 6View
CowanAeaDragoon GuardsView
CowanJArmy Service Corps 17View
CowanJRoyal Engineers 5View
CowanGScottish Borderers 1View
CowanTRoyal Irish Rifles View
CowanJGordon Highlanders 2View
CowanJwaHighland Light Infantry 1View
CowanGRoyal Highlanders 2View
CowardCGloucestershire 1View
CowburnPSouth African Constabulary AView
CowderoyEWelsh 1View
CowdryABerkshire 2View
CowdryAWiltshire 2View
CowellFgTasmania Imp Bushmen 2View
CowellWsYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CowellJdRoyal Lancaster 2View
CowhigTGrenadier Guards View
CowieGRoyal Scots FusiliersView
CowieWrSeaforth Highlanders2View
CowieEhRoyal Engineers Pontoon Troop AView
Cowie0Royal Highlanders 2View
CowieLaBethunes Mounted InfantryView
CowieRScottish Rifles 2View
CowlandRRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CowlandGEast Kent View
CowlandWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CowlardSRoyal West KentView
CowlardEgDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
CowlesLRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CowlesGWorcestershire 2View
CowleyGScots Guards 1View
CowleyFpCape Police SpecialView
CowleyDRoyal Highlanders 2View
CowleyJBethunes Mounted InfantryView
CowlingJgRoyal Horse Artillery View
CowlingWcScottish HorseView
CowsAvNorth Staffordshire 4View
CowushawCYork & Lancaster View
CoxNew South Wales Aus Horse 1View
CoxCape Mounted RiflesView
CoxGRifle Brigade 2View
CoxGjwsLincolnshire 2View
CoxRRoyal Horse Artillery JView
CoxWRoyal Warwickshire View
CoxHHussars 14View
CoxGgImperial Yeomanry View
CoxJManchester 1View
CoxJDurham Light Infantry 1View
CoxJCheshire View
CoxWSouth Staffordshire 1View
CoxJBritish South Africa Police View
CoxHEast Kent 2View
CoxHjImperial Light Horse 1View
CoxAGrenadier Guards 3View
CoxFImperial Yeomanry View
CoxJWiltshire 2View
CoxTGloucestershire 1View
CoxWEast Surrey 2View
CoxRGloucestershire View
CoxTRoyal Engineers 23View
CoxWArmy Service CorpsView
CoxEglWorcestershire 2View
CoxRNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CoxHcRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
CoxJLancashire Fusiliers View
CoxRWiltshire View
CoxGDragoon GuardsView
CoxAHussars 4View
CoxWhColdstream Guards View
CoxAConnaught Rangers View
CoxGEast Kent 2View
CoxGfScottish Borderers 1View
CoxHBerkshire 2View
CoxHRoyal Engineers Field Trp 2View
CoxHImperial Yeomanry View
CoxJwLancers View
CoxWSt Johns AmbulanceView
CoxGRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CoxWDevonshire View
CoxSpeRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CoxJBedfordshire 2View
Cox AaeRoyal Warwickshire View
CoxanWijColonial ScoutsView
CoxheadEjRoyal Field Artillery 9View
CoxonTNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CoxonWImperial Yeomanry 5View
CoyleTDurham Light Infantry 2View
CoyleCImperial Yeomanry 5View
CoyleGfNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 2View
CoyneWRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CoyneMArgyll D Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CoynePRoyal Field Artillery 4View
Cr18BDhImperial Light HorseView
CrabRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
CrabbWEssex 1View
CrabbJThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
CrabbJRifle Brigade 1View
CrabsWWest Riding 1View
CrabtreeRhKings Royal Rifles 3View
CrabtreeTLancers View
CracknellARoyal Field Artillery View
CraddockALife Guards 2View
CraddockRhGrenadier Guards View
CraftCwRoyal Lancaster View
CraggGinjKings Royal Rifles 4View
CraggTjScottish Rifles 2View
CraggsSfRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CraibJGordon Highlanders 2View
CraigJHussars 19View
CraigJKings Royal Rifles 1View
CraigWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
CraigWSouth African ConstabularyView
CraigRRoyal Lancaster 2View
CraigDRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CraigHwNew Zealand 8View
Craighead-SmithWNatal CarbineersView
CraigieMlImperial Yeomanry View
Craigie-HalkettCpmHighland Light Infantry View
CraikJdSouth African Constabulary AView
CraikWjImperial Yeomanry 5View
CrallonEchBrabants Horse 2View
CramJYorkshire 1View
Cramer-RobertsJImperial Yeomanry View
CrampARoyal Field Artillery 86View
CramptonAlSouth African Constabulary CView
CramptonNwRoyal Fusiliers 3View
CraneSRoyal Field Artillery 5View
CraneWNorthamptonshire 2View
CraneHRoyal Horse Artillery PView
CraneFnDragoon Guards 7View
CraneJGrenadier Guards View
CraneWineEast Lancashire 1View
CraneWjRoyal Field Artillery 66View
CranePYork & Lancaster View
CraneyWEast Kent 2View
CrapnellDEast Kent 2View
CrapperAImperial Yeomanry 9View
CrashleySrEast Yorkshire 2View
CratchleyHGloucestershire 1View
CrateFDorsetshire 2View
CravenAYorkshire Light Infantry 1View
CravenFpnSouth African ConstabularyView
CravenJRoyal Irish 1View
CrawfordWImperial Yeomanry View
CrawfordWRailway Pioneer 3View
CrawfordClSouth Lancashire 1View
CrawfordHNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
CrawfordWnArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CrawfordCNew South Wales Imp Bushmen 3View
CrawfordFfArmy Veterinary DeptView
CrawleyTArmy Service CorpsView
CrawleyHhsImperial Yeomanry View
CrawleyJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CrawleyTArmy Service CorpsView
CrawleyFpCape Medical Staff CorpsView
CrawshawWhKings Royal Rifles 2View
CrawshayHjScots Guards 2View
CrayWSouth African Constabulary EView
CraystonJcImperial Yeomanry 8View
CrazeJRailway Pioneer 3View
CrcweFHussars 19View
CreaghJnKings Royal Rifles 9View
CreaghAmRoyal Highlanders 2View
CreakWhLoyal North Lancashire 1View
CrealockSlvSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CreamerJBurgher PoliceView
CreanNLeinster View
CreaserFYork & Lancaster View
CreaseyCrRoyal Sussex View
CreaseyFhImperial Yeomanry View
CreasyHeRoyal West KentView
CreeJScottish Borderers 1View
CreedHSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CreedBaSouth African Constabulary AView
Creedon0Kings Royal Rifles 9View
CreedonJRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CreelmanWjVictoria Imp Bushmen 4View
CreelmanHRoyal Scots FusiliersView
CreeseARoyal Horse GuardsView
CreethWwSouth African Constabulary AView
CrellinJScotts Railway SharpshootersView
CresseyESouth Wales Borderers 2 View
CresswellJDurham Light Infantry 1View
CresswellTncDerbyshire View
CressyTnNew South Wales Imperial Bushmen View
CrewTDragoon Guards 7View
CrewFwDragoons 6View
CreweFhRhodesia Crewes ScoutsView
CrewsJArmy Ordnance CorpsView
CribbsRifle Brigade 4View
CrichtonAsSouth African Constabulary EView
CrichtonJetManchester 1View
CrichtonWScottish Rifles 2View
CrichtonDrNew South Wales Mid Rifles 2View
CrickWNorfolk 2View
CrickTArmy Service CorpsView
CrickmoreJrNatal Mounted RiflesView
CrickmoreAArmy Service CorpsView
CriddleEDevonshire View
CridlandEKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CrightonJwVictoria Imp Bushmen 4View
CrimminsPRoyal Fusiliers 2View
CrinionTManchester 1View
CrippsCgNew South Wales Mtd Rifles IView
CrippsHLife GuardsView
CrippsTaOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CrippsCOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CriselJdBurgher ScoutsView
CrissellAWest Riding 1View
CritchJhArmy Service CorpsView
CritchleyTDurham Light Infantry 1View
CritchlowJNorth Staffordshire 2View
CrittendenGhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CroasdaleJManchester 1View
CrockerGDorsetshire 2View
CrockerHImperial Yeomanry View
CrockerTsBorder Mounted RiflesView
CrockettCWorcestershire 2View
CroftAjImperial YeomanryView
CroftFDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
CroftAEast Surrey 2View
CroftGArmy Ordnance CorpsView
CroftHRoyal Field Artillery 66View
CroftFgSouth Australia ImperialView
CroftADevonshire View
CroftonHwgEast Surrey 3View
CroftsEsCape Town HighlandersView
CrokerWcrRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
CrokerJeRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CrokerGSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CrokerHwGloucestershire View
CrollALeicestershire 1View
CrombieRLancers View
CrombieWImperial Yeomanry 7View
CromeJManchester 2View
CromptonWRoyal Warwickshire View
CronanEQueensland Mtd Infantry 2View
CroneDjRoyal Canadian DragoonsView
CroneJLiverpool 1View
CroneWImperial Yeomanry View
CroneJBorder 1View
CroneJImperial Light InfantryView
CroninJImperial Yeomanry View
CroninJKings Royal Rifles View
CroninJpRoyal West Surrey View
CroninJImperial Yeomanry View
CroninJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
CroninPManchester 1View
CronjeSpNational ScoutsView
CrookWBedfordshire 2View
CrookREast Lancashire 3View
CrookHWiltshire 2View
CrookWhSouth African Constabulary EView
CrookesFaNorthamptonshire 2View
CrooksWWest Yorkshire 4View
CroomeWNew South Wales Aus Com Horse 1View
CropperGgjEast Surrey 2View
CropperAhScottish Borderers 1View
CropperEdImperial YeomanryView
CrosbieAwRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CrosbieFScottish Borderers 3View
CrosbieJGordon Highlanders 2View
CrosbieHtImperial Yeomanry View
CrosbyPArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs IView
CrosbyJDurban Light InfantryView
CrosbyJWest Yorkshire 2View
CrosbyJLancashire Fusiliers View
CrosierFgWest Yorkshire 2View
CrossWhImperial Yeomanry View
CrossWRoyal Horse Artillery View
CrossWhScots Guards 2View
CrossJKings Royal Rifles 1View
CrossHhImperial Yeomanry View
CrossTKings Royal Rifles 4View
CrossESouth African Constabulary AView
CrossJImperial Yeomanry 5View
CrossRRoyal Field Artillery 21View
CrossPRoyal Engineers Balloon Troop 2View
CrossJSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CrosslandGManchester 2View
CrosslandAeYork & Lancaster View
CrossmanAeSouth African Constabulary EView
CrothersGjKings Royal Rifles 3View
CrottyPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CrouchGjOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
CrouchWe)Hussars 18View
CrouchRDragoon Guards 5View
CrouchWmRoyal Dragoons 1View
CrouchHHampshire 2View
CrouchCRifle Brigade 2View
CrouchenFSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CroucherGBedfordshire 2View
CroucherWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CroucherWScottish Borderers 1View
CroutJSeaforth Highlanders View
CrowJEssex 1View
CrowWImperial Yeomanry View
Crowdell0Leicestershire 1View
CrowderAYorkshire Light Infantry 1View
CrowdyWScottish Rifles 2View
CroweRbSouth African ConstabularyView
CrowePRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
CrowlePhsRoberts HorseView
CrowtherJtWest Yorkshire 2View
CroxfordCSouth Wales Borderers 2View
CroxtonHgImperial Yeomanry View
CroxtonHImperial Yeomanry View
CrozierMkCape Police Dist 1View
CrudenHGordon Highlanders View
CruickshankHaArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
CruickshankGGordon Highlanders View
CruickshanksDcImperial Yeomanry 6View
CruikshankCLord Strathconas HorseView
CruiteGBoth Regt LateView
CrumpAtRoyal Field Artillery 77View
CrumptonAWorcestershire 2View
CruseDjEast Surrey 2View
CruseGDragoon GuardsView
CrustAwSouth African Constabulary EView
CruywagenHKitcheners HorseView
CryanMConnaught Rangers View
CryerJwRoyal Scots FusiliersView
CrystalJwCape Mounted RiflesView
CubbinsonJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CubittAColdstream Guards View
CuffARoyal Field Artillery 84View
CuffleyEaImperial YeomanryView
CullTWorcestershire View
CullARoyal Horse Artillery View
CullenEaSouth African Light HorseView
CullenPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
CullenMRoyal Irish Rifles View
CullenJRoyal Lancaster 2View
CullenGjVictoria Mtd Rifles 2View
CullenJgcRoyal Fusiliers 2View
CullenRNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
CullenMConnaught Rangers View
CullenWDerbyshire View
CullingASomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
CullisWLancers View
CullumWKings Royal Rifles 1View
CullumWEast Yorkshire 2View
CullumAGloucestershire 2View
CullyElRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
CulverwellJCape Field ArtilleryView
CumingHwDevonshire View
CummingDThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
Cumming HBorder HorseView
CummingsMRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
CummingsWjNew South Wales City BushmenView
CummingsADevonshire View
CummingsBeRoyal Garrison Artillery View
CummingsJRoyal Scots 3View
CummingsGRoyal Highlanders 2View
CummingsGKitcheners HorseView
CummingsSjRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
CumminsMjNew South Wales Aus Horse 1View
CumminsTRoyal Eng'neers TelView
CumminsMManchester 3View
CumminsNRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
CumnerTQueensland Mtd Infantry IView
CundaleWRifle Brigade View
CundyCTasmania Aus Com Hse 3View
CunioJRoyal Field Artillery 14View
CunliffeEGrenadier Guards View
CunliffeJeColonial Defence ForceView
CunliffeJtBorder 1View
CunnaneJConnaught Rangers View
CunnieJmcRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2View
CunniffJConnaught Rangers View
CunninghamAScottish Horse2View
CunninghamJHussars 14View
CunninghamPGordon Highlanders View
CunninghamPaBethunes Mounted InfantryView
CunninghamJpfImperial Light HorseView
CunninghamJrImperial Yeomanry View
CunninghamPjSouth Lancashire 1View
CunninghamJDevonshire View
CunninghamWKings Royal Rifles 2View
CunninghamSRoyal Field Artillery 91View
CunninghamEbArmy Intelligence DeptView
CunninghamAGordon Highlanders 1View
CunninghamJScottish Borderers 1View
CunninghamJWest Riding 1View
CunninghamWDragoon GuardsView
CunninghamJDerbyshire View
CunninghamAcArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 3View
CunningtonJwImperial Yeomanry View
CupittLWest Yorkshire 2View
CupwellGArmy Service Corps 38View
CuretonJLiverpool 1View
CuretonTRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
CurlGeBedfordshire 2View
CurleyMWest YorkshireView
CurphyJRoyal Canadian 2View
CurranPYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CurranFWest Riding 1View
CurrieGNatal Volunteer CompositeView
CurrieCwYorkshire 3View
CurrieAjRoyal Army Medical Corps Gh 6View
CurriePRoyal Field Artillery 38View
CurrieCScots Guards 2View
CurrieJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
CurrieCwbSouth Australia Bushman 3View
CurrieWmImperial Light HorseView
CurrinEcCape Police SpecialView
CurryPGrenadier Guards View
CurryHRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
CurtinMImperial Hospital CorpsView
CurtisWRoyal Engineers BridgeView
CurtisJKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CurtisSBorder 1View
CurtisWSouth Staffordshire 1View
CurtisWNorthamptonshire 2View
CurtisJeRoyal Engineers 11View
CurtisTManchester 1View
CurtisAwRoyal Field Artillery 47View
CurtisJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
CurtisADevonshire View
CurtisWpMarshalls HorseView
CurtisAbImperial Yeomanry View
CurtisEPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
CurtisJBedfordshire 4View
CurtisGRoyal Garrison Artillery View
CurtissESouth Wales Borderers 3View
CurtlerHwEast Surrey 2View
CurtonIlRoyal Sussex View
CusickJCheshire View
CussansJwBorder 1View
CutbillCeUitenhage Volunteer RiflesView
CuthbertGGordon Highlanders 2View
CuthbertWSuffolk 1View
CuthbertEhImperial Light HorseView
CuthbertAWorcestershire 2View
CuthbertWjRoyal Highlanders 2View
CuthbertSwArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 3View
CuthbertsonHKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
CuthbertsonWScottish Rifles 2View
CutlerTjSouth Staffordshire 1View
CutliffeJhBorder Mounted RiflesView
CutteeCYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
CuttingHmCape Garrison ArtilleryView
CuttsEjLincolnshire 2View
CyphusFSouth Wales Borderers 2View
Boer War Casualties Records Alphabetical Index

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