Boer War Casualties Records Search : D
Surname Names Regiment View
D ArcmPRoyal Field Artillery 7View
D ArcyHaSouth African Constabulary CView
Da/LardWScots Guards 2View
DabornWNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
DaceyJjRoyal Field Artillery UnatView
DaceyJRoyal Navy Hms TerribleView
DaceyDHussars 19View
DackHRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
DackWjImperial Yeomanry View
DaddowWImperial Light InfantryView
DaffWEast Yorkshire 2View
DaftASouth Staffordshire 1View
DaggTRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
DaggarENew South Wales Imperial Bushmen View
DagnallHKings Royal Rifles 1View
DahlJhlSouthern Rhodesian VolunteersView
DainesFHussars 10View
DalbjacHsImperial Yeomanry View
DaleARoyal Scots FusiliersView
DaleTRoyal Scots FusiliersView
DaleFCape Railway SharpshootersView
DaleRGordon Highlanders 2View
DaleALancashire Fusiliers View
DaleALincolnshire 2View
DaleImperial Yeomanry 1View
DaleJoWest Riding 1View
DaleWDragoon Guards 7View
DaleRHampshire View
DaleWhLancers View
DaleCRoyal Scots FusiliersView
DaleJRoyal Garrison Artillery View
DaleTwfLancers View
DaleCSouth Staffordshire 1View
DalerporeRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
DalesCImperial Military RailwaysView
DaleyJNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
DaleyTImperial Military RailwaysView
DaleyJRifle Brigade 2View
DaleyJNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 3View
DaleyJhnCheshire View
DaleyWRoyal West KentView
DalkinGDurham Light Infantry 3View
DallJMafeking Town GuardView
DalleyEDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DallimoreRgSouth African ConstabularyView
DallisonJNorthamptonshire 2View
DallistcnJgWest Australia Mtd Infantry 5View
DallowsWSouth African Constabulary EView
DallyWCape Police SpecialView
DalmonJRoyal Field Artillery UnatView
Dalrymple-HayJoGordon Highlanders 1View
Dalton DAamcHampshire 2 Rifle Brigade 2View
DalyVrNew South Wales Mtd Rifles AView
DalyCRoyal Irish View
DalyPConnaught Rangers View
DalyAKings Royal Rifles 7View
DalyJHighland Light Infantry 2View
DalyIBerkshire 2View
DalyPLeinster 3View
DalyJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
DalyMConnaught Rangers View
DalyCjRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DalyellCwpRoyal Garrison Artillery View
DalzelAfDevonshire View
DalzielTArmy Service CorpsView
DalzielRjDragoons 6View
DamantChImperial Yeomanry 1View
DamesWRoyal Field Artillery 21View
DamesESuffolk 1View
DamonJNamaqualand Border ScoutsView
DampierEwBrabants Horse 1View
DamrowWaQueensland Mid Infantry 1View
DamsAYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
DamsWGordon Highlanders 1View
DanceABerkshire 2View
DanceARifle Brigade 1View
DancerFjImperial Yeomanry View
DancetteWorcestershire View
DandyCrLord Strathconas HorseView
DangellFImperial Yeomanry View
DanielGvPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
DanielCwImperial Yeomanry View
DanielEfKings Royal Rifles 2View
DanielsHGrenadier Guards View
DanielsWRoyal Marine Light InfantryView
DanielsFBorder ScoutsView
DanielsRgWiltshire 2View
DanielsTfWorcestershire View
DanielsLImperial Yeomanry 8View
DanielsMdLeinster 1View
DanielsCRoyal Engineers 20View
DanielsCRoberts HorseView
DanielsWgColdstream Guards View
DanielsJLancashire Fusiliers View
DanielsWRoyal Sussex View
DanielsJLancashire Fusiliers View
DanielsChjArmy Service Corps 42View
DanielsWgColdstream Guards View
DanielsWSouth African Constabulary AView
DanielsWaSutherland Dist Mtd TroopsView
DanielsRSouth Staffordshire 4View
DanksCgManchester View
DanksELecestershire 2View
DannWtImperial Yeomanry View
DannT-WfDragoon Guards 3View
DapanAImperial Yeomanry View
DapleyJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DapsImperial Yeomanry Hosp StaffView
DarbyGWorcestershire View
DarbyJLancashire Fusiliers View
DarchHfDevonshire View
DareGCape Police SpecialView
DargueJsImperial Yeomanry View
DarlingABerkshire 2View
DarlingARoyal Scots 1View
DarlingtonJjRoyal Engineers45View
DarlingtonTWorcestershire View
DarlinsonWRifle Brigade 2View
DarlisonTDerbyshire View
DarlowCLeicestershire 1View
DarmodyTjCheshire View
DarnVjSouth Lancashire 1View
DarnbrookJWest Riding 1View
DarraghJManchester 3View
DarraghHImperial Yeomanry View
DarterCjNamaqualand Border ScoutsView
DartnellFArmy Service CorpsView
DarwinHRoyal Warwickshire View
DashAImperial Yeomanry 7View
DatchlerVKings Royal Rifles 4View
DatsonWmEast Kent View
DaulbyGLoyal North Lancashire 1View
DaultonTmNew Zealand 9View
DavenportCRoyal Scots FusiliersView
DavenportWManchester 1View
DavenportFlRoyal Fusiliers 2View
DavenportWbImperial Yeomanry 5View
DavenportOwSouth African Constabulary BView
DavenportGhKings Royal Rifles 3View
DavesGRifle Brigade 1View
DaveyEgaKings Royal Rifles View
DaveyPGrenadier Guards 2View
DaveyJbRand RiflesView
DaveyJRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
DaveyJDevonshire View
DaveyMDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
DaveyGwpArmy Post Office CorpsView
DaveyEImperial Hospital CorpsView
DaveyHRailway Pioneer 4View
DavidsonHRoyal Scots FusiliersView
DavidsonJImperial Military RailwaysView
DavidsonCRoyal Highlanders 2View
DavidsonAbVictoria Mtd Rifles 5View
DavidsonHGordon Highlanders View
DavidsonWImperial Yeomanry View
DavidsonJsmSouth African Light HorseView
DavidsonAImperial Military RailwaysView
DavidsonWArmy Service Corps 38View
DavidsonFCanadian ScoutsView
DavidsonHtDevonshire View
DavidsonTjArmy Ordnance Corps 4View
DavidsonWDevonshire View
DavidsonGwNew South Wales City BushmenView
DavidsonAArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DavidsonJwMidland Mounted RiflesView
DavidsonWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DavidsonRImperial Light InfantryView
DavidsonFcdRoyal Lancaster View
DavidsonMSouth African Constabulary EView
DavidsonRdNatal Border PoliceView
DavieCSouth Wales Borderers 3View
DavieAHussars 19View
DavieACameron Highlanders View
DaviesDwScottish Horse 2View
DaviesPwGrenadier Guards View
DaviesJhEast Lancashire 3View
DaviesJWelsh 1View
DaviesGSouth African Constabulary EView
DaviesJgDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DaviesBjSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
DaviesSSouth Wales Borderers 3View
DaviesTSouth Wales Borderers 3View
DaviesAeRoyal EngineersView
DaviesDSouth Wales Borderers View
DaviesWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DaviesWrNew Zealand 7View
DaviesEScots Guards 2View
DaviesSKings Royal Rifles 3View
DaviesEhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DaviesTeArmy Ordnance CorpsView
DaviesESouth African Constabulary AView
DaviesFwImperial Yeomanry View
DaviesCWelsh 1View
DaviesJWelsh 1View
DaviesAEast Kent View
DaviesFLiverpool 1View
DaviesWhImperial Light Horse 2View
DaviesRjImperial Light Horse 2View
DaviesWelsh Hospital(Atd)View
DaviesAManchester 1View
DaviesGImperial Yeomanry 1View
DaviesTRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DaviesTRoyal Engineers 20View
DaviesFaImperial Yeomanry View
DaviesEjNesbitts HorseView
DaviesTImperial Yeomanry View
DaviesTRoyal Field Artillery View
DaviesJSouth Wales Borderers 3View
DaviesJRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DaviesSjSouth Wales Borderers 2View
DaviesApRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DaviesESouth Wales Borderers 2View
DaviesFjRoyal Engineers Tel DivView
DaviesGeManchester 1View
DaviesJehNatal carbineersView
DaviesFLiverpool 1View
DaviesBheWiltshire 3View
DaviesJShropshire Light Infantry 2View
DaviesJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DaviesJwLiverpool 2View
DaviesSBorder 1View
DaviesJGrenadier Guards View
DaviesAeSouth Wales Borderers 2View
DaviesWdKaffrarian RiflesView
DaviesCWelsh 1View
DaviesWArmy Service Corps 36View
DaviesDorsetshire 2View
DaviesHEast KentView
DaviesSShropshire Light Infantry 2View
DaviesEWelsh 1View
DaviesHColdstream Guards View
DaviesJrdImperial Military RailwaysView
DaviesWelsh 3View
DaviesJRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DaviesWelsh 1View
DaviesJRoyal Horse Artillery View
DaviesDgSouth Wales Borderers View
DaviesWLoyal North Lancashire 1View
DaviesSRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DaviesFSouth African Constabulary EView
DaviesJegImperial Light Horse 1View
DaviesWlKaffrarian RiflesView
DaviesJLincolnshire 2View
DaviesArmy Veterinary DeptView
DavinLSouth African Constabulary BView
DavisFBorder HorseView
DavisCaMiddlesex 2View
DavisTSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
DavisMjScottish Horse 2View
DavisJGrenadier Guards View
DavisGArmy Ordnance CorpsView
DavisAjImperial Yeomanry View
DavisWScots Guards 2View
DavisThGloucestershire View
DavisWSouth African ConstabularyView
DavisJGloucestershire View
DavisGwOxfordshire Light Infantry 2View
DavisDImperial Yeomanry 8View
DavisJimDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
DavisCbKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
DavisRAshburners Light HorseView
DavisCLancers View
DavisDwjSouth African Constabulary EView
DavisFEastkent View
DavisAEast Kent View
DavisWRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DavisASouth Staffordshire 1View
DavisJRoyal West KentView
DavisTBerkshire 2View
DavisTfWorcestershire View
DavisTImperial Yeomanry View
DavisGRoyal West Surrey View
DavisCRoyal West Surrey View
DavisJgBorder 1View
DavisFNorthamptonshire 2View
DavisHRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
DavisEKitcheners HorseView
DavisAOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
DavisTWorcestershire 2View
DavisChImperial Military RailwaysView
DavisGhImperial YeomanryView
DavisGDurham Light Infantry View
DavisGBorder 1View
DavisJHussars 19View
DavisWGloucestershire View
DavisSeImperial Yeomanry View
DavisHgRoyal Field Artillery 21View
DavisWBorder 1View
DavisWRoyal Lancaster 4View
DavisTwdYorkshire 1View
DavisJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DavisRjSouth Staffordshire 1View
DavisCSuffolk 1View
DavisCgSouth Australia Imp Bushmen 4View
DavisLsLord Strathconas HorseView
DavisTRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DavisWRoyal Scots FusiliersView
DavisWKaffrarian RiflesView
DavisTSouth Staffordshire 1View
DavisWdGloucestershire 1View
DavisALancashire Fusiliers View
DavisAjHussars 3View
DavisWRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DavisTKings Royal Rifles 4View
DavisTDurham Light Infantry 1View
DavisAsGrahamstown City Volunteers Oueensland Imp Bushmen 6View
DavisEMarshalls HorseView
DavisWLancers View
DavisJRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
DavisERifle Brigade 1View
DavisHCape Police SpecialView
DavisonJScottish Horse 1View
DavissJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DavyWBrabants Horse 2View
DavyJhMiddlesex 2View
DawAwSuffolk View
DawCBerkshire 2View
DawHRoyal Dragoons 1View
DawbornAwLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
DaweStSomersetshire Light Infantry 4View
DawesAGrenadier Guards 3View
DawesEDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DawesARoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DawesRGloucestershire View
DawesAConnaught Rangers View
DawkillsAArmy Ordnance CorpsView
DawkinsWEast Surrey 2View
DawkinsJnRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DawnJDerbyshire View
DawsGQueensland Imp Bushmen 4View
DawsonAArmy Service CorpsView
DawsonEaLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
DawsonEgCarnarvon Dist Mid TroopsView
DawsonJhhWest Yorkshire 2View
DawsonACape Police Dist 1View
DawsonTRoyal Scots FusiliersView
DawsonARoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DawsonWgImperial Yeomanry View
DawsonAScots Guards 2View
DawsonJHighland Light Infantry 1View
DawsonERoyal West Surrey View
DawsonASouth Wales Borderers 2View
DawsonHDragoon Guards 5View
DawsonHKings Royal Rifles 1View
DawsonRmImperial Light HorseView
DawsonGYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
DawsonMRoyal Irish 1View
DawsonTLeicestershire View
DawsonEpImperial Yeomanry View
DawsonAYorkshire 1View
DawsonEeCape Police Dist 1View
DawsonHussars 8View
DawsonJRoyal Lancaster 2View
DawsonJRoyal Lancaster 2View
DawsonJThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
Dawson-ScottGnRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
DayHColdstream Guards View
DayWGrenadier Guards View
DayWSuffolk 1View
DayWWest Riding 1View
DayJDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DayWDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DayCtaRoyal Engineers Field TroopView
DayHKings Royal Rifles View
DayTbCanadian Mounted Rifles View
DayFRoyal Field Artillery 14View
DayWrImperial Yeomanry View
DayCjLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
DayJaLiverpool 1View
DayEcfLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
DayJgEast Lancashire 1View
DayWLiverpool 1View
DayWGordon Highlanders 2View
DayWDragoon Guards 2View
DaySwRoyal Dragoons 1View
DayFhDragoon Guards 6View
DayCrOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
DayASouth African ConstabularyView
DayJArmy Service CorpsView
DayERifle Brigade View
DayAjSouth African ConstabularyView
DayShbeSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
DayCNorfolk 1View
DayJDerbyshire View
DayFDevonshire View
DayManchester 2View
DaykinHGloucestershire 1View
DaynesAwSuffolk 1View
DaysGGordon Highlanders View
De BruinTNational ScoutsView
De BurghWeArmy Chaplains DeptView
De BurghHhpCape Mounted RiflesView
De CliffordHHussars 19View
De FrevilleEhImperial YeomanryView
De GuerinScwImperial Yeomanry View
De KlerkJlCullinans HorseView
De KlerkSjKidgers ScoutsView
De KlerkRView
De KockCfClanwilliam Convoy GuardView
De LangeFjBurgher ForceView
De LormeHBethunes Mounted InfantryView
De MontmorencyRMontmorencys ScoutsView
De NorwaroPView
De RougemontHwSouth African Light HorseView
De SwartHOudtshoorn Volunteer RiflesView
De VilliersApCape Garrison ArtilleryView
De VilliersXSouth African Light HorseView
De VilliersPjArmy Intelligence DeptView
De VilliersFDriscolls ScoutsView
De WeeGBorder ScoutsView
De WetJpMarshalls HorseView
De WetDView
De WyzerWDragoon Guards 2View
DeaconARoyal Field Artillery 88View
DeadmanGSouth African ConstabularyView
DeafWDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DeakinFSouth Staffordshire 1View
DeanAGloucestershire View
DeanWpImperial Yeomanry View
DeanWGloucestershire 2View
DeanHaRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DeanHjDevonshire View
DeanHHussars 18View
DeanJhJohannesburg Mounted RiflesView
DeanTManchester 1View
DeaneEbDragoon Guards 4View
DeaneHsImperial Yeomanry View
Deane-FreemanEImperial Yeomanry 8View
DeansGfImperial Yeomanry 5View
DearMnArmy Ordnance CorpsView
DeardinWLincolnshire 2View
DearleErImperial Yeomanry View
DearleAeImperial Yeomanry View
DearlingEcRoyal EngineersView
DearloveFImperial Light HorseView
DearnleyILiverpool 1View
DearsleyRRifle Brigade 2View
DearyJnBechuanaland RiflesView
DeasJbImperial Yeomanry View
DeathFNorfolk 2View
DeavilleImperial Yeomanry View
DeavinWScots Guards 1View
DeavinWhNatal PoliceView
DeavinJdDevonshire View
DebneyGKings Royal Rifles 4View
DedmanJLife Guards 1View
DedmanWSuffolk 1View
DeeACape Garrison ArtilleryView
DeebleAsgSouth African Light HorseView
DeeganJRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
DeeksWDorsetshire 2View
DeeleyWRoyal Garrison Artillery View
DeeringJeDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
DeevesDNatal Naval VolunteersView
DeeveyPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
DeevyJConnaught Rangers View
DefoeJRoyal Canadian 2View
DegenhamHgArmy Service CorpsView
DeggTNorth Staffordshire 2View
DeglowEWest Yorkshire 2View
Del HostRCorps Of Cattle RangersView
DelabrosseTlNew Zealand 8View
DelahuntyJWest Australia Mtd Infantry 6View
DelamereJRoyal Warwickshire View
DelaneyJRoyal Field Artillery 14View
DelaneyJManchester 1View
DelaneyPArmy Service CorpsView
DelaneyDKings Royal Rifles View
DelaneyRRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2View
DelaneyJGrenadier Guards 3View
DelaneyEcRoyal Fusiliers 2View
DelaneyDPLancashire Fusiliers View
DelaneyCRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DelantyMArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DelayneyPOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
DellSHussars 13View
DelportJImperial Military RailwaysView
DemaineHGordon Highlanders View
DempseyJHighland Light Infantry 1View
DempseyPRoyal Irish 3View
DempseyELancers View
DempseyTSouth African ConstabularyView
DempseyWLancashire Fusiliers View
DempseyJcImperial Military RailwaysView
DempseyWdMiddlesex 2View
DempseyWmHussars 13View
DempseyTRailway Pioneer 2View
DempsterRRoyal Field Artillery 73View
DempsterWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DendleWDevonshire View
DengateJDragoon Guards 3View
DenhamEgImperial YeomanryView
DenhamCImperial Yeomanry View
DenisonJRoyal Irish 1View
DennantWImperial Yeomanry View
DennardDGloucestershire 1View
DenneHArmy Service CorpsView
DenneHwdGordon Highlanders 2View
DennehyTRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
DenningASouth Staffordshire 1View
DenningFcBorder 1View
DenningtonJRoyal Warwickshire View
DennisJtRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DennisCRoyal Field Artillery 59View
DennisGb8Royal Engineers 23View
DennisWDragoon Guards 2View
DennisWjKings Royal Rifles 2View
DennisonGdrCape Police Dist 2View
DennisonDtWestern Light HorseView
DennisonAgHannays ScoutsView
DennyWImperial Yeomanry View
DennyPrDragoon Guards 1View
DennyTBerkshire 2View
DennyFHampshire 3View
DenshamAImperial Yeomanry View
DentRjImperial Yeomanry View
DentJwDurham Light Infantry View
DentFnDragoons 6View
DentHRailway PioneerView
DentHjKings Royal Rifles 3View
DentWImperial Yeomanry View
DentonWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DentonJcImperial Yeomanry View
DentonHwRifle Brigade 1View
DentyHaDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DenyerCRoyal West Surrey View
DepanAImperial Yeomanry 7View
DepledgeJhYork & Lancaster View
DerbyJLeinster 1View
DerbyshireJwImperial Yeomanry View
DerisleyChImperial Yeomanry View
DerrickJConnaught Rangers View
DerrimanCfImperial Yeomanry View
DervanTLancers View
DervinJjBrabants Horse 2View
DerwinRLeinster 1View
DeslauriersERoyal Canadian View
DesmondGArmy Service CorpsView
DevaneyJMennes ScoutsView
DeveneyJLincolnshire 2View
DevenishEhhCorps Of GuidesView
DevenneyW%PRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DevenneyPjRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DevenneyPRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DeverCLancers View
DevereauxPlSouth African Constabulary AView
DevereuxRNew Zealand 2View
Devereux0Royal Irish 3View
DeverillARoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DeverillFWorcestershire 2View
DeversonGWest Yorkshire 2View
DeveryCmLeinster 1View
DeveryCLeinster 3View
DevinCImperial Light InfantryView
DevinWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DevineTjgcArmy Pay CorpsView
DevineDLancashire Fusiliers View
DevinePRailway Pioneer 3View
DevineAhNew Zealand 7View
DevineHLiverpool 1View
DevineP-TSouth Lancashire 1View
DevittWQueensland Mtd Infantry 1View
DevittCLoyal North Lancashire 2View
DevlinJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DevoiseyJOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
DevonshireJImperial Yeomanry View
DewCbRoyal Horse Artillery View
DewDImperial Yeomanry View
DewarEHussars 7View
DewarDSouth African Constabulary EView
DewarEjKings Royal Rifles View
DewellJSuffolk 1View
DewesTYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
DeweyCjImperial Yeomanry View
DeweyPRifle Brigade 1View
DeweyCaBorder HorseView
DewhurstJhSouth Lancashire 1View
DewhurstEManchester 1View
DewsJhacRoyal Navy Hms TerribleView
DexterGDerbyshire View
DexterJfRoyal Fusiliers 2View
DexterERoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
Dexter0Norfolk 3View
DexterHArmy Service CorpsView
DiakTSouth African Light HorseView
DiaperEImperial Yeomanry View
DibbleJigYorkshire 1View
DickCeRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DickJHighland Light Infantry View
DickSjRoyal Field Artillery View
DickCRoyal Field Artillery 60View
DickasonJhCape Police Dist View
Dick-CunynghamWhGordon Highlanders 2View
DickenTImperial Yeomanry 9View
DickenJBerkshire 2View
DickensDCheshire View
DickensTRoyal Warwickshire View
DickensTWorcestershire 3View
DickensonJRoyal Field Artillery 86View
DickensonRRifle Brigade 2View
DickensonTaThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
DickensonJEast Lancashire 1View
DickensonGSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DickettCKings Royal Rifles View
DickieJBritish South Africa PoliceView
DickieJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DickinsCRoyal Field Artillery 69View
DickinsonCColdstream Guards View
DickinsonRaYorkshire Light Infantry View
DickinsonJRoyal Field Artillery PompomView
DickinsonRYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
DickinsonEdecImperial Light HorseView
DickinsonJwColdstream Guards View
DickinsonHlNew Zealand 7View
DicksJwWiltshire 2View
DicksEHussars 10View
DicksonJCheshire View
DicksonTRoyal Horse Artillery View
DicksonDfRoyal Horse Artillery JView
DicksonJScottish Borderers 1View
DicksonJRoyal Scots 3View
DicksonWRifle Brigade 4View
DicksonJRoyal Highlanders 2View
DicksonTRoyal Scots 1View
DicksonFhRoyal Lancaster View
DicksonGjNew South Wales Mid Rifles 3View
DicksonWjRoyal Irish Rifles View
DicksonJRoyal Scots 2View
DidoeWRoyal Garrison Artillery View
DietersKBurgher PoliceView
DigbyGEssex 1View
Digby-JonesRjtRoyal Engineers 23View
DigueWCape Town HighlandersView
DillertonFRoyal Horse Artillery SView
DilleyChSouth African Constabulary EView
DillonARoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DillonChRifle Brigade 1View
DillonFBedfordshire 2View
DillonEwcKings Royal Rifles 9View
DillonFjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DillonJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DillonLtCheshire View
DillonJRoyal Engineers 9View
DimentJRoyal Horse Artillery View
DimmeryWBedfordshire 2View
DimsdaleWpRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
DineenAHussars 18View
DingleCfArmy Ordnance Corps 4View
DingwallGImperial Yeomanry Lovats ScoutsView
DinhamFwKaffrarian RiflesView
DinnanySaRoyal Scots 3View
DinningRNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
DinsdaleSouth African Constabulary EView
DiplockHRoyal Sussex View
DiplockWYorkshire 1View
DiplockARoyal Horse Artillery PompomView
DipperWGrenadier Guards 3View
DiskerryWArmy Service CorpsView
DithmersGEastern Province HorseView
DivineEjCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
DixRjLeicestershire 1View
DixANorth Staffordshire 2View
DixeyGhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DixieHImperial Yeomanry View
DixonFRoyal Engineers 5View
DixonJgImperial Light Horse 1View
DixonJGloucestershire View
DixonJEast Lancashire 3View
DixonCDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DixonHRoyal Field Artillery 38View
DixonEDurham Light Infantry 5View
DixonCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DixonFRoyal Field Artillery 85View
DixonJGrenadier Guards View
DixonJtDurham Light Infantry 1View
DixonJYorkshire 1View
DixonFjSouth Staffordshire 4View
DixonJImperial Yeomanry 5View
DixonTDragoons 6View
DixonSManchester 1View
DixonWwRoyal Field Artillery 19View
DixonJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DixonPbEast Lancashire 1View
DixonJRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DixonJImperial Yeomanry View
DixonAbImperial Yeomanry View
DixonERoyal Engineers 31View
DixonWRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
DixonGConnaught Rangers View
DixonAWest Yorkshire 2View
DixonCfColonial Defence ForceView
DixonWSt Johns AmbulanceView
DixpeekDRimingtons GuidesView
DoakeHRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DobbeNatal Volunteer Ambulance CorpsView
DobbieJasCape PoliceView
DobbieWhOrange River Colony PoliceView
DobbinSRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
DobbinsAeKings Royal Rifles View
DobbsGjLincolnshire 2View
DobbsGDragoon Guards 2View
DobbsWRoyal Horse Artillery View
DobieAHighland Light Infantry 3View
DobieHRoyal Highlanders 2View
DobleySouth African Light HorseView
DobneyRDorsetshire 2View
DobrowolskiTRoyal Warwickshire View
DobsonHEast Kent 2View
DobsonTNorthamptonshire 2View
DobsonFaImperial Yeomanry View
DobsonHManchester 1View
DobsonEHussars 14View
DochertyMRoyal Highlanders 2View
DochertyJHighland Light Infantry 1View
DochertyANorthumberland Fusiliers 5View
DochertyISouth African Light HorseView
Dockett0Royal Field ArtilleryView
DockettFDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
DockrayJWest Yorkshire 2View
DodCeLancashire Fusiliers View
DoddWcNew South Wales City BushmenView
DoddTWest Yorkshire 2View
DoddWtImperial Yeomanry 5View
DoddTrRailway Pioneer 2View
DoddFSouth Lancashire 3View
DoddALoyal North Lancashire 1View
DoddWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
DoddLtRoyal Field Artillery 28View
DoddRDerbyshire View
DoddsWfRoyal Scots 2View
DodgeGwDorsetshire 2View
DodgeALancers View
DodgeERifle Brigade View
DodoAImperial Yeomanry 5View
DodosJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DodosJiaRoyal Scots 1View
DodwellCGloucestershire 1View
DoeBSt Johns AmbulanceView
DoeREssex 1View
DoeJRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
DoeWhMiddlesex 2View
DoggertyJManchester 2View
DoggettGaLancers View
DoggettHDragoon GuardsView
DoghertyJRoyal Garrison Artillery DonegalView
DohertyPGrenadier Guards 2View
DohertyWConnaught Rangers View
DohertyPaRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DohertyTgRoyal Irish 1View
DohertyERoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DoidgeCBechuanaland RiflesView
DoigJCameron Highlanders View
DolanJpfSouth African Constabulary CView
DolanJSouth Lancashire 3View
DolanPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
DolanHjKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
DolanTSouth Lancashire 1View
DolemanFtSouth African Constabulary EView
DolemanJSouth Staffordshire 1View
DollardFcSouth African Constabulary AView
DolleyAImperial Yeomanry View
DollimoreFjBedfordshire 4View
DonHMarshalls HorseView
DonachieJScottish Borderers 1View
DonachyAScottish Rifles 2View
DonaldJArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DonaldAGordon Highlanders View
DonaldsonLNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
DonaldsonRScots Guards 1View
DonaldsonWCape Town HighlandersView
DonaldsonAcRoyal West Surrey View
DonaldsonJGordon Highlanders 2View
DonaldsonJRoyal NavyView
DonaldsonJRoyal Irish Rifles View
DonaldsonJSouth African ConstabularyView
DoneganWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DoneganTKings Royal Rifles 2View
DoneganJaRoyal Canadian 2View
DoneyFhRand RiflesView
DonkinWNew Zealand 7View
DonkinJeImperial Yeomanry 5View
DonneAeDurban Light InfantryView
DonnellyTGrenadier Guards 3View
DonnellyDWorcestershire 4View
DonnellyJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
DonnellyJEast Lancashire 1View
DonnellyRRoyal Irish Rifles 5View
DonnellyJSouth Staffordshire 1View
DonoghueERoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DonoghueJeLancers View
DonoghueWRoyal Irish 1View
DonoghueMLancers View
DonoghueJRoyal Fusiliers 2View
DonoghueDArmy Post Office CorpsView
DonoghueERoyal Munster Fusiliers View
DonohoeJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
DonohoeJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
DonohuePRoyal Lancaster View
DonohuePConnaught Rangers View
DonovanJRoyal Garrison Artillery AntrimView
DonovanJRoyal Irish 1View
DonovanMRoyal Irish Rifles View
DonovanMRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
DonovanJhImperial Yeomanry 9View
DonovanDWelsh 1View
DonovanJKings Royal Rifles 2View
DonovanWSouth Staffordshire 1View
DonovanJwRifle Brigade 1View
DonovanPEast Lancashire 1View
DonovanJSouth African ConstabularyView
DoodyAShropshire Light Infantry 2View
DoolanJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DoolanMjLiverpool 1View
DoolanJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DooleyMRoyal Lancaster 3View
DooleyHLancers View
Dooley TEast Lancashire 1View
Dooling WrpdreScottish Rifles 2View
DopeyJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
DoranGsArmy Nursing ServiceView
DoranTRoyal Lancaster 2View
DormanGlYorkshire 3View
DornanSRoyal West KentView
DorrellGImperial Yeomanry 5View
DorrellJigDorsetshire 2View
DorrisJfSouth African Constabulary EView
Dorward0South African Constabulary EView
DorwardDRoyal Highlanders 2View
DoswellADragoon Guards 2View
DoubleCSuffolk 1View
DougalJCanadian ScoutsView
DouganRibRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DouganJgRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DoughertyWhImperial Light InfantryView
DoughertyWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DoughertyWRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
DoughertyTjKitcheners HorseView
DoughtyHEast Kent 2View
DouglasJKings Royal Rifles 1View
DouglasHDragoons 6View
Douglas0Scottish Rifles 4View
DouglasRCameron Highlanders View
DouglasFImperial Yeomanry View
DouglasWjLochs HorseView
DouglasJScottish Borderers 1View
DouglasJsRoyal Horse Artillery PView
DouglasDragoon Guards 5View
DouglasWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DouglasRSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DouglasRRoyal Highlanders 2View
DouglasGpDragoon Guards 2View
DouglasCWest Yorkshire View
DouglasWDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
DouglasJRoyal ArtilleryView
DouglasJcSouth African ConstabularyView
DouglasWScots Guards 1View
DouglasJImperial Yeomanry 5View
DouglasFcaCanadian ScoutsView
DouglasWKaffrarian RiflesView
DouglasAArmy Intelligence DeptView
DouglasOfCape Police Dist View
DouglasPBethunes Mounted InfantryView
DouglassJamKitcheners HorseView
DovetonAdeColonial Light Horse Imperial Light Horse Victoria Mtd Rifles 5 Dragoons 6View
DovetonFgScottish Horse 2View
DowRCameron Highlanders View
DowdJLeinster 2View
DowdingFRoyal West Surrey View
DowdsGRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
DowellMiddlesex 3View
DowerFcMarshalls HorseView
DowieGRoyal Irish 1View
DowieRmSuffolk 3View
DowlerWgGloucestershire 4View
DowlerJagConnaught Rangers View
DowlingPKings Royal Rifles 3View
DownScImperial Yeomanry View
DownWDevonshire View
DownAImperial Yeomanry 6View
DownerJRoyal Garrison Artillery View
DownerWgImperial Light HorseView
DownesJBrabants Horse 2View
DownesJsvNew South Wales Imp Bushmen 3View
DownesRNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
DowneyJrRoyal Lancaster View
DowneyELeinster 2View
DownieAScottish Borderers 1View
DownieGGordon Highlanders View
DownieTScottish Borderers 1View
DownieFtCheshire View
DownikgsJGrenadier Guards 3View
DowningTwColdstream Guards View
DowningJeImperial Light HorseView
DowningJhDragoon Guards 2View
DowningWEast Surrey 2View
DownmanGtfGordon Highlanders 1View
DownsADuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
DownsAgBedfordshire 2View
DownsASeaforth Highlanders 2View
DownyGrAshburners Light HorseView
DowseHeRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DowseWRoyal Horse Artillery View
DowsettEHussars 19View
DowsettFLancers View
DowsettJRoyal Field Artillery 8View
DowsingGNorfolk 3View
DowsonJEast Kent 2View
DowsonEjNew Zealand 6View
DowthwaiteWaRoyal Lancaster 2View
DoyleWRoyal Field Artillery 68View
DoyleWNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
DoyleWDragoon GuardsView
DoyleWSeaforth Highlanders View
DoyleGLancashire Fusiliers View
DoyleFRoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
Doyle JLancashire Fusiliers View
DpydaleAYorkshire 4View
DragePwcNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 1View
DrageERoyal Engineers 12View
DrageANorthamptonshire View
DrainARoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
DrakeJEast Kent 2View
DrakeJOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
DraneGfColdstream Guards View
DransWHussars 10View
DransfieldJwImperial Yeomanry 8View
DraperFBedfordshire 2View
DraperAwBrabants HorseView
DraperTImperial Yeomanry View
DraperShRoyal Sussex View
DraperBLiverpool 1View
DrapperPImperial Yeomanry View
DrayCWiltshire 2View
Dre WittCmJohannesburg Mounted RiflesView
DredgeSImperial Yeomanry View
DreherHRoyal Lancaster 2View
DrennanJLincolnshire 2View
DrennanThNew Zealand 7View
DrennanGwImperial Light HorseView
DresserJImperial Yeomanry View
DrewNiSteinaeckers HorseView
DrewHjRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DrewARoyal Engineers 23View
DrewWGloucestershire View
DrewJWiltshire 1View
DrewPvjKimberley Light HorseView
DrewAGrenadier Guards View
DriffieldHYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
DringFcArmy Intelligence DeptView
Drink WaterHNew South Wales City BushmenView
Drink WaterJRifle Brigade 2View
DriscollMRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
DriscollPRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
DriscollJoDragoon Guards 7View
DriscollJRoyal Fusiliers 2View
DriverReRoyal Field Artillery 67View
DriverJchRoyal Field Artillery 44View
DrlnkwaterWRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
DruceCSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
DrumPiNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 1View
DrumgoldPrJohannesburg Mounted RiflesView
DrummondJImperial Yeomanry 6View
DruryCGrenadier Guards 3View
DruryJCanadian Mounted Rifles View
DruryGoImperial YeomanryView
DruryJDerbyshire View
DruryHRoyal Warwickshire View
DruryHSouth African Constabulary AView
DruryANorthamptonshire 2View
Drury-LoweVWelsh 1View
DryburghAtImperial Military RailwaysView
DryburghTgArmy Service CorpsView
DryburghGRoyal Highlanders 2View
DrysdaleGEastern Province HorseView
DrysdaleWRoyal Highlanders 2View
DrysdaleJArgyll D Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DrysdaleRRoyal Scots 1View
Du BuissonCsRoyal West Surrey View
Du MoulinLeRoyal Sussex View
Du NoonMRoyal Irish 1View
Du PlessisABorder ScoutsView
Du ToitJNational ScoutsView
DuceyTKings Royal Rifles View
DuckerHLincolnshire 2View
DuckettGShropshire Light Infantry 3View
DuckhamJwRailway Pioneer 3View
DuckmontonGImperial Yeomanry View
DuckworthCgSouth Lancashire 1View
DuddyTWest Riding 2View
DudgeonPwScottish Borderers 1View
DudgeonJRoyal Scots 1View
DudleySwVictoria Aus Com Hse 6View
DudleySImperial Yeomanry 7View
DudleyJEssex 1View
DudleyWOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
DudleyCRoyal Engineers 7View
DudleyWMafeking Town GuardView
DudleyAwNew Zealand 2View
DudmanFHussars 10View
DuellJRoyal Engineers 20View
DuffJScots Guards 1View
DuffJoNew South Wales City BushmenView
DuffTDamants HorseView
DuffRRoyal Scots 3View
DuffJHighland Light Infantry 1View
DuffieldWshRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DuffinGaRoyal Field Artillery 83View
DuffyPRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
Duffy0Yorkshire 1View
DuffyJSouth Lancashire 1View
DuffyGeBethunes Mounted InfantryView
DuffyJRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
DuffyFDurham Light Infantry 4View
DuffyBYorkshire 1View
DuffyJLeinster 1View
DugdaleWQueensland Aus Com Horse ]View
DugganFjYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
DugganJwQueensland Imp Bushmen 4View
DugganGaNew Zealand 7View
DuhamelJwfcRoyal Canadian 2View
DukeEeDiamond Fields ArtilleryView
DukeERoyal Sussex View
DukeHwRoyal Horse Artillery View
DukeEfRoyal Fusiliers 2View
DukeFNatal CarbineersView
DukerJNorthamptonshire 2View
DullinghamJYorkshire 1View
DumbrellWWiltshire 2View
DummOdScottish Horse 1View
DumperCHampshire 2View
DumphyJsTouws River Town GuardView
DunbarSArgyll 3 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DunbarJDevonshire View
DunbarWjCullinans HorseView
DunbillJSouth Lancashire 1View
DuncalfJDerbyshire View
DuncanJSouth African ConstabularyView
DuncanGiBerkshire 2View
DuncanPScottish Rifles 3View
DuncanPSeaforth Highlanders 2View
DuncanHScottish Borderers 3View
DuncanAGordon Highlanders View
DuncanPRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
DuncanGGordon Highlanders View
DuncanAaKitcheners Fighting Scouts 2View
DuncanTRoyal Highlanders 2View
DuncanAGordon Highlanders View
DuncanWCameron Highlanders View
DuncanNjArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
DuncansonTNatal PoliceView
DuncombeJtArmy Post Office CorpsView
DuneenPRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DunfordWYorkshire 3View
DunforoJgYorkshire 3View
DunkertonWgWiltshire 2View
DunkleyJCameron Highlanders View
DunkleyEaLeicestershire 1View
DunkleyABedfordshire 2View
DunklingFtSuffolk 1View
DunlearieTHussars 14View
DunleavyMNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
DunlopFDevonshire View
DunlopVdsNatal PoliceView
DunlopJhImperial Yeomanry 7View
DunlopWNew Zealand 7View
DunnHArmy Service Corps 38View
DunnEGloucestershire View
DunnJHussars View
DunnJHighland Light Infantry 1View
DunnDigCheshire View
DunnMYorkshire 1View
DunnEfRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
DunnAsImperial Light HorseView
DunnGImperial YeomanryView
DunnJcMiddlesex 2View
DunnEjhGloucestershire View
DunnTYorkshire 1View
DunnJsScottish Horse 1View
DunnJHighland Light Infantry 1View
DunnChColdstream Guards View
DunnWicRoyal West Surrey View
DunneDCape Town HighlandersView
DunneJConnaught Rangers View
DunnePConnaught Rangers View
DunneKjImperial Yeomanry View
DunnePdRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DunnePtRoyal Irish 1View
DunphyJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DunsGScottish Horse 2View
DunsbeeJRoyal Warwickshire View
DunsfordAhRoberts HorseView
DunsmoorRjRoyal Canadian DragoonsView
DunsmopeHBorder 1View
DunstanWjWest Australia Mtd Infantry 5View
DunsterRafDorsetshire 2View
DuperJRoyal Warwickshire View
DupreeJRemount DepotView
DupuyCgDe Aar Town GuardView
DuranceERoyal Engineers 26View
DurantJEast Surrey 2View
DurbanJHussars 13View
DurbinAjSomersetshire Light Infantry 4View
DurhamWRifle Brigade 1View
DurhamJwSymmonds HorseView
DurhamFlBedfordshire 2View
DurkanWArmy Service Corps 38View
DurkinJDurham Light Infantry View
DurkinJSouth Staffordshire 1View
DurrandsJdLeicestershire 1View
DurrantEEast Kent View
DurrantRwCape Colony Cyclist CorpsView
DurrantHArmy Service CorpsView
DurrantAKings Royal Rifles 4View
DuthieAhRoberts HorseView
DuthieJaetjrsiGordon Highlanders 2View
Dutton WhEast Lancashire 1View
Duvoisin Royal Field Artillery 18View
DuxImperial YeomanryView
DwenRImperial Yeomanry View
DwyerWBerkshire 2View
DwyerJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
DwyerARoyal Scots FusiliersView
DwyerTRoyal Irish 1View
DwyerARoyal Fusiliers 5View
DwyerJLiverpool 1View
DyerJhDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
Dyer0Worcestershire 2View
DyerSRoyal Sussex View
DyerTLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
DyerJScotts Railway SharpshootersView
DyerTRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
DyerTRoyal Field Artillery 79View
DyerDLancashire Fusiliers View
DyerWSuffolk 1View
DykeGfNorfolk 3View
DykesRBrabants Horse 1View
DykesHRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
DykesJRoyal Field Artillery 39View
DymondGDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
DymondWcImperial Yeomanry 7View
DysonBLiverpool 1View
DysonHgWest Yorkshire 2View
DysonJsLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
DytchESouth Staffordshire 1View
Boer War Casualties Records Alphabetical Index

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