Boer War Casualties Records Search : G
Surname Names Regiment View
GabrielJColdstream Guards View
GabrielWImperial Light Horse View
GabsWgGloucestershire View
GaddFArmy Service CorpsView
GadieEjLancers View
GadsbvWRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GadsbyJNorth Staffordshire 2View
GadsbyHKings Royal Rifles 1View
GaffeeHRifle Brigade 2View
GaganPRoyal Highlanders 2View
GageJcvRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GageCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GagginHlnNew South Wales Mid Rifles 1View
GahanJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
GainesGSteinaeckers HorseView
GainsJYorkshire 1View
GairJCameron Highlanders View
GairJoSouth African Constabulary EView
GaisfordEWiltshire 2View
GaitskillJFrenchs ScoutsView
GalbraithJImperial Yeomanry 8View
GalbraithJHighland Light Infantry 2View
GalbraithFaMiddlesex 2View
GalbraithJpRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GalePhgWiltshire 2View
GaleGPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
GaleEhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GaleFgRailway PioneerView
GaleWhSouth African Constabulary BView
GallagherJYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GallagherFjRoyal Garrison 3View
GallagherOScottish Rifles 3View
GallagherWRoyal Engineers Cheshire 1View
GallagherJSouth Staffordshire 1View
GallagherPLiverpool 1View
GallagherMLoyal North Lancashire 1View
GallagherEgRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GallagherPConnaught Rangers View
GallagherENorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GallagherIRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GallagherERoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GallagherJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GallagherWRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
GallagherRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GallagherPLeinster 1View
GalleryERoyal Field Artillery 2View
GallieJpRoyal West Surrey View
GallierLRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GallimoreMhwYorkshire Light Infantry 1View
GallimoreWNorth Staffordshire 4View
GallonJNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
GallowayFSouth Staffordshire 1View
GallowayJgScottish Borderers View
GallowaySaImperial Yeomanry View
GallowaySpNative Labour Corps(Atd)View
GallweyHImperial Yeomanry 7View
GalpinFtDevonshire View
GalpinFRoyal West KentView
GalpinAjRoyal Engineers Tel Div 1View
GalpinFwImperial Yeomanry View
GalsworthyALancers View
GaltFjImperial Yeomanry View
GalvinTTasmania Mtd Infantry 1View
GambleEArmy Service Corps 20View
GambleRNorfolk 2View
GambleJhRoyal Lancaster 2View
GamblinARoyal Horse Artillery RView
GamblinTDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GameABedfordshire 3View
GameADragoon Guards 5View
GaminRoyal Field Artillery 21View
GammonsWRoyal Field Artillery 37View
GanderGNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 3View
GanderARoyal West Surrey View
GannonTLeinster 1View
GannonJEast LancashireView
GannonTRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GanvanneGDragoon Guards 1View
GarbuttJGrenadier Guards View
GarbuttOeNatal Mounted RiflesView
GardenerWmHussars 19View
GardinerDCameron Highlanders View
GardinerAeRoyal Field Artillery 39View
GardinerGjMiddlesex 2View
GardinerHwgRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
Gardiner0Royal Irish Fusiliers View
GardinerWRoyal Highlanders 2View
GardinerJKings Royal Rifles View
GardinerFArmy Service CorpsView
GardinerRoyal Fusiliers 3View
GardinerJRoyal Irish Rifles View
GardinerPBedfordshire 2View
GardinerFImperial Yeomanry View
GardnerWhRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GardnerRRoyal Warwickshire View
GardnerEwBrabants Horse 2View
GardnerPthDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GardnerWhImperial Yeomanry View
GardnerAEast Kent 3View
GardnerEOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GardnerJBorder 1View
GardnerFRoyal Warwickshire View
GardnerImperial Light HorseView
GardnerCtImperial Light HorseView
GardnerHSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GardnerEmArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
GardnerCRoyal Dragoons 1View
GardnerJDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GardnerEImperial YeomanryView
GardnerALancers View
GardnerWDriscolls ScoutsView
GarfieldWBethunes Mounted InfantryView
GarganTImperial YeomanryView
GarischCwKitcheners HorseView
GarishAcjPiquetberg Town GuardView
GarlandJColdstream Guards View
GarlandFhRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GarlandGGloucestershire View
GarlickWRoyal Engineers 11View
GarlickJDragoons 6View
GarlickASouth Lancashire 1View
GarlingtonWRoyal Lancaster View
GarnerESouth Wales Borderers 2View
GarnerJRoyal Field Artillery 13View
GarnerWLancashire Fusiliers View
GarnerJRoyal Warwickshire View
GarnerWcImperial Light InfantryView
GarnerWhRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GarnettJcRoyal Lancaster View
GarnettWColdstream Guards View
GarnettASouth Lancashire 1View
GarnierBBritish South Africa PoliceView
GarrardESuffolk 1View
GarrattWCheshire View
GarrattJRifle Brigade 1View
GarrettJGrenadier Guards 2View
GarrettWgImperial Yeomanry View
GarrettHRoyal Engineers Pontoon Troop AView
GarrettWaKitcheners Fighting Scouts View
GarrettHmRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GarrettRrCape Mounted RiflesView
GarringtonDtfRemount Depot 3View
GarrodGColdstream Guards View
GarrodBtRoyal Engineers 31View
GarrodGSuffolk 1View
GarrowayFbGloucestershire View
GarsdenTRoyal Engineers 5View
GarsdenJWellington Dist Mtd TroopsView
GarsideHjArmy Service Corps 9View
GarsideJtSteinaeckers HorseView
GarthorneRrCape Mounted RiflesView
GartonWRoyal Engineers 8View
GartshoreJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GarveyJConnaught Rangers View
GarveyHwBorder 1View
GarveyALoyal North Lancashire 1View
GarveyMRoyal Engineers Search Lt DivView
GarveyTwLoyal North Lancashire 2View
GarvieDRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GarwoodBNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GascoigneTRoyal Warwickshire View
GascoigneWWest yorkshire View
GascoigneJDurham Light Infantry 1View
GaskellJEast Lancashire 3View
GaskellJEast Lancashire 1View
GaskillWYork & Lancaster View
GaskinHNorfolk 2View
GaskinCDerbyshire View
GastonBRoyal Sussex View
GatenbyEDurham Light Infantry 1View
GatesSImperial Military RailwaysView
GatesJWiltshire 3View
GatesFwLancers View
GatesRNorfolk 2View
GatesTstwlRhodesia Crewes ScoutsView
GatesCaaCape Colony Cyclist CorpsView
GatfieldEeLancers View
GathGaRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GatwardHeKings Royal Rifles 1View
GauchieJScottish Borderers View
GaudernGSouth Staffordshire 1View
GaudyHbRoyal Field Artillery 78View
GauldGScots Guards 2View
GaulterEjRoyal NavyView
GauntGNorth Staffordshire 2View
GauntWaWest Riding 1View
GauntlettTgRoyal Marine Light InfantryView
GausdenALancers View
GaussenClImperial Yeomanry View
GaustSGrahamstown City VolunteersView
GavinJhRoyal Field Artillery 38View
GavinFinHussars 8View
Gavins HNorthumberland Fusiliers 2 View
GawneCcdRoyal Lancaster View
GayENew South Wales Imp Bushmen 3View
GayIjRoyal Field ArtilleryView
GaylardCDevonshire View
GaylorWtMiddlesex 2View
GaynorPSouth Wales Borderers 2View
GaytonWManchester 1View
GazzardWpLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
GeaneyMQueensland Imp Bushmen 6View
GearGRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GearyTeImperial Yeomanry View
GearyFNorthumberland Fusiliers 3View
GearyJEast Yorkshire 2View
GeddesTrScots Guards 1View
GeeJShropshire Light Infantry 2View
GeeJeYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GeeGrImperial Yeomanry View
GeePManchester 1View
GeeWpLancers View
GeeJifGrenadier Guards 3View
GeeHBerkshire 2View
GeeWRoyal Lancaster View
GeeWLeinster 1View
GeeWRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
GeeHArmy Service CorpsView
GeelyCRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GeeringWRoyal Artillery Amcol PkView
GelderWRoyal Horse Artillery MView
GelderGRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GellFwsImperial Yeomanry View
GellattyJRoyal Horse GuardsView
GellenderCfKaffrarian RiflesView
GelleyAeImperial Yeomanry View
GellingCRoyal Horse Artillery View
GellonTwSouth Lancashire 1View
GemmellWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GemmellDewDriscolls ScoutsView
GengeCjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GengeRDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GengeRasImperial Yeomanry View
GentGKings Royal Rifles View
GentleJGrenadier Guards View
GentryJEssex 1View
GeorgeWColdstream Guards View
GeorgeBRoyal West Surrey View
GeorgeJPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
GeorgePNew Zealand 7View
GeorgeAOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GeorgeERoyal Field Artillery PompomView
GeorgeCEast Surrey 2View
GeorgeFcRoyal Field Artillery 44View
GeorgeWeKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
GeorgeHgMarshalls HorseView
GeorgeJRoyal Navy DockyardView
GeorgeTRoyal Navy Hms CrescentView
GeorgeAImperial Yeomanry View
GeraghtyFRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
GeraghtyWRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GeraghtyClScots Guards 1View
GeraghtyJKings Royal Rifles 3View
GerardiLCape Police Dist 1View
GerganEDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GerkinsFEastkent View
GerrardGGrenadier Guards 3View
GerrardJhCape Police Dist 2View
GerrardHSouth African Constabulary BView
GerrardGRoyal dragoonsView
GerrardJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
GerrightyJmCheshire View
GethinRoBritish South Africa PoliceView
GethinHrMarshalls HorseView
GethingERoyal Lancaster View
GethingJsbSouth Wales Borderers 3View
GettleHDurham Light Infantry View
GhentWhManchester 3View
GibbinsARifle Brigade 2View
GibbonWRoyal West Surrey View
GibbonTLancashire Fusiliers View
GibbonAhSouth African ConstabularyView
GibbonWYorkshire 1View
GibbonsEjLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
GibbonsGDragoon Guards 5View
GibbonsHRoyal Field Artillery View
GibbonsJRoyal Engineers 11View
GibbonsJeRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GibbonsALife Guards 1View
GibbonsWDerbyshire View
GibbonsHArmy Service CorpsView
GibbonsSArmy Service CorpsView
GibbonsJLeinster 2View
GibbonsESouth Wales Borderers 2View
GibbsHRoyal Field Artillery 39View
GibbsRfImperial Yeomanry View
GibbsFBerkshire 2View
GibbsTHussars 13View
GibbsJfRoyal Highlanders 2View
GibbsTRoyal Engineers 37View
GibbsJRichmond Town GuardView
GibbsAhBerkshire 2View
GibbsWmWest Yorkshire 2View
GibeOhSouth Australia ImpsView
GibesEoRoyal Field Artillery 73View
GiblettPArmy Service CorpsView
GiblinPrEast Lancashire 3View
GiblingTMiddlesex 2View
GibsonBGrenadier Guards View
GibsonWRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GibsonGHighland Light Infantry View
GibsonJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GibsonRRoyal Irish Rifles View
GibsonJImperial Yeomanry View
GibsonJdRoyal Highlanders 2View
GibsonThMidland Mounted RiflesView
GibsonHdNesbitts HorseView
GibsonJeLancers View
GibsonGhfNew South Wales City BushmenView
GibsonJtNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GibsonFLancers View
GibsonLhHighland Light Infantry View
Gibson-CraigRjRoyal Scots 3View
GibtonLwpRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GiddensCSt Johns AmbulanceView
GiddingsWWelsh 1View
GiddyJflNew England Mounted RiflesView
GidleyJDevonshire View
GidlowASouth Staffordshire 4View
GiffordJScottish Borderers 1View
GiffordWSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
GilbanksHcSouth African Light HorseView
GilbertWLeicestershire 1View
GilbertTKings Royal Rifles View
GilbertLRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
GilbertTLeicestershire 1View
GilbertARoyal Engineers Field Troop 2View
GilbertFjRoyal Lancaster View
GilbertARifle Brigade 2View
GilbertTwArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GilbertWArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GilbeyADurham Light Infantry 1View
GilbornJDerbyshire View
GilbyGColdstream Guards View
GilbyTWest Riding 1View
GilchristHwNew South Wales Aus Horse 1View
GildeaGfcRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GilderWeManchester 1View
GilderGManchester 1View
GilesAhShropshire Light Infantry View
GilesMEastkent View
GilesGeRoyal ArtilleryView
GilesWjNorth Staffordshire 2View
GilesTCape Police SpecialView
GilesFSouth Staffordshire 1View
GilesJGloucestershire View
GilesGArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GilesCArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GilesTRand RiflesView
GilesGQueenstown Rifle VolunteersView
GilesAYorkshire 1View
GilfetherJArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs IView
GilfillanSaArmy Intelligence DeptView
GilhamATasmania Mtd Infantry 1View
GilhamTHussars 13View
GilhamHImperial Yeomanry View
GilhespyCRoyal Field Artillery 84View
GilksJShropshire Light Infantry View
GillIidNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GillSRoyal Engineers 38View
GillASuffolk 1View
GillTgSouthern Rhodesian VolunteersView
GillGRoyal Fusiliers 2View
GillSDistrict Mounted RiflesView
GillRDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
GillThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
GillMKings Royal Rifles View
GillGCameron Highlanders View
GillAsRoyal Fusiliers 2View
GillGrLiverpool 3View
GillHManchester 3View
GillAgRoyal Warwickshire View
GillRConnaught Rangers View
GillPScottish Horse 1View
GillCHussars 18View
GillJHussars 8View
GillADerbyshire View
GillLwLancashire Fusiliers View
GillLEast Yorkshire 2View
GillHRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
GillRLiverpool 1View
GillandersJmRoyal EngineersView
GillardRlsRoyal Field Artillery 82View
GillesJeImperial Yeomanry View
GillespieHSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GillespieWArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs IView
GillespieFhSouth African ConstabularyView
GillettWGloucestershire 2View
GillettJGloucestershire View
GilliardARoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
GilliatLhLancers View
GilliesHcNew Zealand 6View
GilliesMcBethunes Mounted InfantryView
GilliganPConnaught Rangers View
GilliganAManchester 1View
GilliganJManchester 2View
GilliganJCheshire View
GilliganJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
GilliganFLancers View
GilliganTRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GillingJSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
GillingJWest yorkshire View
GillinghamJNorth Staffordshire 2View
GillmanJCape Police SpecialView
GillmanJManchester 6View
GillmerJgJansenville Dist Mtd TroopsView
GillonGKings Royal Rifles View
GillonRArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs,1View
GillottHYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GillowHLiverpool 1View
GillsonWJansenville Town GuardView
GilmanHpRoyal Dragoons 1View
GilmoreJcpMiddlesex 2View
GilmoreJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GilmoreWArmy Service Corps(Atd)View
GilmoreTBorder 1View
GilmoreRRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GilmourJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GilmourJArgyll A Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GilpinAgVictoria Imp Bushmen 4View
GilshonMRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GiltrapJjRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GiltrapJRoyal Irish Rifles View
GingellAShropshire Light Infantry 4View
GinnJLincolnshire 2View
GinningsEgRoyal Horse Artillery View
GirdwoodRhMafeking Town GuardView
GirlingWwColdstream Guards View
GirlingWNorfolk 2View
GirtonAKaffrarian RiflesView
GirvinTRoyal Field Artillery View
GistWWelsh 1View
GittensCImperial YeomanryView
GittingsAWorcestershire 1View
GittmerCKlipplaat Dist Mtd TroopsView
GittoesFrsShropshire Light Infantry 2View
GivenJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2View
GlaeserLwRoberts HorseView
GlanceyWEast Lancashire 3View
GlanvilleWScots Guards 2View
GlasborrowEMennes ScoutsView
GlasgowJImperial Yeomanry 6View
GlasgowGRoyal Highlanders 1View
GlasgowWeRoyal Army Medical Corps Gh 6View
GlassGBedfordshire 2View
GlassLrRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GlasseyPLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
GlasspoolWDragoon GuardsView
GlastonburyGeRoyal Field Artillery 84View
GlazeFWorcestershire 4View
GlazierHImperial Yeomanry View
GlcverRLeicestershire 1View
GleesonPjArmy Service CorpsView
GleesonWBritish South Africa PoliceView
GlenPmRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GlenCColonial ScoutsView
GlenADuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GlendenningJrImperial Yeomanry 5View
GlennCLancashire Fusiliers View
GlennieJRoyal HighlandersView
GlennonWjLincolnshire 2View
GliddonCeSouth Wales Borderers 2View
GlinnTcVictoria Mid Rifles 5View
GlossopWArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GlossopRDerbyshire View
GlosterGlKings Royal Rifles View
GlosterWRoyal Irish 1View
GloverJRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GloverWjKitcheners HorseView
GloverJCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
GloverFEast Kent 2View
GloverWKings Royal Rifles 1View
GloverRoyal Engineers Field Troop 2View
GloverEDevonshire View
GloverAwjNorth Staffordshire 2View
GluyasJKimberley Light HorseView
GluyasJeSouth Australia ImperialView
GluyasLArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
GlynnAMiddlesex 5View
GlynnJjDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GnrMooreRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GoddardTWorcestershire 2View
GoddardHpImperial Yeomanry View
GoddardAColdstream Guards View
GoddardWjWiltshire 2View
GoddardWRoyal West Surrey View
GoddardWArmy Service CorpsView
GoddardSImperial Light Horse 2View
GoddardCRoyal Field Artillery 42View
GoddardADragoon Guards 2View
GoddardASuffolk 1View
GoddardARoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GoddardJDevonshire View
GoddardESuffolk 1View
GoddardELondon City Imperial VolunteersView
GoddartTWiltshire 2View
Godden CSouth African Light HorseView
GodfreyWgRoyal Lancaster 2View
GodfreySRoyal Fusiliers 2View
GodfreyTRoyal Highlanders 2View
GodfreyWMiddlesex 2View
Godfrey-FaussettFEast Kent 2View
GodlimanTijjScottish Rifles 2View
GodslandWRifle Brigade 2View
GodsmarkGArmy Service CorpsView
GodwinJsNew Zealand 2(Atd)View
GodwinEgRoyal Horse Artillery PompomView
GodwinJImperial Yeomanry View
GodwinRDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GodwinSGloucestershire View
GoebelCjVictoria Imp Bushmen 4View
GoffGljArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GoffHDerbyshire View
GoffJKings Royal Rifles 3View
GoffWedDragoon Guards 3View
GoffWDevonshire View
GoftonJEast Yorkshire 2View
GogginsRoyal Horse GuardsView
GogginsMImperial Yeomanry View
GoingAcScottish Borderers 1View
GoldWDragoon GuardsView
GoldJhBorder Mounted RiflesView
GoldBRoyal Engineers Field TroopView
GoldbourneWKings Royal Rifles View
GoldenJCheshire View
GolderAJohannesburg Fort Police AView
GolderJEast Kent View
GoldieMiRoyal Field Artillery 14View
GoldieHfDragoon GuardsView
GoldingWjtRoyal Fusiliers 5View
GoldingCeDragoon Guards 2View
GoldingGLancers View
GoldingLBritish South Africa PoliceView
GoldingTMennes ScoutsView
GoldingCImperial Yeomanry 8View
GoldleafMRoberts HorseView
GoldmanSCanadian ScoutsView
GoldringWeLancers View
GoldschmidtAePrince Alfreds GuardView
GoldsmithFLancers View
GoldsmithJDerbyshire View
GoldsteinMNatal CarbineersView
GoldstoneDWestern Province Mounted RiflesView
GoldswainJOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GoldsworthyChImperial YeomanryView
GoldsworthyFgImperial Yeomanry View
GollanTImperial Yeomanry View
GolliatWNamaoualand Border ScoutsView
GollopWtSouth African Constabulary CView
GollopERoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GomezFNew Zealand 8View
GoochHgKings Royal Rifles 2View
GoochJeImperial Military RailwaysView
GoodDYork & Lancaster View
GoodAhSouth African Constabulary EView
Good AirABorder 1View
GoodacreAmRoyal Engineers Tel Div 1View
GoodairGImperial Yeomanry 9View
GoodallFRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GoodallSYork & Lancaster View
GoodallCDragoon GuardsView
GoodallANorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
GoodallFtQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
GoodallWeLancers View
GoodallAwScottish HorseView
GoodchildEDerbyshire View
GoodeFNew Zealand 6View
GoodeJgLeicestershire 1View
GoodeTSouth African Constabulary AView
GoodeeHWorcestershire 1View
GoodenoughAOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GoodesHeSouth Australia Imp Bushmen 4View
GoodesJRoyal Sussex View
GoodeyFRoyal Field Artillery 69View
GoodfellowGWiltshire 2View
GoodfellowJRoyal Engineers Field ParkView
GoodfellowRcRoyal Canadian 2View
GoodhallTjKimberley Light HorseView
GoodieLjwVictoria Mid Rifles 5View
GoodierSCheshire View
GoodinJtKings Royal Rifles View
GoodingTwRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GoodingWImperial Yeomanry View
GoodingCColdstream Guards View
GoodingTfRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
GoodladBDerbyshire View
GoodlandWjNew Zealand 2View
GoodliffeWImperial Yeomanry View
GoodmanLwImperial Yeomanry View
GoodmanHiVictoria Bushmen 3View
GoodmanAeDerbyshire View
GoodmanWKings Royal Rifles View
GoodmanTRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GoodmanTSouth African ConstabularyView
GoodmanAjBedfordshire 2View
GoodmanEDerbyshire View
GoodmanChImperial Yeomanry View
GoodridgeWhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GoodridgeWjBorder Mounted RiflesView
GoodsellJNew South Wales Army Medical CpView
GoodsonSgGrenadier Guards View
GoodwillRYorkshire 1View
GoodwinJhSt Johns AmbulanceView
GoodwinJKings Royal Rifles 3View
GoodwinAShropshire Light Infantry 4View
GoodwinEKitcheners HorseView
GoodwinGcImperial Yeomanry View
GoodwinBColdstream Guards View
GoodwinHRoyal Scots 3View
GoodwinGjYork & Lancaster View
GoodwinSjsScottish HorseView
GoodwinWhRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
GoodwinJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GoodwinRRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GoodwinCEast Surrey 2View
GoodwinWDerbyshire View
GoodwinJDurban Light InfantryView
GoodyGScottish Rifles 2View
GoodyerJRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GoodyerGhKaffrarian RiflesView
GordonDsBorder ScoutsView
GordonWaColonial Light HorseView
GordonJLiverpool 1View
GordonHImperial Yeomanry View
GordonWaArmy Service CorpsView
GordonFRoyal West KentView
GordonJRoyal Lancaster 2View
GordonDArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GordonDSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GordonGBritish Volunteer CyclistsView
GordonFArmy Ordnance CorpsView
GordonJImperial 'Yeomanry Base DepotView
GordonHRoyal Engineers 31View
GordonJImperial Light InfantryView
GordonJMennes ScoutsView
GordonOhBechuanaland RiflesView
GordonWjRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GordonGRoyal Engineers 5View
GordonALondon City Imperial VolunteersView
GoreHGloucestershire View
GoreJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GoreJArmy Post Office CorpsView
Gore-BoothDbDorsetshire 2View
GorleyEDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
GormanJRoyal Irish Rifles View
GormanJManchester 1View
GormanJtOueensland Imp Bushmen 6View
GormanWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GormanJDragoon Guards 2View
GormanSArmy Intelligence DeptView
GormanApRoyal Lancaster View
GormanDConnaught Rangers View
GormanJRoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
GormleyHRoyal Irish Fusiliers 1View
GormleyFRoyal Lancaster 2View
GormleyJRoyal Irish Rifles View
GormleyIEast Lancashire 1View
GornallFSouth African Light HorseView
GorrallFgRoyal Garrison Artillery View
GorrieKgNew Zealand View
GorrieGNatal Border PoliceView
GortonFhcImperial Light HorseView
GosdenTGrenadier Guards 3View
GoslettWgArmy Service CorpsView
GoslinJImperial Yeomanry View
GoslingAgYorkshire 1View
GoslingFColdstream Guards View
GoslingFNorthamptonshire 2View
GoslingGhRoyal Sussex View
GosperCjNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 3View
GossageBWorcestershire View
GostageWImperial Yeomanry 5View
GotheridgeGGrenadier Guards 2View
GottWjEast Yorkshire 2View
GoughALancashire Fusiliers View
GoughJHampshire 2View
GoughWiShropshire Light Infantry 2View
GoughGBorder HorseView
GoughADragoon Guards 7View
GoughRImperial YeomanryView
GoughRConnaught Rangers View
GoughGhHussars 14View
GoughHeRoyal EngineersView
GoughGRifle Brigade 1View
GouldEsSouth Staffordshire 3View
GouldWRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GouldJGrenadier Guards 2View
GouldGRoyal Garrison Artillery View
GouldLHussars 18View
GouldFwAlbany Dist Mtd TroopsView
GouldItOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GouldWjRoyal Field Artillery View
GouldenCScottish Borderers View
GouldenPKings Royal Rifles View
GouldingGsBethunes Mounted InfantryView
GouldingR-ISouth Lancashire 1View
GourleyJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GourleySwNew zealand 1View
GoverdJLancers View
GovettCRifle Brigade 5View
GovettAMiddlesex 5View
GowCjCape Police Dist 2View
GowDRoyal Highlanders 2View
GowarArImperial Yeomanry View
GowardDvLoyal North Lancashire 2View
GowerJLancers View
GowerHSouth Wales Borderers 2View
GowingBRoyal Australian Artillery AView
GowingGjRoyal Horse Artillery PompomView
GowlandJtYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GowlingRRoyal Warwickshire View
GowmanAWelsh 1View
GowrieTRoyal HighlandersView
GoznellGYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GozzardJhYork & Lancaster View
GpeenJaKings Royal Rifles View
GpeerWaCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
GraceJLeinster 1View
GraceWeaSouth Staffordshire 1View
GraceRSt Johns AmbulanceView
GraceCMarshalls HorseView
GraceHRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
GraceJWarrens Mounted InfantryView
GraceyWhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GracieWpNatal PoliceView
GradidgeJfSouth African ConstabularyView
GradieWjCape Police Dist 2View
GradwellHNesbitts HorseView
GradyMRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
GradyWKings Royal Rifles View
GradyESouth African Constabulary AView
GrahamWCameron Highlanders View
GrahamWjInniskilling fusiliers 1View
GrahamJtWorcestershire 1View
GrahamHRifle Brigade 1View
GrahamTfWorcestershire 2View
GrahamJRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
GrahamWNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
GrahamCnaNorthumberland Fusiliers 3View
GrahamMjKings Royal Rifles 1View
GrahamPMafeking Town GuardView
GrahamJDragoons 2View
GrahamJDurham Light Infantry View
GrahamJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
GrahamJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GrahamWSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GrahamWppConnaught Rangers View
GrahamDRoyal Army Medical Corps(Atd)View
GrahamJwRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GrahamJLincolnshire 2View
GrahamJjRimingtons GuidesView
GrahamWGordon Highlanders 1View
GrahamDDurham Light Infantry 1View
GrahamRNew Zealand 10View
GraineyPodRoyal Navy Hms PhilomelView
GraingerWWorcestershire 1View
GraingerWGloucestershire View
GraingerWEast Lancashire 1View
GraingerCKings Royal Rifles 4View
GraingerEManchester 1View
GraingerRMiddlesex 2View
GraneyJCheshire View
GraneyPSouth Lancashire 1View
GrantWgcScottish Horse 2View
GrantRScottish Borderers 1View
GrantWGrenadier Guards 2View
GrantGlLochs HorseView
GrantJArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 3View
GrantERoyal Irish Fusiliers 2View
GrantNVictoria 1View
GrantAImperial Yeomanry View
GrantAKings Royal Rifles View
GrantRfImperial Yeomanry Lovats ScoutsView
GrantNCape Mounted RiflesView
GrantEchArgyll 8 Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GrantARoberts HorseView
GrantJRoyal Field Artillery 20View
GrantJRoyal Highlanders 2View
GrantRHeidelberg VolunteersView
GrantSRoyal Field ArtilleryView
GrantAdImperial Yeomanry 7View
GrantGKitcheners HorseView
GrantJacOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GrantJgDorsetshire 2View
GrantCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GrantWMiddlesex 6View
GrantDCameron Highlanders View
GrantArImperial Yeomanry Lovats ScoutsView
GrantGKitcheners HorseView
GrantGThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
GrantRjKings Royal Rifles View
GrantKRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GrantENorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GrantJRoyal Highlanders 2View
GranthamJRoyal Fusiliers 2View
GranthamTRoyal Army Medical CoppsView
GranvilleWGrenadier Guards 3View
GranvilleCjwArmy Service Corps 24View
GratrixFjLancers View
GrattidgeFRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
GrattonJLancers View
GrattonHRoyal Engineers 47View
GravesSDragoon GuardsView
GravesGArmy Ordnance CorpsView
GravettMRoyal West Surrey View
GrayGHampshire 3View
GrayWNorfolk 2View
GrayPBorder 1View
GrayWRoyal Lancaster 3View
GrayFKings Royal Rifles 2View
GrayGDevonshire View
GrayHRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GrayWRoyal Field Artillery 14View
GrayRhBorder 1View
GrayDmNatal CarbineersView
GrayTGrahamstown City VolunteersView
GrayJhRoyal Field Artillery 59View
GrayWEast Lancashire 1View
GrayJmNew South Wales Mtd Rifles 3View
GrayJArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GrayAScottish Horse 1View
GrayLrdDragoon GuardsView
GrayHBedfordshire 4View
GrayGRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GrayCBedfordshire 4View
GrayAHighland Light Infantry 1View
GrayRjArmy Service CorpsView
GrayCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GrayPjHussars 18View
GrayJRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GrayBmGloucestershire 1View
GrayEwRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GrayHRoyal West Surrey View
GrayWArmy Service Corps 43(Atd)View
GrayRArmy Service CorpsView
GrayRRoyal Highlanders 2View
GrayRArmy Intelligence DeptView
GrayGScots Guards 2View
GrayHBedfordshire 2View
GrayAlSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GrayTRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
GrayGSouth lancashire 1View
GrayRhRifle Brigade View
GrayWvColdstream Guards View
GrayGNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GrayWpArmy Service CorpsView
GrayJbSouth African ConstabularyView
GrayHjRoyal Engineers 9View
GrayJScottish Rifles 2View
GrayFRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
GrayJRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GraydonHDevonshire View
GrazierTWorcestershire 1View
GrazierHWorcestershire 1View
GreagsbeyHRoyal Marine Light InfantryView
GreatheadMImperial Light HorseView
GreavesJYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GreavesHManchester 2View
GreavesRManchester 1View
GreavesWpArmy Service CorpsView
GreavesWBedfordshire 2View
GredartCSouth Lancashire 1View
GreeleyJKings Royal Rifles 3View
GreenWRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GreenTColdstream Guards View
GreenWhWorcestershire 2View
GreenLiRoyal Lancaster View
GreenCRoyal Warwickshire View
GreenHyRoyal Horse Artillery View
GreenGRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GreenWNorthamptonshire 2View
GreenAEast Lancashire 3View
GreenGDragoons 2View
GreenWwLincolnshire 2View
GreenGaYork & Lancaster View
GreenFBerkshire 2View
GreenTGloucestershire View
GreenGSt Johns AmbulanceView
GreenRBerkshire 2View
GreenCRoyal Sussex View
GreenCjImperial Yeomanry View
GreenEllImperial Yeomanry View
GreenWa8Royal West KentView
GreenBKings Royal Rifles 2View
GreenTBorder 1View
GreenTEast Lancashire 1View
GreenJRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
GreenHRifle Brigade View
GreenLhLiverpool 1View
GreenCManchester 1View
GreenSLiverpool 1View
GreenIManchester 1View
GreenEImperial Yeomanry View
GreenEbSuffolk 1View
GreenJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GreenGoImperial Yeomanry View
GreenGNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
GreenCgYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GreenHeSouth African Light HorseView
GreenJImperial Yeomanry View
GreenEwNew South Wales Mid Rifles 2View
GreenSRoyal Field Artillery 38View
GreenJDragoon Guards 1View
GreenJMiddlesex 2View
GreenAgPretoria PoliceView
GreenFHussars 18View
GreenWRoyal Field Artillery 85View
GreenWhArmy Ordnance CorpsView
GreenWRoyal Irish Rifles View
GreenGamLancashire Fusiliers View
GreenMLancashire Fusiliers View
GreenPRoyal Engineers 9View
GreenTPrince Alfreds GuardView
GreenEtNorthumberland Fusiliers 2View
GreenHNorfolk 1View
GreenJRifle Brigade 2View
GreenAHampshire 2View
GreenHSomersetshire Light Infantry 2View
GreenJNew South Wales Aus Com Horse 1View
GreenJRoyal Sussex View
GreenTjBorder 3View
GreenFGloucestershire View
GreenacreBfDragoon GuardsView
GreenallKmNatal carbineersView
GreenawayEhDragoon GuardsView
GreenawayDArmy Ordnance Corps 6View
GreenbankERoyal Horse GuardsView
GreenerJRoyal West Surrey View
GreenfieldSwKings Royal Rifles 1View
GreenfieldFKings Royal Rifles View
GreengoPagSouth African Constabulary AView
GreenhalghSRoyal Horse Artillery PView
GreenhalghBCheshire View
GreenhalghSijLancashire Fusiliers View
GreenhalghWCheshire View
GreenhallJLancashire Fusiliers View
GreenhamGaLancers View
GreenhamWhSouth African ConstabularyView
GreenheadEKings Royal Rifles 1View
GreenhillWHussars 10View
GreenhoughJKings Royal Rifles 1View
GreenhowLjDragoon Guards 7View
GreenlandWCheshire View
GreenockMScots Guards 2View
GreenowJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GreenshieldsGlImperial Yeomanry View
GreensillHsImperial Yeomanry View
GreensladeWrRoyal Horse Artillery View
GreensmithGWest Yorkshire 2View
GreenwayThKings Royal Rifles View
GreenwayJArmy Post Office CorpsView
GreenwinCBerkshire 2View
GreenwoodWManchester 2View
GreenwoodWWorcestershire 1View
GreenwoodFhEast Lancashire 3View
GreenwoodTLancers View
GreenwoodErNorth Staffordshire 2View
GreenwoodGSuffolk 1View
GreenwoodJRoyal West KentView
GreenwoodRSouthern Rhodesian VolunteersView
GreenwoodHGrenadier Guards 2View
GreenwoodFwManchester 2View
GreenwoodGraRoyal Scots Fusiliers 2View
GreenwoodRLancers View
GreenwoodHmGordon Highlanders View
GreenwoodMDragoon Guards 4View
GreenwoodJhYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GreenwoodWWest Yorkshire 2View
GreenwoodESouth African Light HorseView
GreenwoodFLancashire Fusiliers View
GreenwoodREast Lancashire 1View
GreerDgbLochs HorseView
GreerWReserve Of OfficersView
GreerJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2View
GreethamSYorkshire 1View
GreggWGrenadier Guards 2View
GreggHSouth Wales Borderers View
GreggRLancashire Fusiliers View
GregorsonHBorder 1View
GregoryGaScots Guards 1View
GregoryJNorth Staffordshire 2View
GregoryWDerbyshire View
GregoryABedfordshire 2View
GregoryAjImperial Yeomanry View
GregoryWfKings Royal Rifles 1View
GregoryAgcRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
GregoryUImperial Yeomanry View
GregoryRgihaSouth African ConstabularyView
GregoryESouth African Constabulary AView
GregoryJeigRoyal Field Artillery 73View
GregoryHfjLiverpool 1View
GregoryWGloucestershire 1View
GregoryJDerbyshire View
GregoryTRifle Brigade 1View
GregoryWMiddlesex 2View
GregoryJThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
GregoryJLancashire Fusiliers View
GrehamPLeinster 3View
GrehanJLeinster 1View
GreigJaImperial Yeomanry View
GreigARoyal Highlanders 2View
GreigWBorder Mounted RiflesView
GreigPjBorder 2View
GreigAArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
GreigWScottish Rifles 2View
GreigImperial Yeomanry View
GreigHmceNew Zealand 7View
GrenfellCgThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
GrestyWGrenadier Guards View
GreyGBedfordshire 2View
GreyJLoyal North Lancashire 1View
GreyLImperial Yeomanry View
GreyBImperial Yeomanry View
GreyRScottish Borderers 1View
GreyApbNew South Wales City BushmenView
GreyMRimingtons Intelligence DeptView
GreyBYorkshire Light Infantry View
GribbellAtArmy Post Office CorpsView
GribbenJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GribbonJYork & Lancaster View
GriceJShropshire Light Infantry 2View
GriceGScottish Rifles 2View
GriceHKings Royal Rifles View
GriceGvNatal Mounted RiflesView
GriefHjBorder ScoutsView
GriersonARoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
GrieveTImperial Yeomanry View
GrieveJArmy Service CorpsView
GrieveJScottish Rifles 4View
GrieveRGordon Highlanders View
GrieveAScottish HorseView
GrieveGjNew South Wales StaffView
GriffenCGrenadier Guards View
GriffenAbImperial Yeomanry View
GriffenWhCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
GriffinAColdstream Guards View
GriffinERoyal Field Artillery 14View
GriffinWwSteinaeckers HorseView
GriffinTjRoyal West KentView
GriffinJRoyal Irish Rifles View
GriffinFjRoyal Army Medical Corps -View
GriffinJRoyal Garrison Artillery View
GriffinELeicestershire 1View
GriffinJGloucestershire View
GriffinCRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
GriffinJLancers View
GriffinTRoyal Irish Rifles View
GriffinMRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GriffinWhImperial Yeomanry View
GriffinJHussars 3View
GriffinGaNew South Wales Aus Horse 1View
GriffinRSteinaeckers HorseView
Griffin0Somersetshire Light Infantry 2View
GriffinPgLancers View
GriffinJSouth Staffordshire 1View
GriffinLwDragoon Guards 2View
GriffithsJsHussars 10View
GriffithsWtGrenadier Guards View
GriffithsCWorcestershire View
GriffithsPRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GriffithsFRifle Brigade View
GriffithsTWelsh 1View
GriffithsCDragoon Guards 2View
GriffithsJGrenadier Guards 2View
GriffithsEWelsh 3View
GriffithsWhNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
GriffithsTRoyal Warwickshire View
GriffithsGLiverpool 1View
GriffithsWRoyal Field Artillery 73View
GriffithsIYorkshire Light Infantry 2View
GriffithsGHussars 8View
GriffithsTLancers View
GriffithsHRoyal Fusiliers 2View
GriffithsJImperial Yeomanry View
GriffithsTaWest Riding 1View
GriffithsGWelsh 1View
GriffithsHRoyal Warwickshire View
GriffithsJWelsh 1View
GriffithsTcRoyal Field Artillery UnatView
GriffithsFMiddlesex 2View
GriffithsTImperial Light InfantryView
GriffithsKjRoyal Irish Rifles 2View
GriffithsJnLiverpool 1View
GriffithsRBorder HorseView
GriggCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
GriggJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 1View
GriggAYorkshire 1View
GriggsSKitcheners Fighting Scouts View
GriggsASuffolk 1View
GrimditchHDerbyshire 4View
GrimesHDragoon Guards 6View
GrimesRImperial Yeomanry View
GrimesJSouth Wales Borderers 2View
GrimesCRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
GrimesGjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 2View
GrimleyJLiverpool 1View
Grimley0West YorkshireView
GrimshawJLiverpool 1View
GrimshawWLancashire Fusiliers View
GrimshawESouth Wales Borderers 2View
GrindleyAgKings Royal Rifles View
GrindonWRoyal Irish 3View
GripperJrjArmy Service Corps 9View
GrisdaleILiverpool 1View
GristJaRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GristPjImperial Yeomanry View
GristCfImperial Yeomanry View
GroblerGhDamants HorseView
GrocottSrNorth Staffordshire 4View
GroenwaldCCape PoliceView
GroganPGrenadier Guards 2View
GroganHwImperial Yeomanry View
GroganEbSouth Staffordshire 1View
GroganJRoyal Scots FusiliersView
GroganEDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
GroocottAgwLancers View
GroomGShropshire Light Infantry 2View
GroomABedfordshire 2View
GroomWNorfolk 2View
GroomWCheshire View
GroovesRBerkshire 2View
GrosEColonial Light HorseView
GrossSLoyal North Lancashire 1View
GrosseHLincolnshire 2View
GrosvenorWSouth Staffordshire 1View
GrotoMCanadian Mounted Rifles View
GroucottEShropshire Light Infantry 2View
GroundwaterHanRoyal Lancaster View
GroutHwImperial Yeomanry View
GroutGgImperial Yeomanry View
GroveAlNorfolk 2View
GroveGfOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
GroverHRoyal West Surrey View
GroverPcShropshire Light Infantry 1View
GrovesARailway Pioneer 4View
GrovesFNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
GrovesGaFrenchs ScoutsView
GrummettJNorfolk 2View
GrupieAeColdstream Guards View
GryllsJbRoyal Field Artillery 66View
GubbinsLgRoyal Field Artillery 10View
GubbinsWeGloucestershire 1View
GudgeHImperial Yeomanry 9View
GuerieeWjLeicestershire 1View
GuerioteFArmy Ordnance CorpsView
GuestTGloucestershire View
GuestJgBedfordshire 4View
GuestJGordon Highlanders View
GuestWRoyal Fusiliers 2View
GuestSRoyal EngineersView
GuildJImperial Yeomanry 6View
GuilleHslemRoyal ArtilleryView
GuinnessERoyal Field Artillery 84View
GulliferCSouth African Constabulary BView
GullyGMiddlesex 4View
GunnWRifle Brigade 2View
GunnTaSouth African ConstabularyView
GunnFwRoyal Horse GuardsView
GunnJfImperial Yeomanry 5View
GunnJSeaforth Highlanders 2View
GunnFColdstream Guards View
Gunnarson0Kitcheners Fighting Scouts View
Gunner HKings Royal Rifles View
Gurdon-RebowMGrenadier Guards View
GurneyAHussars 19View
GurneyJeWelsh 1View
GurrJLancers View
GurtonEEssex 1View
GuthrieDeImperial Yeomanry View
GuthrieGbImperial Yeomanry View
GuthrieJCameron Highlanders View
Guthrie-SmithDImperial Light HorseView
GutteryJwManchester 1View
GuyRArmy Ordnance Corps(Atd)View
GuyTsDerbyshire View
GuyWLancers View
GuyGeArmy Intelligence DeptView
GuyDRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
GwilliamRRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
GwynnFRoyal Field ArtilleryView
GwynneWRoyal Lancaster View
Boer War Casualties Records Alphabetical Index

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