Boer War Casualties Records Search : I
Surname Names Regiment View
I'ansonWSouth African Constabulary BView
I'ansonPRoyal Sussex View
I'ansonTjSouth African ConstabularyView
IbbotsonHYork & Lancaster View
IbsenLgBethunes Mounted InfantryView
IddendenJRoyal Dragoons 1View
IddisonWSouth African Constabulary EView
IggledonSgKings Royal Rifles View
IgglesdenWhEast Kent 2View
IgguldenGRifle Brigade 1View
IlberryMSouth African ConstabularyView
IlesEgWest Australia Mtd Infantry 4View
IlesRwImperial Yeomanry View
IlesRDurham Light Infantry View
IllingworthTwImperial Yeomanry View
IllseyChSt Johns AmbulanceView
ImpeyGhSouth African Constabulary EView
ImpeyESteinaeckers HorseView
ImrayCwArmy Service CorpsView
ImrieCHighland Light Infantry 2View
Inc)ARoyal Horse Artillery View
InchRjNew South Wales Imp Bushmen 3View
InderWsImperial Military RailwaysView
InderHOxfordshire Light Infantry 1View
IngeJwRoyal Engineers Pontoon Troop AView
InghamSfGrenadier Guards 3View
InghamSBethunes Mounted InfantryView
IngleHLincolnshire 2View
IngleRsoBethunes Mounted InfantryView
InglemanSKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
InglisLjsRoyal Canadian DragoonsView
InglisAwScottish Horse 2View
InglisAImperial Yeomanry View
InglisRScottish Borderers 1View
InglisAArgyll & Sutherland Hldrs 1View
IngmanESouth Lancashire 1View
IngoldsbyTImperial Military RailwaysView
IngramGHighland Light Infantry 1View
IngramWhLord Strathconas HorseView
IngramHcRoberts HorseView
IngramWColdstream Guards View
IngramAhImperial Hospital CorpsView
IngramCjgRoyal Dragoons 1View
IngramHHussars 19View
IngreyWDurham Light Infantry View
InksonHgArmy Service Corps 23View
InmanPeNatal Mounted RiflesView
InmanJRoyal Field Artillery 5View
InnesRSeaforth Highlanders 2View
InnesRaRoyal Dragoons 1View
InningJhQueensland Imp Bushmen 5View
InnisWLancers View
InskeepANorth Staffordshire 4View
InsteadFRoyal Garrison 3View
InstonASouth African Constabulary BView
InstoneFImperial Yeomanry View
InwardsRGrenadier Guards 3View
IonWwSt Johns AmbulanceView
IrelandJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
IrelandJWiltshire 3View
IretonGwImperial Yeomanry View
IronsideEBechuanaland RiflesView
IronsideJwNorthumberland Fusiliers 4View
IrvineGScots Guards 1View
IrvineJRoyal Engineers 29View
IrvineJDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
IrvineDwImperial Yeomanry 9View
IrvineJRimingtons GuidesView
IrvineRRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
IrvineJogSeaforth Highlanders 2View
IrvineWDragoon Guards 1View
IrvineGhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
IrvineDRoyal Scots FusiliersView
IrvineJDragoon Guards 3View
IrvingTjScottish Horse 1View
IrvingWSouth African Constabulary BView
IrwinRRoyal Canadian 2View
IrwinAKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
IrwinJhBritish South Africa PoliceView
IrwinWGrenadier Guards View
IrwinDSouth Lancashire 1View
IrwinWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1View
IsaacRDerbyshire View
IsaacCRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
IsaacsSlWelsh 1View
IsaacsRArmy Service CorpsView
IsaacsRCape Police SpecialView
IsaacsonCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
IsherwoodRImperial Yeomanry 8View
IshmailPManchester 5View
IslesHRoyal West Surrey View
Isley AImperial YeomanryView
IsonWBerkshire 2View
IvensTSouth Wales Borderers 4View
IvesGeLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
IvesGNorfolk 2View
IveyACape Medical Staff CorpsView
IzzardHRoyal Marine Light InfantryView
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