Boer War Casualties Records Search : N
Surname Names Regiment View
NadenGaKings Royal Rifles View
NadenJNorthumberland Fusiliers 1View
NadtnWManchester View
NaggerARoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
NaggingtonJYorkshire View
NagleMRoyal Irish View
NairneAHampshire View
NaishCGloucestershire View
NaitbyMDurham Light Infantry View
NallyTDerbyshire View
NamesJKings Royal Rifles View
NanceWHussars View
NankinWRoyal Fusiliers 2View
NannJScottish Rifles View
NansenAlArmy Service Corps View
NapierBImperial Yeomanry View
NapierASouth African Constabulary AView
NapierFjSouth African Light HorseView
NapperJImperial Light InfantryView
NashJMiddlesex View
NashJaMiddlesex View
NashSScottish Rifles View
NashFImperial YeomanryView
NashLRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
NashARoyal West Surrey View
NashWjArmy Service Corps View
NashEjConnaught Rangers View
NashGhDragoon Guards View
NashHImperial Light Horse View
NashTwMiddlesex View
NashGpsMiddlesex View
NashJfNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NasonWKings Royal Rifles View
NathanFbImperial YeomanryView
NationThImperial Yeomanry View
NationPNew Zealand View
NaughtonKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
NaughtonTSouth Lancashire View
NaughtonJConnaught Rangers View
NavanMNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NaylorHImperial Yeomanry View
NaylorWhImperial YeomanryView
NaylorJRoberts HorseView
NaylorJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
NeadsWRoyal Field Artillery View
NealJDragoons View
NealEcImperial Yeomanry View
NealRoyal Scots View
NealTManchester View
NealJgScottish Rifles View
NealASouth African Constabulary View
NealJDorsetshire View
NealGYork & Lancaster View
NealeGLeicestershire View
NealeEgNorfolk View
NealeARoyal Fusiliers View
NealeCtgArmy Service Corps View
NealeDejRoyal Warwickshire View
NealeTRifle Brigade View
NealeCArmy Service CorpsView
NearyJfNew South Wales Mtd Rifles View
NeaveJSouth African Light HorseView
NeaveAcNew Zealand View
NeelsWRoyal EngineersView
NegusEpUitenhage Volunteer RiflesView
NeiassJeGordon Highlanders View
NeighbourJhColdstream Guards View
NeilCRoyal Garrison View
NeilUDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
NeilJSouth staffordshire View
NeilWScottish Rifles View
NeildWManchester View
NeildJRoyal Canadian Field ArtilleryView
NeillOdDriscolls ScoutsView
NeillPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
NeillCesRoyal Engineers View
NeillHwRoyal Horse GuardsView
NeillNjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
NeillJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
NeilsonLaRoyal Engineers Field Troop View
NeilsonWRoyal Highlanders View
NeilsonJfScottish HorseView
NeilsonWSouth Lancashire View
NeilsonJSouth Lancashire View
NeilsonJColdstream Guards View
NeilsonHHussars View
NeilsonENorthumberland Fusiliers View
NeishGjKitcheners HorseView
NelFHeidelberg VolunteersView
NelWaMarshalls HorseView
NelMMidland Mounted RiflesView
NelisJRoyal Irish Rifles View
NellClImperial Yeomanry View
NellJImperial Military RailwaysView
NellesJhCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
NelmesJGloucestershire View
NelsonNo4Dragoon Guards View
NelsonGRailway PioneerView
NelsonAwArmy Intelligence DeptView
NelsonJRoyal Engineers View
NelsonWjSouth African Constabulary EView
NelsonPNew Zealand View
NelsonJRand RiflesView
NelsonAcNatal PoliceView
NelsonSNorfolk View
NelsonMSouth African Light HorseView
NelthorpeCImperial Yeomanry View
NesbittGRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
NesbittTjLiverpool View
NesbittWgBorder HorseView
NesbittTRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
NeshamTpwRoyal Field Artillery View
Nesom0Imperial Yeomanry View
NestlingWDerbyshire View
NetelepFRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
NethercoteGfKitcheners HorseView
NethersoleJEast Kent View
NettleshipGwrImperial Light HorseView
NettletonHhKings Royal Rifles View
NevenJLeinster View
NeverfearJRoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
NevilleHNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NevilleHCape Mounted RiflesView
NevilleHKings Royal Rifles View
NevilleERoyal West Surrey View
NevisonTRoyal Field Artillery View
NevisonCLoyal North Lancashire View
NewAcRoyal West Surrey View
NewFaColdstream Guards View
NewWArmy Ordnance CorpsView
NewFEast Surrey View
NewFImperial Yeomanry View
NewallAdWorcestershire View
NewberryWCameron Highlanders View
NewberrySeDevonshire View
NewberryJRoyal Field Artillery View
NewberyJDragoons View
NewbigginJGordon Highlanders View
NewbouldErKings Royal Rifles View
NewburyBaDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
NewburyJrKings Royal Rifles View
NewbyJrKings Royal Rifles View
NewcombeGDerbyshire View
NewcombeSDragoon Guards View
NewcombeWDevonshire View
NewcomenRjNorthamptonshire View
NewdigateFhCape Medical Staff CorpsView
NewellJSouth Staffordshire View
NewellJArmy Service Corps View
NewellWEssex View
NewellBRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
NewellWRoyal Field Artillery View
NewellTShropshire Light Infantry View
NeweyFjImperial Yeomanry View
NewhamFaGloucestershire View
NewlandWNew South Wales Imperial Bushmen View
NewlandsHVictoria Mtd Rifles 5View
NewlingFmCape Town HighlandersView
NewmanGSouth Wales Borderers View
NewmanWjLancers View
NewmanWLife Guards View
NewmanCYorkshire View
NewmanTBedfordshire View
NewmanAeSouth African Constabulary EView
NewmanWeBritish South Africa Police View
NewmanGNatal Volunteer Ambulance CorpsView
NewmanWcRifle Brigade View
NewmanAcArmy Service CorpsView
NewmanAScots Guards View
NewmanFhRoyal Horse Artillery MView
NewmanFGloucestershire View
NewmanGWest Riding View
Newman HEssex View
NewnesWShropshire Light Infantry View
NewnhamTgtRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
NewnhamPfThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
NewportWWiltshire View
NewshamJwDorsetshire View
NewshamJNew Zealand View
NewsomJEast Lancashire View
NewsomeFWest Yorkshire View
NewsonRSuffolk 1View
NewsteadWBerkshire View
NewsteadTfCheshire View
NewsteadTNorfolk View
NewtonGDragoon Guards View
NewtonWLeinster View
NewtonGDerbyshire View
NewtonANorfolk View
NewtonSjDerbyshire View
NewtonAEssex View
NewtonWrImperial Yeomanry View
NewtonSNorth Staffordshire View
NewtonRtRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
NewtonFgsYorkshire 1View
NewtonJnArmy Service Corps View
NewtonFaImperial Military RailwaysView
NewtonFaJohannesburg Mounted RiflesView
NewtonCWorcestershire View
NewtonJNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NewtonJManchester View
NewtonJwWest Yorkshire View
NewtonHYorkshire View
NibbsAWiltshire View
NicholDHussars View
NicholWtNorthumberland Fusiliers XView
NicholWWest Riding View
NicholRoyal Field Artillery UnatView
NicholasCwBritish South Africa PoliceView
NicholasNScottish Highlander Borderers View
NicholasEHussars View
NicholasJGrenadier Guards View
NicholasEsDistrict Mounted RiflesView
NicholasAwSouth Australia Imp Bushmen View
NichollWBedfordshire View
NichollJGordon Highlanders View
NichollsWPietersburg Light HorseView
NichollsLancers View
NichollsWLancers View
NichollsHGrenadier Guards View
NichollsHNorfolk View
NichollsWWorcestershire View
NichollsGRifle Brigade View
NichollsWhRoyal Field Artillery View
NichollsTDorsetshire View
NichollsSgDragoon Guards View
NichollsWRoyal Warwickshire View
NichollsWmGloucestershire View
NichollsRwHussars View
NichollsBlKimberley Light HorseView
NichollsALancers View
NichollsWLancers View
NichollsFHussars View
NicholsPigLancers View
NicholsonAImperial YeomanryView
NicholsonHNorthamptonshire View
NicholsonCColdstream Guards View
NicholsonWEast Kent View
NicholsonWImperial Yeomanry View
NicholsonJRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
NicholsonJRailway Pioneer View
NicholsonJPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
NicholsonChRoyal Engineers View
NicholsonASouth Staffordshire View
NicholsonWNew Zealand View
NicholsonCSouth Wales Borderers View
NicholsonFibImperial Yeomanry View
NicholsonSDurham Light Infantry View
NicholsonJGordon Highlanders View
NicholsonJGrenadier Guards View
NicholsonWNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NicholsonWjRoyal LancasterView
NicklinJNorth Staffordshire View
NicolWDragoon Guards View
NicolRgImperial Light HorseView
NicollJGordon Highlanders View
NicollWKings Royal Rifles View
NicolsonHhRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
NicolsonWSeaforth Highlanders View
NielHglBerkshire View
NieumeyerLOrange River Colony PoliceView
NightingaleJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
NightingaleWRoyal LancasterView
NightingaleHmImperial Yeomanry View
NightingalePwRoyal Sussex View
NilsenPBorder Mounted RiflesView
NilsonNSteinaeckers HorseView
NilsonJffQueensland Imp Bushmen View
NimmoGOxfordshire Light Infantry View
NisbetPRoyal Garrison View
NishRSouth African Constabulary EView
NivenJHighland Light Infantry View
NivenFDamants HorseView
NixcnJLoyal North Lancashire View
NixonWhCape Mounted RiflesView
NixonHImperial Light InfantryView
NixonCfLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
NixonJYorkshire 1View
NixonAcLancers View
NixonWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
NixonJLancashire Fusiliers View
NixonCmwMolteno Colonial Defence ForceView
NixonJwFrenchs ScoutsView
NixonTScottish Rifles View
NixonHSuffolk View
NoadCeLochs HorseView
NoakesEfRoyal Garrison Artillery SdView
NoakesJSouth Staffordshire View
NoalsHRoyal Fusiliers View
NobleWSomersetshire Light Infantry View
NobleCjhhManchester View
NobleJeSouth African Constabulary EView
NobleTDragoons View
NobleAImperial Yeomanry View
NobleRRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
NobleJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
NobleSThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
NobleJgEssex View
NockTWorcestershire View
NodenWhImperial Military RailwaysView
NodenJaRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
NoelBcImperial Light Horse View
NoelEwmnGloucestershire View
NokeJSouth African Light HorseView
NokeWhImperial Yeomanry View
NolanJRoyal Irish Rifles View
NolanJRoyal Field Artillery View
NolanWpLeinster View
NolanHRoyal LancasterView
NolanJKings Royal Rifles View
NolanWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
NolanJSouth African Constabulary EView
NolanTNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NolanJEast YorkshireView
NolanMRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
NolanJRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
NolandPNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NollothADevonshire View
NoonanDDragoon Guards View
NoonanDYork & Lancaster View
NoonanPBerkshire View
NoonanArNew Zealand View
NooneJRoyal Scots FusiliersView
NoonePHussars View
NoonooBScottish HorseView
NorburyARoyal LancasterView
NorburyHRoyal LancasterView
NorkettTGordon Highlanders View
NormanWLancers View
NormanFGloucestershire View
NormanSrImperial Yeomanry View
NormanJLeinster View
NormanARifle Brigade View
NormanNjSuffolk View
NormanWArmy Service Corps View
NormanSLife Guards View
NormanAjDragoon Guards View
NormanMSouth Wales Borderers View
NormanFlSouth African ConstabularyView
NormanGDerbyshire View
NormanTjfImperial Yeomanry View
NormanHwImperial Yeomanry View
NormanWgKings Royal Rifles View
NorrieBaKings Royal Rifles View
NorringtonEnvScottish Rifles View
NorrisASouth Wales Borderers View
NorrisAhWiltshire View
NorrisTfDerbyshire View
NorrisTEssex View
NorrisRSomersetshire Light Infantry View
NorrisBritish South Africa PoliceView
NorrisBJohannesburg PoliceView
NorrisAeRoyal Fusiliers View
NorrisWSuffolk View
NorrisWGrenadier Guards View
NorrisJArmy Service Corps View
NorrisFLord Strathconas HorseView
NorrisPSouth Wales Borderers View
NorthJwSouth Staffordshire View
NorthJcWiltshire View
NorthSLeicestershire View
NorthLaManchester View
NorthFMiddlesex View
NorthECameron Highlanders View
NorthcombeHwEssex View
NorthcottERoyal Engzneers View
NorthcottHpLeinster View
NorthcottERifle Brigade View
Northey0Army Service Corps View
NorthieSNew Zealand View
NorthwayRjCanadian ScoutsView
NortonCBedfordshire View
Norton CwVictoria Bushmen View
NorwoodPlCape Mounted RiflesView
NorwoodWbRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
NosesADurham Light Infantry View
NosesWwSouth African Constabulary BView
NoseyJRoyal Welsh Fusiliers 1View
NottRbvArmy Service Corps View
NottEEssex View
NourseFcArmy Intelligence DeptView
NoutchJNorthumberland Fusiliers View
NowellFRoyal West KentView
NowlanAImperial Yeomanry View
NoyFeRifle Brigade View
NugentERoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
NugentJImperial Yeomanry View
NugentARoyal Field Artillery View
NunanWImperial Yeomanry View
NunnJManchester View
NunnJBedfordshire View
NunnADevonshire View
NunnJwRoyal Field Artillery View
NunnFEssex View
NuthWRoyal West Surrey View
NuttFwdSterkstroom Town GuardView
NuttingHHussars View
NuttonWYorkshire Light Infantry View
NyeHiaiKings Royal Rifles View
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