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Surname Names Regiment View
UbsdellFwPretoria PoliceView
UdellEBethunes Mounted InfantryView
UffinTpRoyal Warwickshire View
UhlmannWBorder Mounted RiflesView
UlphHjRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
UmphelbyCeRoyal Australian ArtilleryView
UnderdownWHussars View
UnderhayTDistrict Mounted TroopsView
UnderhillWHussars View
UnderwoodDRoyal Dragoons View
UnderwoodJWorcestershire View
UnderwoodWDerbyshire View
UnderwoodAgNorfolk View
UnderwoodAWelsh View
UnderwoodCNorthumberland Fusiliers View
UnderwoodHRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
UnderwoodAEssex View
UnderwoodEGrenadier Guards View
UnderwoodTImperial Yeomanry View
UnderwoodHLancers View
UnderwoodEnLancers View
UnderwoodERoyal Welsh FusiliersView
UnsworthTDurham Light Infantry View
UnsworthSManchester View
UnwinRipSomersetshire Light Infantry View
UnwinRImperial Yeomanry View
UnwinHgImperial Yeomanry View
UpchurchTCape Medical Staff CorpsView
UpexGNorthamptonshire View
UptonNbBritish South Africa PoliceView
UptonGDragoon Guards View
UptonRlLancers View
UptonCRoyal Engineers View
UptonNRoyal Field Artillery AmpkView
UptonHaCheshire View
UptonRhbNew Zealand View
UptonCImperial Light Horse View
UrchAImperial Yeomanry View
UrchJrArmy Service Corps View
UreTScottish Horse View
UreyJImperial Yeomanry View
UrmstonFwImperial Yeomanry View
UrouhartCImperial Hospital CorpsView
UrouhartJGordon Highlanders View
UrryGHampshire View
UrwickHsImperial Yeomanry View
UsherARoyal Field Artillery View
UsherPRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
UssherTOrpens HorseView
UssherEDragoons View
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