Boer War Casualties Records Search : W
Surname Names Regiment View
WacherFgImperial Yeomanry View
WaddellJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WaddellWRoyal Horse Artillery PompomView
WaddellJNew South Wales City BushmenView
WaddellHwNew South Wales City BushmenView
Waddell-DudleyBbNorth Staffordshire View
WaddinghamWRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WaddingtonHImperial Yeomanry View
WadeHRoyal Field Artillery View
WadeFbNatal CarbineersView
WadeTjOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WadeDRifle Brigade View
WadeJRoyal Field Artillery View
WadeHRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WadeCiehSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WadeWjRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WadeApchRoyal LancasterView
WadeyELeinster View
WadeyJcRoyal Sussex View
WadhamFDragoon Guards View
WadleyWiTasmania Imp Bushmen View
WadlingJwcBerkshire View
WadlowEHussars View
WadsworthJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WaghornCvRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WaglandGSouth African Constabulary EView
WagnerHfBritish South Africa PoliceView
WagstaffTsNorthamptonshire View
WainAImperial Yeomanry View
WainJLancers View
WainJArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WainRArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WainwrightJwLancashire Fusiliers View
WaiteGhDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
WaiteGHampshire View
WaiteJYork & Lancaster View
WaiteHjGloucestershire View
WaiteJLiverpool View
WaiteNjHussars View
WaitersJRoyal Scots View
WaitersEhArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WaitesEHussars View
WaithmanWCape Garrison ArtilleryView
WakeADragoon Guards View
WakefieldGGrenadier Guards View
WakefieldFImperial Yeomanry View
WakefieldJImperial Yeomanry View
WakefieldWjNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WakefieldWOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WakefieldENorthumberland Fusiliers View
WakefieldFRoyal Engineers View
WakelinWBorder HorseView
WakesGNorthamptonshire 2View
WakleyVoVictoria Mtd Rifles View
WaldegraveJImperial YeomanryView
WaldenARoyal Fusiliers View
WaldenJSuffolk View
WaldingCGloucestershire View
WaldonGjRoyal LancasterView
WaldronHjRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WaldronSWorcestershire View
WaldronJerRoyal Scots FusiliersView
WaldyRwBedfordshire View
WalesJDragoon Guards View
WalfordJahSouth African ConstabularyView
WalfordHoVictoria Bushmen View
WalfordJImperial Yeomanry View
WalkerGCameron Highlanders View
WalkerNDurban Light InfantryView
WalkerARoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WalkerGRoyal Horse Artillery View
WalkerRoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
WalkerSouth African ConstabularyView
WalkerSteinaeckers HorseView
WalkerAWelsh View
WalkerJWelsh View
WalkerTaCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
WalkerCGordon Highlanders View
WalkerJLancers View
WalkerAgOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WalkerCjrRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WalkerWlmSouth Wales Borderers (Atd)View
WalkerAWorcestershire View
WalkerJManchester View
WalkerHColdstream Guards View
WalkerSDragoon Guards View
WalkerHtDurham Light Infantry View
WalkerJEast Kent View
WalkerJHighland Light Infantry View
WalkerWhHussars View
WalkerGrImperial Yeomanry View
WalkerFImperial Yeomanry View
WalkerTrImperial Yeomanry Hosp StaffView
WalkerJLancashire Fusiliers View
WalkerWaLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
WalkerJNorth Staffordshire View
WalkerWhRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WalkerWtRoyal Field ArtilleryView
WalkerJhRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WalkerWRoyal Highlanders View
WalkerPRoyal Scots View
WalkerStgSouth Staffordshire View
WalkerHfSouth Staffordshire View
WalkerWWest yorkshire View
WalkerAWiltshire View
WalkerRYorkshire View
WalkerFeArmy Service CorpsView
WalkerTwArmy Service Corps View
WalkerGArmy Service Corps View
WalkerAwImperial Hospital CorpsView
WalkerChSouth Lancashire View
WalkerCpRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WalkerFtHussars View
WalkerAHussars View
WalkerJKings Royal Rifles View
WalkerGLiverpool View
WalkerWOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WalkerSQueensland Mtd Infantry View
WalkerCRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WalkerGsRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WalkerBSouth African Constabulary EView
WalkerABerkshire View
WalkerThBerkshire View
WalkerWsCape Town HighlandersView
WalkerWLiverpool View
WalkerJRailway Pioneer View
WalkerTgRhodesian Field ForceView
WalkerEWest Riding View
WalkerAjRoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
WalkerJhLeicestershire View
WalkerGfRoyal LancasterView
WalkerEImperial Yeomanry View
WalkerJcaDragoon Guards View
WalkerFGloucestershire View
WalkerJGordon Highlanders View
WalkerJtImperial Yeomanry View
WalkerTImperial Yeomanry View
WalkerWlJohannesburg Mounted PoliceView
WalkerJeNew South Wales City BushmenView
WalkerFScottish Horse View
WalkerCemSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WalkerWeSouth African Constabulary AView
WalkerJSouth Lancashire View
WalkerTSouth Staffordshire View
WalkleyEWiltshire View
WallJSouth Wales Borderers View
WallGMidland Mounted RiflesView
WallTCape Garrison ArtilleryView
WallJ(TDurham Light Infantry View
WallWhNorth Staffordshire View
WallMRoyal Irish View
WallAeRoyal Irish Rifles View
WallCShropshire Light Infantry View
WallHSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WallWRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WallEWelsh View
WallaceEhImperial Light HorseView
WallaceJLancers View
WallaceJScottish Horse View
WallaceHRifle Brigade View
WallaceSRoyal Scots View
WallaceGbSouth African Constabulary AView
WallaceDWest Riding View
WallaceWBedfordshire View
WallaceHRifle Brigade View
WallaceARifle Brigade View
WallaceAwYorkshire Light Infantry View
WallaceArLoyal North Lancashire View
WallaceFJagersfontein Town GuardView
WallaceCNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WallaceJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WallaceHSuffolk View
WallaceJhYorkshire Light Infantry View
WalladgeFLancers View
WallerEsImperial Yeomanry View
WallerWLancers View
WallerJDurban Light InfantryView
WallisCepRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WallisHBritish South Africa PoliceView
WallisJGrenadier Guards View
WallisGLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
WallisFArmy Service CorpsView
WallisAKings Royal Rifles View
WallisJrRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WallisWEssex View
WallisGNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WallisAfWest riding View
WalmsleyHSouth Lancashire View
WalpoleHDragoon Guards View
WalpoleEImperial Yeomanry View
WalpoleAhArmy Ordnance CorpsView
WalshFImperial Hospital CorpsView
WalshPRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WalshAetCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
WalshJDevonshire View
WalshTCheshire View
WalshDHussars View
WalshHsNew South Wales Mtd Rifles View
WalshJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WalshPjRoyal Irish View
WalshCRoyal Sussex View
WalshWgWest Riding View
WalshWDragoon Guards View
WalshMjConnaught Rangers View
WalshJeKings Royal Rifles View
WalshELancashire Fusiliers View
WalshELeicestershire View
WalshLdNatal Volunteer CompositeView
WalshLNew Zealand View
WalshTRoyal LancasterView
WalshFlSouth African Light HorseView
WalshMLancashire Fusiliers View
WalshWRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WalshJDragoon Guards View
WalshBRoyal Irish View
WalshJSouth Wales Borderers View
WalshWCameron Highlanders View
WalshJConnaught Rangers View
WalshTLancashire Fusiliers View
WalshTLancashire Fusiliers View
WalshRLancers View
WalshJManchester View
WalshSRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WalshJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WalshTsRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WalshERoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WalshERoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WalshCgRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WalshPjRoyal Irish Rifles View
WalshJRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
WalshCjhWiltshire View
WalshamCEssex View
WalsheEKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WalsherMSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WalshlagerEhImperial Light Horse View
WalsterSLeicestershire View
WalterMRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WalterWNorthamptonshire View
WalterCScottish Rifles View
WalterCrdSouth Australia ImperialView
WalterChTasmania Imp Bushmen View
WaltersJSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WaltersWhDragoon Guards View
WaltersImperial Yeomanry View
WaltersTImperial Yeomanry View
WaltersWpNew Zealand View
WaltersJArmy Service Corps View
WaltersRSouth Wales Borderers View
WaltersWSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WaltersCDerbyshire View
WaltersHDragoon Guards View
WaltersFRoyal Dragoons View
WaltonKhBritish South Africa PoliceView
WaltonCjDragoon Guards View
WaltonGiGloucestershire View
WaltonFwManchester View
WaltonJNorth Staffordshire View
WaltonWRoyal Scots FusiliersView
WaltonBRoyal Engineers Tel Div View
WaltonJRoyal Highlanders View
WaltonSRoyal Scots View
WaltonJnNew South Wales City BushmenView
WaltonHColdstream Guards View
WaltonLaRoyal LancasterView
WaltonERoyal Dragoons View
WaltonJSouth African Constabulary EView
WaltonJScottish Horse View
WaltonShColdstream Guards View
WaltonAhjRoberts HorseView
WalworthJRoberts HorseView
WandFEssex View
WanhillEsRoyal Field Artillery View
WanklenWDragoon Guards View
WanklinAjKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WanklingWRoyal Warwickshire View
WanlessALancashire Fusiliers View
WanostrochtCRoyal Engineers View
WarburtonJeTasmania Imp Bushmen View
WarburtonTfEast Lancashire View
WarburtonHLancers View
WarburtonERoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WardAColdstream Guards View
WardRdDragoon Guards View
WardTDragoon Guards View
WardFsDragoon Guards View
WardEHussars View
WardJNorfolk View
WardFRoyal Irish View
WardWwSouth African ConstabularyView
WardJYorkshire Light Infantry View
WardCEssex View
WardFeImperial Yeomanry View
WardHImperial Yeomanry View
WardGwKitcheners HorseView
WardCLancers View
WardWOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WardTRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WardEWest Riding View
WardWYorkshire Light Infantry View
WardWjArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WardJRoyal LancasterView
WardSDerbyshire View
WardGjjDevonshire View
WardCDragoon Guards View
WardCEssex View
WardWImperial Yeomanry View
WardJLoyal North Lancashire View
WardPowManchester View
WardGNorthamptonshire View
WardHOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WardHRifle Brigade View
WardCgSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WardJSuffolk View
WardJaYorkshire View
WardHBedfordshire View
WardABedfordshire View
WardJBedfordshire View
WardEArmy Service Corps View
WardWRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WardWEssex View
WardFHussars View
WardOwImperial Yeomanry View
WardCkNew Zealand View
WardJNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WardJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WardPRoyal West Surrey View
WardGShropshire Light Infantry View
WardCoSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WardAcSouth African Constabulary View
WardPSouth African constabulary BView
WardGWorcestershire View
WardWCape Police DistrictView
WardJDragoons View
WardWEast Lancashire View
WardHhImperial Yeomanry View
WardAdImperial Yeomanry View
WardVLancers View
WardTRoyal Highlanders View
WardMmWest Yorkshire View
WardOsYork & Lancaster View
WardEnvYorkshire View
WardWYorkshire View
WardAArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WardJSouth Lancashire View
WardenWbImperial Light InfantryView
WardenGhDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
WardenWYork & Lancaster View
WarderCNorfolk View
WardhaughRImperial Yeomanry View
WardlawEpDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WardleGeColdstream Guards View
WardleFRoyal LancasterView
WardleESouth Lancashire View
WardleJBerkshire View
WardleFGrenadier Guards View
WardleyREast Lancashire View
WardropWHighland Light Infantry View
WarePjUtrecht-Vryheid Mounted PoliceView
WareWImperial Yeomanry View
WareADragoon Guards View
WareGwImperial Yeomanry View
WareHajNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WareARoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WareWRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
WareEGrenadier Guards View
WareWtRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WarehamTDragoon Guards View
WarehamJColdstream Guards View
WaringGRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WaringWRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WaringKitcheners HorseView
WarkeIRoyal Garrison View
WarmingtonJNorth Staffordshire View
WarnHImperial Yeomanry View
WarneFjThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
WarneEjTransvaal PoliceView
WarneTGloucestershire View
WarneAcDorsetshire View
WarneWHussars View
WarnerArhGloucestershire View
WarnerAImperial YeomanryView
WarnerWgBritish South Africa PoliceView
WarnerJNorthamptonshire View
WarnerJOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WarnerARifle Brigade View
WarnerFLeicestershire View
WarnerCOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WarnerHtLancers View
WarnerJRoyal Warwickshire View
WarnerJwSouth African Constabulary EView
WarnerFaThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
WarnockJf?Derbyshire View
WarrAHussars View
WarrWsImperial Yeomanry View
WarrHCape Mounted RiflesView
WarrenAgDorsetshire View
WarrenAManchester View
WarrenTArmy Service Corps View
WarrenAgCape Police DistrictView
WarrenChImperial Yeomanry View
WarrenFRifle Brigade View
WarrenHSouth Lancashire View
WarrenRDragoon GuardsView
WarrenPLeinster View
WarrenAgSouth African Constabulary CView
WarrenWjyKings Royal Rifles View
WarrenGwLeicestershire View
WarrenGRoyal Dragoons View
WarrenLSouth African Constabulary EView
WarrenGHussars View
WarrenWImperial Yeomanry View
WarrenBwNatal CarbineersView
WarrenJQueenstown Rifle Volunteers'View
WarrenWSeaforth Highlanders View
WarrenRSouth African Light HorseView
WarrenerWYorkshire Light Infantry View
WarrenerGRifle Brigade View
WarrenerJoWiltshire View
WarringhamCArmy Intelligence DeptView
WarsopJtLeicestershire View
WarusJGrenadier Guards View
WarwickHRoyal Field Artillery View
WarwickWScottish Borderers View
WarwickMKings Royal Rifles View
WarwickWaRoyal Horse Artillery View
WarwickerHeEast Surrey View
WasdellFRoyal Canadian View
WashbrookWDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WashbrookDNorth Staffordshire View
WasherJDriscolls ScoutsView
WassHwDurham Light Infantry View
WassellERoyal West Surrey View
WassermanASouth African Constabulary AView
WaterhouseJLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
WaterhouseADerbyshire View
WatermanLDorsetshire View
WatermanJsRoyal Highlanders View
WatersEHussars View
WatersTgRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WatersTRoyal West Surrey View
WatersEsSouth African ConstabularyView
WatersJEast Kent View
WatersWaRoyal Sussex View
WaterworthGWest Riding View
WaterworthASouth Lancashire View
WatherWhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WatkinCnSouth African Constabulary BView
WatkinsBJohannesburg Fort Police AView
WatkinsRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WatkinsMGrenadier Guards View
WatkinsJhImperial Yeomanry View
WatkinsTScots Guards View
WatkinsJScotts Railway GuardsView
WatkinsRWelsh View
WatkinsFeWiltshire View
WatkinsHRoyal Fusiliers View
WatkinsSRoyal Scots View
WatkinsGjScots Guards View
WatkinsTSouth Wales Borderers View
WatkinsHArmy Ordnance Corps View
WatkinsERoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WatkinsWRoyal Scots View
WatkinsGShropshire Light Infantry View
WatkinsEWorcestershire View
WatkinsonTYorkshire View
WatkinsonJLeicestershire View
WatkinsonHScots Guards View
WatlingWhSuffolk View
WatlingTArmy Service Corps View
WatlingJOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WatmoreFDragoons View
WatmuffFGrenadier Guards View
WatneyJsImperial Yeomanry View
WatsonJaCeres ScoutsView
WatsonWRoyal West Surrey View
WatsonArmy Service CorpsView
WatsonHBorder View
WatsonGjImperial Yeomanry View
WatsonHafLancashire Fusiliers View
WatsonSwRoyal Horse Artillery JView
WatsonPRailway Pioneer View
WatsonEArmy Ordnance CorpsView
WatsonTBorder View
WatsonWDurham Light Infantry View
WatsonRDurham Light Infantry View
WatsonAmwEast Kent View
WatsonJHighland Light Infantry View
WatsonHHussars View
WatsonBImperial Yeomanry View
WatsonALeicestershire View
WatsonJLincolnshire View
WatsonPManchester View
WatsonRMiddlesex View
WatsonWRoyal EngineersView
WatsonSaRoyal Scots View
WatsonJScottish Borderers View
WatsonAwSuffolk View
WatsonAArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WatsonAaArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
WatsonJgArmy Service Corps View
WatsonJtLancers View
WatsonRjRifle Brigade View
WatsonWHussars View
WatsonGkImperial Yeomanry View
WatsonALancers View
WatsonRLiverpool View
WatsonMScottish Rifles View
WatsonRaVictoria Mtd Rifles View
WatsonSArmy Post Office CorpsView
WatsonWRand RiflesView
WatsonGaImperial YeomanryView
WatsonJHussars View
WatsonAWorcestershire View
WatsonHHampshire View
WatsonRColdstream Guards View
WatsonADragoon Guards View
WatsonHaiRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WatsonJcRoyal Field Artillery View
WatsonASeaforth Highlanders View
WatsonWSomerset East Dist Mtd TroopsView
WatsonJoSouth African Constabulary View
WatsonArhSouth Staffordshire View
WatsonAjSuffolk View
WatsonJYorkshire 1View
WatsonSBethunes Mounted InfantryView
Watson EGrenadier Guards Imperial Yeomanry Royal Army Medical CorpsView
WattJEastsurrey View
WattDRoyal Highlanders View
WattJGordon Highlanders View
WattWlScottish Horse View
WattGmImperial Yeomanry View
WattJSouth African Constabulary CView
WattNScottish Rifles View
WattMHussars View
WattAaImperial Yeomanry View
WattWGordon Highlanders View
WattRScottish Borderers View
WattsSfLancers View
WattsARoyal sussex View
WattsASomersetshire Light Infantry View
WattsJEast Kent View
WattsFNorfolk View
WattsEDragoon Guards View
WattsJEast Lancashire View
WattsFHussars View
WattsTImperial YeomanryView
WattsCSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WattsJSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WattsHWest Riding View
WattsAhArmy Service Corps View
WattsEBerkshire View
WattsFwjDevonshire View
WattsJDragoon Guards View
WattsGWelsh View
WauchopeAgRoyal Highlanders View
WaudbyWhLeinster View
WaughJImperial Yeomanry View
WaughJHussars View
WaughHNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WayWrRoyal Garrison Artillery SdView
WayRDorsetshire View
WayFGrenadier Guards View
WayAwImperial Yeomanry View
WayAlhNew Zealand View
WayAsDurham Light Infantry View
WaymanWKings Royal Rifles View
WaytWSouth Wales Borderers View
WayteGImperial Yeomanry View
WeakleyFcRoyal Engineers VolView
WearJHussars View
WeatherallJHighland Light Infantry View
WeatherallJRifle Brigade View
WeatherbedSColdstream Guards View
WeatherdonWWest Riding View
WeatherheadHImperial Yeomanry View
WeatherheadTsWest Riding View
WeatherleyJMontmorencys ScoutsView
WeatherlyWDerbyshire View
WeaverTCheshire View
WeaverWDorsetshire View
WeaverWRoyal Field Artillery View
WeaverJRoyal Garrison Artillery SdView
WeaverT-VfjRoyal Warwickshire View
WeaverGRoyal Warwickshire View
WeaverEhBerkshire View
WeaverOjCanadian Mounted Rifles View
WebbFDragoon Guards View
WebbHwLancers View
WebbGRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WebbGtwRoyal ArtilleryView
WebbScCape Police DistrictView
WebbEjDragoon Guards View
WebbJRifle Brigade View
WebbGRoyal Fusiliers View
WebbRScots Guards View
WebbTSuffolk View
WebbCKings Royal Rifles View
WebbADragoon Guards View
WebbFhaImperial YeomanryView
WebbEImperial Yeomanry View
WebbGwImperial Yeomanry View
WebbGLeinster View
WebbBeMarshalls HorseView
WebbBArmy Ordnance CorpsView
WebbDjArmy Service Corps View
WebbGArmy Service Corps View
WebbCEast Kent View
WebbHHussars View
WebbWaBritish South Africa Police View
WebbAEast Kent View
WebbWhRoyal Field Artillery View
WebbGtwSteinaeckers HorseView
WebbRRoyal Fusiliers View
WebbHYorkshire View
WebbFDerbyshire View
WebbAEast Kent View
WebbTGloucestershire View
WebbJHampshire View
WebbHHussars View
WebbJImperial Yeomanry View
WebbEOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WebbWRoyal Sussex View
WebbYorkshire View
WebbAGloucestershire View
WebberJeSouth African ConstabularyView
WebberGhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WebberFSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WebberHcLancers View
WebberWRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WebberReDevonshire View
WebberEDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WebberBjPimingtons GuidesView
WeberGhImperial Military RailwaysView
WebsterAKitcheners HorseView
WebsterWMafeking Town GuardView
WebsterLbRoyal LancasterView
WebsterWejDragoons View
WebsterGLincolnshire View
WebsterHgMarshalls HorseView
WebsterAeRoyal Field Artillery View
WebsterJWorcestershire View
WebsterGYorkshire View
WebsterAmArmy Nursing ServiceView
WebsterJRifle Brigade View
WebsterAfSouth Lancashire 1View
WebsterGDerbyshire View
WebsterGvgfcBethunes Mounted InfantryView
WebsterSHussars View
WebsterJwRoyal LancasterView
WebsterFRoberts HorseView
WebsterSRoyal Scots View
WeddLdRoyal West Surrey View
WedderburnTScottish Borderers View
WedgeASouth Staffordshire View
WeedonWEast YorkshireView
WeedonWhImperial Military RailwaysView
WeekleyJEast Yorkshire View
WeeksEHampshire View
WeeksARoyal Horse GuardsView
WeeksJSomerset East Town GuardView
WeeksRNew South Wales Mtd Rifles View
WeeksHRifle Brigade View
WeightSArmy Service CorpsView
WeihahnCBritish South Africa Police View
WeirJHussars View
WeirGRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WeirSEast Surrey View
WeirPRoyal Garrison Artillery SdView
WeirJBrabants Horse View
WeissnerWWorcestershire View
WeitlisbachARoyal LancasterView
WelbornHcKings Royal Rifles View
WelchHManchester View
WelchNcHampshire View
WelchWScottish Horse View
WelchCgColdstream Guards View
WelchJKings Royal Rifles View
WelchAWorcestershire View
WelchRDuke Of Edinburgh Own Vol ResView
WelchWRoyal sussex View
WelchRDurban Light InfantryView
WelchKings Royal Rifles View
WelchmanEImperial Yeomanry View
WeldenPmImperial Light InfantryView
WeldonFi-ItLeinster View
WeldonSImperial Yeomanry View
WeldonGaRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WelhamCRoyal LancasterView
WelhamAEssex View
WelhamWEssex View
WellbyMsHussars View
Wellen HaDragoon GuardsView
WellsFRoyal Field ArtilleryView
WellsDRoyal Field Artillery View
WellsLRoyal Navy Hms DorisView
WellsREast Kent View
WellsHaRoyal Sussex View
WellsFDevonshire View
WellsHfEast Kent View
WellsWRoyal West Surrey View
WellsJhRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WellsJScots Guards View
WellsWWelsh View
WellsCc-HImperial Yeomanry Dragoon Guards Hussars View
WellsHImperial Yeomanry View
WellsJRoyal Warwickshire View
WellsteadHeImperial Light HorseView
WellsteadSDragoon Guards View
WellstedCDragoons View
WelsbyFhLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
WelsbyJLiverpool View
WelsfordJLancashire Fusiliers View
WelsfordJRoyal West Surrey View
WelshJRoyal Highlanders View
WelshJEssex View
WelshFGordon Highlanders View
WelshIManchester 1View
WelshJScottish Horse View
WelshAGordon Highlanders View
WelshHMarshalls HorseView
WelshScottish Rifles View
WelshJSouth African Light HorseView
WelsteadADorsetshire View
WeltonPImperial Bearer CorpsView
WenmouthJRoyal Engineers View
WentworthHaEssex View
WernWhImperial Yeomanry View
WesleyJwLeicestershire View
WesleyRRailway Pioneer View
WestGLancers View
WestACanadian Mounted Rifles View
WestHtgGloucestershire View
WestVjrRoyal Sussex View
WestEtRoyal Engineers View
WestCwRoyal Navy Hms ForteView
WestCShropshire Light Infantry View
WestWBedfordshire View
WestMjArmy Nursing Service ReserveView
WestJConnaught Rangers View
WestFgImperial Yeomanry View
WestTjImperial YeomanryView
WestEHussars View
WestWaImperial Yeomanry View
WestWLord Strathconas HorseView
WestJNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WestAhRoyal Field Artillery View
WestAvBerkshire View
WestallJColdstream Guards View
WestallJEast Lancashire View
WestallHPrince Alfreds GuardView
WestbrookEjBedfordshire View
WestburyGNew South Wales Imperial Bushmen View
WestcombeAImperial Yeomanry View
WestcottWRoyal Engineers View
WestcottSSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WestcottCcFrontier Light HorseView
WestcottGWest Australia Mtd Infantry View
WestermanHLincolnshire View
WestgateHLancers View
WestgateWNorfolk View
WestgateARoyal Sussex View
WestgateAKings Royal Rifles View
WesthallEhSouth African ConstabularyView
WestheadJLancashire Fusiliers View
WestlakeGmHussars View
WestlakeWDevonshire View
WestleyGwImperial Yeomanry View
WestleyCRoyal Engineers MilitiaView
WestonGHampshire View
WestonJImperial Bearer CorpsView
WestonImperial Military RailwaysView
WestonBImperial Yeomanry View
WestonFImperial Yeomanry View
WestonCRoyal Warwickshire View
WestonADevonshire View
WestonLLeicestershire View
WestonAEssex View
WestonCjgLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
WestonAcGrenadier Guards View
WestonSWest Yorkshire View
WestonGDurham Light Infantry View
WestonFRoyal LancasterView
WestonAeRoyal Sussex View
WestringJRoyal Fusiliers View
West-SymesEbSt Johns AmbulanceView
WestwoodERoyal Engineers View
WestwoodJDerbyshire View
WestwoodJCheshire View
WestwoodJwSouth Staffordshire View
WestwoodTWorcestershire View
WestwoodCLeicestershire View
WetmoreHaCanadian ArtificerView
WevillMLochs HorseView
WeygoodJSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WeymanWRoyal Engineers View
WhaleCImperial Yeomanry View
WhaleAOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WhaleboneJEastsurrey View
WhalenMRoyal LancasterView
WhalerRoyal Horse Artillery PView
WhalleyJCape Mounted RiflesView
WhalleyHArmy Service Corps View
WhalleyFSouth Wales Borderers View
WharamTjRoyal West KentView
WharradGhKings Royal Rifles View
WhartonTRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WhartonWRoyal Engineers Pontoon Troop AView
WhatelyWHussars View
WhatleyWGloucestershire View
WhatmanSHussars View
WheatRNorth Staffordshire View
WheatBDerbyshire View
WheatleyFRoyal Field Artillery View
WheatleyJEast Surrey View
WheatleyFHussars View
WheatleyERoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WheatleyWSouth Lancashire View
WheelerDjRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
WheelerFImperial Light HorseView
Wheeler0Worcestershire View
WheelerCDragoon Guards View
WheelerHcImperial Yeomanry View
WheelerGRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WheelerGWorcestershire View
WheelerSaArmy Service Corps View
WheelerAArmy Service Corps View
WheelerFArmy Service Corps View
WheelerCgKings Royal Rifles View
WheelerWWelsh View
WheelerFArmy Service CorpsView
WheelerJHampshire View
WheelerGGloucestershire View
WheelerSImperial Yeomanry View
WheelhouseJLancers View
WheelhouseSfWest Riding 1View
WheewallWDerbyshire View
WhelanPRoyal Field Artillery View
WhelanCeArmy Service CorpsView
WhelanMRoyal Irish View
WhelanJVictoria Mtd Rifles View
WhelanREast Kent View
WhelanTlRoyal Field Artillery View
WhelanTRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WhelanEYorkshire Light Infantry View
WhelanMGrenadier Guards View
WhelanJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WhelehanPLeinster View
WhetterWhNew Zealand View
WhibleyWhArmy Service CorpsView
WhicherWRoyal Engineers View
WhicherSRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WhildAjRoyal Warwickshire View
WhiltonASouth African Constabulary View
WhincupHmLincolnshire View
WhincupWhjYorkshire Light Infantry View
WhinfieldFwNew South Wales Mtd Rifles View
WhippABerkshire View
WhippellWjImperial Yeomanry View
WhishtonWdRoyal Engineers View
WhitakerJaImperial Yeomanry View
WhitakerFsRoberts HorseView
WhitakerTisYorkshire Light Infantry View
WhitakerMsDragoon Guards View
WhitboyAWillowmore Town GuardView
WhitbreadHRifle Brigade View
WhitcroftWwRoyal Horse Artillery GView
WhiteHfReserve Of OfficersView
WhiteJRichmond Town GuardView
WhiteWNamaoualand Border ScoutsView
WhiteCNorthamptonshire View
WhiteWgRoyal Engineers View
WhiteRRoyal Field Artillery View
WhiteJRoyal Garrison View
WhiteGRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
WhiteHSouth African ConstabularyView
WhiteHWest Yorkshire View
WhiteWsGloucestershire View
WhiteEHampshire View
WhiteHwHighland Light Infantry View
WhiteCdbImperial Light HorseView
WhiteJImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteFImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteHLiverpool View
WhiteJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WhiteGRoyal Sussex View
WhiteAjRifle Brigade View
WhiteCArmy Intelligence DeptView
WhiteAeArmy Service CorpsView
WhiteFhBorder View
WhiteFDragoon Guards View
WhiteWeDragoon Guards View
WhiteJDragoons View
WhiteJhDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WhiteGDurham Light Infantry View
WhiteCHampshire View
WhiteJdImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteEwImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteEpImperial YeomanryView
WhiteEwLancers View
WhiteRLeinster View
WhiteJmvMarshalls HorseView
WhiteFNorfolk View
WhiteMeRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WhiteWhRoyal Engineers View
WhiteWaScots Guards View
WhiteFsSouth Australia ImpsView
WhiteRWest Yorkshire View
WhiteWWiltshire View
WhiteHtYorkshire View
WhiteGrArmy Post Office CorpsView
WhiteTKings Royal Rifles View
WhiteFGrenadier Guards View
WhiteJjImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteHKings Royal Rifles View
WhiteAManchester View
WhiteJMarshalls HorseView
WhiteGMiddlesex View
WhiteEaRoyal West KentView
WhiteERoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WhiteJsRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
WhiteCSeaforth Highlanders View
WhiteGlSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WhiteWoBethunes Mounted InfantryView
WhiteWBerkshire View
WhiteFBerkshire View
WhiteJhImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteHWest Australia Bushmen View
WhiteJLancashire Fusiliers View
WhiteHjQueensland Imp Bushmen View
WhiteWHampshire View
WhiteTrHampshire View
WhiteChHampshire View
WhiteJShropshire Light Infantry View
WhiteGeHighland Light Infantry View
WhiteCGloucestershire View
WhiteHCape Town HighlandersView
WhiteWhColdstream Guards View
WhiteGDerbyshire View
WhiteFDragoon Guards View
WhiteHsmHussars View
WhiteHImperial Light InfantryView
WhiteRImperial Military RailwaysView
WhiteFImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteAmImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteHImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteJLiverpool View
WhiteALoyal North Lancashire View
WhiteRjlNew South Wales Imperial Bushmen View
WhiteGhQueensland Imp Bushmen View
WhiteWrRoyal Canadian View
WhiteJScottish Borderers View
WhiteWmjScottish Rifles View
WhiteCaSuffolk View
WhiteJeVictoria Mtd Rifles View
WhiteT:JWest Riding View
WhiteJBedfordshire View
WhiteJCheshire View
WhitebreadWRoyal West KentView
WhitebreadWRoyal Field Artillery View
WhitecrossJrImperial Military RailwaysView
WhiteheadHSouth African ConstabularyView
WhiteheadJDurham Light Infantry View
WhiteheadRLancashire Fusiliers View
WhiteheadDlNew Zealand View
WhiteheadDrYorkshire Light Infantry View
WhiteheadTDerbyshire View
WhiteheadWhLeicestershire View
WhiteheadJRoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
WhiteheadWWest Yorkshire View
WhiteheadJKings Royal Rifles View
WhiteheadJaManchester View
WhiteheadCLancashire Fusiliers View
WhiteheadJLancashire Fusiliers View
WhiteheadTLeicestershire View
WhiteheadSfManchester View
WhiteheadJRoyal LancasterView
WhiteheadReRoyal Munster Fusiliers View
WhiteheadARoyal Highlanders View
WhitehornFwMarshalls HorseView
WhitehouseFwImperial Yeomanry View
WhitehouseJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WhitehouseWRoyal Engineers View
WhitehouseJwRoyal Field Artillery View
WhitehouseWBethunes Mounted InfantryView
WhiteleggGImperial Yeomanry View
WhiteleyJRoyal Scots View
WhiteleyHWest Yorkshire View
WhitelockFRoyal Field Artillery View
WhitelockWHussars View
WhitesideARoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WhitfieldAlKroonstad ScoutsView
WhitfieldTjCheshire View
WhitfieldTfDragoon Guards View
WhitfieldJRoyal Fusiliers View
WhitfieldGLife Guards View
WhithillJRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WhithillWRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WhitingCDerbyshire View
WhitingGtRoyal Engineers View
WhitingWjScots Guards View
WhitingAsScottish Horse View
WhitleyWfRoyal Canadian View
WhitlockCSouth African ConstabularyView
WhitlockCSouth Staffordshire View
WhitlockCcRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WhitmanCGloucestershire View
WhitmillJRoyal Warwickshire View
WhitmoreGLancers View
WhitmoreLNorth Staffordshire View
WhitmoreGNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WhitmoreWRoyal Irish View
WhitmoreWSouth African Constabulary View
WhitneyAjNew Zealand View
WhittakerHImperial Yeomanry View
WhittakerJrImperial Yeomanry View
WhittakerJSouth Lancashire View
WhittakerCImperial Light Horse View
WhittakerBeImperial Light Horse View
WhittakerWEssex View
WhittakerLpLiverpool View
WhitterPSouth African Constabulary BView
WhittickWSouth African Constabulary AView
WhittinghamRjCheshire View
WhittingtonTdlRoyal LancasterView
WhittleRjImperial Light HorseView
WhittleCcgSouth Australia ImperialView
WhittleJwImperial Yeomanry View
WhittonEtSouth Staffordshire View
WhitworthRManchester View
WholleyCwBritish South Africa PoliceView
WhortonWNorth Staffordshire View
WhybrowHRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WhybrowJBedfordshire View
WhyleyJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WhyteFRoyal Highlanders View
WhyteJfBethunes Mounted InfantryView
WhyteheadWImperial Yeomanry View
WickensGgRoyal Horse Artillery View
WickersonPNew South Wales Aus Com Horse View
WickhamWImperial YeomanryView
WickhamARoyal Field Artillery View
WickhamEdpImperial Yeomanry View
WicksTcRifle Brigade View
WicksWEast Kent View
WiddisonAHussars View
WiddowsonTLeicestershire View
WiddowsonADerbyshire View
WidgeryWjImperial Yeomanry View
WiffinWWest Yorkshire View
WigginsAKings Royal Rifles View
WigginsJArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WigginsCeNew Zealand View
WigginsWeRoyal Engineers View
WigginsRGordon Highlanders View
WigginsHjLord Strathconas HorseView
WigglesworthHWest Yorkshire View
WighamGImperial YeomanryView
WigleyWEast Yorkshire View
WigmoreEaNew Zealand View
WigmoreGRoyal LancasterView
WigmoreWImperial Yeomanry View
WignellTisEastkent View
WigstonHArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WilbrahamTRoyal Garrison View
WilbyJfShropshire Light Infantry View
WilcockJrRoyal Field ArtilleryView
WilcocksGcSouth African ConstabularyView
WilcoxElSouth African ConstabularyView
WilcoxWGloucestershire View
WilcoxRLoyal North Lancashire View
WilcoxRsRoyal Garrison ArtilleryView
WilcoxFsRoyal West KentView
WilcoxJEast Surrey View
WilcoxonJRoyal LancasterView
WildEImperial Light Horse View
WildJImperial Yeomanry View
WildBcArmy Service Corps View
WildTEast Surrey View
WildJRifle Brigade View
WildashIImperial Yeomanry View
WildeELancashire Fusiliers View
WildeJRoyal Irish Rifles View
WildeBEast YorkshireView
WildeFLoyal North Lancashire View
WildeAjRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WildeJLeicestershire View
WildenJRifle Brigade View
WilderJLoyal North Lancashire View
WilderEgThorneycrofts Mounted InfantryView
WildigCjWorcestershire View
WildmanHLeicestershire View
WildmanRLancashire Fusiliers View
WilemanGImperial Light HorseView
WilemanEKings Royal Rifles View
WilesWYorkshire View
WilesEcLiverpool View
WileyJDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WilfordJRoyal West Surrey View
WilfordJtLeicestershire View
WilfordEpGloucestershire View
WilkesJwImperial Light HorseView
WilkesJRoyal Field Artillery View
WilkesJtRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WilkesCaRoyal Horse Artillery View
WilkesHRoyal Field Artillery View
WilkesFRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
WilkieTArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WilkieDeImperial Yeomanry View
WilkieWPretoria PoliceView
WilkieAScottish Rifles View
WilkinDRoyal Horse Artillery NView
WilkinsWRoyal Sussex View
WilkinsRoyal EngineersView
WilkinsGRoyal Engineers View
WilkinsCbRoyal Horse ArtilleryView
WilkinsWScotts Railway GuardsView
WilkinsWfdRoberts HorseView
WilkinsSSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WilkinsJSouth Staffordshire View
WilkinsRArmy Service CorpsView
WilkinsCLancers View
WilkinsJHampshire View
WilkinsJRoyal Engineers Field Troop View
WilkinsWLancers View
WilkinsWNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WilkinsFSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WilkinsFapSuffolk View
WilkinsonJEast Lancashire View
WilkinsonRKitcheners HorseView
WilkinsonJManchester View
WilkinsonBjjManchester View
WilkinsonTWelsh View
WilkinsonAwWest Riding View
WilkinsonHImperial Yeomanry View
WilkinsonJKings Royal Rifles View
WilkinsonJRoyal Horse Artillery View
WilkinsonGRoyal sussex View
WilkinsonFieWest Riding View
WilkinsonAYorkshire View
WilkinsonWLincolnshire View
WilkinsonASouth Wales Borderers View
WilkinsonJYorkshire View
WilkinsonDhRoyal Engineers View
WilkinsonJEast Surrey View
WilkinsonSKings Royal Rifles View
WilkinsonGLincolnshire View
WilkinsonGRoyal Welsh Fusiliers View
WilkinsonGmiScottish Horse View
WilkinsonJWest Riding View
WilkinsonJYorkshire View
WilksTcGloucestershire View
WilksAgOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WilksENorthumberland Fusiliers View
WillAwDurban Light InfantryView
WillGGordon Highlanders View
WillTRailway Pioneer View
WillcocksWrImperial Light Horse View
WillemseJgHerschel Special PoliceView
WillettWManchester View
WillettSHussars View
WillettDRoyal Sussex View
WillettsWWorcestershire View
WilleySEast Kent View
WilleyTsImperial Yeomanry View
WilleyWLancers View
WillguseADriscolls ScoutsView
WilliamsJDragoon Guards View
WilliamsOpHussars View
WilliamsJnImperial YeomanryView
WilliamsWImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsCLancashire Fusiliers View
WilliamsTlManchester View
WilliamsPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
WilliamsJRoyal Engineers View
WilliamsTRoyal Field Artillery View
WilliamsWRoyal Field Artillery UnatView
WilliamsJRoyal Navy Hms MonarchView
WilliamsBSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WilliamsHSouth African Mtd Irr ForceView
WilliamsEEast Lancashire View
WilliamsMKings Royal Rifles View
WilliamsCgManchester View
WilliamsERoyal LancasterView
WilliamsERifle Brigade View
WilliamsGArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WilliamsAhSouth Wales Borderers View
WilliamsGColdstream Guards View
WilliamsRColdstream Guards View
WilliamsAConnaught Rangers View
WilliamsEDevonshire View
WilliamsWhDevonshire View
WilliamsCDevonshire View
WilliamsCDragoon Guards View
WilliamsADragoon Guards View
WilliamsGDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WilliamsTEast Kent View
WilliamsTGloucestershire View
WilliamsGGloucestershire View
WilliamsAcGloucestershire View
WilliamsHGrenadier Guards View
WilliamsEicHussars View
WilliamsNImperial Light Horse View
WilliamsLImperial Military RailwaysView
WilliamsJdImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsLImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsEjImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsJbImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsFKaffrarian RiflesView
WilliamsJKitcheners HorseView
WilliamsEjLiverpool View
WilliamsBjLondon City Imperial VolunteersView
WilliamsJLoyal North Lancashire View
WilliamsUtMilitary PoliceView
WilliamsHNew South Wales Mth Rifles View
WilliamsFNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WilliamsWRoyal Irish Rifles View
WilliamsPRailway PioneerView
WilliamsSRifle Brigade View
WilliamsWrRoyal Engineers TelView
WilliamsFRoyal Field Artillery View
WilliamsWScots Guards View
WilliamsJScottish Borderers View
WilliamsJSouth Wales Borderers View
WilliamsTSouth Wales Borderers View
WilliamsTwSt Johns AmbulanceView
WilliamsAWelsh View
WilliamsCWorcestershire View
WilliamsWImperial YeomanryView
WilliamsARoyal Warwickshire View
WilliamsWjRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WilliamsFRoyal Field Artillery View
WilliamsAgSouth Wales Borderers View
WilliamsJcDurham Light Infantry View
WilliamsReEssex View
WilliamsFHussars View
WilliamsEtHussars View
WilliamsWImperial YeomanryView
WilliamsGmJohannesburg Mounted Rifles View
WilliamsCjKitcheners Fighting Scouts View
WilliamsJLeicestershire View
WilliamsAmMiddlesex View
WilliamsHgNew Zealand View
WilliamsLRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WilliamsJRoyal Field Artillery View
WilliamsJSouth Wales Borderers View
WilliamsTjYork & Lancaster View
WilliamsHYorkshire Light Infantry View
WilliamsERoyal Engineers View
WilliamsAKings Royal Rifles View
WilliamsDpcMilitary Stock DeptView
WilliamsAhSouth African Constabulary BView
WilliamsJArmy Veterinary DeptView
WilliamsKsLancashire Fusiliers View
WilliamsTRoyal Field Artillery View
Williams0Royal Welsh FusiliersView
WilliamsRhSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WilliamsCBorder View
WilliamsJeCape Police DistrictView
WilliamsEaDragoon Guards View
WilliamsCEast Surrey View
WilliamsAGloucestershire View
WilliamsJeImperial Light InfantryView
WilliamsAcImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsRpImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsSImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsAKings Royal Rifles View
WilliamsWManchester View
WilliamsRManchester View
WilliamsLaRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WilliamsFRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WilliamsWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WilliamsWRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WilliamsFRoyal West Surrey View
WilliamsTRifle Brigade View
WilliamsPpRoberts HorseView
WilliamsJRoyal Field Artillery View
WilliamsAhRoyal Fusiliers View
WilliamsCRoyal Highlanders View
WilliamsWSouth Staffordshire View
WilliamsGaSouth Staffordshire View
WilliamsWagSouth Wales Borderers View
WilliamsCeVictoria View
WilliamsWWelsh View
WilliamsLjWelsh View
WilliamsAWest Riding View
WilliamsJYorkshire Light Infantry View
WilliamsDBedfordshire View
Williams GImperial YeomanryView
Williams-EllisJrRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WilliamsonAwgImperial Yeomanry View
WilliamsonARoyal Scots View
WilliamsonJBrabants Horse View
WilliamsonJjEast Yorkshire View
WilliamsonMNorfolk View
WilliamsonGmNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WilliamsonARoyal Engineers TelView
WilliamsonTRoyal Horse Artillery UView
WilliamsonAScots Guards View
WilliamsonJwnVictoria Bushmen View
WilliamsonRCameron Highlanders View
WilliamsonGRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WilliamsonJLancashire Fusiliers View
WilliamsonJDerbyshire View
WilliamsonCRoyal Horse Artillery OView
WilliamsonGAshburners Light HorseView
WilliamsonFArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WillieArmy Intelligence DeptView
WillingESouth Wales Borderers View
WillisHEssex View
WillisWBritish South Africa PoliceView
WillisCRifle Brigade View
WillisJRoyal Field Artillery View
WillisFSouth Staffordshire View
WillisAHussars View
WillisPRifle Brigade View
WillisJjNatal PoliceView
WillisKwRoyal Warwickshire View
WillisHScottish Rifles View
WillisHSouth Wales Borderers View
WillisEGloucestershire View
WillisFImperial Yeomanry View
WillisTImperial YeomanryView
WillisDNew South Wales Mtd Rifles EView
WillisonRLancers View
WillistonHbSouth African ConstabularyView
WillmanWRoyal LancasterView
WillmettRhDevonshire View
WillmoreAeKimberley Light HorseView
WillmottJImperial Yeomanry View
WilloughbyChdColdstream Guards View
WillsREast Kent View
WillsFwColdstream Guards View
WillsJNorthamptonshire View
WillsWSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WillsWSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WillsACape Medical Staff CorpsView
WillsJhDevonshire View
WillsFRoyal Horse GuardsView
WillsCfSouth Wales Borderers View
WillsFRoyal West Surrey View
WillsRrsDragoon Guards View
WillshireEmRoyal Highlanders View
WillsonAgDragoon Guards View
WillsonAhVictoria View
WilmerAbBedfordshire View
WilmoreCeSt Johns AmbulanceView
WilmotEdeCradock Town GuardView
WilmotEteCradock Town GuardView
WilmotFWest Riding View
WilmotPImperial Yeomanry View
WilmotPMarshalls HorseView
WilmotGewBechuanaland RiflesView
Wilmot-ChetwodeEeImperial Yeomanry View
WilmottAScottish Rifles View
WilmottChDerbyshire View
WilmottJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WilmottChDevonshire View
WilshawTfldYorkshire Light Infantry View
WilsherJBedfordshire View
WilsonTDurham Light Infantry View
WilsonAHighland Light Infantry View
WilsonWLeicestershire XView
WilsonAManchester View
WilsonFtwNesbitts HorseView
WilsonRNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WilsonDRoyal Scots FusiliersView
WilsonDRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WilsonGRoyal Fusiliers View
WilsonJScottish Horse View
WilsonGYork & Lancaster View
WilsonJArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WilsonJjBorder View
WilsonCBrabants Horse View
WilsonEDragoon Guards View
WilsonGDurham Light Infantry View
WilsonEast Lancashire View
WilsonMImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonRbImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonWcImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonJdImperial Yeomanry ScoutsView
WilsonGLiverpool View
WilsonCNew South Wales Mtd Rifles View
WilsonJRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WilsonJRoyal Scots FusiliersView
WilsonRRoyal Highlanders View
WilsonJRoyal Highlanders View
WilsonARoyal Scots View
WilsonJanScottish Rifles View
Wilson0Seaforth Highlanders View
WilsonJgYork & Lancaster View
WilsonTRoyal Field Artillery View
WilsonJtwCape Mounted RiflesView
WilsonGicColdstream Guards View
WilsonWDerbyshire View
WilsonPDevonshire View
WilsonWgDragoon Guards View
WilsonTijDragoon Guards View
WilsonHDurham Light Infantry View
WilsonRrEast Yorkshire View
WilsonHGrenadier Guards View
WilsonGHighland Light Infantry View
WilsonJHussars View
WilsonRwImperial Military RailwaysView
WilsonPKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WilsonWLancashire Fusiliers View
WilsonGjLancashire Fusiliers View
WilsonJLincolnshire View
WilsonGLincolnshire View
WilsonRfNew South Wales Aus Horse View
WilsonWRoyal Sussex View
WilsonJnRoberts HorseView
WilsonFRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WilsonJtRoyal Engineers View
WilsonARoyal Engineers View
WilsonWRoyal Field Artillery View
WilsonJRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WilsonWRoyal Scots View
WilsonJjRoyal Scots View
WilsonJScots Guards View
WilsonChScots Guards View
WilsonFScottish Borderers View
WilsonJScottish Borderers View
WilsonJSteinaeckers HorseView
WilsonCSuffolk View
WilsonHSuffolk View
WilsonJcThorneycrofts Mtd Infantry LateView
WilsonJsWest Yorkshire View
WilsonWWest Yorkshire View
WilsonJWorcestershire View
WilsonGYorkshire View
WilsonAYorkshire View
WilsonWBedfordshire View
WilsonJArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WilsonTKings Royal Rifles View
WilsonWMafeking Town GuardView
WilsonROxfordshire Light Infantry View
WilsonJRoyal Field Artillery View
WilsonWScottish Rifles View
WilsonJcDamants HorseView
WilsonEDragoon Guards View
WilsonRbDurham Light Infantry View
WilsonTHussars View
WilsonGjImperial Bearer CorpsView
WilsonHKings Royal Rifles View
WilsonTMiddlesex View
WilsonRhRoyal Engineers View
WilsonCRoyal Field Artillery View
WilsonEhRoyal Fusiliers View
WilsonPScottish Horse View
WilsonJwSouth African Constabulary EView
WilsonEaTransvaal ConstabularyView
WilsonThWest Australia Mtd Infantry View
WilsonJWest yorkshire View
WilsonJtpDurban Light InfantryView
WilsonJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WilsonHColdstream Guards View
WilsonTGordon Highlanders View
WilsonHImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonTRoyal Scots View
WilsonAeRoyal Dragoons View
WilsonJSouth African Constabulary AView
WilsonHCameron Highlanders View
WilsonALancers View
WilsonCdCape Police DistrictView
WilsonJDerbyshire View
WilsonEEast Kent View
WilsonJGordon Highlanders View
WilsonJfImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonHImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonAihImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonHImperial Yeomanry View
WilsonFKaffrarian RiflesView
WilsonChKings Royal Rifles View
WilsonFLoyal North Lancashire View
WilsonHacMiddlesex View
WilsonWaRoyal LancasterView
WilsonJRoyal LancasterView
WilsonEppRimingtons GuidesView
WilsonBRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WilsonTjRoyal Field Artillery View
WilsonWScots Guards View
WilsonEScots Guards View
WilsonWsScottish Horse View
WilsonTSeaforth Highlanders View
WilsonASeaforth Highlanders View
WilsonJArmy Intelligence DeptView
WiltshireCHussars View
WiltshireRcLoyal North Lancashire View
WiltshireGRoyal Army Medical Corps Gh View
WiltshireJRoyal Engineers View
WiltshireWSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WiltshireHHussars View
WiltshireGwImperial Yeomanry View
WimberleyCjWelsh View
WimbleWmEast Kent View
WinchesterFsShropshire Light Infantry View
Winchester AjhbColdstream Guards View
WindebankWArmy Service CorpsView
WindelerGDragoon Guards View
WinderHMidland Mounted RiflesView
WinderFRoyal Scots FusiliersView
WindleTSt Johns AmbulanceView
WindrumAjRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WindsorEEast Surrey View
WinfieldERoyal Field Artillery View
WingEImperial Yeomanry View
WingFNorth Staffordshire View
WingateAsGordon Highlanders View
WingateJfImperial Light HorseView
WingateJKings Royal Rifles View
WingfieldWNesbitts HorseView
WingroveAchsEast Yorkshire View
WinkleJhseRoyal Engineers Tel Div View
WinksMImperial Yeomanry View
WinnRaLancers View
WinningFRoyal Marine ArtilleryView
WinningJtaManchester View
WinningJHighland Light Infantry View
WinnisARoyal Irish Rifles View
WinsladeJImperial Yeomanry View
WinslowSlSouth African Constabulary BView
WinslowCNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WinsonWEast Surrey View
WinsorCHampshire View
WinsorWDevonshire View
WinstanleyALancashire Fusiliers View
WinstoneCcwImperial YeomanryView
Winter JwcaeImperial Light Horse View
Winterbottom GSouth African Constabulary View
WintonKRoyal Scots FusiliersView
Winton HGloucestershire View
WintrlippAArgyll And Sutherland HighlandersView
WinwrightERoyal Fusiliers View
WinyardWRoyal Canadian DragoonsView
WisdomWrRifle Brigade (Late)View
WisdomJRoyal Dublin Fusiliers View
WiseJRoyal Engineers View
WiseMRoyal Navy Hms DorisView
WiseWImperial Yeomanry View
WiseHImperial Yeomanry View
WisemanAsEast Surrey View
WishartWlScottish Horse 1View
With ARoyal Engineers View
WithallCSouth African ConstabularyView
WithersGWorcestershire View
WithersGManchester View
WithersJWiltshire View
WithersTNew Zealand View
WithersLImperial Yeomanry View
WithersFwRoyal Canadian View
WithersKgSouth Staffordshire View
WithersCSouth Wales Borderers View
WitheyAaRoyal Canadian View
WittHHussars View
WittiePKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WittsALancashire Fusiliers View
WittsFwDurham Light Infantry View
WittsJDurham Light Infantry View
WogdhamHpSouth Australia Imp Bushmen View
WolfAGorringes Flying ColumnView
WolfeWaRoyal Navy Hms PowerfulView
WolfendenJWest Riding View
WolfsonFKings Royal Rifles View
WollardEssex View
WolseleyHjImperial Light HorseView
WolstenholmeRKaffrarian RiflesView
WombwellSfImperial Yeomanry View
WoodJCameron Highlanders View
WoodWDragoons View
WoodHGordon Highlanders View
WoodWImperial Light HorseView
WoodImperial YeomanryView
WoodMManchester View
WoodJRoyal Sussex View
WoodNScottish Rifles View
WoodAYorkshire View
WoodSArmy Nursing ServiceView
WoodWHighland Light Infantry View
WoodCcLoyal North Lancashire IView
WoodHmRoyal Sussex View
WoodWhBorder View
WoodJjDragoon Guards View
WoodADragoon Guards View
WoodJDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WoodGEast Lancashire View
WoodGHussars View
WoodWImperial Yeomanry View
WoodJeImperial Yeomanry View
WoodJclgImperial YeomanryView
WoodWNew South Wales Mtd Rifles View
WoodWcRoyal Sussex View
WoodRoyal Irish View
WoodCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoodMakRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoodShRoyal Engineers View
WoodWRoyal Field Artillery View
WoodWScottish Borderers View
WoodTScottish Rifles View
WoodJShropshire Light Infantry View
WoodWSouth Lancashire View
WoodGcSuffolk View
WoodFWorcestershire View
WoodFjArmy Post Office CorpsView
WoodSArmy Service CorpsView
WoodAKings Royal Rifles View
WoodWCanadian Mounted Rifles View
WoodAEssex View
WoodWaHussars View
WoodFjImperial YeomanryView
WoodHbRoyal Warwickshire View
WoodFgRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoodJRoyal Engineers View
WoodWSeaforth Highlanders View
WoodJSomersetshire Light Infantry View
WoodJWest Yorkshire View
WoodBYork & Lancaster View
WoodFQueenstown Town GuardView
WoodOgRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoodCEast Surrey View
WoodTpNorth Staffordshire View
WoodWCommander In Chiefs BodyguardView
WoodHDevonshire View
WoodGebImperial Yeomanry View
WoodAjImperial Yeomanry View
WoodKings Royal Rifles View
WoodJbKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WoodHrSouth African Constabulary AView
Wood CcProtectorateView
WoodbridgeJifRoyal West Surrey View
WoodbridgeCOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WoodburnWjNorth Staffordshire View
WoodburnFBorder View
WoodcockFRoyal Field Artillery View
WoodcockGNorthumberland Fusiliers View
WoodcockJRoyal Highlanders View
WoodcockMaKings Royal Rifles View
WoodcockNOrpens HorseView
WoodcockWraManchester View
WoodenFbEast Surrey View
WooderJHussars View
WoodertonJArmy Service Corps View
WoodfordHLancashire Fusiliers View
WoodfordPHampshire View
WoodgateWesRoyal LancasterView
WoodgateErpRoyal LancasterView
WoodgateARoyal Sussex View
WoodgateASuffolk View
WoodgerJSouth African Constabulary AView
WoodhamsJColdstream Guards View
WoodhamsJipRoyal Sussex View
WoodhamsASt Johns AmbulanceView
WoodhouseHgwManchester View
WoodhouseSRoyal Field Artillery View
WoodhouseAWorcestershire View
WoodhousePwImperial Yeomanry View
WoodleyHHussars View
WoodleyWRifle Brigade View
WoodleyCOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WoodmanDjSouth African Constabulary View
WoodmanGGloucestershire View
WoodmanCgScottish Horse View
WoodmanJjCanadian Mounted Rifles View
WoodmanAtVictoria Imp Bushmen View
WoodruffeFRifle Brigade View
WoodsEArmy Service Corps View
WoodsRiRoyal Irish Rifles View
WoodsWhRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoodsWDevonshire View
WoodsWKings Royal Rifles View
WoodsHColdstream Guards View
WoodsWhDragoons View
WoodsWjEast Kent View
WoodsREast Lancashire View
WoodsGLancers View
WoodsTLincolnshire View
WoodsDRoyal Irish Rifles View
WoodsJRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoodsEWorcestershire View
WoodsFwArmy Service CorpsView
WoodsWmDurham Light Infantry View
WoodsFRoyal Irish Fusiliers View
WoodsFSouth Lancashire View
WoodsRGrenadier Guards View
WoodsHImperial YeomanryView
WoodsAjImperial Yeomanry View
WoodsWLiverpool View
WoodsJtManchester View
WoodsEaSouth African Constabulary AView
WoodwardCfwImperial Military RailwaysView
WoodwardRDerbyshire View
WoodwardWHussars View
WoodwardSRoyal Warwickshire View
WoodwardSRifle Brigade View
WoodwardWRifle Brigade View
WoodwardHSeaforth Highlanders View
WoodwardWfColonial Light HorseView
WoodwardsWEssex View
WoofendenWLeicestershire View
WookeyAwlNew Zealand View
WoolamGhDurham Light Infantry View
WoolcottWDuke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryView
WoolcottAColdstream Guards View
WoolcottChImperial Light Horse View
WooldridgeRaRoyal Field Artillery View
WooldridgeHHampshire View
WoolertonThCape Medical Staff CorpsView
WoolettAYorkshire View
WooleyFImperial Yeomanry View
WooleyWjKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WooleyJLoyal North Lancashire View
WooleyTSouth Staffordshire View
WooleyFrRoyal Engineers View
WooleyCsImperial Light HorseView
WoolfVImperial Military RailwaysView
WoolfordRRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WoolfordCjImperial YeomanryView
WoolfordWBerkshire View
WoolfordCRifle Brigade View
WoolfriesWHampshire View
WooliscroftELancers View
WooliscroftFKings Royal Rifles View
WoollacottWDevonshire View
WoollardFjPrince Of Wales Light HorseView
WoollardWcSuffolk View
WoollardRDragoon Guards View
WoollcombeJCanadian Mounted Rifles View
WoolleyGRifle Brigade View
WoolleyWEast Kent View
WoollofWImperial Yeomanry View
WoollvenCImperial YeomanryView
WoolmerRLeicestershire View
WoolnoughHImperial Yeomanry View
WoolnoughJgRoyal Field Artillery View
WoosterAArmy Service Corps View
WootonPLancers View
WorboysARoyal Field ArtilleryView
WorcesterAjKitcheners Fighting ScoutsView
WordleyFeArmy Service CorpsView
WorkWRoyal Horse GuardsView
WorkmanCSouth Wales Borderers View
WorkmanJHighland Light Infantry View
WorkmanThRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WormanRwNorthamptonshire View
WorneEgjYorkshire View
WorneHKings Royal Rifles View
WorrallTSouth Lancashire View
WorrallWSouth Staffordshire View
WorrallCRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WorrardWDerbyshire View
WorrellJImperial Yeomanry View
WorrodGConnaught Rangers View
WorsamHWelsh View
WorsfoldCaSouth African Constabulary AView
WorsnopAWest Riding View
WorswickFjwBritish South Africa PoliceView
WortGLancers View
WorthTDevonshire View
WortleyGDragoon Guards View
WorwickRDamants HorseView
WosketFtRoyal Horse Artillery View
WottonGRoyal Field Artillery View
WottonTsImperial Yeomanry View
WouldGhImperial Yeomanry View
WraggWaNorth Staffordshire View
WrattenJwRoyal Lancaster View
WrayTeEast Yorkshire View
WrayRImperial Yeomanry View
WrayTWelsh View
WreaksWKings Royal Rifles View
WrefordJDevonshire View
WrefordGawSouth African Constabulary AView
WrenCjGordon Highlanders View
WrenGoHampshire View
WrenGManchester View
WrenJcRoyal Field Artillery PompomView
WrifordGcdOrange River Colony PoliceView
WrightEKings Royal Rifles View
WrightGDragoons View
WrightEEssex View
WrightHImperial Military RailwaysView
WrightJKitcheners HorseView
WrightFLincolnshire View
WrightJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WrightSDevonshire View
WrightCjDragoon Guards View
WrightEImperial Yeomanry View
WrightJRoyal Highlanders View
WrightFjRoyal Horse Artillery PView
WrightCYorkshire Light Infantry View
WrightWDurham Light Infantry View
WrightWEast Kent View
WrightHHampshire View
WrightJKings Royal Rifles View
WrightJNesbitts HorseView
WrightWNorfolk View
WrightJNorfolk View
WrightJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WrightLaRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WrightSRoyal West Surrey View
WrightWtRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WrightJoRoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WrightARoyal Fusiliers View
WrightWScots Guards View
WrightJSouth Staffordshire View
WrightPSuffolk View
WrightJWest Riding View
WrightJWorcestershire View
WrightAYorkshire Light Infantry View
WrightAArmy Service Corps View
WrightNHussars View
WrightRhScottish Horse View
WrightJsDragoon Guards View
WrightHkDragoon Guards View
WrightJhNew Zealand View
WrightTRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WrightTRifle Brigade View
WrightARoyal Field Artillery View
WrightWWorcestershire View
WrightEHussars View
WrightASouth Staffordshire View
WrightBHampshire View
WrightAtNorthamptonshire View
WrightFlSouth African Constabulary AView
WrightJShropshire Light Infantry View
WrightWDamants HorseView
WrightDwEastern Province HorseView
WrightJiiEssex View
WrightAeImperial Yeomanry View
WrightSgImperial Yeomanry View
WrightJImperial Yeomanry View
WrightAImperial Yeomanry View
WrightSoKimberley Light HorseView
WrightGcdecLancers View
WrightKwMiddlesex View
WrightAeQueensland Imp Bushmen View
WrightWRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WrightEeWorcestershire View
WrightWBedfordshire View
WrightonEHampshire View
WrightsonEcEastern Province HorseView
WrottesleyAeRoyal EngineersView
WyattJRoyal Field Artillery AmcolView
WyattEhRoyal Engineers Tel Div View
WyattAjRoyal Field Artillery View
WyattMRoyal Garrison Artillery WdView
WyattCfSouth African Constabulary EView
WyattHwSouth Wales Borderers View
WychJArmy Service CorpsView
WychWhCradock Town GuardView
WyeFeRoyal Horse Artillery PompomView
WyerHcImperial Yeomanry View
WyerARoyal Army Medical CorpsView
WyersSanColdstream Guards View
WykesFgRoyal Engineers (Atd)View
WykesARoyal Field Artillery View
WylamFhHussars View
WyldWaOxfordshire Light Infantry View
WyldeHussars View
WyldeTSouth African Constabulary EView
Wylde-BrownAbNatal CarbineersView
WylieHScottish Borderers View
WylieAcdSouth African Constabulary AView
WylieFwNew Zealand View
WylieRRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
WylueJNew Zealand View
WyndhamFcNorthamptonshire View
WynessDragoons View
WynnWManchester View
WynnWSouth Staffordshire View
WynnJKings Royal Rifles View
WynneEtDragoon Guards View
WynneHRoyal Welsh FusiliersView
WyperJBorder View
WyseWKings Royal Rifles View
WythJRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers View
Boer War Casualties Records Alphabetical Index

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