Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : A
Surname Names Date of Death View
AandrooCatarina30 June 1900View
AbelJantje12 May 1899View
AbelWillem20 August 1906View
AbrahamHanna17 July 1902View
AbrahamsPiet10 December 1909View
AbsolomRegina19 October 1898View
AbsolomWilliam24 June 1904View
AdamAndries13 July 1897View
AdamVurdom15 February 1897View
AdamsAlwyn22 September 1907View
AdamsBaron27 July 1897View
AdamsCatharina28 November 1897View
AdamsFortuin06 July 1897View
AdamsFortuin06 July 1897View
AdamsHannah 07 December 1896View
AdamsJacob13 February 1902View
AdamsJacob13 August 1902View
AdamsJan17 April 1900View
AdamsJan14 October 1902View
AdamsJan09 October 1905View
AdamsJan20 September 1908View
AdamsJohanna19 November 1900View
AdamsMietje15 December 1898View
AdamsSara16 October 1907View
AdamsSina23 April 1902View
AdamsSophia 01 February 1900View
AdamsSophie14 July 1902View
AdamsWillem10 December 1896View
AdamsWilliam24 September 1902View
Adams03 August 1902View
Adams10 January 1904View
Adams10 January 1904View
AdamsonAnna Maria21 August 1902View
AdonesLena23 February 1906View
AdonisGert21 January 1902View
AdonisJakobmina13 January 1898View
AdonisKatje15 August 1896View
AdonisLetje29 July 1902View
AdonisMaria24 October 1896View
AdonisMeitjie17 July 1902View
AdonisMz23 March 1898View
AdonisRachel19 September 1902View
AfricaJan02 January 1905View
AfricaJan16 July 1895View
AfricaWillem26 August 1906View
AfricanderDirk27 April 1897View
AfricanderJan28 June 1908View
AfricanderMartha22 July 1902View
AfricanerKlaasKlaas13 April 1902View
AfrikaElizabeth05 June 1899View
AfrikaJan24 April 1899View
AfrikaJohannes10 April 1906View
AfrikaLudia05 July 1900View
AfrikaMargrieta12 September 1903View
AfrikaMaria28 February 1899View
AfrikaPetries17 January 1900View
AfrikaPetrus07 September 1904View
AfrikaPetrus13 May 1905View
AfrikaRuiter27 September 1897View
AfrikaSalomo09 Nineth August 1899View
AfrikaSannie Janetta Elizabeth25 June 1907View
AfrikaThomas19 June 1903View
Afrika Adam10 December 1898View
Afrika Sofia12 February 1906View
AfrikanderGert25 April 1898View
AfrikanderJan13 December 1905View
AfrikanderJan13 December 1905View
AfrikanderJantje22 May 1902View
AfrikanderMeitje13 March 1902View
AfrikanderMila11 November 1909View
AfrikanderNukalaas25 December 1902View
AfrikanderTaas27 February 1902View
AfrikanderWillem13 June 1899View
AimobeePiet30 July 1906View
AirkLena30 April 1905View
AlexanderWillem12 December 1899View
AlkasterAantje11 October 1907View
AlkasterGrit View
AlkasterJohannes04 August 1906View
AmericaAmerica01 May 1900View
AmericaDiego Johannes15 January 1905View
AmericaFrederick Johannes Jacobus18 February 1898View
AmericaRachel12 March 1901View
AmerikaPaulina20 February 1902View
AmonChristina10 March 1902View
AmonFortuin23 August 1896View
AmonHendreina Mina03 March 1907View
AmonHendrina15 June 1900View
AmonHendrina Wilhelmina11 October 1897View
AmonLouisa01 May 1910View
AmonMaria Janetta18 November 1910View
AmonMartha Maria07 January 1906View
AmonWillem22 July 1908View
Amon05 December 1909View
AmoseWilliam Robertson11 November 1905View
AnderMors15 May 1906View
AndersFeitje11 February 1902View
AndersGert 15 June 1906View
AndersGriet11 May 1897View
AndersIsaac13 February 1896View
AndersTrien31 January 1905View
AndersTryn21 July 1895View
AndreaBectjie17 February 1898View
AndreasKlaas16 September 1902View
AndrewDavid 27 August 1902View
AndrewGertrude01 October 1902View
AndrewJan11 October 1902View
AndrewJanjte03 October 1902View
AndrewLea05 September 1900View
AndrewMargarieta13 September 1895View
AndrewTrein13 April 1907View
AndrewTrooi22 December 1905View
AndrewVittoria04 August 1903View
AndrooChristina24 November 1901View
AnriesPiet27 October 1906View
AnthonWillem Jacobus28 September 1896View
AnthonieDina25 February 1899View
AnthonieJanetta05 January 1900View
AntonichMary Margaret Louisa30 June 1902View
AntonieAntonie12 July 1897View
AntonieSoff30 July 1905View
Antonie16 August 1904View
ApollesHester13 March 1903View
AppollesAndries20 November 1902View
AppollesFrancina13 July 1902View
AppollosFytje03 February 1901View
AprilAndries12 September 1910View
AprilAnna27 July 1907View
AprilAnna26 October 1907View
AprilAntje14 March 1903View
AprilAntje14 March 1903View
AprilChristie7 May 1908View
AprilCornelia Catheria11 September 1908View
AprilDina24 August 1910View
AprilGert29 November 1902View
AprilGriet06 December 1902View
AprilHans28 June 1903View
AprilIsaac30 March 1902View
AprilJan29 November 1899View
AprilJanetjeMarch 1895View
AprilJohannes05 August 1909View
AprilLena26 April 1902View
AprilLys10 March 1905View
AprilValentijn11 May 1902View
AprilZielia30 October 1907View
April06 November 1899View
AranjeGriet01 May 1897View
ArendjeJames20 July 1903View
AriLydia08 November 1910View
AriasSama25 May 1900View
Arie Grit25 May 1908View
AriesArie09 January 1907View
AriesCatryn05 March 1898View
AriesDirk02 May 1901View
AriesGert William Francis02 December 1906View
AriesJacobus11 April 1900View
AriesJacobus18 April 1900View
AriesJan19 May 1902View
AriesJantje13 December 1910View
AriesJantje01 April 1898View
AriesKatrina03 April 1902View
AriesMaria13 June 1905View
AriesMarie10 May 1900View
AriesPiet19 November 1896View
AriesRachel11 March 1900View
Aries14 May 1902View
Aries13 April 1906View
ArmonWillem01 November 1907View
AronisJacob02 July 1899View
AronisJacob09 July 1899View
ArrangeJan Johannes04 June 1907View
ArrangeRegina13 January 1899View
ArriesChristian25 October 1902View
ArriesJan04 July 1895View
ArriesRoos18 February 1898View
AssurFilippus01 December 1898View
AssurJakobus27 March 1902View
AtkinsKaitje Katerina02 September 1910View
AtkinsonJames24 June 1902View
AugustPop28 March 1902View
AzorMaria01 May 1903View
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