Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : C
Surname Names Date of Death View
CaoenoPiet03 January 1903View
CapieraDedja21 July 1896View
CarolusAfrica14 June 1909View
CarolusGert28 December 1895View
CarolusGert28 December 1895View
CarolusGrit01 July 1903View
CarolusIzaak28 April 1903View
CarolusJacobus04 August 1902View
CarolusJan12 October 1902View
CarolusJantje06 August 1903View
CarolusJong03 October 1902View
CarolusLeah19 June 1903View
CarolusLukas14 March 1908View
CarolusMarie12 September 1902View
CarolusMietje2 May 1908View
CarolusStoffel14 April 1903View
CarolusWillem22 September 1902View
CarolusWillem22 September 1902View
CarstenHendrik03 July 1902View
CarstensJohannes Christian04 April 1889View
CarstensSophie17 July 1896View
CartsensMaria Christina07 April 1898View
CasparLeitje22 September 1907View
CedrasDamon28 June 1905View
CedrasWilliam23 August 1902View
CharlesFielda25 December 1908View
CharlesJan5 January 1908View
CharlesJohanna13 February 1901View
CharlesMartha 09 September 1901View
CharlesPetrus07 March 1909View
CharlesThomas06 March 1909View
ClaasJan 22 March 1901View
ClaseJonas03 May 1902View
CloetHans21 November 1908View
CloetKarel01 June 1899View
CloeteAantje24 March 1902View
CloeteAantje02 June 1902View
CloeteAbraham5 March 1908View
CloeteAnna12 September 1907View
CloeteAntje31 May 1902View
CloeteBetje12 May 1902View
CloeteDaniel26 September 1896View
CloeteDirk14 June 1910View
CloeteElsie04 February 1902View
CloeteFielda27 September 1902View
CloeteGeorge01 June 1897View
CloeteJaatje19 January 1900View
CloeteJacobus1 August 1908View
CloeteJan17 May 1897View
CloeteKatrina02 June 1902View
CloeteKatrina31 August 1907View
CloeteKlaas06 July 1905View
CloeteLouisa12 January 1910View
CloeteLys19 June 1903View
CloeteMargrita05 November 1907View
CloetePiet11 May 1902View
CloeteRose01 March 1903View
CloeteTrientje23 January 1907View
CloeteTroy17 April 1901View
CloeteWillem31 July 1902View
Cloete18 October 1896View
Cloete Louisa26 December 1906View
CoetzeeAnna Francina 07 April 1906View
CoetzeeAnna Francina Hendrika07 April 1906View
CoetzeeEric Frederik13 February 1909View
CoetzeeGert08 December 1897View
CoetzeeTina18 May 1902View
CohenAbraham16 April 1899View
ColeWilliam20 June 1902View
ConstableAdonis10 March 1902View
CornelusChrisjan18 May 1898View
CosnetAntonie Jacobus Elija15 October 1896View
CowsertAnne Elizabeth12 November 1904View
CowsertRobert16 January 1905View
CoxWillian12 January 1904View
CoyneEdith23 April 1902View
CrocodileKlietje27 March 1905View
CrosneyElizabeth Gertrude16 June 1905View
CrosneyHannah28 April 1897View
CrosneyHendrik10 March 1903View
CrosneyJohn26 December 1906View
CrosneyLouisa28 August 1897View
CrosneyMaria05 December 1901View
CrowleyHester03 October 1896View
CupidoAdam22 December 1907View
CupidoAdam22 December 1907View
CupidoAdam07 May 1909View
CupidoAries20 July 1902View
CupidoAugust01 October 1898View
CupidoCornelus25 November 1903View
CupidoDaniel01 May 1902View
CupidoDavid25 January 1898View
CupidoElizabeth26 June 1902View
CupidoJacobus21 November 1895View
CupidoJan27 May 1895View
CupidoJoos11 November 1897View
CupidoMartha04 October 1903View
CupidoMartinus09 April 1897View
CupidoRachel29 December 1897View
CupidoRosina05 September 1909View
Cupido20 January 1903View
Cupido10 April 1897View
Cupido25 March 1897View
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