Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : D
Surname Names Date of Death View
DalmagWillem18 November 1909View
DamaraJacob 19 November 1898View
DamaraKoewa20 May 1910View
DammeraJacob28 April 1895View
DamonLena21 May 1908View
DamonSalmon16 February 1899View
DamraJacob28 April 1895View
DamraSaul18 September 1898View
DamsterAbraham03 August 1896View
DamsterAbram 04 July 1896View
DamsterGert20 October 1897View
DamsterJannetje03 January 1902View
Damster01 September 1901View
DanielsCatharina17 April 1899View
DansterAbraham07 July 1902View
DansterAbraham16 January 1906View
DansterAbraham16 January 1906View
DansterAbraham02 August 1910View
DansterAnna11 September 1899View
DansterChristina08 March 1900View
DansterCipido28 February 1904View
DansterGert27 May 1902View
DansterJaaetje24 May 1910View
DansterJan19 Septmeber 1902View
DansterJanna10 June 1903View
DansterLena27 October 1902View
DapperKatje24 October 1903View
DarsAdam20 April 1910View
DauriesDavid Adonis12 May 1898View
DauriesEzau Willem29 January 1895View
DauriesKarolus05 July 1897View
DavidsBetty23 August 1903View
de BeerElsie Dorothea Maria08 October 1899View
de BeerHendrik Cornelus06 november 1900View
de BeerHendrik Cornelus2 January 1910View
De BeerIzaak Alewyn Johannes18 November 1896View
de BeerMaaitje Hendrika18 November 1908View
de BeerMichiel Johannes03 January 1903View
De BruinSanna27 April 1909View
De HaasMaria Elizabeth Cornelia18 September 1906View
De JongChristian01 August 1909View
De JonghAbraham Frederick Petrus03 September 1902View
De Jongh29 November 1902View
de KlerkAllida21 February 1905View
de KlerkAndries10 January 1909View
de KlerkAndries08 October 1897View
de KlerkBooi15 June 1905View
de KlerkCornelos15 February 1905View
de KlerkDanie05 November 1899View
De KlerkElizie Johanna Hermina31 May 1898View
de KlerkGert15 August 1909View
de KlerkGriet30 May 1897View
de KlerkJantje12 March 1897View
de KlerkKatrina16 May 1905View
de KlerkLeia04 April 1909View
de KlerkMargreta09 December 1899View
De KlerkSara Johanna27 August 1901View
de KlerkStyn17 January 1908View
De KockChristian31 October 1901View
de KockJohn18 May 1904View
de KockJohn18 May 1904View
de LeeuwMagdalena Willemina2 February 1908View
De LeeuwMartha24 November 1898View
De LeeuwMartha25 December 1898View
De VilliersAbraham Peter14 July 1902View
De VilliersAbraham Peter14 July 1902View
De VilliersJan14 April 1902View
de VriesJohn Charles van Ryneveld30 November 1908View
De WaalArend Egbertus14 November 1902View
De WaalBarend Simon29 March 1906View
de WaalEgbertus de Beer28 October 1908View
de WaalElizabeth Magrita16 October 1899View
de WaalFrans Cornilis24 November 1898View
De WaalJacobus Stephanus06 December 1905View
de WaalJacomina Hendrina Gertruida22 February 1909View
De WaalJohanna Catharina06 November 1898View
De WaalMaria Petronella13 February 1896View
De Waal05 September 1901View
De WakoeRagel02 September 1895View
DegertMargrita28 november 1907View
DeistEustace29 July 1895View
DeistJacob Johannes04 May 1895View
DeistJacob Johannes Marthinus05 May 1897View
DeistJakob07 July 1909View
DeistKatrina Maria12 June 1904View
Deist10 May 1898View
DempseyE.24 December 1901View
DerandWilliam15 August 1906View
Desmas14 August 1895View
DickEagan01 April 1902View
DiederiksHelena8 March 1910View
DiedriksFredrik16 August 1905View
DirkHendrik13 April 1900View
DirkJacobus19 May 1902View
DirkJannetje10 April 1909View
DirkKaatje23 July 1896View
DirkKoos15 July 1910View
DirkPiet04 February 1906View
DirkSara27 January 1909View
DirkTreu29 August 1908View
DirkWillem27 March 1900View
Dirk14 September 1899View
Dirk Sara13 March 1902View
DirksFredrik18 August 1907View
DirksGert08 July 1909View
Dirks Andries09 June 1902View
DirkseAbraham09 May 1902View
DoikLija29 July 1910View
DolmaagJacobus13 October 1902View
DolmaagKlara 01 February 1897View
DolmaagLaul19 July 1896View
DolmaagLys06 July 1902View
DolmaagWillem19 September 1896View
DolmagGertrude25 February 1906View
DolmagRegina20 January 1909View
DolmagTrooi10 May 1909View
DolvinaFortuin28 September 1902View
DombergAndries01 May 1902View
DombergBooi17 May 1903View
DombergGriet05 January 1904View
DomburgTreintje14 April 1910View
DommerKlaas22 June 1899View
DommerLyah22 August 1899View
DomraagJantje08 August 1896View
DonkermanDirk05 October 1909View
DonkermanElizabeth26 September 1903View
DornburgMarie21 July 1907View
DoumanFrederik04 August 1898View
DoumanKatrina08 December 1902View
DourieCatharina23 December 1907View
Dourie Dourie Adonies18 March 1906View
DouriesCarolus Paulus07 February 1906View
DouriesElizabeth29 July 1903View
DouriesElizabeth13 February 1910View
DouriesHelena Johanna8 July 1908View
DouriesJulie Stephanus15 November 1896View
DouriesMaria11 June 1909View
DouriesMaria Wilhelmina06 August 1908View
DraaghoenderTreintje23 August 1908View
DraghoenderAllida15 June 1910View
DraghoenderBetje22 August 1902View
DraghoenderFytje05 August 1902View
DraghoenderGert19 November 1902View
DraghoenderHendrik28 June 1902View
DraghoenderKlaas26 September 1902View
DraghoenderKoras14 May 1902View
DraghoenderMina05 October 1902View
DraghoenderPiet08 September 1910View
Dragoender14 April 1897View
DrauryJan05 July 1910View
du PlessisAlleta Maria Magaretta05 December 1898View
du PlessisCarl Francois29 January 1905View
du PlessisCharl Petrus02 December 1902View
du PlessisDedrieka Machdalena24 February 1903View
du PlessisIzak Franzooir Jacobus16 January 1903View
Du PlessisJacoba Wilhelmina04 December 1895View
Du PlessisJacoba Wilhelmina04 December 1895View
du PlessisMartha Johanna Maria03 March 1907View
du PlessisPhilippus George18 July 1908View
Du PlessisSala Petrus02 December 1902View
Du PlessisSara Johanna28 November 1906View
du PlessisStepanes Paulus09 October 1905View
Du PlessisThomas 09 November 1902View
du PlessisThomas Arnoldus29 June 1907View
du PlessisWynand Louw11 February 1903View
Du PreezHelena Jacoba26 November 1902View
du ToitElizabeth Susanna24 March 1910View
Du ToitMaria MagrietaFebruary 1896View
Du ToitSophia Wilhelmina Du Toit05 October 1896View
du ToitWilhelmina Jacoba1 March 1910View
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