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Surname Names Date of Death View
EdwardsSanna18 April 1905View
EggelaarAndries Johannes Christian04 August 1905View
EiygelaarAlida Hendrika26 April 1908View
EksteinThomas19 July 1899View
EksteinThomas Arnoldus Johannes Louw19 July 1899View
ElsAndrew13 April 1896View
ElsTrien24 June 1900View
EngelbechtGert Cornelis27 December 1895View
EngelbechtGert Cornelis27 December 1895View
EngelbechtGertruida Joziena Schreuder23 July 1896View
EngelbechtJacobus Adrian Albertus06 September 1896View
EngelbechtMaria Jacoba Alida05 May 1896View
Engelbecht14 October 1896View
EngelbrechtAndries Francois09 August 1905View
EngelbrechtAnna04 July 1902View
EngelbrechtAnna Christina11 April 1895View
EngelbrechtAnna Christina11 April 1895View
EngelbrechtChristian Johannes10 July 1900View
EngelbrechtCornelius Johannes15 December 1906View
EngelbrechtDavid Jacobus07 August 1905View
EngelbrechtDina Johanna27 February 1908View
EngelbrechtElsie15 October 1909View
EngelbrechtFrederick 04 September 1898View
EngelbrechtGersina Johanna29 May 1904View
EngelbrechtGert Cornelius03 August 1897View
EngelbrechtGrit24 October 1900View
EngelbrechtHendrik08 April 1902View
EngelbrechtHermanus Jacobus27 April 1907View
EngelbrechtHermias Cornelius28 August 1895View
EngelbrechtJacoba18 January 1895View
EngelbrechtJacoba Johanna Hendrika07 December 1905View
EngelbrechtJan Jacobus Martin02 May 1907View
EngelbrechtJohanna17 December 1900View
EngelbrechtJohanna11 February 1902View
EngelbrechtJohanna19 January 1908View
EngelbrechtJohanna Jacoba06 June 1905View
EngelbrechtJohanna Maria Wilhelmina03 June 1900View
EngelbrechtJohannes Hermanus10 October 1895View
EngelbrechtJohannes Petrus Jacobus09 March 1906View
EngelbrechtJosefina Hendrika28 December 1897View
EngelbrechtJosias Hendrik albertus29 December 1898View
EngelbrechtJozais Hendrik Albertus03 July 1900View
EngelbrechtLena21 November 1899View
EngelbrechtLydia25 April 1909View
EngelbrechtMargarietta03 July 1907View
EngelbrechtMaria14 March 1903View
EngelbrechtMaria Johanna15 August 1908View
EngelbrechtMarie30 January 1898View
EngelbrechtSara08 June 1902View
Engelbrecht25 May 1901View
EngelmanZwart21 January 1906View
EnnisGeorge28 August 1908View
ErasmusHendrik22 February 1906View
Erasmus04 November 1895View
Esau16 April 1895View
EslerJ.02 January 1902View
EsterhuisenGertruida Sophia Johanna17 January 1907View
EsterhuizenJacobus Johannes14 May 1898View
EsterhuizenJakob26 September 1905View
Esterhuizen11 March 1899View
Esterhuysen14 October 1899View
EsterhuyzenPetrus 14 July 1895View
EstherhuizeAnna Maria28 December 1897View
EstherhuizeWillhelmina02 December 1899View
EstherhuizenMaria Elizabeth14 February 1895View
EstherhuizenWillem Johannes31 March 1898View
EvansEva Kaudau24 January 1906View
EvansFrans27 June 1899View
EvansJames25 September 1903View
EvansJames20 April 1904View
EygelaarCornelia Sophia03 March 1904View
EygelaarFredrik Gideon Jacobus04 July 1904View
EygelaarJohannes Petrus Gysbert05 January 1904View
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