Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : F
Surname Names Date of Death View
FantamCornelis13 January 1895View
FarasCatharina23 January 1902View
FarmerDaniel29 June 1901View
FarmerDavid Jacobus21 April 1895View
FarmerFrans21 November 1902View
FarmerJan26 July 1902View
FarmerJohannes09 May 1902View
FarmerMaria24 August 1908View
FarmerSara 18 March 1896View
FaroElizabeth26 July 1908View
FaroFranz03 May 1902View
FaroJoseph16 February 1902View
FaroLena23 July 1899View
FaroMarthinus28 October 1905View
Faro02 November 1900View
Faro Martha26 July 1897View
FarooAndries19 July 1908View
FarqharMary Ann Kent23 January 1903View
FarquharsonMaria Catharina Cornelia19 October 1896View
FarquharsonWilhelmina Christina29 November 1906View
FatunguFilippus15 October 1906View
Feijt06 February 1897View
FelandDina19 April 1908View
FelanerSannah07 January 1904View
Fenel22 June 1899View
FerreiraJohn Joseph01 May 1902View
FicksAnnie 06 March 1902View
FicksAugust David Henry19 August 1908View
FicksDaniel11 August 1906View
FicksDavid28 September 1907View
FicksKatrina05 July 1906View
FicksMartha Johanna26 September 1905View
FicksRegina14 December 1901View
FicksSophia16 December 1906View
FicksterKlaas23 September 1902View
FieMarie17 February 1896View
FilanderGert07 November 1901View
FilanderHendrik05 October 1901View
FilanderSarah07 May 1907View
FinniAnna 09 June 1895View
FiscRagel03 January 1896View
FismerFriederike15 April 1902View
FixAbraham20 June 1904View
FixAbraham20 March 1895View
FixGertruida 14 December 1898View
FixJan14 August 1896View
FixSarah12 October 1903View
FixSophie26 February 1906View
FixTrni Fick17 October 1903View
FixterDragonna23 September 1901View
FlenieTravi30 October 1910View
FlinkAnna02 July 1906View
FlinkMartinis08 August 1896View
Flip20 June 1907View
FloorsDina08 May 1907View
FlotmanLea18 April 1908View
FonteinGert17 February 1905View
FontynFlyn11 February 1903View
FoorsAnna26 June 1909View
FoorsDina19 May 1896View
FortuinAbraham28 May 1897View
FortuinAnna17 September 1902View
FortuinAnna07 June 1910View
FortuinAnna Jacoba29 December 1896View
FortuinArie11 May 1902View
FortuinBarend 13 May 1902View
FortuinCatherina31 March 1900View
FortuinChristian William Albert18 October 1904View
FortuinDaars13 April 1896View
FortuinElizabeth23 November 1907View
FortuinElizabeth5 October 1908View
FortuinFreddie06 December 1906View
FortuinGert08 February 1900View
FortuinGert08 February 1904View
FortuinHans6 December 1909View
FortuinJacobus Christian09 February 1909View
FortuinJan17 January 1904View
FortuinJana25 July 1909View
FortuinJana16 January 1910View
FortuinJantjie27 October 1897View
FortuinKlaas05 June 1901View
FortuinKlaas05 June 1901View
FortuinMagarita01 August 1901View
FortuinMaria14 June 1904View
FortuinNicolaas Johannes25 May 1903View
FortuinSalomo15 August 1906View
FortuinSophia16 July 1903View
Fortuin01 August 1901View
Fortuin09 June 1904View
FortuynPieter02 November 1900View
FosterMaria Elizabeth Henrietta18 January 1907View
FosterMary Helen19 August 1898View
FosterRobert Albert Erasmus William23 April 1910View
FosterRobert George09 April 1895View
FransmanAndries24 November 1903View
FransmanAndries06 August 1905View
FransmanAnna14 October 1904View
FransmanBarend17 November 1902View
FransmanBarend27 September 1903View
FransmanBarend26 July 1907View
FransmanBarend22 November 1908View
FransmanBarend18 April 1899View
FransmanCatherina female19 May 1906View
FransmanChristina13 September 1900View
FransmanCornelia04 March 1907View
FransmanGert13 March 1900View
FransmanGert21 July 1900View
FransmanGert25 December 1903View
FransmanGriet09 October 1896View
FransmanHendrika14 November 1909View
FransmanJacob17 January 1899View
FransmanJan19 March 1910View
FransmanJantje Paulus05 December 1901View
FransmanLeah16 July 1907View
FransmanLeir25 May 1908View
FransmanMagrieta16 November 1899View
FransmanMargareta12 March 1898View
FransmanMaria Magdalena17 July 1905View
FransmanSanna18 June 1905View
FransmanSanna03 September 1898View
FransmanStyn27 June 1909View
FransmanTrein21 April 1907View
FransmanZacharias01 December 1907View
FranzAnna25 August 1902View
FranzRosette01 October 1902View
FranzmanCornelia10 October 1907View
FranzmanDinah07 June 1903View
FranzmanDinah31 July 1910View
FranzmanElizabeth25 May 1905View
FranzmanEngste05 April 1902View
FranzmanFeitje06 March 1896View
FranzmanGertrude24 January 1903View
FranzmanJan18 May 1903View
FranzmanJan22 April 1906View
FranzmanJan22 April 1906View
FranzmanJanetje31 March 1902View
FranzmanKatrina28 April 1905View
FranzmanLewis19 February 1908View
FranzmanMagrita11 October 1902View
FranzmanMietje28 September 1902View
FranzmanPeter06 April 1902View
FranzmanPetrus04 April 1896View
FranzmanRachel02 December 1909View
FranzmanRegina13 March 1908View
Franzman22 January 1903View
FrederickJantje28 February 1902View
FredericksLena10 December 1902View
FredericksMartha Gertruida23 December 1910View
FrederiksRosina16 February 1903View
FrederikseHendrik15 September 1899View
Fredriks29 May 1905View
FreemdebokPiet08 August 1899View
FryerCharles Montagu30 June 1901View
FryerRichard Charles13 November 1900View
FytCoenrat Hendrik Johannis26 April 1901View
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