Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : G
Surname Names Date of Death View
GabrielNicolaas Jakobus14 March 1909View
GabrielsJohanna01 June 1900View
GalandJoseph17 December 1907View
GalantKatrina20 February 1902View
GalantVittoria8 March 1910View
GaljatRachel5 September 1908View
Galjat3 July 1908View
GaringGert01 June 1896View
Gassie10 July 1907View
GassilGriet27 August 1907View
GeduldWillem13 October 1898View
GedultLeah16 February 1901View
GedultWillem02 May 1896View
GeeringJan14 June 1906View
GeeringJohn17 February 1906View
GeetKaatje20 November 1901View
GelandAlida25 January 1903View
GenetzaAnna Elizabeth18 November 1897View
GeorgKaatje12 March 1900View
Georg Antje27 October 1897View
GeorgeBetje06 March 1909View
GeorgeDavid06 March 1902View
GeorgeJan08 September 1898View
GeorgeKlara07 February 1898View
GeorgeRegina12 December 1899View
GerbranaGertruyda15 October 1905View
Gering19 June 1902View
GeustynCatharina Johanna Petronella Cornelia18 August 1908View
GeustynJacobus20 July 19807View
GiereChristina12 March 1899View
GijsmanNettie19 June 1902View
GoedemanAndries13 March 1899View
GoedemanAnna13 May 1902View
GoedemanFeilda06 August 1902View
GoedemanGert24 October 1910View
GoedemanLea03 September 1905View
GoedemanLys Joan ??07 September 1900View
GoedemanRosie23 November 1908View
GoedemanYanye08 September 1905View
Goedeman14 December 1904View
GoedemansGert23 August 1895View
GoedemansMaria24 August 1895View
GoedmanJantje23 March 1901View
GoeimanJan04 February 1898View
GoeimanSara11 May 1902View
Goeiman20 May 1904View
Goeiman20 May 1904View
GoesElizabeth17 May 1901View
GoesElizabeth08 October 1901View
GoesEls 16 June 1901View
GoesKlaas11 August 1906View
Goes02 December 1896View
Goes Catharina28 December 1902View
GoliadCarel26 December 1906View
GoliatAndries4 January 1908View
GoliathHanna16 April 1910View
GoliathJan29 November 1910View
GoliathJan09 November 1896View
GoliathLeitjie08 May 1897View
GoliathLetje17 February 1902View
GoliathLys24 July 1886View
GoncalesJose23 March 1896View
GooimanAndries America01 March 1906View
GooimanTrein25 November 1906View
GooseAnna27 February 1902View
GooseAnna27 February 1902View
GormanCarolus02 March 1904View
GouseheJacoba25 NovemberView
GredemanSara06 March 1909View
GreefAngela Elizabeth08 March 1903View
GreefSarah17 March 1902View
GreeffSusana Elizabeth 1 January 1910View
Griad?Abraham05 November 1907View
GriefKoos09 June 1902View
GroveIrene Matilda21 June 1905View
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Please note that every record is transcribed exactly as is. If any surnames, farm names or causes of death are wrong please feel free to contact me with corrections.