Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : H
Surname Names Date of Death View
HagenMaria Jacoba03 November 1895View
HammanWillem05 August 1910View
HanavenClaas04 January 1903View
HanekomAlbertus Johannes20 October 1903View
HanekomAlbertus Johannes11 October 1905View
HanekomAnna20 February 1907View
HanekomCatherina28 July 1909View
HanekomChristiaan8 February 1908View
HanekomChristian22 December 1907View
HanekomCornelus03 February 1899View
HanekomDaniel Jacobus Basson27 October 1901View
HanekomElias26 March 1905View
HanekomJohannes13 March 1904View
HanekomJohannes29 March 1905View
HanekomMaria23 March 1902View
HanekomMatheus20 December 1907View
HanekomMatthaeus25 September 1899View
HanekomWillem05 March 1909View
HanekomWilliem24 April1900View
Hanekom17 November 1907View
HannekomMagaritha02 January 1898View
HansChristian25 April 1902View
HardyEdgar Bradfield19 January 1904View
HardyJohn07 November 1903View
Hart17 November 1901View
HawkinsWilliam Hendrik21 November 1902View
HaynesPetrus Jurgen03 October 1903View
HecktorTruitje4 July 1908View
HectorAndries04 April 1902View
HectorMaria29 March 1908View
HectorMarie16 April 1902View
HectorSeptember16 March 1902View
HeinAne3 August 1908View
HeinElizabeth Hein27 June 1897View
HeinElizabeth Hein27 June 1897View
HeinFrederick13 August 1902View
HeinJohanna22 November 1905View
HeinLela06 September 1910View
HeinMargrita03 December 1902View
HeinMartha Maria14 September 1904View
HeinMarthinus22 March 1900View
HeinPetrus27 August 1904View
HeinSama24 July 1909View
HeinStephannus27 May 1905View
HeinTities11 November 1902View
HeinWillem13 December 1909View
HeinWillem21 December 1909View
HelderLys09 October 1895View
HellJohn 22 May 1902View
HenderiksGert21 July 1904View
HendricksAnna14 November 1907View
HendricksCatharina02 December 1906View
HendricksDavid05 March 1903View
HendricksElizabeth11 May 1904View
HendricksHanna25 July 1902View
HendricksKatrina11 June 1902View
HendricksMaria 17 February 1902View
HendricksMartha 14 April 1902View
HendricksPetronella23 May 1906View
HendricksPetrus31 October 1897View
HendricksPiet1 December 1909View
HendricksSophia01 OctoberView
HendricksThomas20 August 1906View
Hendricks16 June 1902View
HendrickseBarend07 August 1905View
HendriksAnetta19 February 1905View
HendriksAnna30 August 1897View
HendriksAnna Gertruida21 May 1909View
HendriksElizabeth Maria25 January 1907View
HendriksHenry12 May 1899View
HendriksJan23 July 1899View
HendriksJohanna06 November 1907View
HendriksPaulina28 October 1909View
HendriksThomas26 January 1900View
HendriksThomas25 October 1901View
HendrikseJohn William Fortuin13 February 1907View
HeneredsEva06 January 1902View
HennesseyJames23 June 1902View
HerenceMarie11 March 1897View
HerendsEva23 January 1907View
HerendsMartha23 November 1905View
HeselmanMietje Maria28 February 1904View
HesselmanJan24 June 1902View
Hesselman05 August 1905View
HessilmanBooi30 July 1901View
HeynBooi10 August 1901View
HeynHans09 August 1895View
Heyns09 August 1896View
HockhuisMargrita09 July 1903View
HorwitzEllis23 March 1901View
HoughAdriaan Jacobus31 October 1902View
HoughAndries Jacobus26 August 1907View
HoughAnna Aletta09 October 1895View
HoughCatarina Jacoba Frederica25 April 1898View
HoughChristina29 April 1908View
HoughElizabeth Susanna23 October 1902View
HoughElizabeth Susanna23 October 1902View
HoughJacobus Petrus29 April 1904View
HoughJoagen Petrus28 February 1899View
HoughMaria Susanna13 May 1910View
HoughZaanman Hermanis25 December 1903View
Hough25 July 1910View
Hough14 July 1898View
HugoLaurence Viljoen23 July 1908View
HugoLourens Viljoen19 February 1905View
HuisamenCornelia Johanna Wilhelmina14 December 1901View
Huisamen21 May 1910View
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