Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : J
Surname Names Date of Death View
JaapJacob25 October 1909View
JaarsFrederik29 February 1901View
JaarsFreni27 June 1897View
JaarsMaria05 August 1902View
Jaars13 June 1902View
Jaars17 December 1897View
JachterEls09 December 1896View
JachterJohannes09 December 1896View
JackElizabeth27 December 1898View
JacobsAndries22 March 1901View
JacobsDaars25 February 1898View
JacobsDaars27 February 1898View
JacobsEls 07 November 1898View
JacobsGert02 October 1902View
JacobsMaria09 October 1902View
JacobusHendrik24 April 1897View
JacobusTimothie28 January 1897View
JacobusWillem29 March 1898View
JaftaCarolus11 January 1899View
JaftaJuly09 April 1909View
Jafta Carolus23 February 1897View
JafthaEls21 March 1897View
JagersElsie20 May 1902View
JagersGert13 December 1899View
JagersJan16 January 1897View
JagersJan Visagie20 February 1903View
JagersJan Visagie20 February 1903View
JagersJohannes01 March 1903View
JagersKaatje09 May 1898View
JagersKatje09 May 1901View
JampoeWillem06 July 1909View
JannetjesSarah31 December 1901View
JannewarieJan05 December 1906View
JannewarieOerzon20 April 1907View
JantiesAbraham13 February 1899View
JantjesBeth22 December 1904View
JantjesCatharina28 July 1908View
JantjesCatharina Jordina18 October 1898View
JantjesFielda05 September 1897View
JantjesGert24 April 1902View
JantjesGertruida Brikwa14 November 1908View
JantjesHendrik15 August 1897View
JantjesHendrik17 July 1896View
JantjesJacobus04 July 1899View
JantjesJakob27 July 1896View
JantjesJantje15 July 1910View
JantjesKatrina28 April 1908View
JantjesKatrina14 October 1909View
JantjesKlaas03 February 1904View
JantjesKlaas05 November 1898View
JantjesKoos22 August 1907View
JantjesLena09 November 1902View
JantjesMinnie02 April 1905View
JantjesNellie08 May 1909View
JantjesPiet25 May 1902View
JantjesRachel22 February 1909View
JantjesSarah11 March 1902View
Jantjes12 February 1900View
Jantjes04 July 1907View
Jantjes5 February 1908View
JantjiesChristina Peers03 June 1896View
JantjiesHelena Margarita Janeta12 February 1895View
JantjiesPiet 31 July 1896View
Januari22 November 1901View
JanuarieAnna26 March 1910View
JanuarieJana20 September 1905View
JanuarieMaria27 August 1910View
JanuarieMaria Helena20 December 1910View
JanuaryElizabeth27 June 1907View
JanuaryElsie04 October 1897View
JanuaryFrans15 September 1901View
JanuaryGeertruida23 July 1902View
JanuaryHelena22 February 1897View
JanuaryHendrica02 December 1900View
JanuaryLea06 March 1900View
JanuaryLea18 March 1909View
JanuaryMina18 June 1902View
JanuaryOrson24 December 1900View
January17 October 1896View
JaqrroAndries26 December 1899View
JasWilliam22 March 1902View
JazefCatharina20 October 1897View
JenkinsElsie18 February 1904View
JikDavid24 March 1899View
JobertBetta21 March 1909View
JoersHelena Wilhelmina13 July 1907View
JoersHester26 November 1907View
JoersKaatze04 December 1895View
JohannesCatherina13 August 1897View
JohannesGeorge Peresh23 June 1901View
JohannesJacobus09 October 1897View
JohannesLydia15 April 1903View
John15 September 1902View
JohnsonBeatrice Draper06 January 1907View
JohnsonMay Draper21 March 1907View
Jon Johannes07 September 1905View
JonasKlaas18 March 1898View
JonasWilliam22 April 1902View
JonkerKaatje19 November 1896View
JonkerKoos19 March 1909View
JonkerMartinus12 August 1908View
JonkerMietje05 April 1900View
JonkerMietje06 April 1905View
JoonScherp05 October 1902View
JoontjesBooi22 June 1897View
JordanGeorge01 February 1902View
JordanHerbert Green28 August 1910View
JosefAnna24 November 1902View
JosefsSara17 September 1901View
JosephJan02 November 1907View
JosephJohannes18 August 1900View
Joseph Jafta12 May 1908View
Josop26 April 1899View
JoubertCarlus22 June 1909View
JoubertGriet16 January 1909View
JoubertHelena11 November 1910View
JoubertKlaas28 December 1899View
Joubert26 September 1901View
JozefMaria 27 June 1895View
JozefWilhelmina05 January 1905View
JozefsJozef28 February 1899View
JukOctober03 January 1902View
JulieAntje15 August 1902View
JulieJanetje01 August 1902View
JulieTrijn08 October 1909View
Julie21 July 1902View
JuliesAntje09 July 1910View
JulyAbraham03 August 1903View
JulyAnna13 July 1908View
JulyFeitje14 March 1908View
JulyFeitje14 March 1908View
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