Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : K
Surname Names Date of Death View
KaatjesJohanna24 July 1901View
KafferFielda29 March 1897View
KafferGert01 March 1897View
KafferJan24 June 1900View
KafferJan03 January 1906View
KafferJantje21 February 1899View
KafferLena10 June 1906View
KafferLena07 July 1906View
KaffiaJan10 October 1897View
KaffirEdria07 June 1899View
KaffirFrelda16 August 1903View
KaffirGert28 August 1910View
KaffirJacob06 November 1904View
KaffirJacob16 March 1896View
KaffirJan15 November 1907View
KaffirKlaas07 August 1901View
KaffirLyah26 October 1898View
KaffirLys01 August 1901View
KaffirLys02 October 1903View
KaffirSara29 November 1901View
KaffirVytje17 February 1899View
KaffirWillem10 November 1903View
Kaffir12 June 1897View
Kaffir Dina24 June 1908View
Kaffir Johannes2 April 1908View
Kaffir 10 June 1908View
KafverSallomon27 May 1903View
KaindaAnna 12 January 1898View
KaindaMartha24 March 1900View
KalagenSchalk02 September 1897View
KamalieAnna08 February 1900View
KamalieTobias08 November 1901View
KambiesWillem26 March 1905View
KamferAdam07 June 1899View
KamferAnna27 August 1898View
KamferChristian25 September 1901View
KamferFranz16 February 1897View
KamferGert03 July 1904View
KamferKatrina3 March 1908View
KamferKatrina3 March 1908View
KamferMary28 February 1901View
KamferSalmon17 March 1910View
KamferSara14 October 1901View
KamferSara15 December 1906View
KamferSara02 August 1897View
KamiesJan21 March 1902View
KamiesMargarita Leah11 December 1906View
Kamies11 October 1908View
Kamies21 October 1908View
KamisKaetje06 August 1897View
KamolieLeah15 August 1904View
KamolinFranz24 February 1905View
KapteinHans22 September 1904View
KardusJakob19 December 1907View
KarmiesElse12 July 1903View
KarolesMagrieta02 September 1898View
KarolusAndries18 May 1899View
KarolusCupido22 February 1898View
KarolusDourie29 March 1910View
KarolusGriet10 June 1899View
KarolusIzaak10 April 1899View
KarolusJina25 July 1899View
KarolusMina Maria Gearge Vroeger27 October 1897View
KaroolsHector25 January 1907View
KarstenAlida Elizabeth26 January 1896View
KeesSophia15 July 1895View
KeizerMiena20 November 1895View
KeniJohanna23 January 1905View
KibidoAdam24 February 1905View
KibidoJohannes13 July 1905View
KibidoRachel17 July 1904View
KiegelandAbraham22 September 1906View
KiegelandAbraham26 April 1907View
KiewedoMaria20 September 1907View
KinaAdriaan15 June 1897View
KinaDorothea23 February 1898View
KinaGertruida08 July 1895View
KinckerKoos11 May 1899View
KinvedoWillem09 December 1897View
KippieIderie11 December 1909View
KippieLeath17 February 1907View
KippooJederies21 November 1910View
KiridomRachel26 June 1902View
KittenLouisa09 April 1909View
KividoAnna10 July 1902View
KividoSara 02 March 1902View
KiwidsWillem Andrieas08 June 1909View
KlaasAlec27 October 1902View
KlaasJan25 October 1902View
KlaasJulies25 October 1902View
KlaaseDirk30 June 1902View
KlaaseEls07 May 1900View
KlaaseKlaas04 November 1909View
KlaaseWillem03 July 1909View
Klaase Lys21 May 1898View
KlaasenCatharina05 November 1899View
KlaasenJan19 November 1901View
KlaasenJantje21 December 1897View
KlaasenKlaasina Henrietta Johanna Cornelia03 January 1897View
KlaasenLord27 July 1897View
KlaasenMaria25 February 1898View
KlaasenRoos16 October 1899View
KlaseAnna08 May 1910View
KlaseGert28 December 1903View
KlaseKlara21 October 1902View
KlasenAnna01 November 1900View
KlasenSophie13 April 1905View
KlassePaul17 June 1905View
Klasse08 March 1901View
KlassenDirk02 January 1897View
KlassenJohanna19 August 1902View
KlassenJohannes12 May 1902View
KlassenMietje24 May 1907View
KlassenSimon11 March 1908View
Klassen29 December 1906View
Klassen26 August 1899View
KleinAndries Jacobus28 August 1901View
KleinVictoria17 July 1901View
KloutieMargreta14 June 1897View
KluteDirk26 April 1896View
KobusAndreas23 February 1897View
KobusChristina21 May 1902View
KobusElizabeth15 March 1908View
KobusFakol10 June 1900View
KockLys11 June 1898View
KockWilliam12 January 1904View
KoegelenbergAnilbrecht25 June 1895View
KoegelenbergElizabeth Huibreg Geezie Johanna17 April 1899View
KoegelenbergGideon Frederik27 November 1907View
KoegelenbergHubrecht Elizabeth06 February 1903View
KoegelenbergHubrecht Elizabeth06 February 1903View
KoegelenbergHuiberg Gesie Catharina15 January 1895View
KoegelenbergJakobus05 December 1896View
KoegelenbergJosias Johannes Albertus13 June 1900View
KoegelenbergKatrina20 November 1907View
KoegelenbergMartha Sophia Catrina27 May 1903View
KoekatieDiena27 May 1904View
KoekatieKoos05 January 1904View
KoeratieHanna04 January 1905View
KoetieJakobus11 December 1906View
KohertaChristian29 September 1901View
KohertaChristian16 September 1909View
KohertaJohannes7 January 1908View
KohertaRosina11 February 1904View
KohertaSara06 March 1897View
KokJan28 May 1905View
KokTys09 February 1902View
KooitjeTruntije29 May 1905View
KoopmanAantje5 January 1908View
KoopmanAbraham27 December 1906View
KoopmanAbram20 June 1904View
KoopmanAbramina Hildegard Eleanor31 January 1897View
KoopmanAletta Koopman06 July 1897View
KoopmanAndreas25 January 1900View
KoopmanAndries06 June 1897View
KoopmanAndries Christiaan22 November 1896View
KoopmanAnna06 July 1904View
KoopmanAnna13 August 1898View
KoopmanAnna Petro ??05 August 1896View
KoopmanAnnie Maria26 January 1902View
KoopmanBarend04 December 1909View
KoopmanBarend03 January 1897View
KoopmanBarend Jacobus09 December 1896View
KoopmanBerend09 December 1896View
KoopmanCarel Stefanus22 May 1895View
KoopmanCatherine17 April 1902View
KoopmanChristiaan21 April 1899View
KoopmanChristian23 August 1902View
KoopmanChristjan20 November 1899View
KoopmanDavid22 May 1903View
KoopmanDavid21 April 1896View
KoopmanDavid 09 February 1896View
KoopmanFlora03 June 1902View
KoopmanFlora14 December 1910View
KoopmanFortuin02 September 1905View
KoopmanFrederika29 May 1899View
KoopmanGert20 August 1901View
KoopmanGert Jacobus 30 November 1896View
KoopmanGert M6 June 1908View
KoopmanGertruida8 February 1910View
KoopmanGertruida 30 September 1896View
KoopmanGertuida15 June 1896View
KoopmanGriet29 June 1897View
KoopmanHans29 March 1899View
KoopmanJacob20 March 1907View
KoopmanJakobus Andreas29 December1909View
KoopmanJohanna17 September 1902View
KoopmanJohanna03 December 1896View
KoopmanJohannes12 May 1903View
KoopmanJohannes29 August 1905View
KoopmanJohn Benjamin02 February 1904View
KoopmanKarolus12 April 1900View
KoopmanKlaas29 April 1899View
KoopmanLeah02 June 1907View
KoopmanLena06 December 1910View
KoopmanLodewyk07 November 1897View
KoopmanMagdelena31 July 1904View
KoopmanMargrieta04 April 1900View
KoopmanMargrieta14 September 1895View
KoopmanMargrieta29 April 1895View
KoopmanMaria15 February 1904View
KoopmanMaria25 April 1899View
KoopmanMaria Elizabeth01 January 1903View
KoopmanMichiel22 May 1903View
KoopmanPaul05 May 1903View
KoopmanRachel30 December 1897View
KoopmanSanna18 March 1898View
KoopmanSara15 December 1908View
KoopmanSarah19 May 1903View
KoopmanSarah19 May 1903View
KoopmanSofia03 August 1898View
KoopmanSophia01 March 1895View
KoopmanWillem02 November 1902View
KoopmanWillem3 October 1908View
KoopmanWillemina21 October 1905View
Koopman21 May 1905View
KoopstadtAlida14 January 1895View
KoopstadtDaniel11 January 1900View
KoopstadtDaniel11 January 1900View
KoordamCatharina20 April 1910View
KoordomHans10 May 1899View
Koordoms14 June 1895View
Koordoms14 June 1895View
KoosMaria08 August 1902View
KoosTroon10 August 1902View
Koos Willem02 October 1901View
KooseHendrick Daniels Jacobus20 October 1906View
KootjesCatrina30 June 1904View
KootjesGriet26 December 1903View
KootjesMias20 June 1900View
KoppiesAnna26 March 1901View
KoppiesHermanus06 November 1901View
KoppiesJacoba22 October 1905View
KoppiesMaria20 September 1906View
KoraRachel09 June 1895View
KorarsWillem11 July 1897View
KorasieAdrian15 October 1895View
KorblisFarao07 April 1903View
KordomAmelia19 April 1903View
KotjesKatrina07 August 1899View
KotjesKatrina07 August 1899View
KotzeAdriaan11 January 1898View
KotzeAnna Gejsberta01 May 1910View
KotzeBerendina Johanna16 September 1906View
KotzeConrad Johannes Petrus20 July 1907View
KotzeDirk Johannes19 July 1903View
KotzeFloris Johannes26 March 1905View
KotzeFrederick16 June 1905View
KotzeFrederik Hendrik Gideon22 December 1908View
KotzeHilda Mary13 April 1906View
KotzeHilda Mary19 June 1908View
KotzeJ 01 June 1910View
KotzeJacob01 June 1910View
KotzeJacobus Adoljan10 December 1902View
KotzeJohannes04 March 1902View
KotzeMaaitje Johanna Helena19 August 1909View
KotzeMaria Dorothea Margaretha26 September 1909View
KotzeMaria Katrina18 April 1903View
KotzeMartha Maria09 April 1905View
KotzePetrus John David30 January 1895View
Kotze26 September 1908View
Kotze09 March 1896View
KotzeeDavid02 September 1909View
KotzeeDavid02 September 1909View
Kotzee22 March 1908View
KriegerKlaas26 July 1895View
KriegerMagdalena10 August 1899View
KriegerStoffel15 February 1905View
KrokadeerSchalk05 November 1906View
KrokodelGert02 May 1902View
KrokodelLys16 April 1902View
KrokodelMietje23 April 1902View
KrompMaria31 March 1902View
KroonMaria17 July 1903View
KrugerAlewyn Johannes09 November 1896View
KrugerAlida Johanna Willemina22 October 1896View
KrugerEmily Francis25 September 1899View
KrugerKlaas21 July 1895View
KugelNooi18 January 1895View
KupidoDebra08 October 1903View
KupidoGeertruida08 June 1899View
KuttiChristian29 July 1895View
KuttiJacobus30 June 1895View
KuttiPetrus19 December 1905View
KysterSarah20 January 1902View
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