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Surname Names Date of Death View
LabarAdam21 January 1902View
LaingFelip Daneel18 February 1906View
LaingWilliam John19 February 1905View
LambertPiet12 August 1902View
LambertThoz 15 October 1900View
LambrechtsHendrik Oosterwall27 January 1901View
Landberg11 August 1896View
LandsmanLouisa17 December 1906View
LangAbram Albertus18 June 1904View
LansbergJean Lewis13 September 1903View
LaubscherJacob Adrian25 November 1897View
Le Kus?Katarina15 June 1898View
le RouxDaniel Bartolomeas18 November 1908View
LeeuwHansje22 April 1906View
LeipoldtAnna Meta Christiana24 November 1903View
LenertJantje19 May 1895View
LennertAdoniea04 February 1903View
LeonardMartha31 July 1910View
LeslieAgnes Mary03 October 1896View
LewiesMaria23 September 1900View
LewisAndreas16 September 1910View
LewisBooi05 February 1905View
LewisDirk14 June 1896View
LewisJohannis19 April 1902View
LewisLena19 June 1902View
LewisSana06 December 1902View
LewisTitus28 September 1899View
LimmersJafta24 September 1898View
LindnaarAndries10 April 1902View
LindnaarAndries10 April 1902View
LingsSophia02 June 1907View
LinksKoos20 May 1902View
LinksLena21 August 1909View
LinnertTrien06 December 1899View
LodewykSara27 March 1902View
LofKatrina05 March 1902View
Loff19 June 1906View
LombergHeiling Gesie Catharina ??15 January 1895View
LombergHelena29 October 1898View
LomoHelena Alberta Hendrika02 May 1900View
LordAnnie27 March 1902View
LordSama03 March 1897View
Lord05 September 1905View
Lotter Johannes Francois26 February 1901View
LoubscherJosias Van Zyl04 August 1896View
LouisAnna20 November 1910View
LouiseBenjamin15 March 1906View
LousHannah Johanna6 September 1908View
LouwCatharina Johanna Martinetta10 September 1908View
LouwDirk Johannes30 October 1906View
LouwElizabeth Johanna2? July 1906View
LouwGeesie Maria Petronella30 June 1910View
LouwGerrit Josias07 September 1895View
LouwGerrit Josins21 April 1904View
LouwGesina Maria Jacoba14 October 1895View
LouwHermanus22 December 1903View
LouwHermias Cornelius29 September 1895View
LouwJacoba Margauritta24 June 1907View
LouwJan Siegel22 June 1902View
LouwJohannes Wynand22 October 1903View
LouwJosias Jacobus08 March 1905View
LouwJosias Jacobus30 February 1906View
LouwJosias Jacobus30 February 1906View
LouwMaria Petronella23 September 1902View
LouwMartha Wilhelmina20 December 1903View
LouwMartha Wilhelmina29 December 1903View
LouwSara Jacoba Debora14 March 1896View
LouwVelrus Andries27 February 1899View
Louw20 October 1906View
Louw03 June 1898View
LoveEdward13 September 1898View
LoveWilliam03 April 1900View
Love29 March 1898View
LovemberElizabet 22 October 1898View
LowiesHendrik15 June 1906View
LubbeAnn Jacoba Willmina03 JuneView
LubbeAnna Magdalena Louise28 January 1906View
LubbeBurend Fredrik15 December 1907View
LubbeBurend Fredrik15 December 1907View
LubbeCarel Chrispan23 December 1903View
LubbeElizabeth Maria10 September 1903View
LubbeElsie Dorethia Gertruda27 November 1909View
LubbeGerbreg Johanna Christina20 August 1899View
LubbeHester Helena13 February 1903View
LubbeHester Johanna Maria19 May 1899View
LubbeHester Susanna Sophia09 June 1907View
LubbeJohanna Maria05 August 1903View
LubbeJohanna Wilmina04 March 1905View
LubbeJohannes Hendrik6 August 1908View
LubbeWillem Jacobus Petiers27 May 1907View
LucasLeah06 July 1897View
LucasLucas27 March 1897View
LucasPieter18 February 1905View
LuddikMaria03 July 1907View
LudickLeah13 August 1909View
LudikAnna Johanna03 August 1899View
LudikHanna13 January 1897View
LudikHanna30 January 1897View
LudikJohanna17 October 1899View
Ludo Izaak29 October 1902View
LudokChristian25 March 1902View
LudokJohanna20 May 1908View
LudowickEls 16 October 1902View
LudowickJohannes31 October 1902View
LukasJanetje27 April 1898View
LukasTrooitje03 March 1909View
LunsAmalia28 April 1905View
LunsFrederik07 April 1905View
LunsJohannes19 December 1903View
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