Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : M
Surname Names Date of Death View
MaagermanCarolus17 October 1896View
MaarmanAndrew20 September 1904View
MaarmanBella17 July 1895View
MaarmanEls17 August 1903View
MaarmanJantje21 February 1910View
MaarmanTielman24 July 1900View
MaarmenBella17 July 1895View
MaasChristina Maria Katharine22 April 1895View
MagapanJacob17 February 1897View
MagermanCatharine07 June 1906View
MagermanDirk13 August 1898View
MagermanDirk13 August 1898View
MagermanEls19 September 1897View
MagermanEsther01 July 1902View
MagermanEunice26 April 1899View
MagermanFeitje21 June 1902View
MagermanGert13 July 1901View
MagermanGert06 March 1902View
MagermanGriet19 May 1902View
MagermanGriet01 June 1898View
MagermanHagelman28 March 1900View
MagermanJacob14 October 1905View
MagermanJannetje07 June 1910View
MagermanKatrina06 March 1902View
MagermanKlass22 November 1905View
MagermanLeetje03 December 1898View
MagermanLena02 April 1901View
MagermanLys06 April 1902View
MagermanLys19 July 1904View
MagermanMaria15 June 1906View
MagermanPalle08 March 1899View
MagermanPaul20 March 1906View
MagermanPaul15 December 1899View
MagermanPiet13 July 1899View
MagermanSara16 January 1903View
MagermanSara25 June 1906View
MagermanSophia01 September 1909View
MagermanTeitje12 May 1899View
MagermanTrooi25 January 1898View
Magerman03 November 1900View
Magerman31 December 1896View
MagesmanKatje13 November 1903View
MagoorMagerman22 June 1895View
MagoorMarthinus22 May 1897View
MagsonGert Gustav22 July 1901View
MakapanAbraham21 November 1908View
MalbaarCornelus25 January 1899View
MalgasRegina31 July 1897View
MalherbeAnna Aletha04 July 1900View
MammozenChristian Franz Antonio14 September 1905View
MammozserElsie Sophia17 March 1904View
ManelFlorina Susanna24 April 1905View
ManelGert01 February 1903View
ManelKatrina06 September 1903View
ManelLena28 January 1909View
ManelMargrita04 June 1902View
ManelMaria Wilhelmina23 April 1910View
ManelRagel07 July 1899View
ManelVittoria10 March 1904View
ManelWilliam06 February 1900View
ManelWilliam03 March 1907View
ManelZara Wilhelmina29 September 1898View
Manel08 July 1899View
Manel Francis26 November 1895View
ManellHendrik16 November 1895View
ManellPretori12 October 1897View
ManeveldMaaitje14 October 1903View
ManielJan07 November 1904View
MannewilKoos27 November 1906View
MantorElizabeth13 March 1904View
ManuelAdonis06 March 1901View
ManuelHester03 September 1909View
ManuelMargriete07 December 1904View
MaraisAbraham Johannes16 May 1909View
MaraisAnna Elizabeth Christina02 June 1907View
MaraisElizabeth Margaretha Ellen4 July 1908View
MaraisGertruida Christina Loutrina02 May 1898View
MaraisHennies Cornelius11 April 1898View
MaraisIzak Hendrik Jacobus02 January 1896View
MaraisJacobus Johannes07 May 1905View
MaraisJosias Hendrik Albertus05 December 1903View
MarchantWalter Lightfoot06 July 1899View
MariaJanetta02 February 1903View
MariasAnna Elizabeth Christina17 June 1907View
MarmanBarend Gert17 April 1907View
MarmanPeiter21 February 1898View
MarmonMartins16 September 1902View
MaroomJanetjie26 October 1899View
MarsLea25 June 1909View
MarthinusCatharina02 July 1898View
MarthinusKoos25 March 1898View
MartinusAnna25 April 1898View
MartinusFlora07 July 1904View
MassentGertruida04 February 1909View
MassonCarolus13 November 1902View
MattheusPetrus06 July 1910View
MatthysLeonard28 November 1901View
MazentGertruida Elizabet12 February 1909View
Mc MahonBridget Josephine Maria24 March 1907View
McGearyGeorge03 March 1902View
McMahonHester Celia13 November 1909View
McMahonHester CeliaView
McMahonMartha Jacoba05 September 1896View
McPhersonThomas12 June 1897View
MeiAnna01 May 1900View
MeiChristina20 August 1899View
MeiFrederick22 November 1902View
MeiJan05 April 1902View
MeiKarel26 July 1907View
MeiKarel25 December 1909View
MeiPetrus12 June 1904View
Meijan19 July 1897View
MeintjesTruy21 April 1903View
MeitjesTrintje16 December 1907View
MentoorFrans13 June 1909View
MentoorMartha12 September 1902View
MentoorMartha15 October 1907View
MentoorSeptember24 September 1910View
MentoorSteve12 November 1909View
MentootIzaak08 August 1899View
MentorAnna Johanna03 February 1896View
MentorDaniel27 February 1899View
MentorDorothea06 July 1901View
MentorFrederik09 September 1897View
MentorGertruida05 March 1897View
MentorJacob16 July 1897View
MentorJakobus23 November 1898View
MentorJohanna13 August 1905View
MentorKatrina09 June 1902View
MentorMartha 04 August 1898View
MentorNathaniel05 December 1896View
MentorSteven08 November 1896View
MessentGert19 June 1902View
MeyersMaria27 October 1897View
MezentGert Julies16 May 1896View
MichelSanna17 March 1902View
MichelSanna17 March 1902View
MichielAgiels24 June 1902View
MichielAndries22 September 1902View
MichielAndries22 September 1902View
MichielTroy09 July 1902View
MintoorSebina05 November 1905View
MintorHendrik10 March 1906View
MintorLena22 March 1906View
MoliesLeenkie04 December 1896View
MoliesLeenkie04 December 1896View
MolliesHendrika08 February 1901View
MolliesLijs13 December 1907View
MoloneuxKeero18 February 1902View
MoutonAbraham Albertus11 July 1897View
MoutonAndries09 December 1902View
MoutonAndries05 October 1896View
MoutonBarend21 January 1895View
MoutonBarend Andries18 June 1907View
MoutonBarent Aandries02 December 1903View
MoutonCarolina Elizabeth14 September 1906View
MoutonChristiaan Johanis29 April 1898View
MoutonChristian Jacobus Johannes21 July 1897View
MoutonGert Johannes26 July 1897View
MoutonHester Helena Sophia09 February 1897View
MoutonJohannes Paulus21 June 1909View
MoutonJohannes Petrus Paulus06 September 1897View
MoutonMaatji Wilhelemina01 August 1897View
MoutonMartha Helena04 July 1896View
MoutonMartha Sophia15 June 1907View
MoutonPaul Willem25 January 1910View
MoutonPetrus Johannes24 November 1903View
MoutonPieter19 January 1906View
MoutonPieter19 January 1906View
MoutonStephanus Christiaan08 March 1909View
MoutonWillem27 January 1903View
MoutonWillem Johannes28 May 1910View
Mouton29 April 1903View
Mouton30 April 1903View
Mozes01 January 1896View
MullerAbraham29 May 1897View
MullerAnna02 November 1899View
MullerAnna Johanna Christina23 December 1902View
MullerAnna Johanna Christina09 December 1903View
MullerCatharina Wilmina Fransina06 May 1905View
MullerElizabeth Caterina Petronella13 May 1905View
MullerFlora10 February 1899View
MullerFredrika Jocoba Willimina23 June 1905View
MullerHanna11 April 1897View
MullerHans18 November 1909View
MullerHendrik Jacobus18 February 1903View
MullerJan06 December 1900View
MullerJasper Johannes08 July 1907View
MullerJohanna Isabella20 November 1898View
MullerLena16 January 1909View
MullerPaulus Jahannes10 December 1902View
MullerSarah18 December 1901View
MullerSina05 October 1901View
MullerSophia27 February 1902View
MullerStefanus10 October 1896View
MullerWilhelmina Christina20 August 1910View
MundieJohanna13 December 1902View
MunelCatharina27 December 1899View
MyburghHelena 14 October 1896View
MyburghJohanna Karlina Maria31 July 1899View
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