Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : N
Surname Names Date of Death View
Natan ?Salomo03 April 1898View
NathanDe Mas16 October 1903View
NathanFlora 21 February 1897View
NathanSanna24 January 1897View
NauasmanPiet04 October 1898View
N'ChinzaKlaas13 October 1909View
NelFlip02 August 1906View
Nel30 July 1910View
NeolsJan19 April 1895View
NeroAndries13 February 1905View
NeroBooi04 February 1902View
NeroDina25 April 1898View
NeroJakob02 October 1901View
NeroKlaas11 December 1903View
NeroKoos30 January 1902View
NeroMietje12 May 1902View
Nero27 October 1909View
NerosStinkie30 January 1902View
NeserDirk Willem Gedion17 April 1903View
NieuwhoudHester 13 May 1895View
NieuwoudtAnna C.20 November 1895View
NieuwoudtAnna C.20 November 1895View
NieuwoudtAnna Jacoba01 April 1896View
NieuwoudtErnest Hendrik09 October 1905View
NieuwoudtGert Sebastiaan25 June 1910View
NieuwoudtHelena Wilhelmina18 September 1896View
NieuwoudtHester Susanna13 October 1898View
NieuwoudtMadge Helena13 March 1902View
NieuwoudtMargrita09 December 1902View
NieuwoudtMartha Johanna Maria11 March 1902View
Nieuwoudt14 November 1900View
Nieuwoudt10 May 1905View
Nieuwoudt31 October 1896View
NieuwouodtJan Harmse4 November 1907View
NieuwouodtRegina Barbara27 August 1908View
NiewoudtCatarina Johanna Cristina09 August 1900View
NiewoudtErnst Hendrik13 November 1899View
NiewoudtIsaac Hermias17 February 1899View
No SurnameLena04 July 1900View
None08 February 1895View
None08 July 1895View
None10 February 1895View
None10 February 1895View
NooimanLys05 July 1898View
NoormanWillem05 June 1899View
NormanCoerasie11 June 1898View
NormanHendrina19 November 1902View
NormanJan21 July 1907View
NormanLeah16 August 1900View
NormanPetrus28 December 1900View
NormanSara22 June 1897View
NormanTities03 April 1903View
Not givenAmma Christina Magdalena25 September 1903View
not givennot given26 May 1898View
NouwachtAbraham08 September 1902View
NovemberElizabeth19 August 1896View
NovemberJan08 August 1896View
NovemberPiet02 October 1897View
NovemberPiet21 November 1895View
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Please note that every record is transcribed exactly as is. If any surnames, farm names or causes of death are wrong please feel free to contact me with corrections.