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Surname Names Date of Death View
OberholsterMaria Elizabeth28 December 1900View
OberholsterMartha Louza Sophia22 June 1901View
OberolsterAdrian Jacobus12 July 1897View
OckhuisAlida11 June 1903View
OckhuisAlida20 August 1906View
OckhuisCatharina08 June 1898View
OckhuisCornelius28 June 1903View
OckhuisCornelus29 February 1905View
OckhuisHelena13 February 1904View
OckhuisHendrik09 August 1902View
OckhuisJohannes22 February 1899View
OckhuisMargrieta02 December 1906View
OckhuisMeitje6 January 1908View
OckhuisPetries08 April 1905View
OckhuisPetrus8 September 1908View
OckhuyzenMaria22 February 1899View
OctoberAbraham02 July 1899View
OctoberAnna14 September 1896View
OctoberCatean25 November 1904View
OctoberCupido03 October 1902View
OctoberEls20 February 1903View
OctoberEls20 February 1903View
OctoberEls 12 March 1902View
OctoberJan07 October 1902View
OctoberJantje13 September 1902View
OctoberJantje27 September 1902View
OctoberJantjie19 January 1895View
OctoberLeah27 November 1904View
OctoberMietje22 April 1904View
OctoberPiet15 November 1904View
OctoberRuyter01 October 1902View
OctoberTities16 October 1903View
October20 January 1902View
October22 August 1899View
October28 July 1899View
OkhuisDirk Cornelius23 October 1897View
Okhuis20 May 1909View
OkhuisenChristina14 August 1897View
OkhuisenJakop08 October 1897View
OkhuizenCornelus04 April 1900View
OkhuyzenMargrieta13 April 1904View
OliverJohannes Davit19 February 1900View
OliverMaria Sophia Catarina16 May 1897View
OlivierAnna Jacoba03 May 1901View
OlivierElizabeth18 April 1896View
OlivierJohanna Helena Maria26 December 1905View
OosthuizenDirk18 Januar y1898View
Oosthuizen05 April 1898View
Oosthuizen23 March 1898View
Oostman5 January 1908View
OppelWilliam Henry Fred12 December 1910View
Optober30 July 1900View
OrainAndries18 December 1906View
OrainJiems05 August 1907View
OrangeJan06 February 1900View
OrangeJan29 March 1902View
OrangeJan Jacobus14 March 1899View
OrangeSiemsie02 May 1902View
OrangeWillem12 October 1897View
OrangesCornelia18 June 1904View
OrangiesGertruida27 September 1895View
OranjeBooi02 March 1901View
OranjeDoorkie13 May 1909View
OranjeJan27 February 1902View
OranjeMietje05 November 1897View
OranjeRachel16 February 1898View
OranjeSeptember16 December1903View
OranjieElizabeth20 March 1905View
OriaDina 22 June 1902View
O'RienJan11 October 1900View
O'RienJan11 October 1900View
OrtmanKatrine22 August 1896View
OrtmanMaria25 October 1896View
OviesAntje02 May 1909View
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