Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : R
Surname Names Date of Death View
RajoierAndries22 February 1897View
RamiesPiet05 April 1903View
RaportiKathleen May15 May 1908View
RastJohanna Maria Wilhelmina05 February 1901View
RatanTryn30 January 1898View
RegoemerKlaas27 December 1903View
RetiefWillem Adriaan06 July 1899View
ReutersWilliam05 September 1902View
RhezemaJantje30 January 1902View
RhezemaJantje30 January 1902View
RhodeChristiaan Daniel19 June 1896View
RomanJantjie06 October 1906View
RomanMargrita05 July 1906View
RomenJacob28 July 1904View
RomerBetty22 November 1900View
RondgangerJavid09 February 1899View
RoodeVlak20 September 1899View
RooiJacob24 May 1910View
RooiJan Stoffel17 December 1897View
RooiKaatje08 September 1898View
RooiRagel18 January 1895View
RooiTryn4 March 1908View
Rooi18 August 1901View
RoomanRoslyn26 February 1899View
RoosEva03 October 1902View
RoosMentor02 June 1902View
RooyJantje7 April 1908View
RossouwDavid Johannes01 November 1895View
RossouwJacomina Gysberta Johanna22 February 1907View
RozantKlaas21 October 1903View
RozautElizabeth26 March 1897View
RuitersAndries12 March 1902View
RuitersBarend Jacobus20 March 1902View
RuitersElsie04 March 1902View
RuitersHendrik30 March 1908View
RuitersJacob08 May 1895View
RuitersJohannes31 October 1898View
RuitersLeah16 March 1903View
RuitersMagdalena16 May 1902View
RuitersMaria9 June 1908View
RuitersNero13 February 1902View
RuitersRegina Magdalena06 November 1895View
RuitersSannah24 October 1896View
RuitersSannah24 October 1896View
RuitersTroy06 June 1902View
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Please note that every record is transcribed exactly as is. If any surnames, farm names or causes of death are wrong please feel free to contact me with corrections.