Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : S
Surname Names Date of Death View
SaagersJohannes02 February 1896View
SalmomMietje23 September 1904View
SalomJacobus07 March 1896View
SalomaJakob29 November 1910View
SalomeStephanus17 October 1905View
SalomoAlida18 December 1896View
SalomoAnna05 May 1907View
SalomoCornelus13 March 1900View
SalomoElizabeth14 October 1902View
SalomoFrans29 March 1900View
SalomoFrederick30 November 1902View
SalomoFrederik17 December 1896View
SalomoJohanna18 August 1901View
SalomoJohanna19 June 1906View
SalomoJohannes24 October 1902View
SalomoJohannes19 February 1903View
SalomoJohannes05 August 1903View
SalomoJohannes19 September 1909View
SalomoMagdalena13 January 1906View
SalomoMarie15 November 1907View
SalomoPetrus03 April 1902View
SalomoSofia11 November 1902View
SalomoTabitha02 March 1904View
SalomoThomas21 November 1906View
SamaaiSaul12 July 1901View
SamsonChristian09 October 1895View
SamsonClaas09 July 1900View
SamsonCornelius23 February 1902View
SamsonDavid11 September1897View
SamsonFrancis02 March 1903View
SamsonFrans26 October 1905View
SamsonKootje14 March 1897View
SamsonPiet10 September 1902View
SamsonThomas20 July 1895View
Samson10 April 1906View
Samson28 December 1899View
Samson28 December 1899View
SarahBasson07 April 1906View
SarenAndries15 February 1897View
SasGeorge26 March 1897View
SasGriet29 June 1898View
SasomChristina09 February 1898View
SassSina05 January 1898View
Sass31 August 1895View
SaulFlora21 March 1908View
SaulRosetta19 August 1902View
SaulRosette13 November 1902View
SayersKaaitje05 September 1905View
SchaafwaablaJacobus28 February 1895View
SchalkwykAnna13 February 1909View
SchalkwykKatharina12 April 1910View
SchalkwykLydia29 November 1907View
SchalkwykMagdalena3 February 1908View
SchalkwykMartha22 October 1908View
Scheep Ratje19 August 1902View
ScheepersDantje Cloete08 September 1902View
ScheepersGertrude08 March 1902View
ScheepersHendrik22 July 1897View
ScheepersIzaak19 December 1898View
ScheepersJanetje20 June 1902View
ScheepersJannetje08 November 1910View
ScheepersPiet27 November 1901View
ScheepersRegina25 June 1902View
Schelluck ?Louisa Henrietta21 August 1902View
SchipperHester25 February 1902View
SchippersJakop23 May 1904View
SchippersMina31 January 1908View
SchlechterAnnie Maria23 March 1905View
SchlechterChristian07 Janaury 1902View
SchlechterCoenraad Gert22 April 1902View
SchlechterEletta Sophia09 May 1903View
SchlechterMaria Anna16 December 1900View
SchmolkeHeinrich Albert13 December 1902View
ScholkePeter Wilhelm29 November 1895View
ScholtzAdriane07 November 1895View
ScholtzAnna13 March 1903View
ScholtzAnna24 July 1908View
ScholtzDammon20 March 1905View
ScholtzDavid 21 December 1895View
ScholtzGertruida02 December 1899View
ScholtzJohanna15 Novemeber 1900View
ScholtzKlaas01 February 1899View
ScholtzMichael03 February 1909View
SchondenGriegeritha Jozina12 November 1895View
SchreuderAmos Lambrecht13 July 1906View
SchreuderGloudina Maria Gesina01 August 1905View
SchreuderHelena Alberta06 December 1900View
SchutteChristina18 January 1908View
SeeberHulda Winnifred Moffatt07 August 1903View
SeeberLucy Ellen Moffatt07 October 1909View
SellidonFredrik15 March 1900View
SeptemberAbraham04 July 1906View
SeptemberBaaitje13 April 1902View
SeptemberBerje19 June 1897View
SeptemberComelia30 December 1897View
SeptemberCornelia20 January 1909View
SeptemberCornelius16 May 1910View
SeptemberDinah11 April 1902View
SeptemberDinah08 May 1907View
SeptemberElizabeth Janetha Anna Catharina12 December 1906View
SeptemberEva18 March 1897View
SeptemberFrans20 January 1901View
SeptemberJacob16 April 1902View
SeptemberJacop11 April 1904View
SeptemberJan13 August 1907View
SeptemberLena01 February 1901View
SeptemberLena05 January 1902View
SeptemberLena04 December 1896View
SeptemberLena27 November 1896View
SeptemberMaria Margrietha Beatrix17 August 1908View
SeptemberMarthenis11 June 1897View
SeptemberNamatje29 February 1908View
SeptemberRagel24 June 1899View
SeptemberSara08 July 1896View
SeptemberVictoria02 November 1902View
September03 November 1902View
September03 November 1902View
September05 March 1906View
SesebusJana02 October 1906View
SeysterFranzina02 August 1905View
ShaweEmily Klarian19 December 1904View
ShurfseAnne13 February 1900View
SiasLya06 April 1907View
SiasWillam Barend22 April 1902View
SikkelsElizabeth4 November 1908View
SilberKlaas26 May 1907View
SilverThomas06 August 1895View
SimonFrans02 December 1909View
SkippersKlara28 February 1902View
SkippersPiet25 July 1908View
SkopmanDavid 15 July 1902View
SlabberHermias Cornelius23 July 1910View
SlabberPieter Joachim Wilhelm27 March 1902View
Slabber Willem Hendrik20 April 1897View
SlabbertGlodina Maria Gezina30 May 1904View
SlabertDirk Pieter Gerhardus22 December 1904View
SlengerAbraham06 April 1903View
SlingerAndries12 October 1897View
SlingerCornelius06 May 1898View
SlingersAnna15 November 1896View
SlingersPieter12 February 1896View
SlomoTerry18 August 1903View
SlomsTobias21 September 1901View
SmalFeitje12 February 1902View
SmitAbraham Johannes19 September 1897View
SmitAlewyn JohannesNovember 1898View
SmitAlwyn Johannes26 December 1908View
SmitAndrias Aderpan Petrus05 November 1904View
SmitAndries Adriaan Petrus24 September 1900View
SmitAnna23 August 1907View
SmitAnna Catharina18 JanuaryView
SmitAnna Catrina08 October 1910View
SmitAnna Christina Machdalina04 June 1903View
SmitAnna Elizabeth31 August 1903View
SmitCatharina Gloudina29 August 1895View
SmitCotnelia Cartharina08 April 1900View
SmitDirk Jacobus20 December 1902View
SmitDirk Jacobus Johannes Lewis13 April 1897View
SmitDirk Johannes Louis30 January 1901View
SmitElsie Johanna Jacoba26 January 1898View
SmitErasmus Jacobus14 February 1897View
SmitErens Hendrik Niewoudt17 November 1908View
SmitFrans20 June 1905View
SmitGerrida Johanna28 July 1897View
SmitGerrit Johannes14 September 1897View
SmitGert Erasmus17 October 1898View
SmitGertruida Catrina27 September 1899View
SmitHanna Elizabeth04 June 1899View
SmitHermias Cornelius23 June 1910View
SmitHester Wouterina08 March 1903View
SmitIzak Petrus Albertus13 September 1904View
SmitJakoba Maatje Aurania23 December 1902View
SmitJohanna Maria Elizabeth16 July 1897View
SmitJohannes Jacobus20 June 1906View
SmitLena09 December 1896View
SmitMaria Christina Johanna20 March 1898View
SmitMaria Hester12 June 1898View
SmitMaria Johanna Willemina26 March 1909View
SmitOrg19 October 1902View
SmitPieter Johannes29 November 1902View
SmitSara Johanna Deborah26 June 1902View
SmitSophia Katrina Maria Gerendina17 April 1900View
SmitStephans Christian22 January 1897View
SmitSusanna Maria Jacoba12 December 1902View
SmitSuzanna Engela Johanna29 November 1907View
SmitThomas Petrus01 August 1897View
SmitWilliam02 November 1902View
Smit01 December 1902View
Smit22 February 1907View
Smit24 December 1899View
Smit31 October 1899View
Smit Barend Jacobus Willem Schalk13 August 1895View
Smit Hester Maria2 July 1908View
SmithAnna Maria Sophia01 July 1903View
SmithFrancis Johannes Albertus14 April 1907View
SmithFrancois Jacobus23 June 1898View
SmithGeesie Anna Wiehalsmina08 March 1897View
SmithJacoba Aletta Wilhelmina15 March 1902View
SmithJacobus Johannes29 May 1907View
SmithJohannes Daniel19 April 1909View
SmithNicholaas Hendrik18 May 1895View
SmithWilliam26 October 1902View
Smuts07 March 1902View
SneeuwkoekAnna03 May 1898View
SneeversJan27 January 1908View
SnelSet28 February 1902View
SnyderAnna04 February 1905View
SnygansChristiaan12 July 1910View
SnygansElias02 December 1902View
SnygansElias02 December 1902View
SnygansGert05 November 1907View
SnygansKarolus25 May 1905View
SnygansKasper17 October 1899View
SnygansMartha14 January 1909View
SnygansMartha02 June 1899View
SnygansThomas30 March 1906View
SpandielJaftha19 December 1900View
SpenceCornelia Sophia23 June 1900View
SpencerJ.01 January 1902View
SpielmanJan26 September 1902View
SpreethNicolaas13 December 1900View
SpringbokGriet21 July 1902View
SpringbokKatje07 July 1902View
StallardGeorge30 July 1902View
StatelaarJacobus Frederick13 May 1895View
StebeeFrans12 May 1909View
Steenkamp19 April 1902View
StevensCatharina03 July 1902View
StevensRagel11 November 1902View
StevoesAndries11 April 1899View
SteweDirk01 September 1909View
SteweZina22 November 1902View
SteweZina22 November 1902View
StoffelFielda25 September 1905View
StoffelLelta08 October 1910View
StoutJan02 August 1899View
StraussAdrian03 October 1906View
StraussIzaak19 April 1901View
StraussLijs09 September 1907View
StraussLijs09 September 1907View
StruisFrancina13 May 1896View
StuurmanAndries27 August 1898View
StuurmanApril09 May 1897View
StuurmanFlora18 June 1899View
StuurmanGriet02 November 1907View
StuurmanKlaas11 September 1910View
StuurmanLea27 January 1907View
StuurmanPaul26 July 1897View
StuurmanPiet23 July 1899View
SwartAbram06 December 1903View
SwartAdam12 June 1900View
SwartAndries Johannes Petrus13 October 1902View
SwartAntje19 July 1895View
SwartFeitje20 March 1895View
SwartFidelje19 November 1902View
SwartJacobus Martinus12 February 1897View
SwartJan16 September 1902View
SwartJan08 November 1904View
SwartMaria11 September 1902View
SwartMaria31 July 1895View
SwartMeitje10 November 1902View
SwartPiet18 May 1902View
SwartRegina23 February 1898View
SwartVictoria09 August 1907View
Swart05 February 1898View
Swart08 August 1897View
SwartzChristina18 May 1906View
SwartzChristina18 May 1906View
SysterAfrika21 September 1901View
SysterAlida12 August 1898View
SysterAndries12 August 1902View
SysterArie17 July 1908View
SysterFrancina08 November 1902View
SysterJan15 April 1902View
SysterSara07 August 1902View
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