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Surname Names Date of Death View
TamboerAbraham Jacobus19 June 1907View
TamboerMietje09 September 1896View
Tamboer27 December 1906View
TampoElizabeth04 April 1905View
TampoSannie28 March 1905View
TampoTroy06 January 1906View
TampoZacharias18 February 1905View
TampoeAbraham04 December 1900View
TampoeHendrik05 March 1906View
TampoeLeentje25 August 1909View
TampoeLys10 June 1901View
TarlingArthur14 January 1902View
TasAdam02 May 1897View
TasJurie16 May 1900View
TaylorPercy27 March 1899View
TeitusKyster22 May 1909View
Tek Piet28 September 1908View
TempoJan20 February 1905View
TheartAntje17 January 1897View
TheartWillem Kotze09 May 1907View
TheliusLouza30 October 1906View
TheronMaria Johanna Magdelena08 February 1909View
ThiaardCatherina Maria Magdalena07 June 1899View
TiartAnna16 January 1897View
TietiesJanikie28 August 1897View
TilusMichiel Peterus02 May 1899View
TitasDaniel05 July 1900View
TitiesAbraham01 July 1902View
TitiesAbraham17 July 1899View
TitiesAlbert03 June 1909View
TitiesAndries14 November 1902View
TitiesAnna17 November 1907View
TitiesBooi15 April 1901View
TitiesChristina31 July 1908View
TitiesDries15 July 1897View
TitiesEliza Swart17 March 1902View
TitiesEls20 May 1902View
TitiesEls20 May 1902View
TitiesEsau20 November 1910View
TitiesEva15 January 1907View
TitiesGert22 September 1897View
TitiesHanna 09 December 1898View
TitiesJacob20 June 1896View
TitiesJacobus21 January 1897View
TitiesJan13 April 1900View
TitiesJan15 March 1902View
TitiesJan16 June 1908View
TitiesJantje21 February 1905View
TitiesJene19 May 1899View
TitiesJohanna11 August 1908View
TitiesKassina21 Decenber 1905View
TitiesKoos12 August 1909View
TitiesLena07 August 1909View
TitiesMartha23 June 1900View
TitiesMartha 15 July 1902View
TitiesMietje21 December 1899View
TitiesSanna26 July 1907View
TitiesSarah25 September 1901View
TitiesSuia5 June 1908View
TitiesWillem20 August 2015View
Tities26 June 1909View
Tities22 August 1896View
TittiesBetty22 November 1897View
TittiesCornelus18 June 1897View
TittiesGert04 November 1898View
TittiesGertruida17 June 1897View
TittiesLea06 December 1897View
TittiesMargaret03 May 1897View
TittiesWilliam01 May 1897View
TitusAbraham01 November 1902View
TitusAbsolom27 April 1898View
TitusAmalia M.31 August 1901View
TitusClassina23 January 1904View
TitusDina19 January 1901View
TitusElizabeth12 January 1898View
TitusFytje21 December 1898View
TitusHans22 April 1903View
TitusKorasie28 May 1899View
TitusMargrieta10 December 1902View
TitusMartha16 September 1904View
TitusPaul10 December 1900View
TitusPaulus08 January 1906View
TitusSannah31 August 1901View
TitusTabitha12 May 1895View
TixSarah20 July 1907View
ToentjesLydia04 July 1910View
ToentjiesFrederick23 September 1906View
TontjeElsie12 April 1902View
TontjesAnna01 July 1902View
ToonjesDaniel12 July 1898View
ToonjesFlora16 December 1898View
Toontje01 March 1899View
ToontjesBarend02 May 1895View
ToontjesDamon29 August 1905View
ToontjesFrans27 September 1904View
ToontjesJantje02 September 1903View
ToontjesLeah17 October 1895View
ToontjesPiet23 August 1904View
ToontjesTrooi02 January 1903View
TredourJohanna Adriana01 February 1899View
TrompElizabeth14 December 1898View
TrompJohannis21 April 1902View
TrompPetrus06 January 1898View
TruterFrans Johannes21 April 1907View
TruterMaria12 September 1898View
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