Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : V
Surname Names Date of Death View
Val 10 September 1902View
ValentijnPiet14 March 1902View
ValentynAlida02 May 1903View
ValentynBenjamin13 October 1897View
ValentynCarolina10 September 1909View
ValentynCaterina13 May 1909View
ValentynChristina04 August 1896View
ValentynCilia13 August 1903View
ValentynDaniel7 January 1908View
ValentynFrederik13 December 1906View
ValentynJakobus07 June 1902View
ValentynJakobus10 December 1902View
ValentynJohanna22 January 1901View
ValentynJohanna05 April 1902View
ValentynJohannes05 October 1903View
ValentynJoseph03 February 1902View
ValentynKarolina17 July 1906View
ValentynMagdalena06 January 1906View
ValentynMagdalena10 April 1908View
ValentynMagdalena23 February 1909View
ValentynMargrieta10 March 1905View
ValentynMargrieta25 August 1898View
ValentynMartha12 April 1897View
ValentynMartha Naomi11 April 1897View
ValentynNicolaas20 July 1910View
ValentynNiklaas29 April 1901View
ValentynNikolaas27 March 1909View
ValentynPetrus08 December 1907View
ValentynSara13 April 1907View
ValentynStefanus02 December 1902View
ValentynWillem30 July 1896View
VallengtyneMartienus16 January 1900View
VamJosop24 November 1907View
van AswegenMarieja Johanna07 February 1905View
van BhynDirk Jacobus03 July 1899View
van de MerweMartina Catorina19 July 1903View
Van der HoesNicolaas01 September 1896View
van der HorstAndries06 December 1910View
van der HorstJannikie23 July 1900View
van der MerweAbrahan Jacobus14 November 1909View
van der MerweAlbertus Jacobus Wilhelm14 May 1897View
Van der MerweAletta Hendrika20 April 1902View
Van der MerweAletta Sofea01 July 1905View
Van der MerweAlwyn Johannes22 July 1905View
Van der MerweAnna Catarina25 June 1898View
van der MerweAnna Jacoba Elizabeth31 August 1910View
van der MerweDaniel Martinis13 May 1910View
Van der MerweElsie Dorothea20 February 1901View
van der MerweGert Erasmus30 March 1907View
Van der MerweGezina07 November 1905View
van der MerweHester Helena12 October 1904View
van der MerweIzabella Aletta Sophia Jacoba25 December 1906View
van der MerweIzak30 June 1907View
Van der MerweIzak Jacobus14 March 1895View
Van der MerweJacoba Willemina01 November 1902View
Van der MerweJacobus Petrus31 February 1906View
Van der MerweJacobus Petrus31 February 1906View
Van der MerweJacobus Petrus31 February 1906View
van der MerweMagarita Anna17 August 1897View
van der MerweMagrieta Wilhelmina14 May 1903View
Van der MerweMyra Stofberg12 February 1906View
Van der MerweNicolaas12 September 1895View
van der MerweSchalk Wynand14 May 1908View
van der Merwe10 May 1910View
van der Merwe Engela Elizabeth23 November 1904View
Van der WesthuizenLodwwyk Johannis18 March 1895View
Van der WesthuizenMietje20 May 1906View
Van der WesthuizenNuklarina14 March 1895View
Van der WesthuizenSanna23 June 1902View
van der WesthuyzenWillem09 November 1910View
van DykJohannes Theodorus de Vrije2 February 1910View
van KooiGert25 March1904View
van KooiIzak18 January 1905View
van LeentHenry James24 October 1904View
van LeewDorothy Foster01 February 1900View
Van LillDavid Johannes02 July 1895View
van NeelDirk04 August 1910View
van NiekerkElze Magritie Heeltje25 March 1899View
van PuttenJames William6 March 1910View
van ReenenElsie24 November 1905View
van ReenenGert11 May 1597View
Van ReenenSophia07 August 1906View
van RensburgJohanna Magrita Magdelina09 December 1899View
van RensburgJohanna Magrita Magdelina09 December 1899View
van RhynCaspar Benjamin19 October 1908View
Van RhynCatharina19 November 1896View
Van RhynJacobus Fredrik25 June 1909View
Van RhynJan22 June 1898View
Van RhynJohannes Petrus11 December 1896View
van Romendal05 August 1897View
van Romendal05 August 1897View
Van RonChristian04 June 1902View
Van RonMaria01 July 1902View
van RooiAnna03 July 1900View
Van RooiBetje12 January 1906View
van RooiCaler01 September 1899View
Van RooiCornelis Lodewyk14 February 1896View
Van RooiCornelis Lodewyk14 February 1896View
van RooiDavit16 July 1908View
Van RooiEls Margrieta Johanna15 July 1906View
Van RooiGriet24 October 1898View
van RooiIsaac 18 August 1899View
Van RooiIzaak08 February 1898View
van RooiJan25 January 1910View
Van RooiLys30 November 1895View
van RooiMargarita16 February 1908View
van RooiThomas31 March 1910View
Van RooiThrien08 August 1900View
Van RooiWillem06 November 1897View
Van RooiZara08 June 1906View
Van Rooi05 April 1906View
Van Rooi18 July 1895View
van RooyCatherina20 April 1903View
van RooyDavid28 February 1908View
Van RooyIzak02 July 1909View
Van RooyMichael20 February 1906View
Van RooyenChristian10 May 1901View
Van RooyenDavid13 October 1901View
Van RooyenSara Johanna23 January 1896View
van RooyenSofia21 July 1900View
Van RouwendalFrederick Jacob08 November 1898View
Van RouwendalFrederick Jacob08 November 1898View
van Ryn03 April 1900View
van SchoorDirk Johannes24 June 1897View
Van SchoorHelletje Aletta Johanna22 July 1905View
van SchoorJan Cornelius17 January 1908View
Van Schoor31 October 1906View
van TaakGert22 October 1905View
van TaakGert Johannes16 October 1904View
van WellighMaris Christina11 November 1899View
Van WesthuizenKatrine18 March 1902View
Van WykAbraham27 March 1902View
van wykAlbert Johannes26 July 1909View
van WykAndries Gert Johannes08 July 1903View
van WykAndries Gert Johannes17 November 1905View
Van WykAnna20 July 1905View
van WykAnna Catherina11 February 1897View
Van WykAugusus06 January 1898View
van WykCatreina19 June 1899View
van WykCornelia11 March 1910View
Van WykDavina Johanna Elizabeth15 June 1898View
Van WykEliza 08 July 1902View
Van WykFrederick15 September 1898View
van WykFykie07 August 1897View
van WykGerrit12 September 1897View
van WykGerrit12 September 1897View
Van WykHendrik05 April 1909View
van WykHenry Robertson11 August 1908View
van WykJan08 March 1903View
van WykJan08 March 1903View
Van WykJohanna Jacoba01 December 1906View
Van WykKaatje02 April 1906View
Van WykKoos18 July 1898View
Van WykKoos18 July 1898View
Van WykLena28 January 1895View
van WykMaatji Magdalena17 July 1904View
van WykMartha Cornelia Sophia04 December 1903View
van WykMartha Johanna Elizabeth29 November 1904View
van WykMietje18 September 1903View
van WykMietje18 September 1903View
Van WykRachel18 June 1902View
van WykStoffel13 July 1910View
Van WykTruitje18 July 1898View
van WykWillem Jacob28 October 1903View
van Wyk11 December 1900View
Van Wyk12 August 1899View
van ZijlJohannes Jacobus13 August 1910View
Van ZykTheunis Gerhardis16 January 1896View
Van ZylAlbertus Petrus01 September 1895View
van ZylAlletta05 July 1910View
Van ZylAlwyn Jacobus24 February 1901View
Van ZylChristiana30 July 1898View
Van ZylDaniel Johannes20 August 1906View
Van ZylDirk28 July 1898View
van ZylDirk Johannes Jakobus24 July 1897View
Van ZylFlorendine Janet Jacoba27 April 1902View
van ZylGedion Johannes David17 November 1897View
van ZylGert Erasmus20 November 1907View
van ZylGert Erasmus20 November 1907View
van ZylGert Erasmus12 March 1897View
Van ZylGertruida20 June 1902View
van ZylGertruida Wilhelmina14 March 1905View
Van ZylGideon21 August 1902View
Van ZylHelena05 April 1895View
Van ZylHelena 05 April 1895View
van ZylHelena Johanna06 April 1905View
van ZylHelena Maria18 March 1903View
van ZylHelena Wilhelmina19 August 1910View
van ZylHendrik05 April 1897View
Van ZylHendrik Ananias04 July 1906View
Van ZylHendrik Dirk 22 December 1902View
van ZylHendrik Gideon15 August 1897View
van ZylHendrika Maria13 December 1904View
Van ZylHester Elizabeth Susanna29 December 1905View
Van ZylHester Elizabeth Susanna29 December 1905View
Van ZylHester Helena14 June 1898View
van ZylJacomina Francina Gysberta20 April 1900View
Van ZylJohanna Adriana Magdalena08 April 1901View
van ZylJohanna Sophia03 May 1897View
Van ZylJohannes David10 April 1895View
Van ZylJosias Andreas22 March 1902View
Van ZylJosias Andreas10 July 1909View
van ZylJosias Erasmus Daniel25 September 1904View
Van ZylMagdalena02 March 1902View
van ZylMaria Anna Elizabeth01 September 1897View
Van ZylMaria Barbera12 May 1898View
van ZylMartha Christina03 March 1900View
van ZylMartha Maria06 October 1899View
Van ZylPatrisa Catharina22 March 1896View
Van ZylPetrus Johannes04 September 1895View
van ZylPieter Adriaan16 November 1906View
van ZylPieter Adriaan Marthinus11 December 1908View
van ZylPieter Albertus17 December 1909View
Van ZylSarah Johanna07 September 1898View
Van ZylThomas Gerhardus26 June 1905View
van ZylWilhelmina Maria Johanna30 July 1900View
van ZylWillamina Johana30 April 1909View
van ZylWillemina Johanna Maria25 June 1899View
van Zyl07 February 1903View
Van Zyl29 December 1905View
Van Zyl29 December 1905View
van Zyl17 July 1897View
Van Zyl24 February 1896View
VaneelLena30 March 1902View
VarkenHelena05 December 1901View
VarneilStroveld09 September 1897View
VarooDamman07 September 1900View
VasooJohannis Izak13 January 1899View
VeloenBarend13 June 1910View
VeloenChristina07 October 1905View
VeloenFrederick25 October 1902View
VeloenJacobus Frederick21 September 1902View
VeloenKatrina26 October 1908View
VeloerNiklaas03 November View
VelvenLydia22 May 1903View
VelvenLydia17 December 1897View
Velven?Margriet20 March 1901View
Velven?Sippora14 December 1901View
VenHanna19 January 1906View
VeneveeVera28 February 1902View
VerkuilWillem26 September 1907View
VermeulJanabt 10 April 1902View
VermeulJanabt 10 April 1902View
VermeulanCatherina Susanna Magrietha10 August 1899View
VermeulenAlewjin Johannes Burger08 March 1897View
VermeulenHendrik Johannes Burger16 June 1897View
Vermeulen Theunis03 June 1897View
VermulenCathrina Susanna Magrietha10 August 1899View
VerneelChristoffel23 November 1896View
VerooiAntje25 September 1902View
VerooiJan16 March 1902View
VerooiPiet13 June 1902View
VerrooiDeina02 November 1899View
Vertijn30 August 1909View
VesatieKlara20 January 1903View
VestrausPiet31 October 1907View
VhilandJacob01 February 1899View
VieglandBooi18 January 1902View
ViekLeah10 August 1907View
VielandJohannes Jakobus willem22 May 1907View
VielandSannietje6 March 1908View
VielandSannietje6 March 1908View
ViesageSusanna02 November 1907View
ViksHanna12 August 1904View
VilandAndries14 January 1905View
VilandHendrik17 February 1905View
Viland10 December 1896View
VilanderBerent21 November 1905View
VilanderJan10 April 1902View
VilanderJan19 November 1909View
VilanderJan14 December 1910View
VilanderLeentje06 November 1905View
VilanderLena13 July 1904View
VilanderMina17 October 1907View
VilanderRachel30 November 1910View
VilanderSara18 November 1903View
ViljoenDaniel07 August 1901View
ViljoenDaniel07 August 1901View
ViljoenNiklas 27 August 1901View
ViljoenSarah28 September 1897View
VinnieGriet23 April 1898View
VisageCatherina Hendriks 05 November 1897View
VisageSabins Maria20 May 1899View
VisagieArent11 March 1900View
VisagieDelie12 December 1899View
VisagieJonker18 January 1909View
VisagieKlara16 October 1898View
VisagieMozes01 January 1996View
VisagieNicklaas23 September 1901View
VisagieSabina Catharina06 July 1895View
VisagieSannie Anigabeth21 May 1904View
VisagieSelina Maria25 October 1897View
VisserAletta Maria04 August 1902View
VisserAlletta Margreta1 August 1908View
VisserCarrolina Johanna Elizabeth27 March 1908View
VisserDaniel Gerhardus20 August 1901View
VisserElsie Jacoba11 December 1906View
VisserFrederick Johannes Christiaan02 October 1899View
VisserGert Johannes Gysberg31 May 1908View
VisserGideon Gerhadus24 March 1905View
VisserGideon Johannes Albertuin13 June 1897View
VisserHester Sophia Jacoba15 August 1901View
VisserJacoba Calanie12 December 1900View
VisserJacobus Willem17 October 1897View
VisserJatina de Chrouschoff06 January 1903View
VisserJohannes Hendrik03 November 1896View
VisserMaria11 August 1900View
VisserMarian 12 October 1899View
VisserSophia Christina Margretia Wilhelmina08 March 1899View
VisserSophia Crestina Magretha Willamina08 March 1899View
Visser09 September 1903View
Visser09 August 1905View
Visser21 February 1899View
Vlip26 October 1905View
VolanderSophia Margaret07 May 1905View
VolgraafJohannes02 August 1905View
VolgrafJohannes01 December 1899View
von WellighNicolas21 October 1907View
VosperSydney Ernest28 January 1902View
VrolikHanna19 March 1908View
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