Clanwilliam Civil Deaths Search : Z
Surname Names Date of Death View
ZamesWalter22 August 1906View
ZannebergJacobus Johannes02 January 1897View
ZasBooi24 June 1906View
ZasCatherina11 February 1907View
ZasCornelis 16 September 1901View
ZasHendricka09 November 1907View
ZasHendrik04 July 1902View
ZasJacob09 April 1909View
ZasJacob16 June 1899View
ZasJakobus05 June 1903View
ZasJohannes 25 October 1901View
ZasKarel18 October 1895View
ZasLena13 December 1899View
ZasNicolaas Johannes18 November 1910View
Zas Margarieta26 May 1908View
ZashCatharina Magdalina09 September 1897View
ZeisterGert 17 March 1908View
ZeronCrestina19 October 1898View
ZimmerieSanna20 March 1898View
ZimreIsaac Jacobus06 December 1900View
ZimreRachel07 August 1907View
ZimreTheofilus25 March 1900View
ZimreWillem02 September 1900View
ZimriAmalia27 March 1899View
ZimriAndreas1 April 1910View
ZimriAnna01 November 1907View
ZimriAnna21 August 1899View
ZimriDaniel05 October 1909View
ZimriDavid06 January 1906View
ZimriElizabeth20 June 1905View
ZimriElizabeth27 February 1910View
ZimriFrederik09 August 1910View
ZimriJohanna26 March 1899View
ZimriJohannes02 March 1903View
ZimriJohannes26 February 1906View
ZimriMagdalema23 November 1910View
ZimriMagdalena02 April 1899View
ZimriMaria19 January 1903View
ZimriMartha02 August 1905View
ZimriNathanael09 September 1909View
ZimriNathanael09 September 1909View
ZimrieHanna Cathriena19 October 1896View
ZimrieJohanna Catherina19 October 1896View
ZimrieJosias01 July 1901View
ZimrieNathaniel17 November 1896View
ZimrieSarah Johanna Christena28 April 1897View
ZinireFredrik13 December 1904View
ZwannepoelMartha Wilhelmina22 September 1905View
ZwartAbraham04 February 1909View
ZwartAbraham04 December 1899View
ZwartAbraham06 January 1896View
ZwartAbram15 April 1902View
ZwartAdonis31 October 1901View
ZwartAlxander?? August 1909View
ZwartAndries12 April 1902View
ZwartAnnie06 December 1902View
ZwartAnnie03 June 1910View
ZwartAploon29 December 1906View
ZwartDiena6 July 1908View
ZwartDina27 April 1900View
ZwartDina25 February 1902View
ZwartElsie11 October 1902View
ZwartFara22 January 1895View
ZwartFrans03 December 1902View
ZwartGert Jacobus Daniel15 November 1896View
ZwartGriet06 February 1909View
ZwartHanna16 June 1903View
ZwartHendrik29 September 1906View
ZwartJan25 December 1900View
ZwartJan11 April 1902View
ZwartJantje14 October 1910View
ZwartJohanna28 January 1909View
ZwartJohannes04 July 1905View
ZwartJohannes29 July 1906View
ZwartJohannes10 August 1907View
ZwartJohn29 July 1906View
ZwartKaterina Wilhelmina06 August 1907View
ZwartKatje17 June 1902View
ZwartKoosdom23 July 1899View
ZwartLena26 October 1901View
ZwartLena27 March 1897View
ZwartLet20 January 1897View
ZwartLet20 January 1897View
ZwartLeza04 November 1903View
ZwartLucas31 May 1902View
ZwartMargrite23 April 1902View
ZwartMaria21 May 1907View
ZwartMartha15 February 1900View
ZwartMartha31 December 1907View
ZwartPeter01 June 1902View
ZwartPiet26 September 1902View
ZwartPiet12 February 1909View
ZwartPiet10 January 19+00View
ZwartRoseline21 August 1902View
ZwartSanna22 June 1900View
ZwartSarah19 November 1896View
ZwartTrientje28 December 1904View
ZwartVittoria11 July 1903View
ZwartVittoria20 July 1903View
ZwartWillem27 February 1900View
Zwart25 January 1900View
Zwart25 January 1900View
Zwart04 November 1903View
Zwart12 February 1908View
Zwart22 June 1908View
Zwart01 December 1896View
Zwart02 December 1896View
Zwart04 May 1896View
Zwart Anna10 January 1897View
ZwartbooiKlaas16 May 1896View
ZwartbooiKlass05 August 1902View
ZwartbooiPiet16 August 1897View
ZwartbooyLena18 September 1902View
ZwartsCatharina28 March 1910View
ZwartsTruintje22 May 1909View
ZwartsWilliam Daniel Edward19 January 1907View
ZysterSophia13 August 1906View
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