South African Constabulary Search : A
Surname Names Date of Birth View
AbbottFrancis George4 January 1866View
AbbottFrank Edmund10 September 1876View
AbbottHarry21 March 1881View
AbbottThomas14 April 1879View
AbbottThomas14 April 1879View
AbbsIsaac Harry7 May 1878View
AbelAbraham Isaac Jacobus DeVilliers1 November 1874View
AbrahamBenjamin15 October 1870View
AbrahamsSamuel4 September 1881View
AbrahamsSamuel4 September 1880View
AbramsArthur George5 March 1878View
AbramsArthur George View
AdairThomas Barnes6 April 1877View
AdamJohn William Durand Anstruther26 November 1873View
AdamsBernard Arthur30 July 1875View
AdamsDeHarte Hadley7 January 1880View
AdamsFrederic Rupert3 June 1880View
AdamsFrederic Rupert View
AdamsGeorge22 January 1871View
AdamsGeorge Frederick10 March 1879View
AdamsGeorge Thomas21 November 1877View
AdamsJohn29 March 1872View
AdamsJohn View
AdamsNathaniel6 June 1877View
AdamsStanley16 September 1876View
AdamsWilliam Stewart23 December 1877View
AdendorffCornelis Klaris22 January 1860View
AdieRobert14 November 1878View
AdlerAlfred1 May 1882View
AdrianRobert8 August 1878View
AffleckFrancis Henry23 February 1869View
AffleckFrancis Henry View
AffleckJames Souter (?)31 May 1877View
AgarThomas16 March 1881View
AgnewGeorge Jobling20 December 1872View
AgnewGeorge Jobling20 December 1872View
AgnewPatrick3 March 1877View
AgnewPatrick View
AgnewThomas15 April 1874View
AhrenbeckGeorge13 August 1875View
AinleyEdgar14 October 1876View
AinsleyThomas24 September 1872View
AinsworthJames14 June 1874View
AirdWilliam29 January 1878View
AirthGeorge5 October 1866View
AitkenAllan15 March 1848View
AitkenGeorge1 October 1867View
AitkenJames5 May 1880View
AitkinThomas13 September 1880View
AlbertCharles William8 April 1879View
AlbertsAdrian Johannes13 November 1886View
AlbertsCoenrad Jacobus6 November 1884View
AlbertsJohn Louis14 July 1880View
AlbertsNicolaas Francois23 August 1882View
AlbertsNicolaas Francois23 August 1882View
AlcockArchibald Vearey19 May 1880View
AlcockArchibald Vearey19 May 1880View
AlderHerbert Tristran Laurence22 March 1874View
AldersonFrank Barry Strauss5 June 1876View
AldertonWilliam8 September 1876View
AldhouseAlbert5 July 1872View
AldisFrederick Fisk5 May 1879View
AldrichRobert John Frost5 September 1880View
AldridgeAlbert12 December 1869View
AldridgeArthur28 February 1881View
AldridgeThomas10 December 1873View
AldridgeThomas View
AlexanderCharles30 November 1865View
AlexanderDouglas Gordon14 July 1879View
AlexanderEdward John24 April 1872View
AlexanderFrank22 October 1881View
AlexanderJohn Hunter8 September 1868View
AlexanderRobert13 May 1881View
AlexanderRobert4 August 1873View
AlexanderWilliam George10 May 1882View
AlfordSamuel Smeardon15 January 1867View
AlfredRobert2 August 1880View
AlfredRobert View
AlfredSamuel6 March 1880View
AlisonArchibald Hampson6 March 1877View
AllanAlexander16 January 1881View
AllanAlexander18 September 1880View
AllanAlexander View
AllanAlfred Norman11 June 1880View
AllanAndrew Wallace14 September 1869View
AllanGeorge27 December 1874View
AllanGeorge View
AllanGeorge Frederick14 December 1883View
AllanJames24 September 1875View
AllanJames Saville6 May 1879View
AllanJohn3 September 1880View
AllanbyCharles Williamson2 September 1874View
AllardCharles Herbert11 January 1878View
AllcardCecil Arthur26 March 1877View
AlldrittWilliam Alexander18 April 1880View
AllenAlexander22 February 1867View
AllenAlick Spencer19 December 1879View
AllenArthur Williams22 March 1880View
AllenCharles18 March 1876View
AllenErnest Frank30 June 1880View
AllenErnest Frank30 June 1880View
AllenFrank Robert30 January 1882View
AllenFrederick19 February 1878View
AllenFrederick View
AllenFrederick George19 February 1881View
AllenHarry Arthur13 April 1871View
AllenHenry Thomas12 September 1873View
AllenJames Alexander13 June 1880View
AllenJames Alexander View
AllenJohn14 July 1880View
AllenMatthew3 April 1879View
AllenOswald5 November 1873View
AllenPercy3 April 1880View
AllenRichard Howard14 July 1883View
AllenRobert Alfred16 April 1876View
AllenWilliam14 May 1878View
AllmanHenry13 May 1881View
AllmanJohn Thomas27 March 1878View
AllsopFrederick Robert31 March 1880View
AllsopJohn Harold26 June 1882View
AlmondThomas Harry9 September 1877View
AlstowThomas Daniel2 December 1873View
AlwayAlbert Charles3 June 1876View
AlwayAlbert Charles View
AmbroseAmbrose12 July 1880View
AmiesGeorge Charles18 February 1870View
AmooreHarry Saxby21 July 1877View
AmorWilliam James4 August 1880View
AndeanThomas John29 April 1880View
AndersonAlbert29 July 1878View
AndersonAlexander25 July 1877View
AndersonAlexr24 March 1881View
AndersonDavid2 August 1872View
AndersonDavid Alexander8 July 1877View
AndersonEdward Alexander13 August 1884View
AndersonFrancis Morley27 August 1874View
AndersonFritz11 August 1876View
AndersonGeorge28 July 1881View
AndersonGeorge3 August 1873View
AndersonGeorge Bartlett3 May 1880View
AndersonJames29 June 1874View
AndersonJames Bourchie15 January 1880View
AndersonJames Joseph26 June 1874View
AndersonJohn24 February 1875View
AndersonJohn30 January 1879View
AndersonJohn2 May 1877View
AndersonJohn8 January 1878View
AndersonJohn View
AndersonJoseph28 December 1875View
AndersonRichard. View
AndersonRichard1 October 1873View
AndersonRobert22 December 1880View
AndersonRobert5 February 1880View
AndersonRobert Coventry19 March 1880View
AndersonThomas29 September 1874View
AndersonWilliam10 March 1872View
AndersonWilliam Mitchell23 July 1876View
AndowSamuel Edward23 June 1881View
AndrewsArthur3 September 1884View
AndrewsCharles James5 March 1875View
AndrewsEdward Charles12 August 1876View
AndrewsFrederick Edwin5 February 1882View
AndrewsGuy Edmund27 July 1881View
AndrewsHerbert Alfred James11 July 1885View
AndrewsHerbert George30 November 1878View
AndrewsPercy Aubrey8 July 1880View
AndrewsPercy Aubrey View
AndrewsRobert10 January 1871View
AndrewsRobert Henry24 October 1979View
AngelGeorge Henry23 March 1881View
AngusNathaniel7 July 1881View
AnnereanFrank19 December 1881View
AnsellEdward Trelawney Clarence9 May 1878View
AnsellFrank Neville4 September 1881View
AnsellHenry Roderick7 June 1879View
AnsellMichael9 May 1881View
AnsellRichard Hood29 August 1882View
AnsellRichard Hood View
AnthaAndries6 July 1887View
AnthonyAlexander Watt21 August 1875View
AnthonyClarence Case8 March 1877View
AnthonyWilliam John14 December 1870View
AntonPeter19 March 1879View
ApplebyJohn9 May 1869View
AppleyardRichard10 December 1870View
ApsteinPaul Berthold23 March 1877View
ArbuckleFrancis James Vaughan14 May 1877View
ArchbouldArthur Girdlestone2 May 1876View
ArcherThomas Kentish McRae4 November 1869View
ArchibaldJames2 June 1879View
ArchibaldJames View
ArisAlbert Ernest22 August 1880View
ArisAlbert Ernest View
ArlottWalter Tom29 March 1880View
ArlottWalter Tom View
ArmandAlexander24 June 1873View
ArmandAlexander View
ArmitsteadHenry13 July 1877View
ArmourCharles Wright23 February 1865View
ArmourRobert28 December 1880View
ArmstrongBell Bertram9 May 1879View
ArmstrongFrederick William15 September 1880View
ArmstrongGeorge19 November 1874View
ArmstrongGeorge17 February 1879View
ArmstrongGeorge21 July 1873View
ArmstrongGeorge View
ArmstrongHenry Tudor8 August 1864 (?)View
ArmstrongHenry Tudor8 August 1866View
ArmstrongHenry Tudor View
ArmstrongJock Kingsley13 February 1880View
ArmstrongJock Kingsley View
ArmstrongJohn19 August 1873View
ArmstrongJohn Alex20 September 1875View
ArmstrongOliver10 November 1878View
ArmstrongPercy27 November 1880View
ArnettFrederick Henry5 April 1873View
ArnettFrederick Henry View
ArnoldDuncan19 May 1882View
ArnoldJarvist26 April 1881View
ArnoldWalter Harry Gardiner4 January 1883View
ArnoldWilliam12 January 1873View
ArnottGeorge Washington11 September 1880View
ArnottGeorge Washington View
ArrellHenry John19 September 1881View
ArrellHenry John View
ArrowsmithThomas Richard1 March 1874View
ArterAlexander McKay14 January 1881View
ArthurCharles William Augustus24 September 1880View
ArthurJohn Higgelt18 February 1879View
ArthurJoseph6 March 1879View
ArthurWilliam28 January 1868View
ArthursJames20 September 1870View
AsburyGeorge16 August 1874View
AsburyGeorge View
AshHorace Olborne17 October 1878View
AshHorace Olborne View
AshPhilip Henry Orbell13 November 1880View
AshWilliam1 December 1879View
AshWilliam View
AshWilliam Marks9 August 1881View
AshWilliam Marks View
AshbeeFrank10 June 1876View
AshcroftAlfred11 December 1875View
AshcroftArthur16 November 1880View
AshdownArthur13 September 1874View
AsheWellesley St. George24 February 1881View
AsherHerbert Widderson2 October 1874View
AshfieldEdgar11 May 1878View
AshfordEdgar29 May 1873View
AshleyCharles James24 July 1880View
AshleyJames29 January 1880View
AshtonFrancis30 January 1884View
AshtonJoseph James14 March 1876View
AshtonWalter1875 View
AtchisonJohn Lyle5 May 1878View
AtkeyPercy Edward John3 March 1881View
AtkinsWilliam2 December 1877View
AtkinsonArthur William28 March 1880View
AtkinsonCharles27 December 1878View
AtkinsonEdwin Nott28 September 1878View
AtkinsonErnest22 September 1878View
AtkinsonFrank21 March 1876View
AtkinsonHerbert12 August 1878View
AtkinsonHerbert John18 February 1879View
AtkinsonLowas16 March 1870View
AtkinsonOsmond3 December 1878View
AtkinsonOsmond3 December 1878View
AtkinsonWilliam23 October 1880View
AttenboroughHenry Richmond5 January 1874View
AttreeReginald Lloyd13 November 1880View
AttwellHerbert Garnett8 December 1880View
AtwellHarry James17 August 1875View
AucottJohn Dunn25 June 1871View
AucottJohn Dunn View
AudyJames Robert3 January 1880View
AugerWilliam11 December 1873View
AugerWilliam View
AultSamuel18 March 1874View
AusleyGeorge James15 December 1880View
AustenHarold Cecil16 October 1883View
AustinArthur William Hortop9 August 1880View
AustinEdward15 December 1879View
AustinGeorge18 August 1876View
AustinGeorge View
AustinJames29 December 1875View
AustinJames View
AustinRobert22 May 1875View
AustinSamuel John22 August 1877View
AveryFrank Gerald21 August 1881View
AveryGeorge Frederick3 December 1877View
AvesRalph Headley19 February 1882View
AvingtonThomas18 July 1866View
AyersFred Ramsley15 April 1884View
AylesClifford William16 March 1878View
AylingHenry31 May 1876View
AylingJames7 October 1881View
AylingJames View
AyreJohn George7 June 1866View
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