South African Constabulary Search : B
Surname Names Date of Birth View
BabbCharles Richard3 June 1878View
BaberEdwin Samuel27 November 1880View
BaconFrancis Ernest14 May 1877View
BaconJohn Henry26 December 1873View
BaconJohn Henry View
BadcockJames Clampitt1 November 1879View
BadcockOswald Marshall18 January 1875View
BadcoeThomas James4 April 1876View
BadenPatrick23 October 1873View
BadenPatrick View
BadenhorstDirk Cornelius17 January 1874View
BadenhorstJacobus Nicolas21 December 1880View
BagleyGeorge12 January 1877View
BagleyGeorge View
BagnallAlexander Frederick18 July 1883View
BagnallAlexander Frederick18 July 1880View
BagnallCharles21 July 1875View
BagnallHenry William Greene6 September 1875View
BagnallHenry William Greene View
BagshawWilliam30 September 1877View
BaileyDavid William15 January 1880View
BaileyEdward Frederick10 January 1877View
BaileyFrank25 August 1879View
BaileyFrederick James3 September 1880View
BaileyHerbert Frank3 July 1880View
BaileyHerbert Seymour15 September 1878View
BaileyHerbert Seymour View
BaileyJames9 December 1880View
BaileyJames View
BaileyRobert20 February 1876View
BaileyRobert Ditchburn4 October 1877View
BaileyThomas23 March 1878View
BaileyThomas View
BaileyWalter William8 April 1874View
BaileyWilliam4 June 1877View
BaileyWilliam Henry30 January 1876View
BaillieAndrew11 June 1880View
BaillieHenry9 April 1877View
BaillieHugh14 June 1873View
BaillieRobert3 November 1870View
BainCharles Stuart Mill27 March 1881View
BairdArchibald Gordon26 November 1869View
BairdEdward14 May 1875View
BairdEdward View
BairdJames Fleming21 September 1880View
BairdJohn10 February 1881View
BairdWilliam9 March 1884View
BairstowArthur28 February 1879View
BairstowHerbert9 November 1881View
BakerAlfred Gilroy29 August 1879View
BakerAlfred John19 March 1873View
BakerAlfred John19 March 1873View
BakerCharles11 October 1872View
BakerCharles View
BakerCharles Frederick18 August 1865View
BakerCharles Naunton9 December 1879View
BakerDennis Willoughby28 August 1878View
BakerHarold John4 February 1887View
BakerHarold John View
BakerHarry21 October 1866View
BakerHubert8 December 1878View
BakerHubert View
BakerJames16 October 1870View
BakerJames28 February 1880View
BakerJames View
BakerJames Gillies26 June 1885View
BakerJames Robert26 June 1880View
BakerJohn25 January 1879View
BakerJohn James4 March 1873View
BakerRichard Cecil26 November 1879View
BakerRichard Cecil View
BakerRichard Joseph21 June 1875View
BakerTom26 November 1875View
BakerTom View
BakerWilliam2 October 1884View
BaldockGeorge7 January 1881View
BaldockWilliam16 June 1879View
BaldwinEdwin9 May 1870View
BalfourArchibald Emmitt16 August 1881View
BalharryWilliam5 March 1881View
BallFrederick22 June 1876View
BallFrederick23 November 1876View
BallFrederick Charles15 September 1879View
BallFrederick James1 April 1881View
BallGeorge Herbert12 April 1882View
BallGeorge Keith3 April 1880View
BallWilliam1 February 1870View
BallamyJohn20 August 1875View
BallamyJohn View
BallanceRobert Henry5 November 1878View
BallantyneHenri de Clemaison19 March 1874View
BallingtonEdward William18 September 1870View
BalmainHenry Hope9 August 1872View
BamberJohn Frederick22 August 1874View
BamberThomas David1 July 1881View
BambriggeReginald Duncan15 June 1882View
BanessPercy27 August 1878View
BanisterAustice Edward Hurst6 June 1880View
BanksAlbert6 May 1880View
BanksCharles17 July 1874View
BanksChester9 January 1879View
BanksRobert Hugh5 May 1881View
BanksRobert James10 June 1881View
BanksWilliam2 July 1875View
BannatyneFrederic Cooke16 May 1878View
BannerGeorge John24 December 1880View
BannerRichard Pearson Lakin13 May 1870View
BannerSutherland Harmood2 March 1880View
BannisterJohn Henry15 March 1865View
BanyardFrederick George11 October 1876View
BanyardFrederick George View
BarberClifford12 July 1882View
BarberGeorge Llewellyn9 August 1880View
BarberHugh Alexander20 April 1880View
BarberJohn4 July 1880View
BarberJohn Gillespie21 June 1878View
BarberJohn William28 September 1870View
BarberPercy Robert28 March 1879View
BarbourAlexander22 May 1880View
BarbourAlexander View
BarbourJames28 August 1872View
BarbourRobert Wilson9 April 1878View
BarclayErnest Charles7 July 1880View
BarclayErnest Charles7 July 1880View
BarclayFrancis Nigel Bruce10 April 1874View
BardonJoseph Caleb5 November 1878View
BarkerEdgar Mears14 May 1877View
BarkerErnest27 July 1879View
BarkerGeorge7 July 1880View
BarkerHerbert28 August 1881View
BarkerJohn17 September 1878View
BarkerJohn View
BarkerJoseph4 June 1879View
BarkerWilliam30 September 1880View
BarkerWilliam27 December 1878View
BarkerWilliam View
BarkerWilliam John10 December 1878View
BarlowGeorge Ernest9 October 1880View
BarlowGeorge Ernest View
BarlowJames Albert16 April 1874View
BarlowJames Albert View
BarltropColin31 July 1878View
BarltropDonald14 March 1878View
BarnardCharles William6 November 1880View
BarnardGeorge29 January 1878View
BarnardHenry Richard8 November 1879View
BarnardHenry Richard View
BarnardJohn Hendrick24 September 1874View
BarnardSaville Sydney16 February 1877View
BarnardWilliam George5 July 1880View
BarnardWilliam George View
BarnesDavid George20 May 1880View
BarnesEdward James10 November 1873View
BarnesEdward William29 July 1880View
BarnesHerbert Edward8 March 1880View
BarnesJohn Wallace Harold30 September 1877View
BarnesJohn Wallace Harold View
BarnesRichard Thompson23 May 1868View
BarnesValentine Eric14 July 1887View
BarnesWalter24 April 1880View
BarnettHubert Rowland Cornish20 May 1879View
BarrJames28 February 1880View
BarrJohn Edward29 November 1872View
BarrRobert4 October 1879View
BarrThomas25 March 1882View
BarrThomas James28 December 1880View
BarrThomas James View
BarrettCharles26 December 1870View
BarrettErnest Charles15 July 1877View
BarrettErnest Charles View
BarrettJohn5 July 1871View
BarrettThomas18 February 1879View
BarrettThomas View
BarronJames24 March 1868View
BarronJames View
BarryCornelius12 August 1876View
BarryCornelius View
BarryFlurence28 August 1880View
BarryGerald24 January 1875View
BarryWilliam Joseph6 September 1879View
BarterArthur Bodinham11 February 1877View
BarterFrederick George19 January 1880View
BarthelArthur27 May 1877View
BartleJohn Thomas28 July 1881View
BartlemanWoodburn Archie Robert26 March 1872View
BartlettEdward3 September 1877View
BartlettGeorge12 April 1881View
BartlettGeorge View
BartlettGeorge Thomas11 September 1881View
BartlettJames Horace3 April 1880View
BartonAlbert Edward5 June 1880View
BartonErnest William5 February 1882View
BartonFrank4 January 1882View
BartonGeorge Ernest10 September 1875View
BartonWalter Edward1 January 1879View
BartonWilliam23 February 1870View
BartramJohn Bogert20 September 1879View
BartramVivian Turnall4 August 1879View
BarwellGeorge27 January 1869View
BashfordWilliam Henry30 June 1876View
BasonJohn Munro15 November 1879View
BasonJohn Munro View
BassHerbert24 September 1872View
BassonCarel Frederik9 July 1882View
BastableAlfred Charles21 May 1881View
BastableAlfred Charles View
BatchelorFrederick27 March 1879View
BatchelorHerbert20 May 1880View
BatemanAlfred Henry5 July 1879View
BatemanAlfred Henry View
BatemanFrederick View
BatemanHenry30 November 1877View
BatemanHerbert27 April 1876View
BatemanHerbert22 July 1871View
BatemanHerbert View
BatemanIsaac17 October 1877View
BatemanWilliam Alfred18 March 1868View
BatesCharles Herbert17 October 1882View
BatesFred29 July 1880View
BatesJohn Henry31 January 1872View
BatesJohn Henry View
BatheWilliam Harry15 April 1879View
BathurstLeonard Williams1 July 1881View
BattenAlbert7 March 1869View
BattersbyHarry3 May 1879View
BattershellWilliam Lioniel6 December 1876View
BattescombeWilliam31 March 1867View
BaumhardtReginald Ross13 March 1879View
BawdenClarence Pembertley14 October 1872View
BaxterArthur13 March 1880View
BaxterJames30 September 1881View
BaxterJames View
BaxterThomas9 January 1873View
BaxterThomas9 January 1872View
BaxterWilliam12 June 1872View
BaxterWilliam18 September 1876View
BaxterWilliam17 November 1875View
BaxterWilliam View
BaxterWilliam Charles19 November 1882View
BaxterWilliam Charles View
BayliffeLeonard Frederick1 November 1876View
BaylisGerald Thomas DeSandford20 April 1868View
BaylissWilliam11 March 1873View
BaylyAlfred Lansell8 June 1880View
BayneFrederick18 July 1877View
BeachHerbert James22 April 1880View
BeachHerbert James View
BeahanHarold6 January 1879View
BealHerbert William22 August 1868View
BealeAlbert Lindsey17 January 1869View
BealeSylvan Howard20 October 1880View
BeamishHolmes8 October 1872View
BeamishHolmes View
BeanHerbert Marshall5 May 1882View
BeardArthur Arnold11 January 1879View
BeardGeorge Harry27 February 1882View
BearmanFrank22 January 1882View
BearmanFrank View
BearmanJames Henry16 February 1879View
BearmanJames Henry View
BeathHerbert5 July 1880View
BeatonPeter21 November 1876View
BeatsonArchibald Browne18 April 1875View
BeattieJohn Henry21 January 1881View
BeattieRobert Montgomery25 September 1865View
BeattieRobert Montgomery View
BeattieWilliam Holland31 October 1883View
BeattyAlexander25 August 1869View
BeavanJames Charles27 March 1873View
Beavan-VaughanPercy William Octavius8 August 1878View
BeavenArchibald James9 May 1879View
BeavisLawrence Duncan8 November 1876View
BeavisStephen James10 July 1876View
BecketAshton Clement8 May 1879View
BeckettCharles12 October 1876View
BeckettFrederick Digby11 August 1876View
BeckettFrederick Digby View
BeckettThomas14 November 1879View
BeckettWilliam Edward23 November 1880View
BeckleyPercy Gustave6 July 1879View
BeddardChristopher Henry4 January 1873View
BedellAlexander William26 April 1880View
BeebyJoseph Webb DeVilliers6 February 1867View
BeechJohn30 November 1878View
BeechamSydney Frank5 May 1879View
BeechamSydney Frank View
BeecheyArthur Edmund24 January 1884View
BeedenArthur25 October 1874View
BeedenArthur View
BeerVivian Howes18 July 1875View
BeersRobert30 October 1879View
BeersRobert View
BeesleyJames Percival1 August 1880View
BeesleyRichard24 August 1879View
BeetgeSarel Jacobus13 February 1876View
BeethamRobert15 January 1880View
BegbieAlexander George5 September 1877View
BeggAlexander9 December 1879View
BeggCharles4 February 1880View
BeilbyGeorge12 September 1880View
BelchHenry6 December 1855View
BelcherArthur Norton View
BelcherArthur Norton3 July 1877View
BelcherSimeon13 August 1885View
BelinReginald George22 July 1874View
BelknapOra Lee6 February 1878View
BellAlbert Elijah28 March 1880View
BellCharles20 February 1882View
BellCharles View
BellCharles Gordon14 April 1874View
BellCharles Henry6 December 1880View
BellDavid17 March 1881View
BellDavid View
BellFrancis Hayley14 August 1877View
BellFrank8 December 1876View
BellFrederick Thomas28 September 1876View
BellHerbert7 March 1881View
BellHillyard Deforest22 June 1879View
BellJames11 February 1878View
BellJames13 November 1876View
BellJames24 August 1872View
BellJohn William1 February 1874View
BellJohn William31 August 1878View
BellJoseph4 November 1880View
BellJoseph15 November 1878View
BellJoseph View
BellRobert15 April 1880View
BellRobert View
BellRobert Frederick28 May 1880View
BellThomas18 September 1884View
BellThomas14 July 1874View
BellWilliam4 June 1879View
BellWilliam14 November 1867View
BellWilliam28 September 1873View
BellWilliam24 December 1878View
BellWilliam View
BellWilliam Henry27 March 1870View
BellWilliam Henry View
BellWilliam Little16 July 1869View
BellowJames William19 September 1877View
BelmorePhilip Charles1 June 1879View
BelmorePhilip Charles View
BelsteadEdwin James6 September 1876View
BendallEdwin Norman26 June 1879View
BendallFrank4 September 1877View
BendelerGeorge8 September 1870View
BendysheGeorge Schomberg21 December 1872View
BendysheGeorge Schomberg View
BenfieldReginald Frederick29 October 1879View
BengerOswald10 February 1880View
BengoughHarcourt George Lionel22 November 1879View
BenjaminWilliam15 August 1880View
BennJulius11 June 1881View
BennJulius View
BennRobert Edward19 October 1880View
BennRobert Edward View
BennettAlbert3 December 1877View
BennettArnold John30 August 1880View
BennettArthur George1 March 1881View
BennettArthur Jules12 January 1876View
BennettCharles3 January 1871View
BennettCharles View
BennettGeorge HenryNov 1873 View
BennettHerbert William23 November 1877View
BennettJames Arthur1883 View
BennettJames Edward31 October 1871View
BennettJohn15 October 1875View
BennettThomas Oatley28 July 1877View
BennettThomas Oatley View
BennettWilliam29 November 1867View
BennevieltJohannes Jacobus18 February 1883View
BennieDavid James1 June 1874View
BennieDavid James1 June 1874View
BennieJames Leekie13 February 1873View
BenrieThomas Sharp13 June 1879View
BenrieThomas Sharp View
BensonArthur Simmons9 September 1867View
BensonBarker Robert24 May 1881View
BensonErnest13 November 1879View
BensonFrancis28 July 1883View
BensonLawson12 January 1871View
BensonThomas1 September 1881View
BentleyCharles13 November 1878View
BentleyHorace1 February 1881View
BeresfordMarcus Thoburn7 April 1879View
BeresfordRichard Hugh Fitzherbert9 March 1882View
BeresfordRichard Hugh Fitzherbert View
BerlinAugust31 August 1885View
BerridgeSamuel18 December 1876View
BerrimanJob14 April 1879View
BerryGeorge1880 View
BerryGeorge View
BerryPhilip Joseph30 September 1882View
BerryValentine31 August 1886View
BerryWilliam3 December 1870View
BerryWilliam View
BeslarArend16 April 1877View
BesleyLouis Gale9 July 1867View
BesterG. D.19 February 1884View
BesterPaul Michael24 December 1879View
BestwickFrank25 October 1880View
BettAndrew Rae10 July 1877View
BettsArthur Alfred5 May 1880View
BettsWilliam Thomas8 December 1873View
BettsWilliam Thomas View
BeukesCornelius Jacobus13 January 1879View
BeukesCornelius Jacobus View
BeukesDirk Cornelius26 December 1869View
BevanArthur Marcus11 April 1878View
BewHarry15 July 1876View
BezuidenhoutFrederick Cornelius29 October 1880View
BezuidenhoutMathias Martinus24 September 1880View
BezuidenhoutStephannes Johannes20 April 1874View
BezuidenhoutWilliam Thomas18 August 1882View
BibbsWilliam Charles29 June 1876View
BibbyMaurice George20 April 1879View
BickfordArscott Fitzwilliam View
BickfordArscott Fitzwilliam8 November 1877View
BidwellJohn Ernest8 July 1872View
BiggsGeorge Ralph24 August 1874View
BiggsGeorge Ralph View
BiggsRobert Chaplain20 December 1868View
BiggsRobert Chaplain View
BigneyWilliam Watt21 October 1877View
BilesFrancis Henry11 March 1880View
BillinghamFrederic Harry Roworth15 June 1872View
BilliterCharles Ray13 June 1885View
BinghamAlbert14 April 1882View
BinghamAlbert View
BinghamFrederick William1 December 1880View
BinksTom31 July 1878View
BinksWilliam7 April 1867View
BinnieWilliam18 September 1880View
BiolettiHarry Oswald1 November 1883View
BirchAlfred Ernest24 April 1877View
BirchAlfred Ernest View
BirchGeorge Brush23 December 1873View
BirchamHarry Robert28 October 1879View
BirdCharles3 November 1868View
BirdErnest Ffolliott4 October 1880View
BirdErnest Ffolliott View
BirdFrank Arthur26 March 1879View
BirdGeorge11 February 1881View
BirdJohn Charles2 April 1876View
BirdMartin Embree23 November 1879View
BirdWilliam Thomas13 July 1876View
BirminghamThomas14 September 1879View
BirneyWalter Graham5 October 1880View
BirneyWilliam16 May 1878View
BirnieJohn10 December 1878View
BirrellHarry1876 View
BirseJames Alexander9 April 1867View
BirtlesFrancis7 November 1882View
BiscolVincent Henry Robert10 May 1880View
BishopHumphrey Samuel27 August 1866View
BishopJohn Henry11 February 1870View
BishopRichard Edward18 September 1880View
BishopRichard Edward View
BlaauwHendrick Albertus9 May 1879View
BlackAbraham6 May 1866View
BlackAlexander Robert9 February 1870View
BlackAndrew12 August 1872View
BlackFrank Charles3 April 1879View
BlackHenry30 August 1874View
BlackJames13 July 1882View
BlackJames William19 June 1875View
BlackJohn25 June 1873View
BlackMatthew Alexander30 August 1874View
BlackOrmond2 July 1881View
BlackPercy Malcolm17 September 1881View
BlackPeter18 March 1882View
BlackRalph Norrise1 February 1881View
BlackWilliam26 April 1879View
BlackburnWilliam7 May 1879View
BlackburnWilliam View
BlackburneCharles Thurlow19 July 1880View
BlackettEdward Nicholson2 August 1878View
BlackettEdward Nicholson View
BlackhurstGeorge18 February 1874View
BlackneyAlbert Hugh16 October 1879View
BlackstockDuncan McMillan3 July 1878View
BlackstockJames5 October 1876View
BlaikieDuncan Samuel12 July 1878View
BlainWilliam18 April 1870View
BlairHarvey William11 March 1880View
BlairHugh2 October 1880View
BlairJohn Robert12 August 1876View
BlakeCharles10 April 1878View
BlakeJames21 April 1878View
BlakeJohn8 March 1879View
BlakeRobert Lynwood25 December 1877View
BlakeyChristopher11 April 1880View
BlakeyGeorge5 January 1876View
BlakeyGeorge5 January 1876View
BlakeyGeorge View
BlanchardGeorge3 March 1880View
BlanchardJohn Sutherland26 October 1880View
BlandfordSamuel5 July 1878View
BlandfordSamuel View
BlankleyGeorge25 June 1878View
BlatchfordWilliam Henry4 December 1878View
BlaydenThomas8 August 1873View
BleakleyAlexander Forman5 June 1874View
BlencoweArthur William19 September 1878View
BlenksThomas Richard28 August 1881View
BlenksThomas Richard View
BlessleyFrederick3 January 1870View
BlewittGeorge Thomas4 May 1882View
BlewittGeorge Thomas View
BlissettWilliam Theselton2 July 1871View
BlockSydney Charles28 February 1871View
BlockleyHugh Metcalfe17 November 1866View
BlockleyHugh Metcalfe View
BlofieldCecil Arthur17 September 1881View
BloodBindon30 December 1881View
BloodEdward Neptune27 December 1883View
BloodHarry George12 January 1869View
BloomArthur1 August 1879View
BloomfieldEdward James17 May 1877View
BloomfieldWilliam Frederick11 July 1879View
BlountClavell Monkhouse19 April 1880View
BlountClavell Monkhouse View
BlowLaurance7 May 1866View
BlowersGeorge12 June 1881View
BlueRobert17 September 1880View
BlundenAlfred6 March 1876View
BlundenAlfred View
BlundenClarence William5 August 1877View
BlundunBasil Vivian10 September 1878View
BluntEdward29 October 1872View
BlythFrederick William20 September 1880View
BlythJames William9 March 1880View
BlythSidney19 January 1879View
BlytheThomas Ball26 September 1873View
BlytheThomas Ball View
BlytherLeonard Charles27 December 1880View
BlytherLeonard Charles View
BoardleyGabriel7 June 1872View
BoardmanJohn Samuel4 June 1872View
BoardmanJohn Samuel View
BoardmanPhilip Dixie15 July 1866View
BoastJames Alfred13 November 1880View
BoastJames Alfred View
BobyHugh Woods19 August 1879View
BodensteinCharles Peter22 March 1881View
BodfishStephen10 January 1879View
BodleyHarry10 March 1882View
BoggsFrank Darwell14 May 1881View
BogieJohn9 May 1876View
BogneWalter Blackbury9 October 1882View
BohillJohn Josey3 May 1868View
BolamJohn19 March 1875View
BoleHenry1 November 1880View
BollandLeonard Arthur12 November 1880View
BoltWilliam28 October 1881View
BoltWilliam View
BoltonGeorge William14 December 1874View
BoltonHenry William9 September 1873View
BoltonJohannes Frederick Martinus6 June 1884View
BoltonJohannes Frederick Martinus6 June 1884View
BoltonJoseph17 August 1882View
BoltonLawrence16 January 1880View
BoltonThomas16 February 1880View
BomfordJames Harry29 May 1873View
BonakerJohn Benjamin31 December 1872View
BonamourFred28 December 1874View
BondHenry6 August 1870View
BondWilliam4 December 1876View
BondWilliam4 December 1876View
BondWilliam John Sexton9 February 1881View
BondWilliam Wrenford10 September 1881View
BoneJames Nicol2 May 1877View
BonesArthur Anderson23 February 1869View
BonhamChristopher25 October 1874View
BonifaceFrederick James1 June 1879View
BonnerEdward21 November 1866View
BonnetteEdward John Conrad1 December 1879View
BonnetteEdward John Conrad1 December 1879View
BonsorJames Frederick Glover8 July 1880View
BonsorJames Frederick Glover View
BooerHerbert29 June 1882View
BoorJoseph1 May 1874View
BoorJoseph View
BoosTheodore Julius9 December 1880View
BoothAlan Foster2 January 1882View
BoothSydney Scott7 March 1880View
BoothWilliam22 August 1876View
BooysenGabriel Gert Fredrik12 April 1882View
BooysenNicholas24 January 1870View
BooysenPietter Cowies1 November 1867View
BoshoffChristian Hendrick27 December 1868View
BosmanPeter George22 September 1883View
BosseHullett31 May 1873View
BoswellEdward James16 June 1873View
BoswellJohn24 May 1867View
BoswellMaurice George10 September 1873View
BotesDavid Frederick7 October 1879View
BotesDavid Frederick7 October 1879View
BotesDavid Frederick View
BotesJacobus William16 May 1884View
BotesJacobus William16 May 1884View
BotesJohn Martinas24 July 1884View
BothaJacobus Petrus1878 View
BothaJacobus Petrus22 April 1876View
BothaJacobus Petrus6 June 1883View
BothaJacobus William Johannes25 December 1882View
BothaJohanas Christian23 January 1880View
BothaNicholas Gideon Christian21 June 1875View
BothaPeter23 September 1877View
BothaPietrus Johannes28 November 1882View
BothaThomas Jacobus Petrus13 October 1876View
BothwellSamuel1 June 1875View
BotterillJohn Edward5 June 1874View
BotterillJohn Edward View
BottingErnest Edwin18 March 1879View
BottomleyJohn6 April 1880View
BouchHarry7 April 1879View
BoultGerard Cecil17 February 1873View
BoulterAlfred James22 June 1880View
BoulterGeorge3 September 1878View
BoultonCharles24 April 1878View
BoundyArthur James10 May 1876View
BourkeRichard Vandeleur11 March 1884View
BourneHerbert John8 July 1874View
BourneHerbert John View
BouvierJohn26 April 1873View
BouwerChristian Heronymus14 February 1884View
BowdenArthur Henry6 March 1881View
BowdenJabez17 March 1877View
BowdenJames Joseph16 May 1881View
BowdenPhilip Douglas31 October 1875View
BowenHenry William9 November 1876View
BowenHugh Storer3 June 1882View
BowenWilliam20 January 1881View
BowensTheodore St. John25 July 1875View
BowerHerbert John9 May 1881View
BowerLuderwick15 April 1881View
BowerLuderwick View
BowersEdward19 April 1876View
BowersEdward View
BowersJohn19 August 1876View
BowersWilliam29 October 1875View
BowieDaniel25 April 1880View
BowkerHoratio22 January 1879View
BowlerAlbert Ussington10 January 1886View
BowlerGeorge24 April 1881View
BowleyThomas Henry14 March 1888View
BowmanHenry6 November 1887View
BowringOswald James14 November 1880View
BowyerArthur2 August 1874View
BowyerHerbert11 July 1877View
BoxwellJohn3 August 1878View
BoyceErnest Edwin30 October 1879View
BoyceErnest Edwin View
BoyceFrank16 May 1880View
BoydWilliam19 December 1880View
BoydWilliam Paterson16 June 1880View
BoysFrank Thomas2 November 1881View
BraceyWilliam14 June 1874View
BraceyWilliam View
BradburnWilliam Ernest Horatio26 May 1882View
BradburnWilliam Ernest Horatio View
BradfordCharles Fennings22 August 1876View
BradleyFrederic John10 August 1880View
BradleyPatrick6 September 1874View
BradleyThomas7 July 1877View
BradleyWilliam6 January 1878View
BradshawJoseph Ignatius4 December 1880View
BradshawWilliam David28 September 1869View
BradshawsRobert Ignatius6 February 1867View
BradyPatrick10 April 1879View
BrainHarry John24 December 1878View
BraineJohn View
BraineJohn2 November 1865View
BraithwaiteHenry22 December 1880View
BraithwaiteThomas Herbert12 July 1883View
BranchAlbert Weaver31 March 1880View
BranchAlbert Weaver View
BrandRobert26 September 1879View
BranderGeorge Alexander11 February 1878View
BranderGeorge Alexander View
BrandonHorace Percy27 September 1881View
BranfordEric Womack12 October 1876View
BrangwinFrederick6 May 1880View
BrearleyThomas Francis23 May 1870View
BrebnerJames Stephen30 July 1882View
BremnerFred4 November 1880View
BremnerThomas24 November 1880View
BremnerThomas View
BrenanHenry Patrick4 August 1881View
BrennenWilliam13 August 1879View
BrennenWilliam View
BrettFrederick4 August 1867View
BrettJohn18 July 1867View
BriggsWalter Clement6 April 1870View
BristolFrank Felix Ignatius23 June 1880View
BrummerJohannes Gerede14 October 1880View
BrumnerDaniel Jeremiah7 October 1872View
BurkePatrick Joseph2 May 1874View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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