South African Constabulary Search : C
Surname Names Date of Birth View
CadelWilliam George16 October 1877View
CahillThomas22 December 1876View
CahillThomas View
CainWilliam Henry30 July 1880View
CainesEdward John15 July 1867View
CairnsAlexander5 January 1880View
CairnsAlexander View
CairnsCharles Joseph23 April 1881View
CairnsDavid3 July 1875View
CairnsPeter Murray17 April 1876View
CaisterPercy Charles14 December 1881View
CaisterPercy Charles View
CalderAlexander7 August 1880View
CalderRobert24 May 1880View
CalderbankGeorge William Hersey22 June 1880View
CalderbankGeorge William Hersey View
CaldwellHarry2 November 1881View
CaldwellJoseph1 October 1876View
CaldwellSamuel James28 October 1882View
CaldwellSamuel James View
CaldwellThomas20 September 1879View
CalkinSamuel Frank6 February 1871View
CallaghanJames22 March 1870View
CallahanMichael John9 April 1879View
CallananHenry Ambrose1 August 1877View
CallisHenry Edward30 November 1881View
CallisHenry Edward View
CallisJamesJune 1877 View
CallisWilliam5 August 1873View
CalowAlfred John16 May 1874View
CalowAlfred John View
CalthorpeGeorge28 March 1877View
CalverleyOliver Walker9 January 1880View
CalvertJoseph24 October 1875View
CalvertJoseph View
CalvertThomas30 November 1880View
CalvertWilliam8 November 1876View
CameronAlex16 July 1881View
CameronAlex View
CameronArchibald Fergusson1 July 1877View
CameronArchibald Fergusson View
CameronCharles22 October 1871View
CameronCharles View
CameronDonald12 August 1879View
CameronHorace John29 October 1873View
CameronHorace John View
CameronJames1 August 1880View
CameronPeter21 October 1876View
CameronRobert Charles27 March 1879View
CameronWilliam John7 January 1881View
CampErnest Edward13 August 1879View
CampbellAlexander3 February 1880View
CampbellAlexander Patterson22 July 1878View
CampbellAndrew23 February 1877View
CampbellAngus12 January 1877View
CampbellBeresford Frederick30 September 1879View
CampbellColin23 September 1871View
CampbellDavid11 May 1878View
CampbellDavid22 September 1878View
CampbellDonald2 June 1882View
CampbellGeorge2 June 1872View
CampbellGeorge5 June 1880View
CampbellHamish McPhail5 April 1874View
CampbellJohn12 May 1874View
CampbellJohn22 November 1877View
CampbellJohn7 April 1874View
CampbellJohn12 September 1879View
CampbellJohn12 September 1879View
CampbellJohn Bruce20 June 1880View
CampbellJohn Sidney11 August 1869View
CampbellLachlin Colin27 January 1879View
CampbellMurdo12 February 1879View
CampbellNorman Edward25 December 1875View
CampbellRobert11 September 1880View
CampbellThomas14 January 1879View
CampbellThomas View
CampbellThomas Edmund22 January 1865View
CampbellWalter Robert Colquhoun6 May 1880View
CampbellWalter Robert Colquhoun View
CampbellWilliam George12 March 1869View
CampbellWilliam Morton19 May 1873View
CampbellWilliam Morton View
CampbellWilson14 April 1879View
CandyArthur James19 February 1879View
CaneCharles29 September 1880View
CaneJohn Selby24 July 1876View
CaneWilliam24 July 1878View
CankwellStanley28 July 1871View
CantStanley Gordon19 November 1884View
CantanJames13 May 1881View
CantleyWilliam John8 April 1879View
CantleyWilliam John View
CantyWilliam Laurence17 April 1873View
CapeJohn George16 March 1876View
CapellCharles15 October 1876View
CardLeonard30 August 1873View
CardLeonard View
CardooJohn11 September 1881View
CareyFrederick William3 December 1872View
CareyJoe12 June 1880View
CareyPatrick5 November 1879View
CareySpencer Tupper St. George28 December 1872View
CareyWilliam Ernest18 June 1880View
CareyWilliam Ernest View
CarineWilliam10 December 1880View
CarineWilliam View
CarletonWilliam15 February 1872View
CarlinLewis10 February 1879View
CarltonJames9 September 1867View
CarmichaelJames26 June 1869View
CarmichaelJames27 March 1880View
CarmichaelJames View
CarmodyWilliam23 April 1872View
CarmodyWilliam View
CarnegieJames15 March 1872View
CarneyJohn Joseph4 March 1864View
CarnochanArchibald21 September 1878View
CarnonRalph8 October 1873View
CarpenterSamuel Arthur17 January 1876View
CarrJohn Augustus26 July 1874View
CarrollDaniel15 March 1876View
CarrollMichael25 August 1879View
CarrollMichael View
CarrollPatrick14 August 1883View
CarrollPatrick View
CarrollThomas29 April 1865View
CarsonGeorge9 March 1880View
CarsonJoseph25 December 1878View
CarsonJoseph4 July 1880View
CarterCharles29 September 1871View
CarterCharles Gilbert27 October 1881View
CarterElias14 February 1879View
CarterHenry20 May 1881View
CarterHenry View
CarterHerbert21 December 1880View
CarterHerbert View
CarterJohn Hugh24 June 1864View
CarterJohn Hugh View
CarterJoseph Judd8 November 1879View
CarterWalter Henry8 January 1875View
CarterWalter Henry8 January 1877View
CartinelErnest27 February 1869View
CartinelErnest View
CartinerGeorge Eldred Melmore7 November 1878View
CartwrightFred10 August 1877View
CartwrightFred View
CartwrightFrederick Leonard22 February 1870View
CartwrightStanley21 December 1880View
CaruthAlexander24 August 1870View
CarvellGeorge Cecil26 June 1880View
CarverWilliam5 February 1875View
CarylJames Edward29 September 1879View
CaseCharles Samuel27 August 1882View
CaseFrank19 December 1866View
CaseWalter Edward7 April 1872View
CaseyJoseph15 May 1882View
CashLeonard5 February 1875View
CassAlfred5 November 1881View
CassJohn23 February 1871View
CasseyJames William13 March 1881View
CassidyHarry Ewart2 February 1875View
CastelijnJohannes Hendrik13 November 1883View
CastleWilliam10 November 1886View
CaterEdwin Ernest William27 September 1881View
CaulderGeorge Arthur6 June 1875View
CavanaghThomas7 August 1873View
CaveHarry2 December 1879View
CaveHarry View
CelliersGeorge30 November 1885View
CerelyFrancis Edgar30 September 1875View
CerelyFrancis Edgar View
ChadwickAustin5 October 1880View
ChaffinJohn Strathern15 October 1879View
ChallisClaude9 March 1877View
ChalmersJohn1 June 1874View
ChalmersWilliam25 January 1873View
ChamberlainHarry Batten11 November 1872View
ChamberlainThomas7 November 1875View
ChamberlainWilliam Elmer16 February 1880View
ChambersAlexander20 December 1872View
ChambersErnest4 June 1880View
ChamleyHarry Parker20 April 1877View
ChampionGeorge James25 February 1868View
ChampionSydney George15 March 1886View
ChampneyNorman D'Arcy9 November 1880View
ChandlerArthur22 October 1882View
ChandlerCharles Arthur17 March 1882View
ChandlerWilliam Henry19 January 1875View
ChaneyFrederic William22 May 1880View
ChannerHenry Alfred28 December 1874View
ChantJames Henry29 July 1870View
ChaplinJames Hurst19 September 1877View
ChapmanAlbert Edwin19 July 1874View
ChapmanAlbert Edwin19 July 1874View
ChapmanArthur27 May 1877View
ChapmanCecil Darby30 April 1881View
ChapmanCecil Darby30 April 1881View
ChapmanCharles Alfred27 June 1879View
ChapmanEdwin15 May 1873View
ChapmanFrederick30 August 1881View
ChapmanFrederick View
ChapmanGeorge14 July 1878View
ChapmanGeorge8 March 1879View
ChapmanHenry Arthur25 September 1871View
ChapmanJames11 September 1881View
ChapmanRobert13 September 1877View
ChapmanThomas12 April 1879View
ChapmanThomas View
ChapmanWalter21 March 1874View
ChardFrederick George4 July 1872View
ChardFrederick George4 July 1872View
ChargeFrederic Spencer14 October 1879View
CharlesEdward Thomas19 June 1885View
CharlesEdwin Hulbert Wolseley10 August 1877View
CharlesFrederick James15 February 1872View
CharlesThomas Henry12 May 1873View
CharlesThomas Henry View
CharlierFrancis Joseph24 February 1881View
CharltonHenry Lyons4 April 1867View
CharltonJoseph Arthur5 August 1882View
CharnleyRoland24 July 1878View
CharnleyRoland View
ChartersFrank Hamilton19 July 1883View
ChaseCharles Valentine14 February 1880View
ChaterCharles Henry22 February 1875View
ChaterEdgar11 August 1878View
ChattellWilliam John9 March 1876View
CheadleFrank16 December 1881View
CheaterClement Bellingham7 April 1876View
CheaterStanley Henry21 November 1881View
CheaterThomas George31 December 1877View
CheaterThomas George View
CheesemanAlfred William6 December 1880View
ChegwinHerbert Pearce10 May 1877View
ChellingsworthEdwin William27 January 1880View
CheneyRobert Henry18 February 1881View
CheneyRobert Henry View
ChererGeorge Cecil28 October 1881View
CheshireGeorge30 June 1874View
CheshireWalter George14 June 1880View
ChessonBenjamin Samuel29 September 1864View
ChesterJohn23 January 1878View
ChesterThomas Alfred5 August 1876View
ChesworthThomas Arthur27 January 1881View
ChesworthThomas Arthur11 October 1883View
ChevalierEugene21 December 1868View
CheyneJames28 April 1880View
CheyneJames View
ChickWilliam Charles24 January 1869View
ChidgeyLancelot William11 March 1879View
ChildEdgar Tamplin7 May 1870View
ChildsArthur24 August 1877View
ChildsBryan John27 October 1878View
ChildsBryan John View
ChildsHarry George11 December 1882View
ChildsHarry George View
ChildsWilliam Henry Nichols25 June 1879View
ChiltonOliver Free12 January 1882View
ChilversCecil William27 February 1881View
ChippendaleCharles12 March 1880View
ChipperfieldEdward23 October 1879View
ChippsDaniel1873 View
ChippsDaniel View
ChittyCharles Walter26 September 1872View
ChiversFrederick William13 June 1873View
ChoateCharles Harry6 July 1881View
ChristianJesse Frederick6 September 1877View
ChristieAlexander Crawford5 December 1880View
ChristieJames3 March 1880View
ChristieJohn Greig9 November 1882View
ChristieJohn Greig View
ChristieRobert23 January 1881View
ChristieWilliam19 April 1872View
ChristieWilliam James11 September 1876View
ChristopherEdward Frederick17 October 1878View
ChubbWilliam Herbert Newcombe4 October 1874View
ChurchAlbert Edward24 August 1880View
ChurchAlfred4 January 1881View
ChurchCharles Wesley11 August 1881View
ChurchJohn11 June 1878View
ChurchJoseph Henry22 October 1879View
ChurchillGodfrey13 July 1882View
ChurchillWilliam17 September 1881View
ChuterArthur23 September 1872View
ChuterWilliam Charles22 July 1878View
ClabbyNorman Douglas10 January 1881View
ClabbyNorman Douglas View
ClackThomas Lytton1 August 1883View
ClaidenArthur15 January 1881View
ClairmonteCuthbert Graham17 February 1876View
ClappenFred Clement28 June 1879View
ClareHarry William12 April 1881View
ClareJohn6 May 1881View
ClarenceErnest Gladstone24 June 1880View
ClarenceErnest Gladstone View
ClarkArchie McClellan11 July 1875View
ClarkFrederick22 November 1877View
ClarkHenry6 March 1881View
ClarkHerbert4 September 1878View
ClarkHerbert View
ClarkJames8 July 1877View
ClarkJames Archibald12 June 1880View
ClarkJames Archibald View
ClarkJohn Goodman15 May 1879View
ClarkSamuel30 October 1878View
ClarkThomas10 June 1879View
ClarkThomas William Spencer17 August 1880View
ClarkeAlbert Henry8 January 1872View
ClarkeAlgernon William3 March 1878View
ClarkeEdward Charles26 December 1868View
ClarkeEdward Charles View
ClarkeErnest Alexander Streeting13 July 1872View
ClarkeGeorge14 February 1874View
ClarkeGeorge Francis24 September 1876View
ClarkeGeorge Hammett Hyde29 November 1885View
ClarkeHorace Smoothy16 March 1880View
ClarkeHorace Smoothy View
ClarkeHugh Thompson2 September 1871View
ClarkeHugh Thompson View
ClarkeJames Edmund8 May 1878View
ClarkeJohn8 January 1871View
ClarkeJoseph Gordon8 February 1882View
ClarkeLeveson Campbell15 December 1883View
ClarkeRobert25 May 1879View
ClarkeRobert4 July 1873View
ClarkeRobert View
ClarkeRobert Thompson27 February 1880View
ClarkeThomas Herbert18 February 1885View
ClarkeWilliam14 March 1876View
ClarkeWilliam9 May 1875View
ClarkeWilliam View
ClarkeWilliam View
ClarkeWilliam Frederick11 December 1879View
ClarkeWilliam Vine28 June 1881View
ClarksonGeorge Alfred30 January 1880View
ClarksonGeorge Alfred View
ClarksonJames15 October 1869View
ClarksonJames View
ClarksonJohn Stafford1 May 1879View
ClayRobert5 April 1880View
ClaydonDavid9 December 1882View
ClaytonArthur12 September 1881View
ClaytonErnest24 February 1876View
ClearyWilliam Francis22 March 1870View
CleggAlfred21 April 1880View
CleggAlfred View
ClelandCharles Rose18 September 1879View
ClemeltDaniel16 December 1880View
ClemeltDaniel View
ClementHermann Fred3 March 1877View
ClementJames12 August 1877View
ClementsAlfred14 April 1880View
ClementsJohn5 March 1879View
ClementsPercy Robert24 January 1884View
ClementsVivian Charles14 October 1883View
ClementsWalter9 March 1874View
ClementsWilliam2 July 1875View
ClementsWilliam Leibrim14 July 1885View
ClextonErnest Milner8 March 1868View
CliftJames George28 October 1875View
ClinchWalter Edwin31 January 1880View
ClinchWilliam4 October 1881View
ClosePercival Thomas S.23 April 1874View
ClotworthyBenjamin Garfield14 January 1881View
ClotworthyBenjamin Garfield View
CloverCharles Edward27 July 1879View
CloverFrederick Henry6 September 1873View
CloverWalter18 September 1873View
CloverWalter View
ClowWilliam John12 January 1880View
CluffHerbert Warren29 August 1878View
CluffHerbert Warren View
CluleyFrederick William7 November 1880View
CoadHarry1 April 1877View
CoadHarry View
CoakerRichard12 October 1873View
CoakerRichard View
CoakleyIsaac16 October 1881View
CoateWalter Henry22 May 1881View
CobdenFrank Noel Saville9 April 1880View
CobdenHerbert Edward3 August 1879View
CobhamFrank Douglas22 January 1878View
CochraneHugh Henry5 April 1874View
CochraneHugh Henry View
CockadayJohn Frank23 September 1874View
CockayneThomas16 September 1881View
CockbillFrancis William12 April 1874View
CockcroftArchibald Baillie20 July 1876View
CockramHerbert21 April 1876View
CockrellWalter Braithwaite13 June 1881View
CocksGeorge Grayson30 July 1874View
CoddFrederick Charles Edward27 October 1868View
CoetzeeCharles George Mason8 June 1872View
CoetzeeCornelius Christoffel Christian3 June 1875View
CoetzeeFrancis Philip31 August 1875View
CoetzeeFrancis Philip View
CoetzeeFrederick William7 May View
CoetzeeHendrik Gavin3 December 1883View
CoetzeeHendrik Schalk30 January 1871View
CoetzeeJohn Hendrik23 October 1877View
CoetzeePaul Johannes Hartog1 January 1874View
CogdonAlbert15 May 1867View
CoghlanAlfred Joseph25 February 1878View
CoghlanAlfred Joseph View
CoghlanEdward20 November 1876View
CoghlanWilliam Boyle3 October 1880View
CogleyChristopher25 December 1874View
CogleyChristopher View
CohenCasper7 June 1869View
CokayneAugustus Henry13 July 1873View
CokeCharles Tuttle18 October 1862View
CokerArthur26 December 1879View
CokerArthur View
CokerHarry Ambrose25 May 1878View
ColbonWalter5 November 1880View
ColeArthur3 March 1872View
ColeCharles James7 June 1886View
ColeCharles Thomas20 May 1879View
ColeFrank Alfred9 June 1878View
ColeGeorge View
ColeGeorge1 February 1879View
ColeGeorge View
ColeThomas11 February 1876View
ColeWilliam James28 March 1878View
ColeWilliam James View
ColeWilliam Reginald26 January 1882View
ColebournJeffrey Carter30 November 1877View
ColeloughAlfred15 October 1879View
ColemanAlexander Hanna17 January 1881View
ColemanArthur9 June 1877View
ColensoErnest Edward20 February 1873View
ColensoErnest Edward View
ColesAlbert Henry7 July 1867View
ColesArthur6 July 1880View
ColesCharles19 February 1882View
CollardGordon Denne2 February 1874View
CollardHubert12 December 1875View
CollardJames Aldred18 January 1871View
CollardJames Aldred View
CollardJames William2 January 1881View
CollettAugustus Etheridge17 September 1876View
ColleyCharles Henry28 May 1879View
ColleyJames Reginald24 May 1880View
CollierHarry16 October 1883View
ColliganJohn William12 February 1879View
CollinArthur John17 December 1872View
CollinArthur John View
CollinCharles de Egglesfield23 August 1879View
CollinCharles de Egglesfield View
CollingArthur Manleverer4 July 1880View
CollinsAlbert Patrick30 April 1878View
CollinsAndrew James26 January 1880View
CollinsArthur Willoughby23 March 1871View
CollinsGeorge7 September 1872View
CollinsHarry8 January 1877View
CollinsHarry View
CollinsHenry Rowe17 January 1879View
CollinsJames7 March 1873View
CollinsWilliam9 January 1879View
CollinsWilliam Charles3 January 1883View
CollinsWilliam Dennis7 February 1879View
CollinsWilliam Edward1 December 1873View
CollinsWilliam Percival9 December 1879View
CollinsWilliam Percival View
CollisThomas20 February 1875View
CollisterJohn5 April 1871View
ColmanHenry1 December 1872View
ColquittJames13 March 1880View
ColtmanErnest13 October 1880View
ColverdGeorge Augustus22 January 1878View
ComberHenry20 January 1873View
ComberHenry View
ComptonJohn9 March 1867View
ConacherJohn Cameron9 August 1880View
ConcarEdward5 October 1869View
ConeyCecil Frederick23 February 1879View
ConingsbyHarry Redman1 June 1880View
ConlinJohn24 February 1876View
ConnellAlexander Milton31 December 1875View
ConnellPatrick6 March 1880View
ConnellanMichael1 May 1872View
ConnoleJohn9 June 1875View
ConnollyAlexander Sinclair10 January 1875View
ConnollyCharles18 February 1878View
ConnollyJames Joseph22 March 1881View
ConnollyJohn16 December 1876View
ConnollyJohn17 June 1872View
ConnollyJoseph29 July 1878View
ConnollyJoseph View
ConnollyRobert14 June 1180View
ConnollyThomas1 August 1874View
ConnorHarry1 March 1880View
ConnorWilliam10 March 1878View
ConnorWilliam View
ConrodHarold Brenton15 February 1881View
ConstableMennell5 June 1874View
ConstableThomas Henry29 May 1880View
ConwayMartin Alexander28 February 1878View
ConwayMichael Joseph24 July 1882View
ConwayMichael Joseph24 July 1882View
CookAlbert25 October 1879View
CookArchibald Graham1 May 1883View
CookArthur Herbert10 September 1880View
CookDuncan Gibson3 June 1880View
CookEdward22 April 1873View
CookEdward13 December 1872View
CookEdward1 January 1881View
CookErnest Davis19 December 1866View
CookGeorge Alfred28 March 1876View
CookGilbert William29 February 1880View
CookHarry James16 June 1879View
CookHenry Charles27 November 1871View
CookHenry Charles View
CookJames Henry21 August 1877View
CookSydney John Snow14 March 1875View
CookSydney John Snow View
CookWilliam Stanley10 August 1874View
CookeAlbert Cecil30 April 1879View
CookeAlfred Ernest7 March 1879View
CookeArthur George Stuart12 November 1879View
CookeCharles14 January 1884View
CookeCharles21 December 1878View
CookeCharles View
CookeCharles View
CookeGeorge Harold20 May 1883View
CookeJames Robert2 April 1881View
CookeNorman William31 July 1880View
CookeRea Alexander13 January 1868View
CookeThomas Ambrose29 October 1880View
CookeThomas Mahon12 January 1880View
CookeWalter William2 January 1881View
CoombeJames10 July 1880View
CoombeJames View
CoombesArthur17 October 1878View
CoombesWalter John25 October 1879View
CoombesWalter John View
CoombeyJohn25 February 1870View
CooperAlfred16 July 1880View
CooperArchibald Haigh5 October 1880View
CooperBertie1 September 1880View
CooperBertie George7 March 1880View
CooperCharles William13 June 1879View
CooperEdwin James15 April 1876View
CooperFrank Albert16 March 1884View
CooperFrederick Ernest22 July 1880View
CooperGeorge5 September 1877View
CooperGeorge12 March 1875View
CooperGeorge View
CooperGeorge Gordon16 November 1874View
CooperHerbert25 December 1877View
CooperJohn26 September 1872View
CooperJohn13 December 1878View
CooperJohn View
CooperJoseph3 August 1868View
CooperJoseph Alexander11 July 1881View
CooperSydney Herbert Russell21 April 1880View
CooperThomas James14 January 1880View
CooperThomas James View
CooperWalter James20 February 1875View
CooteFrederick Henry21 February 1878View
CopeJohn19 August 1878View
CopeThomas Henry12 August 1874View
CopeThomas Henry View
CopeWilliam24 February 1864View
CoppinEdmond Francis15 August 1879View
CoppingSydney Omer8 October 1876View
CopseyHorace23 June 1879View
CorbettGeorge9 November 1873View
CorcoranJohn23 April 1877View
CorderFrederick John22 December 1879View
CorderThomas Edward2 December 1881View
CorfeRobert George12 June 1882View
CorfieldGeorge Henry13 March 1879View
CorfieldGeorge Henry View
CorfieldRichard Cunningham27 April 1880View
CorfieldRichard Cunningham View
CorinWilliam Edward28 January 1883View
CorinWilliam Thomas24 October 1864View
CorkHarry28 January 1879View
CorneliusJohn16 September 1879View
CornerAlexander William21 December 1877View
CornerHunter14 January 1881View
CornwallRobert John29 September 1878View
CornwallRobert John29 September 1879View
CorriganRichard15 August 1878View
CorriganRichard View
CosensLeonard29 June 1880View
CosgroveJohn8 July 1882View
CosmanJohn Wesley2 March 1878View
CostelloMartin20 August 1875View
CostelloWilliam Joseph4 March 1879View
CottamWilliam30 August 1876View
CotteeJohn Morris26 February 1880View
CotterJames William24 November 1876View
CotterWesley Heath12 August 1879View
CotterWesley Heath View
CotterellWilliam Porter10 March 1870View
CouchThomas Edward16 July 1880View
CoulsonCecil27 June 1877View
CoulstockCharles Ivo20 October 1872View
CoulstockCharles Ivo View
CoulterHenry James28 February 1879View
CoulterHerbert10 July 1881View
CourseWilliam23 November 1873View
CourseWilliam View
CouseHarmon30 September 1871View
CouseHarmon View
CousensWilliam Robert George23 November 1880View
CouttsAlexander29 February 1878View
CoventryThomas21 September 1877View
CowanFred15 December 1884View
CowanJames Moffith8 May 1887View
CowanThomas William Simpson14 February 1885View
CowanThomas William Simpson View
CowardWilliam James8 July 1873View
CowburnPercy23 December 1880View
CowdyAngus Edward24 June 1879View
CowellJames14 February 1872View
CowenCharles Lester10 July 1885View
CowiesonAlexander31 December 1880View
CowinLeonard Beecher11 December 1879View
CowinLeonard Beecher View
CowinWilliam15 June 1873View
CowlesHerbert Charles11 October 1880View
CowlesHerbert Charles View
CowleyArthur Stewart22 March 1876View
CowleyArthur Stewart View
CowleyClements11 August 1880View
CowleyGeorge Henry28 October 1878View
CowlingWilliam Ernest20 November 1880View
CowlingWilliam Ernest View
CoxAlfred Graeme5 May 1880View
CoxAlfred Graeme View
CoxArthur John7 September 1880View
CoxClaude6 September 1878View
CoxFrederick Charles24 January 1873View
CoxFrederick William27 June 1882View
CoxHenry25 March 1879View
CoxHubert21 July 1872View
CoxJohn Edmund2 November 1880View
CoxJohn William12 September 1874View
CoxThomas14 September 1880View
CoxTom3 June 1882View
CoxellWilliam30 November 1877View
CoyWilliam Henry23 November 1879View
CoyleHugh Francis13 April 1868View
CoyleHugh Francis View
CoyneThomas3 February 1876View
CoyneThomas View
CrabbeSidney3 February 1878View
CracknellGeorge John1 June 1875View
CraftWilliam22 May 1867View
CraggNelson Edward29 October 1887View
CraggsJohnson Kirton28 July 1880View
CraggsReginald Wallace20 January 1880View
CraigHugh16 September 1880View
CraigJohn19 June 1878View
CraigJohn View
CraigRobert29 May 1877View
CraigWarren14 February 1877View
CraigWilliam12 June 1880View
CraigWilliam View
CraigWilliam Pithie29 October 1881View
CraigieWilliam25 March 1877View
CrambPercy William18 March 1878View
CramerArchibald James22 September 1879View
CramptonHarry25 March 1865View
CramptonMark16 February 1874View
CraneThomas Charles12 June 1877View
CranshawArthur1 December 1879View
CranstonJohn19 May 1880View
CravenCecil2 April 1875View
CravenJoshua18 April 1873View
CravenPhilip Henry23 February 1877View
CravenWilliam12 October 1881View
CrawfordClinton10 June 1868View
CrawfordGeorge11 January 1881View
CrawfordJames14 July 1876View
CrawfordJoshua5 February 1876View
CrawfordJoshua View
CrawfordReginald11 November 1880View
CrawfordRobert6 May 1879View
CrawfordRobert4 December 1881View
CrawfordWilliam25 June 1879View
CrawleyFredrick Henry28 May 1872View
CraxtonCharles Mark William24 May 1882View
CreaghJohn18 October 1877View
CreaseyCecil Bailey5 April 1880View
CreedBeaupre Augustine28 August 1865View
CreedWilliam9 February 1885View
CreeseGilbert15 July 1880View
CreethWallace William View
CreightonCrandell Michael12 December 1880View
CreightonHerbert23 December 1873View
CreightonWilliam James20 January 1876View
CresswellErnest Norman7 March 1880View
CrewsFrank21 February 1881View
CribbCharles William9 July 1881View
CrimpWalter Arendel30 March 1879View
CrippsWilliam Powell21 February 1880View
CrispCharles Chandos26 January 1878View
CrispCharles Chandos View
CritchleyGeorge14 February 1882View
CrockartDouglas28 April 1879View
CrockartDouglas View
CrockerAlfred George9 September 1875View
CrockerAlfred George View
CrockerSamuel5 March 1868View
CrockerSamuel View
CrockettCharles12 March 1871View
CrockettWalter Alfred22 June 1878View
CroftJames29 November 1879View
CroftonArthur Pearson15 December 1880View
CroftonWilfred Brereton9 November 1879View
CroftsJohn Edwin19 August 1853View
CroftsWilliam2 December 1871View
CrollJames Rae13 November 1877View
CrolyBenjamin Francis3 February 1883View
CrombieRobert1 October 1872View
CromeFrederick William25 November 1884View
CroninCornelius Charles16 September 1877View
CronjeJohannes Gerhardus20 December 1878View
CronjeJohannes Gerhardus View
CronkArthur17 October 1880View
CronkArthur View
CronkFrederick Temple4 April 1879View
CrookKenneth Campbell7 August 1876View
CrookSamuel14 February 1882View
CrooksJoseph Allan12 May 1879View
CrooksJoseph Allan View
CrosbyEdward Nicholson1 September 1882View
CrosbyGeorge Alfred8 November 1880View
CrossEmanuel10 January 1866View
CrossGeorge22 February 1879View
CrossHenry Charles5 August 1876View
CrossPercy Hamilton10 June 1880View
CrossRichard Moore16 July 1875View
CrossThomas6 January 1879View
CrossThomas24 July 1865View
CrothersWillie14 December 1878View
CroweNorman11 July 1881View
CroweRobert16 July 1879View
CrowhurstFrank John4 February 1881View
CrowtherGeorge Frederick7 March 1880View
CrowtherJohn Edward22 March 1876View
CroydenRalph1 August 1868View
CrozierGraham8 June 1873View
CrumplinAdolphus Frederic22 July 1879View
CrystallAlbert20 September 1873View
CrystallAlbert View
CudbyFrederick John9 January 1880View
CudbyFrederick John View
CuffleyWilliam Francis21 November 1873View
CulbertJonathan Wesley28 May 1873View
CulbertWilliam27 March 1878View
CulbertWilliam View
CuleyVernon7 September 1876View
CullBenjamin Charles4 September 1880View
CullabineThomas8 August 1873View
CullenSherbrooke William7 February 1879View
CullenSherbrooke William View
CullifordFrederick John10 November 1880View
CullingErnest7 March 1877View
CullisGeorge Henry19 September 1880View
CullumAlfred20 November 1880View
CulverRobert Douglas25 June 1880View
CumberpatchHerbert26 May 1874View
CumbesJames2 August 1871View
CummingAlexander John28 August 1879View
CummingAlexander John View
CummingGeorge Gordon18 August 1872View
CummingJohn16 February 1872View
CummingsGeorge14 January 1879View
CummingsJoseph Frank13 January 1876View
CummingsJoseph Frank View
CumminsMichael11 November 1880View
CundellCharles30 March 1881View
CunliffeJames29 August 1871View
CunninghamFrederick Woodman28 February 1879View
CunninghamRobert9 June 1876View
CunninghamSamuel19 February 1878View
CunninghameHenry1 March 1869View
CunninghameLennox7 October 1877View
CurlFred William30 May 1877View
CurlFred William View
CurnockFrancis13 August 1880View
CurnockFrancis View
CurnsFrancis Dennis18 July 1877View
CurraWilliam Elveus5 March 1880View
CurranEdward25 December 1879View
CurranEdward Laurence12 April 1877View
CurranJohn18 July 1880View
CurranWilliam20 February 1875View
CurrinMichael Joseph26 June 1883View
CurryEdward Montagu11 April 1881View
CurryJohn29 January 1876View
CurryWilliam George15 September 1872View
CurtisCharles Frederick10 April 1877View
CurtisCharles Inwood13 June 1875View
CurtisJeremiah William20 October 1870View
CurtisThomas Dillon13 August 1875View
CurtisWalter James16 September 1870View
CurtisWilliam6 October 1876View
CurwenCornelius16 March 1876View
CurwenCornelius View
CurwenPercy Thomas18 January 1875View
CusackJames Patrick17 February 1878View
CushnieWilliam31 July 1884View
CussAlbert23 November 1869View
CussAlbert View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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