South African Constabulary Search : D
Surname Names Date of Birth View
DackSomas10 March 1879View
DackSomas View
DackombeFrederick George30 April 1881View
DaggJames10 December 1876View
DagnallThomas Charles3 May 1879View
DaintyLeshe Horace23 April 1883View
DaleAlfred16 November 1876View
DaleAndrew Eadie18 January 1880View
DaleHerbert25 December 1875View
DaleHerbert View
DaleIsaac Bridson Lawrence30 July 1879View
DaleWalter Harold2 November 1878View
DaleySamuel Francis7 December 1878View
DallyEdward Augustus28 August 1877View
D'AlmeidaVictor1 July 1882View
D'AlmeidaVictor View
DaltonCharles29 December 1875View
DalyBernard John27 January 1881View
DalyFrancis23 August 1878View
DalyJoseph Patrick10 April 1879View
DanahyTimothy20 December 1877View
DanbyLeonard John6 March 1881View
DanbyLeonard John View
DanceWilliam Albert5 March 1884View
DandJohn Joseph7 December 1871View
DanielArthur1 April 1878View
DanielFrederick William18 April 1873View
DaniellThomas Kieran6 March 1875View
DaniellThomas Kieran View
DanielsErnest12 November 1864View
DanielsMassena Hardy2 February 1878View
DanielsWilliam6 January 1880View
DanversJohn28 December 1879View
DarbyAlbert23 June 1878View
D'ArcyHerbert Alfred14 May 1879View
DarkeLancelot19 March 1880View
DarleyWilliam27 July 1883View
DarsieGeorge8 August 1880View
DartHedley20 April 1881View
DauntAchilles O'Neill15 August 1880View
DauntAchilles O'Neill View
DavenportAlfred10 June 1877View
DavenportGeorge William1 November 1870View
DavenportGeorge William View
DaveyBertram Charles28 May 1875View
DaveyEdward Austen2 August 1874View
DaveyJohn19 November 1878View
DaveyJohn2 November 1874View
DaveyJohn View
DaveySidney John15 March 1867View
DavidJames19 August 1877View
DavidsonAlexander18 November 1877View
DavidsonAndrew1 May 1879View
DavidsonAndrew View
DavidsonEdmund John6 January 1878View
DavidsonFrank James28 April 1881View
DavidsonFrank James View
DavidsonJohn23 December 1880View
DavidsonLewis Gordon Smith15 April 1879View
DavieWilliam14 October 1880View
DaviesArthur James5 October 1880View
DaviesArthur James View
DaviesDavid William10 June 1875View
DaviesEdgar25 May 1881View
DaviesEdgar Frank18 March 1876View
DaviesEdgar Frank View
DaviesErnest David17 December 1881View
DaviesEwart Gladstone30 March 1880View
DaviesFrederick George6 September 1880View
DaviesFrederick John21 May 1877View
DaviesHenry Branley6 April 1864View
DaviesHenry Matcham10 July 1877View
DaviesHerbert William21 December 1879View
DaviesHugh Price15 July 1871View
DaviesHugh Price View
DaviesJames Robert27 August 1880View
DaviesJohn27 December 1867View
DaviesJoseph21 May 1883View
DaviesJoseph View
DaviesStephen4 October 1874View
DaviesSydney James20 February 1878View
DaviesWilliam13 February 1878View
DaviesWilliam Eldred30 June 1873View
DaviesonFrank Cleveland9 November 1877View
DavilaJoseph2 September 1875View
DavinLaurence6 August 1880View
DavisAlbert22 June 1879View
DavisAlbert James11 September 1879View
DavisAlexander17 July 1869View
DavisAlfred George2 March 1875View
DavisArthur30 March 1878View
DavisArthur4 August 1878View
DavisArthur Edward18 November 1871View
DavisBenjamin Richard4 May 1868View
DavisCharles Forbes McNaught2 November 1879View
DavisCharles John11 January 1875View
DavisDavid Erastus17 November 1881View
DavisEdgar Percy18 April 1875View
DavisErnest Bell25 December 1868View
DavisFrederick Albert19 November 1878View
DavisFrederick Albert View
DavisGeorge20 December 1880View
DavisJames7 July 1886View
DavisRalph13 December 1872View
DavisStanley6 November 1880View
DavisWalter James1 May 1876View
DavisWilliam8 December 1880View
DavisWilliam Henry16 March 1884View
DavisonHenry Hazlett27 June 1874View
DavisonJohn Basil14 May 1876View
DavisonMaurice8 June 1880View
DavisonThomas20 May 1877View
DavisonWilliam Frederick10 March 1871View
DavyTom Henry24 May 1880View
DawesCharles John13 August 1878View
DawesWalter Charles22 April 1876View
DawsonEric Blakeney9 September 1878View
DawsonErnest Edward11 April 1880View
DawsonJohn7 July 1877View
DawsonThomas25 September 1876View
DawsonWilliam5 September 1877View
DayAlbert15 August 1881View
DayAlfred10 June 1870View
DayAllison23 February 1870View
DayAllison View
DayArthur James29 March 1879View
DayCharles21 July 1880View
DayCharles View
DayChester Reid25 November 1880View
DayEdgar Arthur Jodrell21 June 1887View
DayFrederick5 April 1881View
DayHenry James30 October 1881View
DayJohn1 May 1880View
DayWilliam12 October 1877View
DayerJohn Laidler19 March 1873View
De BeerHendrik Nicholas Johannes7 May 1879View
De BeerHenry4 January 1885View
De BeerJohannes Christoffel30 September 1881View
De BeerPeter Hendrick3 August 1879View
De BeerPeter Hendrick View
De BlaquiereCharles William Long25 February 1877View
De BruinPhillipus Rudolf17 October 1863View
De BruynDaniel Johannes13 November 1877View
De BussyEdward Henry21 August 1880View
De BussyEdward Henry21 August 1880View
De BussyEdward Henry View
De CowJohn Arthur17 January 1876View
De JonghPhillip Leibbrandt20 March 1882View
De KuyperGeorge Francis30 May 1880View
De LangeRobert17 August 1882View
De LangeStephanus Johannes9 May 1880View
de LantourHarry Douglas23 March 1878View
De MeyerWilliam Albertus23 December 1880View
De MeyerWilliam Albertus View
De PencierRobert Harold10 August 1880View
de SalisHenry Lerett27 November 1880View
de SmidtGoffrey Willem Rennell17 May 1868View
de SmidtGoffrey Willem Rennell View
De ToitFrans9 May 1879View
de VilliersAbraham22 May 1883View
de VilliersAbraham Albertine21 April 1884View
de VilliersPeter28 October 1877View
De WaalJohannes Arend6 July 1883View
De WaalJohannes Gerhardus1881 View
de WaterJohn2 November 1881View
DeaconWilliam1 January 1868View
DeanArchibald Robert10 November 1881View
DeanFrederick James30 March 1879View
DeanGeorge Henry14 October 1868View
DeanJoseph19 October 1880View
DeanSamuel Bailey26 May 1880View
DeaneEdward Stanley16 March 1881View
DeardenLewis2 April 1875View
DeardenLewis View
DearlingRobert14 March 1873View
DearloveFrank Avery28 May 1884View
DeasonCharles Edmund9 June 1870View
DeasonCharles Edmund View
DebankArthur14 December 1866View
DeemStephen30 July 1879View
DeeneReginald9 June 1877View
DeereReginald9 June 1877View
DeLacyGeorge19 December 1870View
DelaforceWilliam Parker17 April 1880View
DelaneyPatrick9 March 1874View
DelaneyPatrick View
DelaneyWilliam22 December 1873View
DelanieCharles Wallis16 September 1878View
D'ElbouxReginald Francis15 August 1878View
DelderfieldWalter27 July 1880View
DeLittleWilliam Vernon28 February 1879View
DeLittleWilliam Vernon View
DellFred Stephen2 December 1882View
DellThomas15 January 1878View
DellThomas View
DellWilliam George25 April 1877View
DelmerPeter Wellington27 January 1876View
DeloneyPeter13 September 1874View
DelportChristopher Rudolph27 April 1881View
DelportChristopher Rudolph View
DelportMachiel Daniel19 August 1883View
DelportSallilloor Jacobs24 April 1881View
DelportSallilloor Jacobs View
DelportStephanus Jacobus27 May 1884View
DelportStephanus Jacobus View
DelzellRobert5 August 1878View
DelzellRobert View
DemaineAlfred25 February 1881View
DempseyTerence29 May 1878View
DenhamHenry4 November 1879View
DenholmJames6 March 1877View
DenisonHerbert13 September 1872View
DenmeadGeorge Edward1 May 1881View
DennesFrederick George21 January 1867View
DennisAlbert12 December 1879View
DennisOliver George9 May 1869View
DennisRichard Criper Risdon30 April 1881View
DennisWilliam5 September 1877View
DennisonFrank Lankester23 November 1879View
DennisonJerome22 June 1873View
DennisonJohn Albert Alma7 January 1881View
DennisonSamuel10 June 1879View
DennisonSamuel View
DennistonJames Robert9 June 1881View
DennistonJames Robert8 June 1882View
DennistonWilliam28 January 1879View
DentJohn Atwill1 August 1880View
DenvirEdward28 November 1870View
DeppermanChristian Rudolf Opperman13 April 1880View
DespardRichard14 October 1865View
DevelinRobert Henry16 November 1880View
DevelinRobert Henry View
DevereauxPercy Leonard14 May 1881View
DevereuxHenry Vaughan25 November 1881View
DevereuxHenry Vaughan View
DeverillFrederick2 January 1864View
DevesFrederick John3 August 1873View
DewGeorge10 January 1872View
DewarChester Edward7 October 1878View
DewarJohn22 March 1874View
DewarWilliam Darrie26 May 1870View
DeweWallace24 December 1867View
DeweyHenry Douglas16 February 1880View
DeweyHenry George12 September 1874View
DeweyHenry George View
DewhurstEdmund16 June 1879View
DewsburyPercy12 June 1878View
DewsburyPercy View
DewsnapWilliam Robert28 March 1877View
DexterWoodville19 June 1880View
DibsdallFrederick Charles1 March 1869View
DickFred15 November 1880View
DickFred View
DickensRobert Charles9 May 1875View
DickerBenjamin6 February 1881View
DickersonJohn2 August 1876View
DickieMatthew Lothian7 October 1881View
DickinsonBenjamin20 May 1867View
DickinsonHerbert9 June 1879View
DickinsonThomas1 June 1879View
DicksonCharles Edgar20 February 1880View
DicksonEdmund James26 November 1880View
DicksonEdmund James View
DicksonFrank22 April 1880View
DicksonRobert26 March 1875View
DicksonRobert12 August 1870View
DicksonSpencer Doveton15 May 1870View
DicksonWilliam20 March 1876View
DiffinJohn11 September 1877View
DingwallGeorge Alexander24 August 1879View
DinningGeorge Salisbury19 June 1881View
DiplockJohn27 July 1882View
DixHorace Cranfield19 August 1883View
DixRobert Foulsham7 October 1878View
DixonFred Archer Dove6 August 1880View
DixonSidney Williamson12 February 1879View
DoakeWilliam4 April 1880View
DoakeWilliam View
DobbinCharles Hamilton9 November 1881View
DobbinRobert John Henry10 November 1868View
DobbynEdward Joseph24 May 1881View
DobbynJoseph10 March 1869View
DobbynJoseph View
DobieMatthew Henry29 January 1873View
DobieRobert16 October 1884View
DobieWilliam Alexander9 July 1880View
DobleFred Martyn10 April 1879View
DobleFred Martyn View
DobsonWilliam Henry15 November 1875View
DoddLeonard Alleym22 June 1879View
DoddLeonard Alleym View
DoddsArthur23 June 1875View
DoddsArthur View
DoddsErnest18 March 1875View
DoddsErnest View
DoddsJohn29 July 1870View
DoddsMatthew3 March 1877View
DodgeWilliam20 April 1878View
DodgeWilliam Henry9 April 1895View
DodsRobert29 August 1874View
DodsworthWilfred17 August 1878View
DohertyJohn6 June 1873View
DolanJames25 December 1878View
DolanJames15 June 1873View
DonaldJohn Leslie2 July 1877View
DonaldsonAlexander7 March 1877View
DonaldsonAlexander Spencer15 September 1878View
DonaldsonAlfred Sidney24 May 1879View
DonaldsonDavid25 September 1874View
DonaldsonGeorge15 February 1876View
DonaldsonJohn4 April 1870View
DonelaFerdinand James12 February 1871View
DonkinRobert19 September 1874View
DonnellyJohn6 August 1876View
DonnelyJohn4 December 1870View
DonohoeJames Albert10 July 1868View
DonohoeJohnDec 1871 View
DonovanHenry3 August 1876View
DooleyJohn Francis15 May 1874View
DopsonCharles Andrew Thomas3 November 1872View
DoranHenry28 April 1873View
DoranHenry View
DorflingJohan Maghil13 June 1866View
DoubledayCharles George21 July 1880View
DoughtyJames Percy24 October 1880View
DouglasAlexander Blair5 August 1870View
DouglasAndrew12 December 1874View
DouglasArthur Edwin Francis1 December 1880View
DouglasArthur Edwin Francis View
DouglasDaniel8 May 1879View
DouglasDaniel View
DouglasDavid McLaren7 May 1881View
DouglasGeorge Rae30 December 1870View
DouglasGeorge Rae View
DouglasGeorge Sharp2 January 1875View
DouglasHavelock George18 December 1877View
DouglasJohn21 March 1868View
DouglasJohn View
DouglasJohn Hugh20 February 1884View
DouglasJohn William29 September 1878View
DouglasJoseph24 September 1867View
DoveWilliam10 May 1877View
DowGeorge3 December 1881View
DowGeorge View
DowdsEdward10 June 1879View
DowlerCharles Henry29 October 1879View
DowlerCharles Henry View
DowlingJohn Francis11 October 1868View
DowmanErnest Allen8 October 1879View
DownAlbert Ernest28 April 1879View
DownHarry3 October 1882View
DownHarry View
DownesFrederick23 January 1872View
DownesFrederick John26 August 1875View
DownesJohnJuly 1866 View
DownieGeorge20 January 1878View
DownieRobert11 August 1879View
DowningAlbert George17 February 1878View
DowsonMalcolm19 January 1880View
DoxeyCharles28 February 1879View
DoyleFrank Chetwood26 June 1876View
DoyleMichael Joseph12 February 1881View
DoyleMichael Joseph View
DoylePhilip Henry2 February 1872View
DrainHenry Francis30 July 1862View
DrakeJames Harnett Denning19 April 1880View
DrakePercy William14 October 1880View
DrakePercy William View
DraperGilbert Ernest17 November 1880View
DraperJulian Mawby21 April 1880View
DraperTom3 June 1881View
DraysonJohn Christopher12 July 1872View
DreghornAlexander Burr17 August 1880View
DreghornAlexander Burr View
DrewJames Edward14 January 1881View
DrewWilliam Charles Henry30 October 1875View
DreyerChristoffel Jacobus1 December 1880View
DriffieldWilliam18 January 1873View
DringGeorge James13 November 1879View
DrinkwaterAlbert3 June 1867View
DrinkwaterWilliam11 August 1881View
DriscollBrian O'Neill28 October 1883View
DroskieMartinnes Gotvrie11 January 1874View
DroskieMartinnes Gotvrie View
DruceWilliam15 May 1873View
DruittSydney Arthur17 December 1879View
DrummondCharles Clark28 November 1880View
DrummondEdmund Berkeley9 January 1868View
DrummondEdmund Johnston21 January 1866View
DruryCharles1 October 1868View
DruryHenry3 August 1877View
DrysdaleHenry30 July 1877View
DrysdalePeter13 March 1881View
Du PlessisCaspar Hendrissch25 November 1868View
Du PlessisChristian Jacobus2 January 1882View
Du PlessisFrederick Johannes17 January 1881View
Du PlessisJ. L.10 October 1880View
Du PlessisLauwrens Martinus21 September 1881View
Du PlessisLauwrens Martinus View
Du PlessisTheunis Johannes5 February 1870View
Du PlessisWilliam Jacobus3 October 1881View
du PlooijHendrik6 June 1902View
Du PlooyAndries Jacobus30 September 1875View
Du PlooyCornelius Adrian View
Du PreezHendrik Johannes29 October 1884View
Du PreezHendrik Stephanus17 November 1887View
Du PreezHercules Petrus3 September 1882View
Du PreezJohannes Petrus22 December 1880View
Du PreezPetrus Jacobus17 August 1872View
Du PreezStephanus Johannes19 April 1883View
Du PreezStephanus Johannes View
Du PreezWillem Jacobus20 June 1880View
Du ToitLouis Johannes Jacobus20 June 1881View
Du ToitNicolaas Barend20 August 1880View
Du ToitPeter2 May 1883View
Du ToitPeter Arnoldus3 May 1882View
Du ToitPetrus Hendrik Stephanus6 October 1875View
Du ToitRudolph Petrus1 May 1884View
Du ToitSamuel Francois27 April 1884View
DuceWilliam31 August 1866View
DuckettGeorge17 November 1879View
DuckettJohn7 February 1877View
DuckworthJames30 January 1879View
DudgeonAlexander Harper3 December 1873View
DudgeonJohn Fleming2 October 1870View
DudgeonJohn Fleming View
DudleyEdward Joseph Scott29 October 1876View
DudleyFrank Thomas23 April 1881View
DuffJohn13 May 1873View
DuffJohn16 March 1880View
DuffJohn View
DuffieldGeorge28 August 1877View
DuffieldSamuel James22 December 1873View
DufftonJames3 May 1874View
DuffyOliver Andrew5 August 1877View
DuganHamilton23 June 1877View
DugganJames Sylvester2 April 1873View
DuhigJohn Francis7 June 1869View
DuitschmannHerman2 February 1869View
DuitschmannHerman View
DukeGeorge Herbert29 May 1877View
DukeJohn8 June 1880View
DukeJohn View
DunbarFrederick Digby17 May 1878View
DuncanAlexander10 December 1876View
DuncanDavid4 September 1880View
DuncanHugh St. Clair17 July 1880View
DuncanJames20 April 1873View
DuncanPeter24 April 1879View
DuncanRobert2 October 1880View
DuncanRobert Murray11 December 1877View
DunhamHerbert John30 March 1874View
DunkHenry Charles8 August 1882View
DunlopEdmond Archibald27 April 1872View
DunlopEdmond Archibald View
DunlopElliot30 March 1879View
DunlopElliot View
DunlopJames29 June 1873View
DunlopJohn George27 August 1880View
DunmanCharles Norman Innes10 January 1878View
DunnCecil15 September 1878View
DunnErnest Arthur3 January 1878View
DunnHarold20 March 1878View
DunnHerbert24 April 1878View
DunnJames1 February 1871View
DunnJerry26 May 1877View
DunnJohn7 February 1874View
DunnRichard12 November 1874View
DunnRichard View
DunnRobert7 September 1868View
DunnRobert View
DunnRobert Charles21 July 1878View
DunnRobert Ernest16 August 1881View
DunnSamuel2 April 1873View
DunnSydney Lloyd3 December 1875View
DunnSydney Lloyd View
DunnWilliam12 February 1880View
DunneFrancis Xavier24 July 1872View
DunneJohn9 November 1878View
DunneJoseph Louis21 April 1869View
DunneWalter James6 April 1881View
DunseithJoseph3 June 1878View
DunstanFrederick13 December 1870View
DuntonDonald13 December 1880View
DuntzeGeorge Puxley6 December 1873View
DuntzeGeorge Puxley View
DupenHenry William9 November 1879View
DurisJames Douglas28 June 1878View
DurrantCharles28 July 1879View
DurrantClaud MacDuff23 January 1881View
DurrantRichard John4 December 1875View
DurwardThomas5 April 1882View
DuttonFrank Morrison26 January 1880View
DuvalJohn Victor24 August 1874View
DwyerJames9 July 1870View
DwyerWilliam John15 February 1881View
DyerHarry7 February 1873View
DyerHarry Ernest11 May 1873View
DyerJohn14 April 1872View
DyerPatrick Joseph10 February 1875View
DykesWilliam26 February 1871View
DykesWilliam View
DysonAlfred11 January 1879View
DysonArthur1 September 1868View
DysonGerald Hope31 August 1877View
DysonGerald Hope View
DysonJoseph11 April 1879View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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