South African Constabulary Search : E
Surname Names Date of Birth View
EadePercival Temple3 January 1877View
EadenJames24 June 1876View
EadieJames Jeffery21 May 1872View
EadieWilliam7 June 1867View
EadieWilliam7 June 1867View
EagerFrederick20 April 1875View
EagleCharles William27 July 1869View
EagleCharles William View
EaglesHarry Arthur27 October 1880View
EaglesonSamuel Herbert8 March 1872View
EaglesonSamuel Herbert View
EareeRobert Clarence Westall12 August 1880View
EarlWilliam3 March 1871View
EarlWilliam View
EarlsThomas12 February 1880View
EarlsThomas View
EarlyHenry Hamilton23 January 1876View
EarnshawJohn12 October 1879View
EarnshawJohn View
EastJohn9 September 1868View
EastJohn Thomas1 July 1875View
EastcottJohn25 November 1881View
EastmentArthur24 March 1881View
EastmentArthur View
EastonWilliam Frederick13 May 1878View
EatonCharles Doman14 January 1882View
EatonSydney Ralph13 November 1878View
EatonWilliam13 July 1880View
EbbellJacob27 January 1878View
EcclesColin McKenzie14 August 1883View
EckertHermann August19 March 1880View
EcobMontague18 October 1880View
EddenArthur Clarence25 November 1883View
EdgarAdam4 December 1875View
EdgarCharles Albert12 April 1880View
EdgarCharles Albert View
EdgarJames8 October 1873View
EdgeAlfred16 April 1879View
EdgelerAlbert Edward31 March 1880View
EdingtonAlexander7 December 1881View
EdkinsGeorge21 June 1875View
EdkinsJohn25 January 1877View
EdmondsFred John2 March 1880View
EdmondsGeorge31 January 1880View
EdmondsJames Randall5 April 1872View
EdmondsThomas22 March 1879View
EdmondstonArthur Bedford Biot21 August 1880View
EdmondstonWilliam George25 March 1880View
EdneyLouis Treboux8 January 1882View
EdwardesLucius3 February 1879View
EdwardsAlbert Charles26 November 1883View
EdwardsCharles12 September 1882View
EdwardsCharles Basil23 October 1876View
EdwardsEdward Henry22 January 1881View
EdwardsEdwin2 December 1880View
EdwardsFrederick13 May 1881View
EdwardsFrederick Oliver1 April 1875View
EdwardsGeorge Clarke6 November 1874View
EdwardsGeorge Clarke View
EdwardsGeorge Frederick2 January 1877View
EdwardsHarry Wyndham16 July 1877View
EdwardsJohn17 May 1879View
EdwardsJohn Moore4 November 1875View
EdwardsRobert6 May 1876View
EdwardsThomas3 August 1882View
EdwardsWilliam Ferne1869 View
EelesGeorge Frederick28 January 1881View
EelesGeorge Frederick View
EelsJames31 January 1860View
EgertonGeorge21 March 1880View
EgertonJohn Stanley31 January 1881View
EggarJohn Thomas17 June 1867View
EggarJohn Thomas View
EggleshawJohn Thomas16 May 1880View
EggletonAlfred12 December 1878View
EisenmangerCharles24 September 1877View
EkinsHenry Robert27 November 1867View
EksteenJeremias Petrus22 September 1881View
ElbornHarry25 December 1877View
ElbornHarry View
ElcockArthur28 March 1867View
ElderThomas10 August 1868View
EleyHoward George17 March 1876View
EliasJames Nurse7 January 1875View
EllardClarence6 January 1869View
EllicottAlfred12 June 1881View
EllicottAlfred View
ElliotEdgar Alfred25 April 1880View
ElliotWalter Scobie26 January 1879View
ElliottCharles13 August 1878View
ElliottFrederick30 March 1874View
ElliottHarold Vernon View
ElliottHarry8 April 1873View
ElliottJohn19 February 1872View
ElliottOliver13 August 1876View
ElliottStanley14 June 1877View
ElliottThomas Frederick25 March 1873View
ElliottThomas Frederick View
EllisAlfred14 August 1878View
EllisFrederick Ernest21 May 1876View
EllisJoseph21 September 1877View
EllisRichard14 August 1882View
EllisWilliam Frederick8 September 1879View
EllwoodRichard22 July 1874View
ElmesRobert Frederick2 December 1880View
ElsmoreAlfred Henry19 October 1872View
ElstonFrederick Edward17 August 1879View
ElwellHerbert11 November 1881View
ElworthyFrancis9 November 1873View
EmersonHarry James11 November 1897View
EmersonWalter1 June 1881View
EmersonWalter View
EmeryFrederick1 September 1877View
EmeryFrederick View
EngelbrechtJohannes Martinus18 January 1882View
EnglandGeorge John9 June 1881View
EnglandGeorge John View
EnglishWilliam John27 September 1880View
EnnisGeorge18 May 1881View
EnrightGerald15 October 1868View
EnstaceRobert14 February 1874View
EnticknapCharlie9 July 1879View
EpsteinSamuel15 February 1880View
ErskineThomas James20 June 1876View
EscottJohn20 August 1878View
EsmondeGeorge23 July 1877View
EsmondeGeorge View
EsterhuizenFrederick Johannes28 January 1875View
EtchesCharles William3 May 1875View
EtchesEdgar1 January 1870View
EtchesEdgar View
EtherdenJohn Franklin5 July 1874View
EvaArchibald4 August 1880View
EvansAmbrose Marshall23 November 1882View
EvansArthur William16 February 1877View
EvansEdmund24 September 1876View
EvansEvan Perkins26 August 1879View
EvansFrederick Robert20 August 1867View
EvansFrederick Robert20 March 1885View
EvansHenry Frank Morgan2 November 1880View
EvansHerbert18 July 1877View
EvansHerbert9 April 1879View
EvansJohn3 September 1875View
EvansJohn22 June 1871View
EvansMaurice John10 December 1878View
EvansOwen Humphrey23 May 1859View
EvansRichard5 April 1854View
EvansThomas1878 View
EvansWilliam Ivor12 May 1880View
EvansWilliam Ivor View
EvansWilliam Lucas4 March 1878View
EvansWilliam Lucas View
EverallAlbert Anthony6 November 1877View
EverallAlbert Anthony View
EverettEdward Charles5 September 1872View
EverettEdward Charles View
EverettPeter Marven Pontifex6 July 1887View
EverettRaymond Charles16 January 1877View
EverndenHarry George15 July 1880View
EvisonFrank18 April 1879View
EvisonWilliam John18 July 1873View
EwenWilliam6 April 1879View
EwensBertram George8 June 1881View
EwingWilliam Leckie4 December 1867View
EybersJohan Herman1 January 1878View
EybersJohan Herman View
EylesCharlie Robert22 November 1880View
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