South African Constabulary Search : F
Surname Names Date of Birth View
FaddyGeorge Augustus31 May 1865View
FaganJames Walter7 June 1875View
FaggFrank Charlie26 July 1875View
FaheyThomas5 May 1882View
FailesThomas William11 November 1877View
FailesThomas William View
FairCharles Edward30 March 1868View
FairbanksCharles1 June 1879View
FaircloughWilliam Harold24 July 1879View
FairleighGeorge1 April 1877View
FairlessCecil Kerr28 September 1866View
FairlessJohn29 May 1877View
FairlessJohn29 May 1877View
FairnieDavid5 November 1878View
FairthorneAlbert Edward8 February 1878View
FairthorneAlbert Edward8 February 1878View
FalconerJohn19 February 1874View
FalgarRichard Joseph28 October 1880View
FalgateRobert1 October 1881View
FalgateWalter Robert9 March 1879View
FalkinderEdmondson20 December 1872View
FalkinderEdmondson View
FallonJames14 December 1874View
FallonJames View
FallowsHenry John9 July 1880View
FaneEdward George12 August 1881View
FanningWalter Francis21 January 1876View
FarlandAlfred15 November 1879View
FarleyFrederick16 December 1873View
FarleyGeorge Oscar Kimberley25 August 1883View
FarleyThomas Arthur19 November 1881View
FarmerArnsby Elgar5 December 1881View
FarmerArnsby Elgar View
FarmerFrank William30 January 1878View
FarquharCharles18 October 1877View
FarrHorace James23 May 1875View
FarrJervis Sylvester Richard27 December 1880View
FarrantFrederick12 July 1880View
FarrantRobert29 May 1879View
FarrantsRobert Kemp10 June 1877View
FarrellyJames21 February 1876View
FarrerJohn William26 December 1879View
FarrerRichard19 July 1880View
FarrerRichard View
FarrisThomas17 November 1877View
FarrowAlbert John27 December 1880View
FarrowJohn7 June 1870View
FarrowJohn View
FarwellWilfred Edson18 September 1880View
FawcettJames18 February 1880View
FawcettTom3 May 1880View
FawellJohn Archibald6 November 1879View
FawellJohn Archibald View
FearnleyRobert27 August 1872View
FeathersAlexander Denehars15 September 1876View
FeathersAlexander Denehars View
FeatherstoneSidney18 December 1880View
FeeEdmund Henry2 March 1878View
FeeleyJohn Albert11 March 1881View
FelgateErnest10 November 1881View
FelthamHenry Edward24 June 1876View
FelthamHenry Edward View
FennGeorge20 August 1878View
FennGeorge View
FennerWalter Henry20 September 1874View
FentonWilfred Matthew26 March 1881View
FenwickAndrew13 April 1878View
FenwickAndrew View
FenwickJohn Cochrane1 January 1881View
FergieWilliam26 August 1881View
FergusonDaniel4 October 1870View
FergusonFrank15 August 1880View
FergusonGeorge Warren1 January 1877View
FergusonGeorge William23 October 1873View
FergusonGeorge William View
FergusonJames1 January 1878View
FergusonJames19 March 1880View
FergusonJohn Thomas9 November 1877View
FergusonJoseph14 October 1880View
FergusonTorqual Ronald6 February 1882View
FergusonTorqual Ronald View
FergusonWilliam18 August 1877View
FergusonWilliam James View
FergussonBenjamin Turney19 April 1877View
FergussonBenjamin Turney View
FernandesCornelius6 August 1877View
FernandesCornelius View
FernsFranz18 November 1880View
FernsJohn Johannes7 October 1881View
FerreiraBard Rudolf8 February 1879View
FerreiraStephanus1 January 1875View
FerrierJames19 November 1875View
FerrierWilliam13 May 1879View
FerrierWilliam View
FerrieraThomas Engelbartes15 May 1882View
FerrisJones27 December 1873View
FerrisSteward27 March 1880View
FerrissRobert Sheridan5 May 1880View
FerrissRobert Sheridan5 May 1880View
FerrissRobert Sheridan View
FerryDavid William10 March 1877View
FewingsAlfred5 October 1880View
FicklingWalter7 November 1878View
FiddesRobert6 May 1879View
FieldCharles14 February 1884View
FieldFrancis Foley15 February 1881View
FieldFrederick John8 November 1869View
FieldHenry Cragg17 September 1874View
FielderWilliam George19 September 1871View
FieldhouseWilfred11 May 1880View
FieldhouseWilfred11 May 1880View
FieldhouseWilfred View
FieldingJames22 January 1876View
FifieldErnest Edward20 November 1878View
FifieldThomas Collier17 March 1880View
FilchBertram25 November 1881View
FinchBernard25 December 1877View
FinchBertie Hales12 August 1879View
FinchCharles1 July 1872View
FinchGustave Charles22 November 1881View
FinchJacob3 July 1879View
FinchJacob View
FinchSidney Samuel14 October 1878View
FinchWilliam22 June 1872View
FindlayDavid7 March 1877View
FinlayJames15 August 1874View
FinlaySamuel28 August 1879View
FinlaySamuel View
FinlinsonAlfred Louis25 July 1879View
FinlinsonAlfred Louis View
FinnWalter9 September 1879View
FinneyAlexander13 January 1880View
FinniganHarry Graham6 September 1876View
FischerCharles August Ferdinand17 September 1876View
FishburnJohn James8 May 1875View
FishburnJohn James View
FisherCharles2 February 1873View
FisherDavid22 September 1865View
FisherDavid View
FisherEdward Oliver15 May 1882View
FisherEdward Oliver View
FisherJohn Walton Sealy9 September 1881View
FisherJohn Walton Sealy View
FisherMark Louis28 January 1880View
FisherRobert4 April 1880View
FisherThomas Surlees10 August 1880View
FisherWilliam16 August 1875View
FisherWilliam View
FisherWilliam George19 June 1876View
FiskErnest18 June 1876View
FitchHerbert Trevor2 December 1876View
FitzgeraldFrederick17 November 1876View
FitzgeraldFrederick William29 March 1875View
FitzgeraldWilliam Ernest3 October 1875View
FitzgeraldWilliam Ernest View
FitzpatrickJohn19 May 1877View
FitzpatrickJohn Clarence29 May 1875View
FitzpatrickPercy13 April 1876View
FlanaganJohn Joseph24 January 1880View
FlanaganJohn Joseph19 August 1878View
FlanaganJohn Joseph View
FlanaganWilliam Hubert20 June 1880View
FlanaganWilliam Hubert View
FlanneryJohn Francis21 December 1882View
FlatherWalter12 January 1875View
FleemingJohn Lowe6 November 1880View
FleemingJohn Lowe View
FleetFrederick William1 July 1879View
FleetFrederick William View
FleigerStanley Smith19 April 1879View
FlemingDavid Leslie2 April 1877View
FlemingJames1 January 1879View
FlemingJames View
FlemingJohn Allan11 February 1881View
FlemingJohn Allan View
FlemingJoseph16 May 1872View
FlemingJoseph McNaughton11 September 1870View
FlemingJoseph McNaughton View
FletcherFrank Harry25 November 1878View
FletcherSamuel8 April 1879View
FletcherSidney James8 April 1877View
FletcherWilliam22 December 1877View
FlintEdmund Cox22 January 1878View
FlintGeorge10 December 1881View
FlinthamHerbert16 September 1881View
FlittonGeorge Alfred14 January 1882View
FloodPatrick22 April 1875View
FloydGeorge James5 March 1881View
FlynnPatrick7 August 1876View
FoleyFrederick Augustus15 February 1872View
FoleyJames10 November 1872View
FoleyJames Maurice13 April 1878View
FoleyJohn Thomas25 February 1881View
FoleyPatrick5 February 1873View
FoleyStanley Ivor7 September 1881View
FolkinsEsty Chalmers14 November 1881View
FollisArthur4 April 1875View
FoordFrederick15 March 1880View
FootHenry Arthur15 October 1868View
FooteAlfred David Edward15 June 1877View
FooteHarold6 February 1876View
FooteHarold View
FooteSidney Arthur3 March 1876View
ForbesAlexander15 January 1881View
ForbesAlexander28 April 1880View
ForbesAlexander20 December 1870View
ForbesJames Robert13 February 1870View
ForbesMatthew28 April 1875View
ForbesWilliam4 February 1873View
ForbesWilliam John7 May 1881View
ForbesWilliam John4 April 1876View
FordAlbert William25 November 1878View
FordAlfred29 February 1880View
FordHarry David23 May 1880View
FordHorace22 February 1880View
FordHorace22 April 1880View
FordJohn William4 February 1870View
FordJoseph19 January 1872View
FordRichard Henry17 April 1878View
FordRichard Henry View
FordRichard Mayne15 February 1869View
FordRichard Mayne View
FordThomas Arthur15 April 1869View
FordThomas Arthur View
FordWalter Henry27 September 1873View
FordWalter Henry View
FordeHenry James14 January 1880View
ForemanHenry11 January 1876View
ForewellHenry4 March 1857View
ForgraveAlexander14 March 1876View
ForkwallHorace Ernest15 January 1875View
ForrestGeorge Fergus30 March 1880View
ForrestGuy Archibald24 June 1879View
ForrestJames3 August 1880View
ForrestJames6 October 1878View
ForrestJohn17 May 1874View
ForresterEdward11 June 1874View
ForseyTeddy14 March 1871View
ForshawJohn4 July 1876View
ForsterHarold Paulson7 February 1880View
ForsterJohn Clark21 April 1877View
ForsythAndrew22 August 1872View
FortuneJohn Francis1 October 1872View
FoskettArthur John23 December 1879View
FosterArthur Charles14 April 1884View
FosterErnest Henry2 November 1878View
FosterFrank Cyril13 January 1881View
FosterFrederick27 April 1880View
FosterHarry View
FosterHarry Duncan2 January 1870View
FosterHarry Duncan View
FosterHerbert16 January 1871View
FosterHorace22 July 1880View
FosterJoseph3 November 1879View
FosterStanley Lewis22 August 1882View
FosterStanley Lewis View
FothergillRalph23 December 1880View
FountainJohn Thomas22 May 1879View
FourieJacobus Nicholas17 September 1880View
FourieJacobus Nicholas View
FourieMarthinus Stephanus23 May 1862View
FowlerRichard Roy29 March 1881View
FowlerWilber Lorne1 May 1880View
FowlerWilliam Wilson6 March 1877View
FoxAlfred Ernest5 September 1879View
FoxAlfred Ernest View
FoxErnest16 April 1879View
FoxGeorge Albert2 September 1871View
FoxHarry21 September 1866View
FoxJohn17 September 1881View
FoxJohn Archibald16 December 1879View
FoxThomas25 July 1875View
FrameDavid Ewart8 December 1876View
FranceEdward Peter15 July 1885View
FranceWillie1 January 1877View
FranceyGeorge1 September 1878View
FrancisAlfred Jerome20 May 1869View
FrancisArthur19 June 1877View
FrancisGeorge Walter29 September 1878View
FrancisSidney9 August 1869View
FrancisWalter5 January 1876View
FrangmanAlgernon Charles17 February 1876View
FrankJohn George10 February 1880View
FrankJohn George View
FranklinCasper15 July 1880View
FranklinReginald Carey30 April 1880View
FranklinReginald Carey View
FranklinWilliam George5 February 1874View
FraserAlexander Robert17 April 1876View
FraserAndrew9 May 1878View
FraserAndrew View
FraserAndrew Alexander2 August 1880View
FraserDuncan27 May 1874View
FraserErnest Albert6 July 1880View
FraserGeorge Lovat17 November 1877View
FraserHerbert Hugh Maitland8 March 1879View
FraserHerbert Hugh Maitland View
FraserInnes8 March 1880View
FraserJames3 October 1880View
FraserJames29 May 1880View
FraserJames Edward25 August 1877View
FraserJohn Anderson25 January 1873View
FraserTavish6 January 1876View
FraserThomas6 March 1874View
FraserWilliam Thomas3 May 1876View
FrawleyWilliam27 May 1877View
FrawleyWilliam View
FrayneWilliam Charles8 January 1875View
FrazerHerbert Ball View
FreedFrancis Thomas28 June 1875View
FreelandMartin Thomas22 May 1880View
FrenchFrank12 August 1881View
FrenchHenry6 June 1880View
FrenchHenry View
FrenchJames Hooper12 June 1875View
FrenchRichard7 December 1878View
FrenchSimon Anton3 May 1878View
FrewJoseph4 January 1881View
FreyerCharles Bartle13 August 1873View
FriendCharles Arthur4 July 1878View
FrippCharles Edwin2 September 1873View
FrippCharles Edwin View
FrippEdwin Hezekiah15 January 1876View
FrippFrank Shambler13 February 1881View
FrippFrank Shambler View
FrisbyWalter Frank5 May 1884View
FrizzellLionel Kirby6 February 1881View
FrodshamHugh Rose Swire5 December 1883View
FrostStanley Horace22 November 1881View
FrostStanley Horace View
FrostWalter18 August 1878View
FryFrederick21 December 1873View
FryerFrederick James23 September 1881View
FryerHarry Edward4 April 1876View
FugettWilliam James1 October 1875View
FulcherArthur George15 September 1879View
FulcherJohn19 April 1870View
FulcherWilliam8 March 1879View
FulcherWilliam View
FulfordHenry27 July 1901View
FullagarWilliam James24 June 1875View
FullerCharles Liddle21 August 1882View
FullerHenry John8 June 1871View
FullerPercy Arthur20 April 1868View
FullerWilliam Robertson28 May 1880View
FullerWilliam Robertson View
FullertonWilliam3 July 1874View
FullertonWilliam View
FultonAndrew15 March 1881View
FultonJames Kerr29 December 1877View
FultonThomas RobertApr 1874 View
FunstonJohn James11 October 1866View
FurbyBenjamin24 July 1878View
FurlongRichard Henry16 March 1876View
FurlongRichard Henry View
FurlongerHenry Vincent31 October 1876View
FurneauxSydney Fred7 November 1882View
FurstenburgJohn Matjon23 September 1884View
FutterRobert Hawker6 February 1872View
FyverMichael Jacobus27 March 1882View
FyvieDormer McFarlane5 October 1868View
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