South African Constabulary Search : G
Surname Names Date of Birth View
GachesVernon Peed8 December 1880View
GachesVernon Peed View
GaddClaude Brynkinall9 August 1879View
GadsbyWilliam Henry21 April 1880View
GagenGeorge17 August 1869View
GainsJohn12 May 1878View
GalbraithJames Alexander View
GalbraithMalcolm26 September 1880View
GaleWilliam Henry1 October 1880View
GaleyCharles Edmund16 March 1882View
GaleyCharles Edmund View
GallJohn20 December 1872View
GallagherJohn24 September 1858View
GallaherHenry Fletcher1 January 1880View
GallaherHugh Miller23 March 1883View
GallifentThomas Major19 September 1877View
GallimoreGeorge7 August 1881View
GallonRobert19 February 1877View
GallopWalter Thomas2 November 1879View
GalstonThomas Richard20 May 1889View
GalvinAlfred22 October 1877View
GambellHorace Sydney30 September 1883View
GambleJohn William27 August 1879View
GambleSamuel29 July 1872View
GambleWalter Joseph1 February 1881View
GambleWalter Joseph View
GandyEdward Charles24 May 1873View
GannWilliam4 March 1876View
GannawayAlbert3 April 1872View
GannawayAlbert View
GarbeltHugh Godfrey8 August 1894View
GarbettClement Stewart21 June 1879View
GardeCecil Robert29 May 1876View
GardeCecil Robert View
GardinerJohn29 July 1877View
GardinerThomas View
GardinerThomas 23 March 1881View
GardnerCharles Edward5 December 1880View
GardnerChristopher17 October 1879View
GardnerChristopher View
GardnerFrederick William12 April 1876View
GardnerFrederick William View
GardnerHarry Done25 December 1891View
GardnerHerbert28 May 1876View
GardnerThomas Stephen23 December 1876View
GardnerWalter View
GardnerWalter 30 September 1880View
GardomBasil9 February 1875View
GarlandAlbert6 February 1876View
GarlandAlbert View
GarlandArthur Talbot8 July 1869View
GarlandFrank18 August 1879View
GarnerFrank16 July 1874View
GarnettCharles Leslie Stuart25 September 1879View
GarrattGeorge16 June 1878View
GarrettPercy George21 December 1879View
GarrickDavid30 July 1873View
GarsideAndrew25 October 1880View
GarsideAndrew View
GarveyJohn4 August 1877View
GascoineFrederick Charles24 July 1881View
GascoineFrederick Charles View
GaskillGilbert 8 February 1877View
GaskillGilbert View
GateWilliam Haselden 28 December 1884View
GatesAlbert Edward25 January 1875View
GatesGeorge Albert19 November 1874View
GatfieldAlbert 18 June 1877View
GattAlbert Hugh8 January 1877View
GatwordCharles Henry22 September 1880View
GauntBernard William3 April 1880View
GauntPercy 19 July 1879View
GavinWilliam18 November 1871View
GayDonald Alfred2 December 1880View
GayWyndham29 October 1881View
GayWyndham View
GayfordWilliam5 September 1868View
GayfordWilliam View
GaylorGarnett Victor31 August 1880View
GaywoodHarry View
GaywoodHarry 4 December 1881View
GealyWilliam27 July 1879View
GeanyWilliam 23 June 1878View
GearyThomas Joseph10 February 1871View
GeaterRichard Mannall6 April 1878View
GeddesJames31 July 1871View
GeddesJohn James 21 August 1869View
GedneyCharles Griffith14 February 1867View
GeeAdam James25 September 1880View
GeeAlfred 29 December 1868View
GeeAlfred View
GeeArthur Giles7 December 1878View
GeekieDavid30 October 1885View
GeesonGeorge Robert31 May 1876View
GeldenhuysAdriaan Adolph15 March 1882View
GeldenhuysAlbert Henry1 August 1884View
GellatlyJohn 16 June 1881View
GemmellJames14 November 1878View
GeorgeDavid22 September 1873View
GeorgeLebert Leroy16 November 1881View
GeorgeTom4 March 1875View
GeorgeWilliam17 March 1880View
GeorgeWilliam George21 May 1877View
GeratyDonald Stuart1 February 1872View
GermaneyCharles David18 August 1881View
GerowHenry Stephen24 February 1879View
GerrardAlexander 14 April 1878View
GerrardHenry14 April 1878View
GerrardJames Wyman30 June 1872View
GerrieWilliam 8 December 1879View
GeyerJohannes Jacobus30 October 1878View
GibbGeorge16 May 1873View
GibbinJohn21 November 1880View
GibbleCharles Henry28 March 1879View
GibbonDustin Howard1 June 1883View
GibbonEdward Howard14 September 1881View
GibbonsHarold21 March 1878View
GibbsFred6 October 1880View
GiblingAlbert Robert2 September 1880View
GibsonArthur Ellis26 April 1872View
GibsonBernard26 July 1878View
GibsonCecil Frederick Blundell31 October 1876View
GibsonFrank25 February 1882View
GibsonGeorge1 November 1877View
GibsonGeorge View
GibsonGeorge Frederick4 June 1874View
GibsonJohn1 December 1877View
GibsonJoseph29 January 1878View
GibsonJoseph View
GibsonMathew21 April 1858View
GibsonRupert Morham4 April 1880View
GiddenFrederick Harry 15 April 1879View
GiddenFrederick Harry View
GiddingsFrederick30 November 1876View
GiffinJohn17 July 1869View
GiffordFrederick William25 October 1881View
GilbertGeorge Augustus9 April 1878View
GilbertJohn4 October 1873View
GilbertJohn26 June 1881View
GilbertRichard Ainsworth21 July 1878View
GilboyHarry11 September 1880View
GildingCharles Frederick 3 February 1878View
GilesAlbert 9 November 1867View
GilhamCyril Levi14 August 1880View
GillJames Edward20 September 1875View
GillRobert18 August 1880View
GillardArthur17 February 1877View
GillardFrederick David14 February 1882View
GillbertCharles James22 August 1876View
GillelandHiram7 November 1879View
GillespieEdward Francis7 March 1879View
GillespieJames12 February 1881View
GillettAmbrose Earl28 July 1881View
GillhamAlfred Henry20 May 1864View
GillibrandPhilip Arthur 11 April 1870View
GilliesHenry Isaac15 September 1880View
GilliganJohn Vanner21 June 1878View
GilliganWilliam 24 October 1878View
GillilandJames3 January 1873View
GillilandJames View
GillingsFrederick17 May 1876View
GillroyGeorge Arthur23 February 1871View
GingellHerbert24 February 1876View
GirdwoodEdward Pront5 September 1874View
GirlingJohn Phillip21 April 1880View
GirlingWilliam George Henry26 May 1880View
Given-WilsonVictor4 November 1878View
GladwishEdward Lovel23 July 1880View
GlaisterJoseph14 September 1880View
GlassArthur Ernest19 January 1879View
GlassCecil 21 December 1880View
GlassJames26 November 1866View
GlazebrookJohn19 October 1880View
GlenAugustus Cunningham1966-01-07 View
GlenfieldJohn Gilbert15 August 1879View
GlennWilliam9 August 1811View
GlennieJames6 January 1878View
GliddowWilliam 20 April 1877View
GloverFrank31 October 1880View
GloverFrederick William4 June 1880View
GloverPhilip Campbell Hill10 April 1853View
GloyPetrus Stephanus Adolf24 December 1881View
GloyPetrus Stephanus Adolf View
GoadClaude Lewis21 November 1880View
GoadClaude Louis21 November 1881View
GoaterAlbert Harry16 June 1874View
GobeyIsaac2018-05-12 View
GoddardBenjamin Noble10 July 1877View
GoddardBertie John23 July 1881View
GoddardJohn Lodger30 August 80View
GoddardPercy George10 April 1881View
GodfreyRichard16 November 1879View
GodfreyThomas11 December 1880View
GodkinRichard Nathaniel23 February 1888View
GodrichAlfred George2 June 1877View
GodrichHarry Carver4 December 1875View
GodsonFrederick Hubert29 March 1875View
GodsonFrederick Hubert View
GolderHarold Pemberton10 June 1880View
GolderJohn Lodger10 February 1873View
GoldieJohn Alexander11 September 1880View
GoldieRobert8 October 1874View
GoldieRobert View
GoldieWilliam Evart17 June 1878View
GoldingBrinsley Sheridan4 May 1888View
GoldingEdward Ernest Frank19 November 1874View
GoldingJoseph14 January 1871View
GoldingReginald Woodley12 August 1879View
GoldingWilliam James14 July 1868View
GoldmanWilliam Basil1 January 1876View
GoldringErnest James29 March 1880View
GoldsburyWilliam Stacy15 October 1878View
GoldsmithThomas 19 September 1879View
GoldspinkGeorge Herbert9 February 1877View
GoldsteinLeon1 April 1878View
GoldsworthyEdward Neal13 January 1877View
GonghGeorge Garfield View
GoochHenry Herbert21 January 1880View
GoodallEdwin Archie18 January 1881View
GoodallGeorge Stanley23 December 1880View
GoodchildPercy John29 July 1876View
GoodchildPercy John View
GoodenoughAlfred Henry 2 October 1872View
GoodhewFrederick James18 November 187View
GoodlandErnest Edward18 December 1881View
GoodliffeEdward12 July 1876View
GoodmanTheodore28 December 1873View
GoodrichArthur19 September 1879View
GoodridgeAlfred Charles25 July 1877View
GoodwinAlbert 31 May 1881View
GoodwinFrank Henry10 October 1874View
GoodwinGeorge Robert3 January 1880View
GoodwinGeorge William3 July 1881View
GoodwinWalter Russel19 July 1879View
GoodwinWilliam16 August 1876View
GoodyearFranck Clement5 March 1880View
GoodyearGeorge David23 July 1877View
GoodyearHarry2 January 1880View
GoodyearHerbert7 February 1877View
GoodyearWilliam Thomas26 October 81View
GoosenAntoni Christoffel28 August 1879View
GooseyCave Charles2 June 1875View
GordonAlfred Turner30 May 1878View
GordonDonald27 November 1879View
GordonGeorge3 October 1879View
GordonJohn3 July 1876View
GordonRobert24 March 1881View
GordonRobert Alexander15 August 1880View
GordonRobert Mason2 October 1876View
GordonRobert McCartney30 December 1881View
GordonRonald Dukoff21 January 1877View
GordonWilliam6 December 1873View
GordonWilliam View
GoreDouglas Gordon18 June 1881View
GoreGeorge Friedrich26 July 11871View
GorehamErnest 31 October 1881View
GoringArthur Reginald6 December 1872View
GoringArthur Reginald View
GoringArthur Reginald View
GornallRobert 13 June 1874View
GorrieJames10 September 1881View
GortonFrederick James23 June 1878View
GortonFrederick James View
GortonFrederick James View
GoslettAndrew16 June 1877View
GoslingArthur Herbert29 January 1881View
GossJames15 February 1877View
GossJoseph View
GossJoseph View
GossJoseph 4 April 1863View
GossRobert29 September 1879View
GossWalter31 December 1880View
GostlingFrederick9 August 1878View
GostlingFrederick View
GoswellFrank Ernest 1 February 1881View
GottArthur Hulme 10 August 1879View
GottArthur Hulme View
GoughErnest Hampden1 June 1867View
GoughGeorge Garfield28 September 81View
GoughHugh Granville22 November 1876View
GoughMorris10 May 1877View
GoughMorris View
GoughWilfred Morris21 September 1880View
GouldArthur Barnard7 June 1880View
GouldDenis Garfield23 September 1881View
GouldFrank28 September 1879View
GouldJames25 February 1874View
GouldJoseph Hart28 March 1877View
GouldPeter9 February 1876View
GouldPeter View
GouldSydney George6 November 1883View
GouldWilliam11 December 1873View
GouldWilliam 7 September 1875View
GouldWilliam Henry6 October 1878View
Gould Walter John 29 December 1875View
GouldingAlfred Percival10 March 1878View
GouldingEric Ross23 March 1881View
GouldingFrank Bernard2 November 1884View
GowGeorge17 October 1887View
GowerJack19 September 1881View
GowerJohn William5 October 1828View
GowingErnest Frank5 June 1878View
GowlandEdward Barker30 July 1881View
GowlerAlexander William18 December 1802View
GraaffJan Petrus10 October 1876View
GraceDavid Thompson 1905-01-07 View
GraceJames9 August 1870View
GraceJohn Vincent 29 March 1881View
GraceThomas25 November 1874View
GraceThomas View
GraceThomas View
GraceThomas View
GraceyWilliam Lowrey17 May 1872View
GracieJames17 July 1879View
GracieJames View
GracieJames View
GracieJohn7 December 1879View
GracieWilliam Bell23 August 1876View
GradidgeHenry Martin3 June 1872View
GradidgeJesse Frederick10 November 1879View
GradwellJohn15 July 1879View
GradwellJohn View
GradyEdward14 April 1877View
GrahamDavid12 November 1870View
GrahamDavid View
GrahamDavid View
GrahamDonald15 April 1883View
GrahamDonald View
GrahamGilbert22 March 1874View
GrahamGilbert View
GrahamHugh4 December 1881View
GrahamHugh8 March 1875View
GrahamJames View
GrahamJames 27 September 1869View
GrahamJohn8 March 1880View
GrahamJohn Charles 31 March 1878View
GrahamMarshal27 December 1868View
GrahamNoble13 April 1877View
GrahamWilliam30 September 1870View
GrahamWilliam View
GrahamWilliam John29 July 1882View
GrahamWilliam Nelson22 October 1876View
GrahamWilliam Nelson View
GrahameEdward14 October 1877View
GrahameEdward View
GrahameEdward View
GrahameEdward Charles25 March 1878View
GramshawCecil Henry2 November 1872View
GrandagePhilip9 July 1875View
GrangerFrank William1 August 1877View
GrangerWilliam Henry10 January 1878View
GrantAlexander 7 January 1875View
GrantAlexander 23 December 1881View
GrantAngus Campbell16 July 1880View
GrantCharles29 August 1877View
GrantCharles27 March 1868View
GrantDouglas Gordon5 June 1887View
GrantEdwin James15 February 1882View
GrantFrederick Stephen3 May 1885View
GrantHerbert Henry12 May 1878View
GrantJames 26 May 1874View
GrantJames 10 September 1878View
GrantJames 15 March 1876View
GrantJames Ludovic20 February 1867View
GrantJohn 18 April 1858View
GrantJohn Burns23 July 1880View
GrantJohn Gutenburg3 June 1884View
GrantReginald Edgar1 May 1880View
GrantRobert Godfrey22 September 1880View
GrantRobert Godfrey View
GrantSydney Henry Stanley17 October 1880View
GrantThomas Edward20 February 1883View
GrantVincent John 20 August 1884View
GranvilleCecil 20 March 1875View
GrassickWalter Edward25 March 1880View
GrassickWalter Edward25 May 1880View
GrattonJohn13 April 1875View
GravattRichard4 February 1880View
GravattRichard View
GraveBernard Scott20 March 1875View
GravelyJames6 March 1870View
GravesGeorge Frederick 6 December 1877View
GravesGeorge Frederick View
GravesPhilip2 January 1881View
GravesRobert John28 April 1880View
GravettRichard View
GrayAlexander30 January 1879View
GrayCharles27 February 1871View
GrayGeorge26 May 1866View
GrayGeorge11 June 1880View
GrayGeorge View
GrayGeorge Arthur28 December 1876View
GrayGeorge Arthur12 April 1881View
GrayGeorge Mark Hasler9 November 1878View
GrayHenry27 August 1871View
GrayHenry View
GrayJack Byers9 June 1880View
GrayJohn3 July 1878View
GrayJohn13 September 1877View
GrayJohn6 July 1878View
GrayJohn19 November 1880View
GrayJohn Peterson6 March 1882View
GrayLauchlan28 January 1881View
GrayLeonard 21 May 1880View
GrayPeter Blackhall4 May 1880View
GrayThomas8 May 1880View
GrayThord Ivar17 April 1878View
GrayWilliam 15 January 1870View
GrayWilliam James11 April 1878View
GrayWilliam James2 October 1883View
GraysonThomas Richardson24 December 1878View
GraystonWalter View
GraystonWalter View
GraystonWalter 18 June 1874View
GrealyJohn 6 April 1872View
GreatorexThomas Francis 16 May 1867View
GreavesHenry Stephen26 December 1873View
GreenAlbert17 October 1874View
GreenAlbert 13 March 1872View
GreenAlbert Edward24 January 1873View
GreenAlbert George2 September 1878View
GreenAlbert George View
GreenArthur7 April 1878View
GreenArthur View
GreenArthur Harold Burlington8 January 1877View
GreenArthur Leonard19 March 1878View
GreenArthur Leonard View
GreenBlake Hamilton27 June 1880View
GreenBlake Hamilton View
GreenBlake Hamilton View
GreenCharles19 December 1877View
GreenCharles View
GreenCharles View
GreenDavid Thomas11 December 1870View
GreenEdrich Charles20 September 1880View
GreenEdrich Charles View
GreenFrank Ernest24 March 1876View
GreenFrederick16 August 1880View
GreenFrederick Leyland2 April 1880View
GreenFrederick William9 March 1880View
GreenGeorge 31 March 1879View
GreenGeorge 4 May 1873View
GreenGeorge View
GreenGeorge View
GreenGeorge Henry22 September 1878View
GreenGeorge Henry View
GreenGeorge Henry View
GreenHarry James10 May 1880View
GreenJames Frderick9 March 1880View
GreenJoseph William4 December 1876View
GreenLuke Lot4 May 1884View
GreenReginald17 August 1878View
GreenSamuel27 April 1878View
GreenSamuel Sunderland3 November 1879View
GreenThomas30 June 1876View
GreenThomas View
GreenThomas 15 November 1871View
GreenThomas Barrow28 December 1880View
GreenThomas Francis 11 March 1882View
GreenWilliam 10 July 1876View
GreenWilliam Henry5 April 1876View
GreenallHarold Charles26 July 1872View
GreenallJames Mackintosh24 November 1870View
GreenawayGeorge 11 April 1880View
GreenawayJosep 18 December 1878View
GreeneJohn Henry 6 November 1872View
GreenfieldHubert 21 September 1878View
GreengoPercy Alfred George18 December 1879View
Green-PriceGeoffrey Cecil 19 June 1877View
GreenshieldsJames16 September 1877View
GreenwoodCharles Austin18 November 1875View
GreenwoodErnest 10 November 1876View
GreenwoodHerbert15 November 1877View
GreenwoodHerbert Allan6 December 1880View
GreenwoodJames Robert27 March 1882View
GreenwoodWilliam22 August 1878View
GreggAlfred Bowles Moses12 June 1879View
GreggRobert 16 October 1876View
GregorGeorge 16 October 1872View
GregoryArthur William20 November 1874View
GregoryCyril John29 May 1867View
GregoryEdwin 25 September 1878View
GregoryFrederick John7 December 1886View
GregoryJames17 July 1879View
GregoryJohn 7 March 1881View
GregsonEugene Howard6 1874View
GregsonSamuel Albert9 October 1881View
GreigWilliam4 March 1880View
GreigWilliam Paul19 May 1867View
GrettonAlfred Bowles Moses17 April 1876View
GreyGeorge Gibb7 February 1877View
GribbArchibald William Henry5 December 1874View
GribbleHorace Dewey12 February 1879View
GriersonAndrew28 January 1876View
GrieselLewis Hendrick 16 March 1881View
GrieveDuncan John 15 October 1880View
GriezelHendrik Jacobus Kleinsmith31 May 1881View
GriffinFrederick Ernest27 February 1880View
GriffinGuy Aubrey2 September 1879View
GriffinReginald13 November 1878View
GriffinWilliam Christopher8 March 1878View
GriffithsDaniel James8 November 1879View
GriffithsDavid28 September 1879View
GriffithsEdward26 April 1879View
GriffithsFrank25 September 1881View
GriffithsGeorge Robert10 November 1877View
GriffithsGlyn Allen8 November 1881View
GriffithsHenry20 June 1868View
GriffithsHorace Frederick18 March 1880View
GriffithsJohn22 November 1880View
GriffithsJoseph25 March 1876View
GriggAlexander 12 March 1881View
GriggsSydney Alfred2 December 1866View
GrimaldiConrad Francis2 May 1871View
GrimaldiHenry Wynford4 July 1872View
GrimbeekEdzard26 November 1875View
GrimesMaurice John Dixwell22 June 1880View
GrimmerLancelot18 October 1880View
GrimshawFrank Bestwick1 September 1863View
GrindlayJames7 August 1878View
GrindrodJohn 28 January 1875View
GrinhamThomas 15 May 1873View
GrinsellHarry Edward Vernon18 January 1880View
GrisbAlbert Edward31 May 1882View
GroblerCornelis Johannes25 October 1881View
GroblerHendrik Conrad5 December 1875View
Grobler Hendrik Frederick2 May 1875View
Grobler28Ralph Jacobus11 March 1882View
GroomJohn Cooper6 April 1883View
GroseSamuel Tom22 August 1878View
GroseWesley Albert 12 November 1879View
GrossArthur Victor22 May 1875View
GrotjohnLewis14 May 1879View
GroverWalter15 October 1870View
GroverWalter View
GrovesJesse29 August 1878View
GuffogGeorge 17 December 1875View
GuilfordCharles Herbert 24 June 1873View
GuineyEdward Mathew Casiray23 October 1881View
Guisar (Geyser)Hendrik Josephus22 July 1878View
GuiseJames Alexander14 June 1875View
GuistiAlbert David12 November 1872View
GullachsenNorman Thorwald19 January 1880View
GulliferCharles Herbert 16 July 1867View
GullyPhilip Ramsay23 August 1872View
GunnDonald29 May 1885View
GunnEdward Sandilands21 November 1879View
GunnHector ? October 1871View
GunnRobert21 October 1873View
GunnThomas Alfred11 February 1878View
GunnellAlbert Henry19 January 1881View
GunningJohn Joseph 23 January 1879View
GunningWalter Duncan24 June 1878View
GunstonAlfred John25 April 1878View
GurneyGeorge Edward16 August 18777View
GurryMark10 July 1872View
GuyAlfred John 19 October 1880View
GwilliamEdward John19 September 1874View
GwilliamRichard30 November 1878View
GwiltRichard Clair29 May 1880View
GwynnJames11 August 1881View
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