South African Constabulary Search : H
Surname Names Date of Birth View
HaagnerAlwin Carl1 June 1880View
HaagnerClaude Sigmund2 January 1882View
HabgoodEdward Coles20 July 1878View
HabgoodEdward Coles View
HackHarold3 February 1882View
HacketAndrew Lisle24 July 1877View
HacksleyWilliam Charles30 August 1873View
HaddockCharles Taylor17 September 1874View
HadfieldFred29 March 1874View
HadfieldWilliam11 August 1881View
HadlandWilliam Edward1 March 1879View
HaggerThomas William1 December 1866View
HaggettEdwin2 July 1869View
HaggettEdwin View
HaggettWilliam Campbell16 September 1879View
HaggettWilliam Campbell View
HaigBenjamin Neilson13 September 1880View
HaigWilliam31 January 1877View
HaighGeorge Henry3 July 1868View
HainesJohn Carylton6 November 1874View
HainesJohn Carylton View
HairsPercy George28 June 1884View
HakewillJoseph Lancelot Gould7 July 1881View
HaleArthur Guy8 November 1880View
HaleErnest29 January 1881View
HaleErnest View
HaleFrank18 March 1880View
HaleFrank25 November 1860View
HaleFrank View
HaleFrank View
HalePercy Edward25 March 1881View
HaleThomas26 April 1868View
HaleThomas View
HalewoodHenryFeb 1880 View
HaleyRobert5 August 1879View
HaleyWilliam10 April 1876View
HaleyWilliam View
HalfhideHenry James28 November 1880View
HalkneyAlexander13 May 1874View
HallAlbert Usher13 July 1881View
HallAlbert William14 August 1879View
HallArnold Sparrow23 May 1880View
HallCharles16 August 1865View
HallCharles Woest2 February 1885View
HallFrank23 December 1883View
HallFrederick Arthur28 June 1872View
HallGeorge Thomas16 September 1879View
HallHarry Sidney7 January 1881View
HallHenry9 December 1861View
HallJohn Hamilton6 February 1879View
HallRichard Jex25 January 1884View
HallThomas1 March 1880View
HallWilliam20 March 1868View
HallWyclif Harrison25 July 1883View
HallWycliff Harrison25 July 1883View
HallasBenton25 April 1880View
HallettCharles28 August 1880View
HallettRichard Credland26 July 1880View
HallettSamuel30 January 1872View
HallewellGeorge Alfred10 December 1877View
HallewellGeorge Alfred View
HallickCharles Edward14 October 1869View
HallidayJames11 February 1878View
HalliganThomas14 February 1868View
HalliwellArthur Robert Hamilton5 May 1879View
HallowellGodfrey Carew31 December 1868View
HallsEdward James10 October 1881View
HallsonAndrew4 September 1882View
HalseErnest18 July 1880View
HalseErnest View
HalseyFrancis Henry25 January 1870View
HalstedArthur15 November 1880View
HalstedHarris21 August 1868View
HamThomas Paul14 February 1869View
HamarJames Myddleton10 April 1870View
HambletonWilliam29 July 1881View
HamelinPhilip Arthur30 November 1876View
HamerJohn13 October 1874View
HamillJames28 February 1876View
HamiltonAlexander22 July 1876View
HamiltonAlexander View
HamiltonAndrew John12 August 1880View
HamiltonArthur Wildon28 February 1878View
HamiltonCyril Gordon15 July 1879View
HamiltonEdward29 July 1870View
HamiltonFenwick6 June 1871View
HamiltonGeorge16 July 1874View
HamiltonGeorge Dacre1 January 1883View
HamiltonGustavus Bellew16 October 1864View
HamiltonHugh Stanley17 May 1878View
HamiltonJames22 January 1878View
HamiltonJames Arlen23 March 1880View
HamiltonJohn10 February 1881View
HamiltonJohn2 November 1879View
HamiltonRichard17 February 1884View
HamlinHenry James29 November 1876View
HammFrank14 August 1880View
HammHenry11 November 1881View
HammHenry View
HammondAlbert16 July 1879View
HammondArthur Herbert27 April 1878View
HammondCharles4 November 1875View
HammondGeorge17 December 1881View
HammondHendrey Donel23 December 1885View
HammondJohn Andrew19 February 1886View
HammondJohn William6 June 1878View
HammondRobert Francis15 October 1869View
HammondRoger7 March 1878View
HammondWilliam Edwin10 July 1878View
HammondWilliam Henry27 September 1866View
HamptonGeorge9 April 1877View
HamptonGeorge View
HamptonJohn Edward24 September 1873View
HamptonJohn Edward View
HanckeAdam Jacobus29 August 1880View
HanckeChristian Frederick6 September 1878View
HancockAlfred13 March 1872View
HancockCharles Henry23 June 1875View
HancockCharles Henry View
HancockErnest29 April 1873View
HancockJames Hartley26 January 1877View
HancockJohn Elijah26 September 1869View
HancockMaxwell Samuel14 February 1884View
HancockWilliam9 November 1877View
HancoxJoseph31 August 1880View
HancoxJoseph View
HandFrancis10 October 1856View
HandbyEdmund20 April 1877View
HandbyJohn11 December 1875View
HandcockJohn Vesey15 April 1881View
HandcockJohn Vesey View
HandsleyHenryJan 1867 View
HanensteinWilliam Norman12 October 1886View
HaneyTrueman Avery Morton30 October 1879View
HanleyLawrence1 January 1880View
HannahNeil Ratcliffe28 November 1879View
HannahNeil Ratcliffe View
HannanGeorge24 March 1880View
HannanGeorge Grame15 June 1879View
HannanGerald Hugh Crawford30 August 1879View
HannantFrederick George5 October 1882View
HannantFrederick George View
HansfordWalter Job4 March 1878View
HansonFred12 August 1880View
HarbottleThomas Percival10 October 1879View
HarbronAlbert Edward17 November 1882View
HarbronAlbert Edward View
HarbuttNoel Cambridge1 August 1877View
HardbottleThomas13 February 1877View
HardcastleEdwin4 May 1879View
HardenWilliam6 January 1866View
HardenWilliam View
HardieAdam17 June 1880View
HardieAdam View
HardimentWilliam27 April 1876View
HardingJames Edwin8 December 1884View
HardingWilliam12 August 1877View
HardingWilliam View
HardingWilliam Henry25 December 1880View
HardwickHenry12 December 1875View
HardyArthur Yorke11 January 1879View
HardyErnest16 August 1881View
HardyErnest View
HardyJohn Eliot30 September 1878View
HardyRobert William14 July 1877View
HardyWalter John27 March 1883View
HareEdward William2 June 1906View
HareEdward William View
HareGeorge Francis4 July 1879View
HarfootErnest Edward29 April 1883View
HargraveErnest Leslie George7 November 1877View
HargreavesArthur13 October 1874View
HargreavesJames17 March 1869View
HarlandArthur Thomas7 June 1873View
HarlandArthur Thomas View
HarleyFrancis29 September 1875View
HarleyFrancis View
HarleyGeorge Alfred25 May 1881View
HarmanHoward JabezFeb 1880 View
HarmseJohannes Hendrick16 March 1882View
HaroldJame Hastings24 November 1871View
HarperArchibald1 November 1879View
HarperDaniel Henry3 July 1877View
HarperDaniel Henry View
HarperGilbert14 May 1876View
HarperThomas Henry2 June 1884View
HarperWilliam James14 August 1880View
HarperWilliam James View
HarpurIsaac2 July 1873View
HarraginWilliam Percy6 September 1881View
HarraldCharles Joseph Bruce23 June 1879View
HarriganThomas4 June 1877View
HarringtonArthur28 October 1874View
HarringtonPatrick Henry8 February 1877View
HarringtonRobert Arthur16 March 1874View
HarringtonWilliam Joseph14 February 1876View
HarrisAlexander17 January 1875View
HarrisAlfred17 February 1879View
HarrisAlfred4 February 1878View
HarrisAlfred View
HarrisCharles Alfred16 March 1869View
HarrisCharles Alfred View
HarrisEdgar David2 July 1877View
HarrisEdgar Oswald Neil26 April 1882View
HarrisEdwin John1 May 1873View
HarrisFred5 August 1881View
HarrisFrederick Alfred30 March 1880View
HarrisFrederick George30 July 1872View
HarrisGodfrey29 July 1882View
HarrisJames Henry28 July 1879View
HarrisLionel Scott6 November 1878View
HarrisLouis Walter22 July 1881View
HarrisLouis Walter22 July 1881View
HarrisWilliam4 January 1878View
HarrisWilliam6 June 1878View
HarrisWilliam Albert Frederick13 April 1881View
HarrisWilliam Albert Frederick View
HarrisWilliam Francis6 January 1880View
HarrisWilliam Henry28 April 1880View
HarrisWilliam Henry View
HarrisonArthur3 June 1881View
HarrisonArthur View
HarrisonCharles Henry4 October 1876View
HarrisonCharles Henry Dixon21 September 1879View
HarrisonCharles William28 April 1874View
HarrisonCyril Blackburn14 July 1880View
HarrisonEdward22 February 1877View
HarrisonEdward View
HarrisonFrank15 February 1881View
HarrisonFrank View
HarrisonFred13 December 1881View
HarrisonFred Harvey29 October 1879View
HarrisonFrederick29 December 1876View
HarrisonGeoffrey Rogers3 April 1881View
HarrisonGeorge3 January 1879View
HarrisonJames22 August 1878View
HarrisonJohn5 March 1874View
HarrisonJohn Robert14 February 1870View
HarrisonJonathan George2 February 1877View
HartArchibald9 February 1877View
HartBarnett Moss5 August 1880View
HartCharles17 August 1875View
HartCharles Henry23 September 1877View
HartHerbert24 September 1882View
HartJohn7 December 1874View
HartJohn Hubert23 December 1878View
HartJoseph Alexander6 December 1879View
HartMaurice27 August 1861View
HartStenson27 August 1871View
HartStenson View
HarthenJoseph24 March 1879View
HarthenJoseph View
HartiganPatrick C.8 December 1879View
HartleyCharles Edward16 January 1879View
HartleyCharles Edward View
HartleyJames24 July 1881View
HartleyJohn12 November 1879View
HartleySydney Montgomery11 March 1876View
HartleyWilliam9 March 1881View
HartleyWilliam View
HarttCharles Henry31 January 1884View
HartwellCyril John20 June 1879View
HartyGerald25 May 1881View
HarveyBernard9 February 1881View
HarveyGeorge17 August 1875View
HarveyHarry6 January 1881View
HarveyHarry3 March 1886View
HarveyHarry View
HarveyHenry23 August 1873View
HarveyHenry John27 January 1877View
HarveyJames17 June 1877View
HarveyLionel Young24 April 1880View
HarveyRobert8 November 1882View
HarveyWilliam Alexander10 October 1882View
HarveyWilliam Edward9 October 1870View
HarveyWilliam George Lawrence7 February 1878View
HarveyWilliam Robert6 May 1883View
HarvieRobert27 December 1872View
HarwoodCharles6 February 1880View
HarwoodCharles View
HaseCharles William27 January 1879View
HaslamWilfred Graham12 May 1876View
HaslamWilfred Graham View
HaslerBertie Owen6 January 1882View
HassettJohn4 February 1878View
HassettPatrick14 March 1874View
HastingsJohn3 September 1880View
HastonDavid6 June 1901View
HatchellJohn George25 August 1877View
HatcherArthur Frank13 June 1881View
HatfieldArthur25 January 1880View
HatfieldWilliam James12 November 1881View
HatfieldWilliam James View
HatfullHarry25 July 1880View
HatfullHarry View
HatherbyStanley Wells4 October 1878View
HatherbyStanley Wells View
HattendorffWilliam16 July 1882View
HattendorffWilliam View
HattingDouw Gert Brand21 February 1881View
HavengaFrans17 December 1876View
HawesThomas14 April 1872View
HawkenMatthew8 December 1879View
HawkingJohn25 March 1880View
HawkingJohn View
HawkinsArthur Valentine14 February 1885View
HawkinsGeorge4 November 1876View
HawkinsHarry Charles30 September 1870View
HawkinsHarry Charles View
HawkinsHenry Edward14 August 1875View
HawkinsJames William25 October 1880View
HawkinsLeonard Octavius19 June 1876View
HawkinsLeonard Octavius View
HawkinsReginald Osman16 January 1880View
HawkinsRichard26 January 1877View
HawkinsStanley Arthur19 September 1878View
HawkinsWilliam Lewis4 April 1878View
HawsonJohn Thomas12 March 1880View
HawthornHoward Francis24 October 1871View
HawthornThomas5 February 1884View
HawthorneJohn Reginald18 October 1878View
HawthorneSamuel28 January 1874View
HayGeorge Arthur Douglas26 June 1880View
HayJohn3 December 1874View
HayJohn22 February 1878View
HayRoland Drummond7 October 1869View
HaydenAlfred11 August 1870View
HaydenWilliam7 June 1872View
HaydenWilliam View
HayesCharles Bianconi8 February 1869View
HayesCharles Bianconi View
HayesCharles William15 November 1869View
HayesDaniel31 October 1872View
HayesFrederick Joseph14 February 1880View
HayesFrederick Joseph View
HayesHerbert Henry14 January 1880View
HayhurstJohn2 February 1871View
HayhurstJohn View
HaylockRobert Edward26 March 1879View
HaymanArthur Dennis9 March 1882View
HaymesHubert15 May 1880View
HayneArthur Adrian Nevill4 November 1881View
HaynesBert13 April 1879View
HaynesFrancis29 June 1866View
HaynesFrederick9 May 1876View
HaynesFrederick3 February 1878View
HaynesHarry Walter12 December 1881View
HaynesPercy Oakley13 May 1884View
HaynesRobert17 April 1877View
HaywardGeorge4 August 1879View
HaywardGeorge17 December 1875View
HaywardGeorge Rayment6 February 1880View
HaywardGustave1 August 1884View
HaywardHerbert4 July 1879View
HaywardThomas18 May 1874View
HaywardWilliam Knight19 July 1878View
HaywardWilliam Knight View
HaywoodJohn William15 May 1872View
HaywoodOliver Charles14 January 1877View
HazardHarry6 August 1878View
HazardHarry View
HazellAlfred8 January 1872View
HazellAlfred View
HazlettFraser Hiram1 August 1880View
HeadHenry Arthur30 November 1859View
HeadHenry Arthur View
HeadJames8 May 1875View
HeadJames View
HealeyArthur George21 June 1874View
HealeyDuncan Michael1 April 1881View
HealyDouglas Joseph15 August 1879View
HealyGuy Rambant16 August 1882View
HealyGuy Rambant View
HealyPatrick3 June 1879View
HealyPatrick View
HeapHerbert1 May 1876View
HeareTom William MacDonald12 March 1872View
HeareTom William MacDonald View
HearnCharles Carpenter2 January 1881View
HearneArcher Kay26 December 1874View
HearneArcher Kay View
HearseyGeorge William9 May 1879View
HeathCharles Randall4 September 1872View
HeathCharles Randall View
HeathGeorge20 September 1881View
HeathWilliam Henry11 June 1881View
HeathcoteHarry15 October 1881View
HeathcoteHarry View
HeatonAlfred5 November 1876View
HeaysmanSydney Hubble2 September 1873View
HebginRobert2 March 1882View
HedgcockPercy Wheatly21 February 1879View
HedgeJohn25 December 1870View
HedgerWilliam James16 February 1881View
HedgesArchibald George7 November 1881View
HedgesHarry Herbert James10 September 1879View
HedingerOtto Frederick7 December 1879View
HedmondGeorge Louis Victor10 February 1881View
HedmondGeorge Louis Victor View
HeffermanEdward12 December 1881View
HeffermanHarry25 March 1888View
HeffermanHarry View
HegartyJames1 January 1880View
HeherArthur Horace2 September 1880View
HehirMatthew10 September 1879View
HelbertPercy28 September 1880View
HelletWilliam Joseph9 November 1866View
HelliarWilliam20 March 1877View
HelliwellLionel Herbert12 October 1876View
HellyerErnest25 May 1878View
HelyDenis22 April 1869View
HelyDenis View
HemblingWallace Lewis15 March 1881View
HemmingGeorge Frederick20 May 1883View
HemmingsWilliam4 April 1880View
HemmingsWilliam View
HemmingwayWalter Wilson27 February 1873View
HemphreyWalter5 September 1873View
HemphreyWalter View
HemsleyCharles24 January 1873View
HemsworthHarold10 September 1881View
HendersonCharles Abraham1 December 1878View
HendersonCharles Abraham View
HendersonEdward Osman14 August 1877View
HendersonGeorge10 October 1880View
HendersonGeorge Andrew25 December 1868View
HendersonGilbert13 May 1883View
HendersonJames Brown26 March 1875View
HendersonJohn12 September 1878View
HendersonJohn Paul7 June 1876View
HendersonPeter31 May 1874View
HendersonRobert John2 October 1881View
HendersonSelby Stuart12 April 1881View
HendersonSelby Stuart View
HendersonWilliam27 February 1878View
HendersonZora William20 November 1882View
HendrickJohn8 May 1870View
HendrieRobert Somerville9 January 1874View
HendryArchibald Shaw8 June 1875View
HendryArchibald Shaw View
HendryJohn9 December 1871View
HendryRobert30 November 1876View
HennessyEdwin John Alfred23 January 1881View
HennessyJohn24 March 1877View
HennessyPatrick12 March 1877View
HennessyPatrick View
HennessyRyan Patrick16 April 1879View
HenningsOscar John4 January 1881View
HenningsOscar John View
HenryIsaac25 March 1880View
HenryRichard13 September 1880View
HenryRichard View
HenryWilliam James18 August 1877View
HensmanFrederick Howard24 June 1872View
HensmanFrederick Howard View
HensonHarry3 November 1880View
HensonHarry View
HenwoodAlfred John13 July 1880View
HenwoodAlfred John View
HenwoodThomas22 May 1875View
HenwoodThomas View
HepburnBenjamin Hepburn11 February 1884View
HepburnWilliam14 July 1876View
HepenstallJohn James26 August 1877View
HepworthWilfred Henry John28 June 1873View
HerbertEwald10 January 1873View
HerbertSidney Walter4 June 1881View
HerbstJohannes Georg25 October 1879View
HerbstStephanus Johannes13 December 1870View
HerbstStephanus Johannes View
HerchnerLawrence Theodore23 March 1875View
HeronAlfred Ernest3 April 1875View
HerrickHenry25 January 1875View
HerringArthur Edward20 October 1879View
HesekielWalter24 August 1883View
HeskethGeorge Christie19 November 1872View
HeverinJames Aloysius4 January 1879View
HewitsonBenjamin12 November 1880View
HewittJames Townsend28 July 1877View
HewittJames Townsend View
HewittWilliam Henry19 June 1884View
HewlettArchie Thomas Barnett20 March 1877View
HewsHarie Herbert24 April 1866View
HewsHarie Herbert View
HeygateWilliam Arthur Nicholas29 June 1877View
HeywoodSamuel Hardman3 November 1877View
HiattHenry James11 February 1881View
HibbsHenry1879 View
HickeyJames Dorward17 April 1881View
HickeyJohn Joseph29 January 1880View
HickmanWalter10 November 1879View
HicksFrederick21 March 1878View
HicksJohn22 February 1880View
HicksRobert Charles17 June 1876View
HicockSanford Melborn13 September 1878View
HiderJames28 May 1875View
HigginsArthur3 November 1884View
HigginsArthur View
HigginsJohn21 June 1875View
HigginsWilliam20 November 1867View
HigginsWilliam View
HigginsonRobert Thompson29 March 1875View
HiggsHarry Albert Seward19 November 1880View
HiggsHarry Albert Seward View
HighJames H.28 December 1874View
HilbertHerbert William15 October 1882View
HillAlfred John30 April 1868View
HillArchie Alexander Henry14 January 1872View
HillArthur Baird4 February 1879View
HillBenjamin19 June 1880View
HillCecil3 January 1878View
HillCharles7 July 1874View
HillDavid James8 October 1882View
HillEdward Williams9 November 1857View
HillEdwin30 October 1872View
HillEdwin View
HillErnest26 March 1880View
HillErnest View
HillFrank Blacker7 January 1871View
HillFrederick George11 October 1873View
HillFrederick George View
HillGeorge19 March 1875View
HillGeorge Edward4 August 1876View
HillGeorge Escott25 January 1880View
HillGeorge Escott View
HillGeorge William14 April 1878View
HillHerbert Thompson1 September 1880View
HillJohn29 August 1872View
HillJohn Reeves8 June 1874View
HillNelson18 June 1880View
HillPenrose5 May 1875View
HillPercival Ernest30 September 1881View
HillPercival Ernest View
HillRowland2 October 1876View
HillSamuel Ramsay9 November 1880View
HillThomas3 February 1876View
HillThomas John17 April 1878View
HillThomas John View
HillWilliam20 March 1876View
HillWilliam12 October 1874View
HillWilliam Henry27 June 1880View
HillWilliam John15 December 1874View
HillaryEdwin James2 February 1875View
HillerArthur Albert25 November 1880View
HillerArthur Albert25 September 1881View
HillerJesse Charles13 April 1881View
HillerJesse Charles View
HillsHunter2 May 1877View
HiltonHenry Frederick26 October 1873View
HinchliffeCharles18 June 1877View
HindGeorge Gardner10 June 1882View
HindGeorge Gardner View
HindeAlfred Hawkyard9 May 1884View
HinderFrederick John21 March 1875View
HindesCyril Herbert12 February 1880View
HindleWilliam21 April 1869View
HindleWilliam View
HindsMarcus24 May 1878View
HindsMarcus View
HingleyErnest John3 March 1880View
HingleyErnest John View
HinkleyHenry Joseph18 March 1881View
HinlonRobert9 May 1882View
HintonJohn28 February 1879View
HintonJohn View
HintonWilliam Frederick11 November 1873View
HipwellGeorge Arthur22 April 1878View
HipwellOswald Richard4 March 1879View
HipwellThomas18 November 1880View
HirshbachGeorge Egerton21 September 1881View
HirshnerJames21 November 1882View
HiskinsAlan James7 July 1880View
HislopCharles Gustavious21 April 1870View
HitchcockFrancis George1 October 1880View
HitchcockFrancis George View
HoarJames Clayton4 December 1873View
HoareBenjamin6 February 1879View
HobbsArthur Charles7 June 1866View
HobbsArthur Charles View
HobbsCharles Ashton21 June 1880View
HobbsFrederick Charles15 September 1875View
HobbsFrederick Charles View
HobbsHerbert William11 November 1876View
HobdenArthur Albert1 February 1880View
HobsonCharles Harry28 April 1879View
HobsonCharles Harry View
HobsonWilliam James4 November 1879View
HockingGeorge6 May 1881View
HockleyCharles28 December 1876View
HockleyCharles View
HockridgeThomas1 November 1874View
HoddellThomas8 August 1876View
HodgeAlexander Johnstone28 April 1870View
HodgeAlexander Johnstone View
HodgeCharles6 February 1879View
HodgeCharles View
HodgeJohn1 April 1881View
HodgeJohn View
HodgensWilliam Vernon12 November 1880View
HodgesAllan14 October 1878View
HodgesGeorge Frederick13 April 1881View
HodginsHerbert Alexander20 October 1875View
HodginsRobert Aiken9 October 1875View
HodginsThomas Henry29 July 1877View
HodginsThomas Henry29 July 1877View
HodgkinsonWilbert Edgar8 November 1879View
HodgsonAlfred8 September 1882View
HodgsonBasil John22 April 1879View
HodgsonFrederick10 April 1875View
HodgsonJames William16 July 1873View
HodkinsonJohn29 August 1870View
HoeyAlfred Patrick Daniel23 June 1873View
HogaboamHarold Franklin24 February 1877View
HoganJames8 July 1880View
HoganJohn Francis10 June 1882View
HoggAlexander Douglas6 November 1872View
HoggJames Morrow15 October 1880View
HolbrookHenry4 June 1876View
HolburnJohn Simpson1 January 1881View
HoldenAlbert5 September 1878View
HoldenCharles23 March 1878View
HoldenFrederick8 November 1876View
HoldenFrederick View
HoldenJames4 November 1877View
HoldenJames5 February 1876View
HoldernessWilliam Harold11 December 1880View
HoldsworthLeonard31 March 1881View
HolenbyHerbert30 September 1879View
HolineHugh Jackson19 August 1870View
HolineHugh Jackson View
HollandArthur24 July 1873View
HollandFrederick22 February 1881View
HollandFrederick View
HollandGarth5 December 1884View
HollandGustave Donne8 February 1878View
HollandMaurice19 March 1881View
HollandRobert Samuel20 October 1882View
HollandWalter5 October 1877View
HollandWalter View
HollandsAlfred Charles11 November 1875View
HollandsGeorge Thomas28 September 1880View
HollandsGeorge Thomas View
HollertonHenry4 December 1869View
HolleyEdward George31 March 1877View
HollingsHenry John7 January 1877View
HollingsHenry John View
HollingsworthCecil George5 August 1876View
HollinhurstJoseph26 January 1880View
HollinrakeWalter6 September 1874View
HollinsHenry6 November 1876View
HollinsHenry View
HollinsheadThomas13 March 1868View
HollowayArthur3 June 1880View
HollowayArthur18 January 1870View
HollowayArthur View
HollowayHarry Foraster11 January 1877View
HollowayRoland Alfred17 December 1878View
HollowayRoland Alfred View
HollowayWalter11 May 1880View
HollowayWalter11 May 1880View
HolmdenEdgar Clarence19 August 1881View
HolmdenEdgar Clarence View
HolmesAlfred1878 View
HolmesCharles Osborne7 May 1880View
HolmesEdwin William23 February 1878View
HolmesEdwin William View
HolmesErnest7 January 1880View
HolmesFrank22 December 1872View
HolmesFrank View
HolmesGeorge22 August 1874View
HolmesGeorge Eccles17 November 1876View
HolmesHenry22 June 1872View
HolmesJohn Henry9 January 1872View
HolmesMontague Douglas6 February 1881View
HolmesMordant Thorne15 August 1877View
HolmesNathaniel26 January 1881View
HolmesPercival Allen14 June 1878View
HolmesPercival Allen View
HolmesRyan15 June 1876View
HolmesWalter John31 March 1880View
HolmesWalter John View
HolmesWilliam John6 April 1880View
HolmshawAndrew Ernest3 June 1879View
HolnbeckWilliam Elliott9 February 1875View
HolnessCharles10 February 1871View
HolohanCharles Justin18 April 1879View
HolohanCharles Justin View
HolroydEdmund Walker16 March 1876View
HolroydThomas Whittingham7 March 1875View
HolsteadBenjamin31 October 1879View
HolsteadBenjamin View
HoltAlfred13 March 1881View
HoltEric Charles18 May 1877View
HoltHerbert Richard3 October 1872View
HoltJohn Thomas29 July 1872View
HoltamWalter11 February 1881View
HoltonArthur Joseph27 October 1871View
HolyoakeErnest Joseph3 November 1876View
HolyoakeErnest Joseph View
HomanAndries Johannes15 February 1886View
HomanJohn Benjamin1 January 1886View
HomfrayKenyon11 December 1870View
HoneyCecil Eric9 August 1881View
HoodGeorge Henry22 July 1881View
HoodJames28 December 1875View
HooksWilliam Thomas16 June 1871View
HooperAlbert14 September 1880View
HooperArthur Gordon18 November 1880View
HooperFred13 November 1878View
HooperFred View
HooperHarry12 July 1880View
HooperJohn Harvey19 March 1872View
HooperJohn Harvey View
HooperJohn Stanley Barrett25 December 1869View
HooperWalter Thomas2 February 1876View
HooperWilliam1 October 1876View
HoopsErnest Mostyn27 April 1878View
HopeCharles15 September 1879View
HopeEdgar Jermyn24 September 1866View
HopeGeorge26 August 1883View
HopeJohn11 October 1878View
HopkinsFrancis1 March 1878View
HopkinsFrancis View
HopkinsSydney12 July 1881View
HopkinsThomas12 April 1877View
HopperHerbert2 March 1879View
HopperWilliam Henry10 May 1868View
HopsonErnest Arthur19 December 1881View
HorderJohn James23 July 1880View
HorderJohn James View
HornHenry15 August 1876View
HornbyAnthony20 July 1877View
HornbyFrederick23 August 1878View
HornbyGeoffrey29 May 1880View
HornbyGeorge William2 April 1875View
HorneJohn Thomas19 January 1878View
HorneJohn Thomas View
HorneWilliam Henry27 September 1880View
HornerJames Jackson16 July 1871View
HornettClifford Austed Turnbull26 September 1879View
HornibrookJohn Oscar8 August 1872View
HorsemanGeorge25 March 1880View
HorsemanGeorge View
HorshamJames Smoldon5 November 1880View
HorshamJames Smoldon3 November 1879View
HorsleyChristopher11 December 1879View
HorsleyHerbert16 April 1877View
HortonArthur19 February 1880View
HortonFrederick Charles6 July 1882View
HorwoodChristopher Daniel14 August 1881View
HorwoodChristopher Daniel View
HosfordJoseph15 February 1877View
HosfordJoseph22 March 1871View
HoskinsEdward Herbert28 June 1879View
HoskynCharles Hamilton Hope26 August 1881View
HotchkisDenholm20 November 1876View
HotchkissJohn27 April 1880View
HotchkissJohn View
HoughtonHugh19 August 1881View
HoulihanThomas22 May 1871View
HoulihanThomas22 May 1871View
HoulistonWilliam John13 May 1879View
HoultonGeorge6 August 1869View
HoultonGeorge View
HouseGeorge1 January 1881View
HoustonJohn18 October 1877View
HoustonThomas Wharrie23 July 1875View
HoustonWilliam Douglas12 September 1874View
HowHerbert George15 October 1879View
HowHerbert George View
HowardAlfred Thomas2 October 1880View
HowardArthur Charles19 December 1881View
HowardErnest Henry31 August 1881View
HowardGeorge17 August 1874View
HowardGeorge Fred18 February 1880View
HowardGeorge William10 August 1870View
HowardGeorge William View
HowardJohn8 December 1880View
HowardJohn View
HowardMatthias26 October 1880View
HowardMatthias View
HowardRobert Samuel16 May 1878View
HowardThomas Henry23 August 1881View
HowardThomas Henry View
HowardWilliam29 May 1878View
HowardWilton Robert11 May 1875View
HowardWilton Robert View
HowarthHarold Heston10 November 1874View
HoweEdward Pearson17 January 1877View
HoweJoseph Samuel17 July 1877View
HoweLancelot St. John Parker25 July 1873View
HoweLancelot St. John Parker View
HoweMarshall Kerby10 March 1882View
HoweMarshall Kerby View
HoweOwen James24 April 1878View
HoweWilliam27 July 1879View
HoweWilliam View
HowellAlfred11 March 1875View
HowellArthur31 March 1879View
HowellReginald6 August 1880View
HowellReginald View
HowesEdward Richard15 May 1883View
HowesHerbert Charles24 June 1879View
HowesJohn Burton27 September 1880View
HowesJohn Burton View
HowesWalter John11 March 1874View
HowesWalter John View
HowickArthur William5 September 1881View
HowlandGilbert12 September 1881View
HowlandGilbert View
HowlettErnest Edwin31 August 1881View
HowlettErnest Edwin View
HoyWilliam Ernest27 October 1878View
HoyerBeauchamp Hessing25 June 1881View
HoyerBeauchamp Hessing View
HoystedWalter Kerr Hamilton19 May 1872View
HubbardArthur Frank15 September 1873View
HubbardHugh Francis20 December 1881View
HubbardJohn Charles11 November 1881View
HuckerWilliam17 December 1871View
HucklesbyGeorge11 May 1874View
HudsonCharles28 April 1879View
HudsonEber12 June 1877View
HudsonEdward Raybould20 August 1880View
HudsonJoseph Roundthwaite7 October 1880View
HudsonPhilip Henry Arthur14 August 1881View
HuggardJohn Charles28 December 1878View
HughesAlexander James15 March 1873View
HughesAlfred Collingwood12 September 1868View
HughesBernard Joseph7 June 1882View
HughesGeorge Hooper9 December 1880View
HughesGeorge Hooper View
HughesJohn5 April 1867View
HughesJohn8 December 1869View
HughesJoseph23 March 1879View
HughesPatrick17 March 1868View
HughesPatrick Joseph17 March 1868View
HughesReginald Austin28 March 1882View
HughesRichard6 November 1876View
HughesRobert6 September 1874View
HughesRobert View
HughesRobert George29 August 1867View
HughesSamuel Ernest9 November 1877View
HughesSamuel Ernest View
HughesSydney John27 August 1877View
HughesSydney John24 August 1878View
HughesThomas28 July 1874View
HughesWilliam16 July 1876View
HughesWilliam30 January 1862View
HugoWalter1 April 1878View
HulettAlfred Charles3 February 1878View
HulettAlfred Charles View
HullWilliam Shetler13 May 1876View
HulmeGeorge29 April 1878View
HumanElias Jacobus3 May 1884View
HumanJacobus Petrus30 August 1883View
HumanJacobus Petrus View
HumbyWilliam20 January 1876View
HumeGooch3 April 1872View
HumpheryStanley23 May 1877View
HumphreyClaude Henry19 September 1879View
HumphreyThomas Bowhill4 December 1880View
HumphreysArthur Joseph7 December 1874View
HumphreysCharles Frederick1 June 1881View
HumphreysCharles Frederick1 June 1881View
HumphreysFrederick Albert Joseph5 June 1873View
HumphreysThomas Newell27 January 1878View
HumphreysWilliam Charles13 January 1878View
HumphreysWilliam Charles View
HumphriesCornelius Frederick6 September 1882View
HumphriesHenry21 January 1882View
HumphriesWilliam Ernest7 December 1880View
HuntEdward John25 April 1871View
HuntHenry John Stanley29 August 1880View
HuntHenry John Stanley View
HuntJames Vere3 April 1880View
HuntJames Vere3 April 1880View
HuntJames Vere View
HuntJohn12 August 1878View
HuntJohn Cradock5 January 1876View
HuntReginald Seymour29 April 1880View
HunterCecil Charles Robert12 January 1877View
HunterDavid11 April 1879View
HunterFrank25 September 1878View
HunterJohn22 November 1877View
HunterJohn Gaunt31 May 1879View
HunterRobert24 July 1871View
HunterSilas Huntington24 December 1879View
HunterThomas17 September 1880View
HunterWilliam15 June 1880View
HunterWilliam17 March 1876View
HunterWilliam Arthur15 October 1876View
HunterWilliam Lancelot3 October 1878View
HurleyEdward5 February 1868View
HurleyEustace Whiteway9 May 1879View
HurleyEustace Whiteway View
HurleyThomas14 February 1873View
HurleyThomas View
HurlowWilliam Augustus18 July 1877View
HurmanStanley Richard30 June 1880View
HurrellJohn22 March 1881View
HurrellJohn View
HurrellRobert3 May 1870View
HurstJames27 March 1876View
HusbandAlbert Thomas14 April 1880View
HusbandAlbert Thomas View
HusseyFrederick17 June 1882View
HutcheonAdam1 January 1880View
HutchingsArthur13 December 1880View
HutchingsNun24 August 1880View
HutchingsRichard Hugh20 April 1872View
HutchingsWilliam Henry31 March 1878View
HutchinsonArthur Thomas2 March 1881View
HutchinsonArthur Thomas View
HutchinsonChristopher Douglas Hely30 January 1885View
HutchinsonIsaac18 November 1880View
HutchinsonJohn19 May 1879View
HutchinsonJohn Ambrose View
HutchinsonJohn Ambrose9 July 1880View
HutchinsonJoseph Farrow22 November 1871View
HutchinsonMilner4 November 1868View
HutchinsonThomas6 June 1875View
HutchinsonThomas View
HutchinsonWalter Edmund8 November 1877View
HuttonJohn View
HuttonJohn Richard31 October 1876View
HuttonJohn Sanderson8 November 1876View
HuttonJohn Sanderson View
HuxhamWilliam12 December 1880View
HuxleyAaron12 January 1881View
HuxleySamuel6 June 1877View
HydeWilliam Edward19 June 1877View
HylandEdward Walter William13 December 1886View
HyndmanJames Archibald13 December 1871View
HyomThomas George Walter20 May 1877View
HyslopJames Black30 July 1873View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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