South African Constabulary Search : I
Surname Names Date of Birth View
IdeWilliam Harvey5 March 1877View
IlesArthur Robert Mangles28 May 1876View
IlesArthur Robert Mangles View
IlleryMarkland22 June 1871View
IllingworthFrederick George19 July 1878View
IllingworthGeorge Edward25 February 1877View
ImrieAndrew22 November 1869View
ImrieAndrew View
IngeBert27 December 1881View
IngeBert View
InghamJohn Ellis13 October 1881View
InghamRoland Kingsley15 June 1880View
IngledenHenry10 May 1880View
InglesAlexander Samuel22 April 1879View
InglisJohn Knox17 March 1879View
InglisWalter27 July 1876View
IngmereCharles Cecil17 September 1877View
IngramAlgernon Frederick30 April 1878View
IngramCecil John8 July 1879View
IngramHarry Richard30 October 1869View
IngramJames Stuart25 September 1878View
IngramJames Stuart View
IngramThomas27 December 1879View
IngreyArthur3 April 1878View
InksterPeter Manson12 September 1880View
InnesWilliam5 August 1877View
InnesWilliam1 January 1876View
InschAlex8 June 1867View
InstonAlfred8 February 1881View
IrelandHerbert Fletcher10 February 1879View
IrelandJohn Alexander22 November 1876View
IrelandSamuel22 March 1879View
IronsJames16 August 1881View
IrvineJames19 October 1877View
IrvineThomas1 March 1877View
IrvingWilliam2 December 1876View
IrwinFrancis Bartley22 February 1878View
IrwineEric Hamilton16 October 1879View
IrwingAnthony2 August 1883View
IsbisterJames Roy17 June 1880View
IslipSamuel St. Swithen15 July 1879View
IsworthWalter Graham9 February 1881View
IvensGeorge25 September 1880View
IvensJohn George Edward23 November 1881View
IversonThomas28 August 1879View
IvesCharles30 June 1878View
IvesWilliam Herbert12 February 1880View
IvorsJohn14 February 1876View
IvorsJohn View
IzettHugh Paton20 January 1878View
IzzardJames23 July 1876View
IzzardJames23 July 1876View
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