South African Constabulary Search : J
Surname Names Date of Birth View
JackArchibald Finney8 July 1879View
JackCuthbert Fleming1 May 1869View
JackGardner3 May 1881View
JackJames12 May 1875View
JackRobert15 July 1876View
JackamanAlfred12 December 1880View
JacksonArthur21 December 1879View
JacksonCharles Morrison1 October 1879View
JacksonCharles Morrison View
JacksonEdward Frederick27 September 1870View
JacksonEdward Frederick View
JacksonGeorge28 November 1872View
JacksonHaliburton5 January 1869View
JacksonHarry Thomas21 November 1879View
JacksonHenry Joseph William15 April 1867View
JacksonHenry Joseph William View
JacksonJames Gill10 November 1872View
JacksonJohn23 November 1875View
JacksonJohn William18 December 1872View
JacksonJohn William25 November 1881View
JacksonReginald24 August 1879View
JacksonRobert12 October 1881View
JacksonRobert View
JacksonSeptimus Edward5 August 1873View
JacksonSydney Anderson12 November 1885View
JacksonThomas Edward16 December 1886View
JacksonWalter3 February 1872View
JacksonWilliam18 January 1874View
JacksonWilliam Paterson1877 View
JacobsonMorris15 August 1881View
JacobssonOscar16 January 1879View
JacquesJohn Bertram7 August 1880View
JagoFrederick31 March 1880View
JamesAlfred8 April 1881View
JamesAubrey Leonine12 August 1871View
JamesBen Leigh1 October 1878View
JamesCharles Edward3 November 1881View
JamesCharles Henry26 April 1881View
JamesCharles Henry View
JamesEdward12 January 1870View
JamesErnest Athelstan12 April 1876View
JamesJoseph26 February 1878View
JamesLewis Edward20 April 1878View
JamesRichard Emerson10 July 1871View
JamesRichard Emerson View
JamesRobert Eustace15 October 1885View
JamesThomas15 March 1880View
JamesWilliam5 April 1877View
JamesWilliam11 October 1867View
JamesWilliam Henry1 July 1877View
JamesonRobert Samuel18 November 1881View
JamesonRobert Samuel View
JamesonSidney Edward10 May 1879View
JamiesonAndrew Patton18 October 1879View
JamiesonJoseph27 September 1872View
JamiesonWilliam Wilkie23 November 1880View
JamiesonWilliam Wilkie25 March 1881View
JaneAlfred Herbert29 August 1880View
JaneAlfred Herbert View
JankinsonAlfred22 June 1879View
JansonWilliam6 February 1876View
JanuaryFrederick George17 March 1881View
JanuaryFrederick George View
JarmonThomas14 April 1877View
JarrettEdwin Henry25 February 1872View
JarrettEdwin Henry View
JarvisHarry23 September 1876View
JarvisRobin11 June 1881View
JayJoseph Alfred27 July 1881View
JayJoseph Alfred View
JayWilliam17 October 1879View
JeapesRichard Herbert14 March 1880View
JebbCharles Alfred18 May 1872View
JebbThomas Washburn21 January 1880View
JefferayGeorge William19 June 1882View
JefferiesThomas Matthew26 December 1878View
JefferisRobert John3 December 1879View
JeffersEdward27 September 1873View
JeffersonAlbert27 March 1877View
JeffersonPercy20 August 1871View
JefferyJohn1 September 1856View
JeffreysAlbert Edward23 March 1880View
JeffreysAlfred John26 May 1880View
JeffsFrederick William5 June 1878View
JelleymanFrederick2 May 1882View
JellyArthur31 October 1879View
JenkinsAlbert Edward20 March 1881View
JenkinsBenjamin David29 April 1879View
JenkinsBenjamin David View
JenkinsDaniel20 October 1880View
JenkinsGeorge Frederick19 June 1874View
JenkinsGeorge Frederick View
JenkinsIsaac27 December 1870View
JenkinsJohn Ross21 October 1875View
JenkinsRobert20 September 1882View
JennerArthur John3 December 1879View
JennerHerbert Charles McNair16 December 1881View
JennerWilliam11 April 1880View
JenningsCornelius21 August 1876View
JenningsGeorge Henry24 January 1869View
JessupAugustus Charles24 November 1878View
JewellSydney James10 August 1876View
JewettGeorge James2 February 1875View
JobsonRobert Henry15 December 1881View
JoelHarry George16 November 1879View
JohanssenJohn26 August 1885View
JohanssenJohn Alfred3 April 1874View
JohnArthur Evan15 May 1870View
JohnArthur Evan View
JohnsArthur25 March 1873View
JohnsHenry Alexander13 April 1868View
JohnsonArthur Charles18 December 1878View
JohnsonAustin14 December 1878View
JohnsonEdward19 October 1876View
JohnsonErnest5 November 1881View
JohnsonFrank15 March 1878View
JohnsonFrank27 August 1880View
JohnsonFrank View
JohnsonFrederick George28 November 1885View
JohnsonGeorge3 September 1880View
JohnsonGeorge28 July 1882View
JohnsonGeorge View
JohnsonGeorge Herbert30 March 1878View
JohnsonGilbert Thomas12 December 1881View
JohnsonHarry18 July 1880View
JohnsonHarry Byron17 February 1877View
JohnsonHenry12 November 1880View
JohnsonHenry25 November 1877View
JohnsonHenry View
JohnsonHerbert Alexander23 April 1884View
JohnsonJames22 July 1878View
JohnsonJames4 December 1872View
JohnsonJames11 December 1871View
JohnsonJames Archibald14 September 1881View
JohnsonJohn Frederick29 October 1872View
JohnsonJohn Frederick View
JohnsonJoseph17 August 1881View
JohnsonKenneth15 November 1880View
JohnsonKenneth View
JohnsonRobert Edward2 July 1879View
JohnsonSamuel5 May 1878View
JohnsonThomas21 March 1880View
JohnsonThomas8 March 1872View
JohnsonThomas View
JohnsonThomas View
JohnsonTom18 July 1881View
JohnsonWilliam23 February 1880View
JohnsonWilliam26 January 1864View
JohnsonWilliam24 June 1874View
JohnsonWilliam Ambrose16 March 1880View
JohnsonWilliam David15 March 1875View
JohnsonZophoneas Bjornson6 November 1879View
JohnstonAlexander Chalmers22 October 1871View
JohnstonAlexander Chalmers View
JohnstonAlexander Clinchy13 March 1881View
JohnstonAlexander Clinchy View
JohnstonArthur Thomas29 December 1879View
JohnstonArthur Thomas View
JohnstonErnest Alexander14 December 1880View
JohnstonErnest Samuel24 October 1878View
JohnstonFletcher Currie15 June 1874View
JohnstonJames Beattie8 September 1880View
JohnstonJames Beattie View
JohnstonJames McDonald2 February 1881View
JohnstonJohn8 September 1877View
JohnstonJohn8 January 1872View
JohnstonNorman Victor13 March 1877View
JohnstonPeter17 May 1879View
JohnstonRobert27 August 1877View
JohnstonRonald19 August 1871View
JohnstonSelborne18 April 1876View
JohnstonThomas Charles8 October 1867View
JohnstonWilliam Quee16 July 1880View
JohnstonWilson26 February 1878View
JohnstoneAllan28 February 1881View
JohnstoneAllan View
JohnstoneDavid16 July 1871View
JohnstoneEdward2 October 1875View
JohnstoneMeredyth Middleton King16 October 1877View
JohnstoneMeredyth Middleton King View
JohnstonePeter10 July 1881View
JohnstoneThomas Gethin13 November 1868View
JohnstoneWilliam13 January 1877View
JollieJames Leslie20 July 1881View
JonasMalcolm Emanuel28 December 1866View
JonesAlexander17 September 1877View
JonesAlfred Watson11 January 1876View
JonesAlfred Watson View
JonesArthur17 July 1881View
JonesArthur George ParryFeb 1878 View
JonesArthur Watkin21 July 1884View
JonesAubrey Job6 March 1880View
JonesBernard Leslie8 November 1880View
JonesCharles1866 View
JonesCharles31 March 1869View
JonesCharles31 March 1869View
JonesCharles William31 August 1883View
JonesChristopher26 March 1880View
JonesChristopher View
JonesDaniel Lewis18 December 1877View
JonesDavid18 January 1880View
JonesDavid View
JonesDavid Hierous10 April 1871View
JonesEdmund4 February 1879View
JonesEdward2 May 1870View
JonesEdwin25 September 1877View
JonesEdwin Harold30 April 1876View
JonesErnest29 June 1877View
JonesErnest Thomas10 May 1879View
JonesEvan9 August 1877View
JonesEvan Powell24 August 1879View
JonesEvan Powell View
JonesFrancis Henry17 June 1879View
JonesGeorge28 October 1879View
JonesGeorge4 October 1878View
JonesGeorge View
JonesGeorge Henry24 March 1874View
JonesHarold Bruce24 February 1876View
JonesHarry31 January 1880View
JonesHarry Talmage17 November 1877View
JonesJames16 August 1864View
JonesJames Henry23 March 1878View
JonesJames Morris14 March 1872View
JonesJohn Jonathan28 February 1876View
JonesJoseph7 November 1875View
JonesLeonard Bakewell7 August 1885View
JonesLewis Humphreys5 September 1876View
JonesMiddleton Cornelius31 August 1878View
JonesPercy30 January 1875View
JonesPercy View
JonesPercy Ford22 March 1873View
JonesPierce16 May 1880View
JonesRichard Henry8 April 1875View
JonesRichard Hopton16 February 1871View
JonesRichard Hopton View
JonesRowland24 September 1880View
JonesSeth31 July 1870View
JonesStephen2 May 1878View
JonesThomas Henry23 September 1871View
JonesThomas Pattullo31 May 1881View
JonesWalter Charles24 December 1878View
JonesWilliam8 March 1880View
JonesWilliam19 January 1877View
JonesWilliam Ellis27 August 1873View
JonesWilliam James21 February 1880View
JonesWilliam James8 March 1873View
JonsonJohannes6 August 1883View
JordanAlbert Edward8 January 1879View
JordanDavid29 January 1881View
JordanHenry31 December 1879View
JordanJames Clark9 March 1865View
JoreySidney14 February 1877View
JoubertCharles Henry18 June 1885View
JoubertFranz Cois Nicholas20 August 1865View
JourdStanley Charles2 September 1879View
JoyceChristopher Pierce26 October 1878View
JoyceJohn George20 September 1881View
JoycePeter24 December 1872View
JoyceRobert Stanley8 February 1885View
JoyceSydney23 May 1871View
JoyceTheobald Upton28 August 1879View
JoynerCharles Falconer24 June 1875View
JuddStanley James20 June 1878View
JudgeThomas11 January 1879View
JudgeThomas View
JudgeWilliam Henry19 February 1878View
JudgeWilliam Henry View
JudgeWilliam James30 November 1877View
JulnesArthur Walter22 January 1878View
JulnesArthur Walter View
JuppGeorge22 December 1880View
JuryClifford James22 March 1882View
JustinThomas4 August 1880View
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