South African Constabulary Search : K
Surname Names Date of Birth View
KaineGeorge Howard3 June 1880View
KalbererHarold Hugh6 October 1881View
KaltwasserDough Gertbrand30 December 1884View
KamferAbram18 September 1873View
KamferSamuel Jacobus17 May 1871View
KamferSamuel Jacobus View
KaplanNiclos DavidAugust 1875 View
KayArthur31 January 1882View
KayLouis Moubray5 August 1885View
KayReginald27 December 1882View
KeamJohn2 March 1878View
KeanAlexander1 September 1880View
KeanThomas Jacques25 October 1880View
KeaneEdward21 January 1873View
KeaneEdward View
KeaneOwen25 January 1877View
KeatesGerald28 September 1876View
KeatingeCharles Stuart21 April 1875View
KeatinghArnold Boyle15 November 1881View
KedianMartin7 July 1879View
KeeThomas9 March 1876View
KeebleFrederick Ernest12 April 1879View
KeeganBartholomew14 November 1881View
KeenFrederick Sampson18 December 1875View
KeenFrederick Sampson View
KeenRichard24 May 1874View
KeenanPatrick12 August 1879View
KeevilHenry Louis11 June 1879View
KeevilHenry Louis View
KeigwinHenry23 August 1880View
KeillorHenry Davidson2 March 1880View
KeithAlex14 January 1874View
KeithGeorge12 August 1875View
KeithGeorge View
KeithHugh Davidson5 July 1877View
KeithJohn12 February 1872View
KeithWalter Stanwood27 January 1874View
KeithWilliam5 September 1879View
KellewayPercy14 July 1877View
KellewayPercy View
KellockAlfred John1 February 1881View
KellyAlfred Edward10 April 1877View
KellyAndrew Duggan18 March 1867View
KellyAnthony1 July 1879View
KellyAnthony View
KellyArchibald John Anderson24 February 1880View
KellyArchibald John Anderson View
KellyCharles Edward1 August 1878View
KellyEdward12 April 1881View
KellyEugene16 September 1868View
KellyFrederick William4 December 1883View
KellyGeorge23 April 1866View
KellyJames1 January 1869View
KellyJames25 February 1870View
KellyJohn31 March 1875View
KellyJohn17 March 1881View
KellyJohn4 June 1877View
KellyJohn15 August 1874View
KellyJohn View
KellyReginald Ignatius Michael20 August 1886View
KellyRichard17 April 1870View
KellyRobert Alsop3 August 1881View
KellyWellington Dufferin24 June 1878View
KelsallJoseph15 December 1880View
KelsallThomas28 December 1883View
KelsallWilliam14 August 1878View
KelsonNorman Whitmore26 May 1878View
KemendyElemer23 July 1872View
KemloGeorge14 June 1878View
KempErnest Cummings7 February 1877View
KempenStephanus19 November 1884View
KempsonHerbert1 December 1880View
KendallHoward Charles12 September 1881View
KendallJames7 August 1878View
KendallJames View
KendallRobert12 June 1870View
KenderdineJohn21 August 1872View
KendleJohn Stanley18 April 1877View
KendrickHarry21 December 1880View
KendrickSamuel24 January 1875View
KennardDavid Hugh29 March 1877View
KennardDavid Hugh View
KennedyAlexander5 July 1865View
KennedyAlexander5 July 1865View
KennedyArthur Edward4 May 1881View
KennedyBurton Thomas Francis11 September 1880View
KennedyColin Duncan15 July 1882View
KennedyEdward Patrick28 August 1874View
KennedyJames2 December 1871View
KennedyJames Mark16 April 1879View
KennedyJames Mark View
KennedyJohn11 April 1875View
KennedyJohn View
KennedyJoseph27 September 1882View
KennedyJoseph28 April 1876View
KennedyJoseph View
KennedyLaurence Joseph30 September 1868View
KennedyPeter17 July 1872View
KennedyPierce7 July 1873View
KennedyRobert17 November 1879View
KennedyRonald Alexander28 May 1874View
KennedyThomas StephenJan 1879 View
KennedyWilliam4 May 1880View
KennellyVivian Vivian25 February 1870View
KennyJames22 March 1880View
KentBertram George19 November 1878View
KentJohn Charles18 May 1870View
KenwardArthur James26 July 1877View
KeoghEdward Alexander14 November 1879View
KerkJan15 June 1881View
KerrDavid Alexander8 February 1879View
KerrDavid Alexander View
KerrDouglas20 November 1880View
KerrFinlay26 December 1876View
KerrFinlay View
KerrFrederick15 April 1876View
KerrGeorge Terrace23 December 1876View
KerrJames28 September 1878View
KerrJohn7 April 1876View
KerrJohn View
KersleyJohn6 March 1878View
KessonRobert26 September 1877View
KessonRobert View
KetcherEdward Thomas21 January 1881View
KettellJohn21 December 1881View
KettellJohn View
KewellEdward James18 January 1880View
KewleyArchdale William Rigby5 December 1879View
KewleyArthur16 April 1873View
KewleyWalter Oswald23 September 1880View
KeyThomas11 July 1872View
KeynesGeorge21 March 1877View
KeywoodFrederick James22 October 1866View
KiddJohn2 April 1880View
KiddRobert Bohun21 March 1870View
KieleyPatrick20 August 1880View
KiernanJoseph Aloysius29 December 1880View
KiernanderMontagne Charles22 February 1878View
KillickWilliam13 November 1880View
KillipsWilliam26 November 1880View
KilnerThomas Arthur9 July 1878View
KilokJames17 July 1881View
KilvingtonHenry14 November 1858View
KimptonStephen William4 May 1874View
KindThomas6 March 1879View
KindThomas View
KinderRalph29 April 1870View
KingAlbert John19 April 1880View
KingCecil Arthur5 August 1875View
KingCharlie Wallis Carrington23 March 1887View
KingFred Alfonso25 October 1880View
KingFrederick Sidney Radford20 March 1878View
KingGeorge William1 July 1880View
KingHenry28 August 1880View
KingHenry27 November 1873View
KingHenry William31 July 1879View
KingHenry William View
KingHorace William3 August 1879View
KingHorace William View
KingJames27 August 1877View
KingJohn27 February 1881View
KingJohn9 March 1878View
KingMichael Bernard20 March 1879View
KingPercy Bruges26 April 1878View
KingRichard1880 View
KingSydney James5 January 1882View
KingThomas Charles9 October 1877View
KingWalter George23 July 1880View
KingWilliam Joseph26 November 1880View
KinghamHerbert James17 March 1881View
KinghanSamuel2 May 1880View
KinghanSamuel View
KingstonWilliam Dennis7 January 1875View
KinlochJohn13 April 1880View
KinnairdJames Alexander1 March 1875View
KinnairdJames Alexander View
KinnearWilliam Ross12 November 1869View
KinnersleyOriel Deane23 June 1872View
KinnersleyOriel Deane View
KinsleyChristopher21 December 1860View
KirbyErnest Arthur12 August 1881View
KirbyErnest Arthur View
KirkRichard4 September 1879View
KirkRobert5 March 1878View
KirkRobert View
KirkWilliam John15 November 1876View
KirkbrightFrederick Herbert1 October 1877View
KirkbyRichard William Dowsing17 August 1872View
KirkeHerbert Henry15 June 1876View
KirkhamErnest25 December 1880View
KirkmanEdward Stephen28 February 1868View
KirkmanSydney13 April 1878View
KirkmanSydney View
KirkpatrickJohn15 September 1876View
KirkwoodAlexander19 September 1880View
KirkwoodAlexander View
KirkwoodJohn18 December 1880View
KirtonDavid Henry8 August 1879View
KirtonYorke Delacour15 February 1877View
KischHenry Lester24 December 1874View
KitchenerStephen1 April 1879View
KitchinWilliam Henry15 June 1879View
KitneyCharlie11 October 1878View
KitneyCharlie View
KitsonThomas Francis9 December 1866View
KleinJohannes Antonie19 November 1882View
KleinMax12 January 1885View
KnightAugust View
KnightDirk Cornelius28 September 1879View
KnightFred Bernard14 February 1874View
KnightJames24 July 1860View
KnightWalter25 October 1873View
KnightsErnest Robert25 November 1880View
KnobleAdolph25 December 1868View
KnockGordon9 October 1881View
Knot-GoreCharles Norman19 April 1878View
KnowlesAlbert23 January 1876View
KnowlesEric23 March 1876View
KnowlesRobert George14 April 1871View
KnowlingReginald Henry7 March 1879View
KnoxFred5 November 1881View
KnoxFred5 November 1881View
KnoxJames Hamilton12 October 1880View
KohlerJohn2 February 1861View
KorbJoseph Johannes30 December 1880View
KotzeGerthardus Dirk12 September 1876View
KotzeGerthardus Dirk View
KotzePhillippus Jerimias Riekart6 June 1880View
KreckelerJohn Phillip10 August 1872View
KrugerCharles Henry16 July 1875View
KrugerCharles Henry View
KrugerIsaac Jacobus21 December 1886View
KuhlFrederick14 October 1875View
KuhnFrederick Petrus Willem21 August 1884View
KuhnFrederick Petrus Willem View
KuhnWilliam Thomas Charles7 October 1877View
KyleJohn4 March 1879View
KynastonGeorge James Frederick27 April 1881View
KyteWilliam Oliver20 January 1879View
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