South African Constabulary Search : L
Surname Names Date of Birth View
LabonteAlfred1 July 1878View
LaboreeLouis Edgar7 September 1873View
LabuschagneGert Conrades22 November 1872View
LabuschagneGert Conrades View
LabuschagneWilliam Adrian15 August 1880View
LaceyTom Ollis6 March 1879View
LaceyTom Ollis View
LaceyWalter3 July 1880View
LaingCornelius Frederick9 February 1876View
LaingDavid15 August 1878View
LaingWilliam Armstrong16 May 1874View
LaishleyHugh25 May 1875View
LakeAmbrose11 April 1880View
LakeHorace10 September 1877View
LakeWilliam John24 December 1880View
LakeWilliam John View
LakerEdward12 August 1878View
LallyJohn Ambrose7 December 1873View
LambAlbert17 October 1872View
LambAlbert View
LambGeorge Edward22 November 1885View
LambGeorge Reginald16 November 1871View
LambGeorge Reginald View
LambJames Craig17 January 1882View
LambThomas4 July 1879View
LambertArthur Ernest22 March 1878View
LambertGeorge14 May 1882View
LambertHenry24 August 1880View
LambertJames10 March 1867View
LambertJames20 April 1878View
LambertRobert Frank29 September 1880View
LambertWalter John11 April 1879View
LamondGeorge9 October 1871View
LamondJohn Paul26 October 1880View
LamondJohn Paul View
LamontJohn Scott15 February 1880View
LampreyFrederick William Thompson17 March 1879View
LampreyFrederick William Thompson View
LanaghanArthur12 March 1867View
LancasterFrederick William17 January 1876View
LanceWilliam2 May 1877View
LanceWilliam View
LanceyWilliam26 December 1875View
LandJames William15 January 1879View
LandersReginald Martin11 October 1879View
LandersReginald Martin View
LandsburgSidney George13 December 1876View
LaneAlbert Edward12 March 1879View
LaneAlbert Edward View
LaneCharles William George14 March 1877View
LaneCharles William George14 March 1876View
LaneEdward John1 December 1872View
LaneFrederick Charles3 September 1877View
LaneHorace Grant29 April 1870View
LaneHorace Grant View
LaneJohn Ebenezer15 January 1860View
LaneWalter5 December 1880View
LaneWilliam John7 February 1883View
Lane-RyanPercy Henry12 January 1873View
LangErnest Chudleigh17 July 1875View
LangFerdinand4 February 1884View
LangGeorge Frederick1 February 1882View
LangJames Dunn17 August 1880View
LangPeter Pomeroy27 February 1881View
LangdaleCharles John20 November 1867View
LangdaleThomas Charles Joseph8 August 1874View
LangfordWilliam Richard23 December 1880View
LanghamHarry Pearson25 August 1878View
LangleyGilbert16 December 1881View
LangstonThomas24 December 1877View
LangstonThomas View
LangtonEustace Claude8 April 1880View
LangtonLeslie14 September 1872View
LanningWilfred Lionel27 August 1880View
LansdellErnest Edwin1 February 1870View
LansdellErnest Edwin View
LarkinHenry Edward3 July 1879View
LarkinJohn Thomas9 November 1875View
LarmourPatrick3 October 1876View
LarmourPatrick View
LarondWilliam Rockcliffe8 February 1880View
LarsenLeslie Melvern19 September 1874View
LasleyMichael1 December 1882View
LatchfordDavid William3 October 1875View
LathamHenry27 August 1880View
LathamWilliam Harold22 February 1870View
LatimerGeorge Thomas8 October 1872View
LatimerGeorge Thomas View
LaupheimerHorace Edwin1 February 1872View
LaurenceAlfred Marlborough24 January 1873View
LaurensonLaurence6 November 1878View
LaurensonLaurence View
LaurieJohn20 May 1876View
LaurieJohn4 July 1878View
LaurieJohn View
LaurieJohn View
LaverAlbert Edward15 July 1882View
LaverAlbert Edward View
LaverEdward Chichester3 September 1881View
LaverEdward Chichester View
LaveryJames14 March 1879View
LawArthur Harold21 December 1880View
LawCharles7 February 1881View
LawErnest Edward26 November 1879View
LawErnest Edward View
LawGeorge1 August 1877View
LawesArthur Enos22 August 1866View
LawlorPatrick14 February 1869View
LawrenceAlfred George12 January 1879View
LawrenceBenjamin3 February 1873View
LawrenceEdward14 October 1871View
LawrenceEdward View
LawrenceFrank Deane4 September 1882View
LawrenceGeorge Washington1 May 1878View
LawrenceHarry14 June 1874View
LawrenceHarry View
LawrenceSamuel Frederick23 March 1878View
LawrenceThomas Richard2 May 1874View
LawrensonGeorge3 July 1881View
LawrieAlick25 August 1876View
LawrieHenry Gordon2 November 1879View
LawsGeorge Nixon11 November 1878View
LawsonEdgar23 August 1874View
LawsonFred Wallace12 August 1875View
LawsonHarry26 January 1881View
LawsonHawtrey James11 July 1881View
LawtonCorsellis3 November 1874View
LawtonJohn McKelvy29 August 1875View
LaybourneJohn Charles11 December 1879View
LayfieldJohn William28 September 1879View
LaymanFelix Herbert21 October 1879View
Le GallaisJames25 August 1879View
LeaRoy Cleveland16 May 1880View
LeachBertie Edward Francis26 August 1873View
LeachBertie Edward Francis View
LeachEdward29 December 1876View
LeachFrancis2 December 1872View
LeachFrancis View
LeachGeorge6 July 1877View
LeachLast13 October 1869View
LeadbeatterWilbert1 January 1880View
LeaderThomas15 March 1873View
LeanHerbert Frederick11 July 1875View
LearmouthJosiah Davidson18 July 1880View
LearoydHyde Kelso12 July 1875View
LearyJames7 October 1870View
LeathesEdward12 May 1880View
LeavesleyJohn20 February 1881View
LeckieJames16 May 1879View
LeddraGeorge22 November 1881View
LedeboerClaude Marias16 May 1879View
LedeboerClaude Marias View
LederreyHenry Tallentire14 March 1879View
LederreyHenry Tallentire View
LedgerAlfred23 January 1876View
LedwickJohn25 January 1876View
LeeGert Johannes8 February 1881View
LeeHarry Heaxtall23 July 1881View
LeeHarry Heaxtall View
LeeHenry23 June 1874View
LeeJoseph Ellis26 February 1876View
LeePatrick4 May 1870View
LeePatrick24 May 1875View
LeePatrick View
LeeWilliam4 May 1873View
LeeWilliam21 June 1873View
LeeWilliam View
LeechmanHarold McKinn11 March 1880View
Lee-KirbyWilliam Howarth18 November 1881View
LeeksGeorge Albert8 May 1881View
LeemingWilliam Edward1 December 1873View
LeeperCharles18 December 1872View
LeesAndrew James19 December 1884View
LeesDaniel Ambrose24 July 1881View
LeesJohn23 September 1878View
LeesReuben Hall21 January 1878View
LeetDudley Knox2 June 1880View
LeetDudley Knox View
LeethamGeorge Aaron27 November 1878View
Lee-WarnerCecil John4 February 1879View
LefortGeorge Philip10 July 1872View
LeggeAndrew22 May 1875View
LeggettWalter25 February 1871View
LehmannJohn George17 October 1870View
LehmannJohn George View
LehrmanCharles4 October 1878View
LeighClifford Chandos5 May 1874View
LeighFrederick Ernest d'Quain6 March 1871View
LeighJohn Francis18 November 1879View
LeighWilliam George12 June 1870View
LeightonFrederick John17 September 1884View
LeightonHarry10 October 1874View
LeishmanThomas27 April 1880View
LeitchJames Slater16 June 1878View
LeitchWilliam25 May 1880View
LeitchWilliam View
LeithJames MacDonald Buchanan11 November 1872View
LennoxRichard Roland3 April 1878View
LeonardJohn Arthur7 June 1874View
LeonardPietrus Philipus3 June 1880View
LepartGeorge James4 August 1873View
LeRouxFranz Elija23 July 1882View
LeslieHerbert Stuart22 December 1876View
LeslieHerbert Stuart View
LeslieWilliam9 March 1880View
LeslieWilliam View
LesterMark8 May 1874View
LesterRobert15 April 1870View
LeSueurGeorge Cumberland5 December 1882View
LeSueurGeorge Cumberland View
LethbridgeCharles Francis Baron8 May 1877View
LethebyThomas1 January 1877View
LevasseurJoseph4 September 1875View
LevellWilliam James29 March 1874View
LeverGeorge22 November 1876View
LevinsGeorge Lawrence21 January 1870View
LevisWilliam18 October 1873View
LevyAlfred Edward29 November 1880View
LevyHarvey25 September 1880View
LevyHenry Joseph24 July 1869View
LevyHerman10 March 1884View
LewellEdward23 April 1877View
LewellEdward View
LewellynRichard11 December 1872View
LewellynRichard View
LewinsGeorge Arthur10 January 1881View
LewinsWalter Affroville31 October 1885View
LewisAlbert Thomas Burgess25 April 1880View
LewisAlfred Buckner23 December 1881View
LewisAlfred Buckner View
LewisArnold1 May 1880View
LewisAugustus Hubert Neville21 March 1876View
LewisCecil Clement16 June 1879View
LewisCharles7 December 1873View
LewisCharles View
LewisClifford Hailey21 April 1877View
LewisCurwen7 June 1878View
LewisCurwen View
LewisFrederick Henry3 May 1880View
LewisGeorge Henry2 January 1876View
LewisHarold Austin24 February 1880View
LewisHarold Austin View
LewisHyman25 February 1876View
LewisJames17 June 1873View
LewisJohn18 September 1873View
LewisJohn James11 November 1879View
LewisRichard Elstree16 July 1880View
LewisRudolf Ludewijk3 December 1876View
LewisThomas Odell18 March 1880View
LewisWilliam Frederick9 August 1878View
LewthwaiteJohn William5 August 1879View
LeykanffFrederick8 September 1870View
LiddleJohn George13 November 1871View
LiddleJohn George View
LightAlfred4 July 1858View
LightAlfred View
LightbodyRobert12 February 1877View
LightingEdgar3 July 1871View
LightingEdgar View
LightningCharles Stratton9 September 1870View
LimerickArthur Henry John12 July 1879View
LimerickJon St. Claire15 May 1875View
LinakerJames24 May 1876View
LinakerJohn26 January 1881View
LindGranville Kekewich21 February 1882View
LindhFrank Leonard13 June 1870View
LindiqueJohn2 February 1881View
LindopRobert1 January 1873View
LindsayJohn4 October 1878View
LindsaySamuel20 April 1876View
LingAlfred Edward7 August 1871View
LingHenry Charles21 April 1867View
LingardBertie Wyatt28 June 1880View
LiningtonAlfred William9 November 1871View
LinkWilliam Arthur30 July 1877View
LinklaterJames Murray26 May 1879View
LinksonSidney7 October 1880View
LinsellCharles27 March 1873View
LinthwaiteClaridge4 April 1878View
LintonRalph Tait10 July 1880View
LintonRalph Tait View
LintonWalter27 June 1876View
LintonWilliam Parsons23 March 1875View
ListerAlbert Wooldridge1 March 1882View
ListerJohn Oversby8 December 1880View
ListerThomas Henry William3 February 1874View
LitchfieldArthur Frederick2 March 1878View
LitchfieldVivian Vincent17 October 1882View
LittleCharles Herbert29 February 1880View
LittleErnest Victor8 January 1873View
LittleJohn William31 March 1878View
LittleJoseph13 May 1877View
LittleThomas4 July 1881View
LittleThomas View
LittlefieldErnest17 June 1873View
LittlefieldErnest View
LittlefieldFrederic James4 September 1871View
LittlejohnEdward Frank2 October 1878View
LittlejohnWilliam13 April 1880View
LittlerAlfred7 May 1872View
LittlerSam15 May 1875View
LittlerSam View
LiversuchHenry George30 March 1881View
LiveseyWilliam Rostron24 May 1881View
LivingstoneCollin Campbell18 January 1882View
LlewellynGeorge11 April 1874View
LlewellynGeorge View
LlewellynThomas Henry21 January 1874View
LlewellynWilliam Llewellyn14 October 1879View
LlewellynWilliam Llewellyn View
LloydArthur John Douglas1 December 1878View
LloydCharles Leir28 March 1878View
LloydCharles Leir View
LloydDavid28 December 1873View
LloydJohn11 February 1878View
LloydMaurice William16 July 1877View
LoaderWilliam28 April 1867View
LoaderWilliam View
LobbAlbert5 February 1878View
LobbJohn18 March 1863View
LobbanClaud29 August 1878View
LobbanGeorge20 July 1879View
LockeJames15 April 1869View
LockeJohn Morris21 April 1875View
LockeRobert Hodges17 January 1875View
LockhartHerbert Franklin2 February 1880View
LodewijkJohn Hendrick15 August 1873View
LodewijkJohn Hendrick View
LodgeGeorge Edward James31 October 1879View
LoeWalter Herbert3 January 1870View
LofthouseHarold26 April 1876View
LoganGeorge21 December 1877View
LoganHubert Henderson7 October 1872View
LoganHubert Henderson View
LoganJames15 July 1870View
LoganJames View
LoganJohn14 June 1880View
LoganJohn View
LoganThomas Lucas14 October 1866View
LoggenbergJacobus JohannesApril 1883 View
LoggieJames14 November 1878View
LomasThomas George3 February 1874View
LonerganJames Francis29 March 1878View
LoneyThomas Gorman17 July 1877View
LongGeorge Henry10 December 1878View
LongJohn5 April 1880View
LongWilliam6 March 1879View
LongWilliam8 March 1868View
LongWilliam View
LongWilliam Trevetham30 December 1881View
LonghmanHarry1 April 1880View
LongmanFrank7 March 1874View
LongworthFrancis3 June 1875View
LongworthJoseph Edward1 March 1880View
LongworthJoseph Edward View
LonsdaleHugh13 October 1880View
LoraineClaud Sydney Harcourt Grews26 April 1872View
LordErnest Richard14 October 1869View
LordErnest Richard View
LordFrank1 August 1876View
LordFred30 July 1878View
LordHarold Victor16 May 1881View
LordHerbert12 February 1879View
LorenzHarold30 September 1878View
LorenzHarold View
LothianAlexander3 September 1880View
LotteryDavid13 August 1876View
LougherDyfrig10 October 1880View
LoughmanJohn Joseph21 June 1873View
LoughnanHarry View
LourensJohn Henry20 June 1882View
LouwEwerd Johannes10 March 1881View
LoveBernard Walter26 April 1880View
LoveJohn31 April 1872View
LovejoySamuel15 November 1881View
LovejoySamuel15 November 1881View
LovellWilliam6 February 1876View
LovellWilliam View
LoverockErnest Moffitt5 January 1880View
LovettCharles William8 November 1871View
LowAlexander Daker21 November 1877View
LowAllan27 March 1866View
LowAllan View
LowDavid Stedman2 January 1878View
LowDavid Stedman View
LowGeorge14 December 1870View
LowGeorge View
LowRobert16 July 1875View
LowRobert View
LowVivian2 November 1880View
LowWilliam11 October 1875View
LowWilliam View
LoweAlbert Marshall29 April 1873View
LoweAlbert Marshall View
LoweErnest Percival6 March 1879View
LoweHenry John Bowman19 November 1876View
LowePhillip12 February 1875View
LoweThomas Ellison25 November 1876View
LoweWilliam Frederick20 March 1872View
LoweWilliam Richard17 January 1878View
LoweWilliam Richard View
LoweWilliam Singer23 June 1875View
LoweWilliam Singer View
LowellAlfred James24 August 1876View
LowickFrederick Manning8 June 1878View
LowiesGideon Rudolf2 July 1880View
LowingsGeorge Frederick12 September 1882View
LowndesRichard Montague William Selby26 January 1878View
LowsleyHubert Ivon17 April 1879View
LowsonJohn Hunter12 August 1873View
LucasRobert21 May 1881View
LucasWilliam31 May 1874View
LuceyMark9 July 1875View
LuceyMark View
LucyFrederick25 November 1865View
LudickDavid Stephanus12 December 1879View
LudickDavid Stephanus View
LudlowWilfred Harold15 February 1881View
LudolfAdolphus28 May 1878View
LuffFrederick William21 February 1877View
LuffFrederick William View
LuffJames John23 February 1872View
LuggPercy Winchcombe12 July 1880View
LumleyEdward Plaxton20 September 1880View
LumleyThomas William23 April 1879View
LundyAlbert Edward Victor2 October 1873View
LundyGeorge Robert16 April 1879View
LunnWalter Gaunt2 November 1879View
LunnWalter Gaunt View
LunnissWalter Robert14 March 1877View
LunsdenRobert24 January 1879View
LushCharles23 March 1880View
LutnerAlfred29 January 1881View
LuttonWilliam Cuthbert29 November 1874View
LuxGeorge Frederick30 October 1874View
LydonJohn3 October 1880View
LydonJohn View
LyeStanley Sinclair28 March 1881View
LyeStanley Sinclair View
LyleQuinten12 March 1881View
LyleRobert27 June 1875View
LynchGerald Patrick14 August 1877View
LynchJames1 August 1875View
LyndJoseph21 December 1880View
LynnWilliam Arthur27 February 1881View
LynottMichael Joseph1 February 1872View
LynottMichael Joseph View
LyonCharles Allen25 December 1876View
LyonCharles Allen View
LyonDawson25 November 1880View
LyonJerome MacLaurin3 August 1870View
LyonJohn10 April 1877View
LyonsHarry17 July 1875View
LyonsHenry MacDonald12 October 1867View
LyonsJohn15 April 1880View
LyonsJohn28 December 1876View
LyonsRichard Walter Agar27 September 1868View
LyonsRichard Walter Agar View
LyonsRobert Agar23 May 1864View
LysaghtMichael5 November 1880View
LysaghtMichael View
LywoodAlbert Edward17 March 1884View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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