South African Constabulary Search : M
Surname Names Date of Birth View
MaberlyBernard Evan1 August 1878View
MacAlpineHugh24 December 1877View
MacAndrewHugh10 August 1876View
MacaulayWilliam2 March 1879View
MacaulayWilliam View
MacauleyJames30 June 1880View
MacauleyJohn19 May 1870View
MacauleyJohn19 May 1870View
MacBeanAlexander11 September 1879View
MacDiarmidDuncan Campbell15 April 1875View
MacDonaldAlexander Ronald3 November 1880View
MacDonaldDavid20 August 1875View
MacDonaldDenis6 November 1878View
MacDonaldDonald James26 August 1881View
MacDonaldDonald James View
MacDonaldEric Gray11 July 1878View
MacDonaldFrederick27 August 1878View
MacDonaldFrederick View
MacDonaldHarry Forbes10 February 1869View
MacDonaldJohn29 May 1880View
MacDonaldMarcellus14 February 1875View
MacDonaldMurdoch7 February 1874View
MacDonaldNorman15 May 1870View
MacDonaldRoy23 December 1879View
MacDonaldThomas28 September 1880View
MacdonaldVictor Jerome7 September 1879View
MacDonaldWilliam Alexander18 December 1879View
MacdonaldWilliam Alexander17 October 1878View
MacDougallThomas Murray4 March 1881View
MacdougallThomas Thomson8 March 1873View
MacFarlandDuncan Cameron27 January 1881View
MacFarlaneArchibald Allen2 October 1880View
MacFarlaneJohn24 May 1873View
MacFarlaneJohn View
MacFarlanePeter15 July 1880View
MacFarlaneWilliam Gordon Bruce28 November 1877View
MacgillycuddyCharles Edward20 November 1877View
MacGillycuddyFrancis Chute8 December 1861View
MacGillycuddyFrancis Chute View
MacInnesMyles24 March 1860View
MacIntoshGeorge Hamilton19 April 1880View
MacIntoshGeorge Hamilton View
MacIntyreDonald6 August 1878View
MacKayAlexander21 February 1877View
MacKayAlexander View
MackayAlick24 June 1878View
MackayDonald14 August 1880View
MackayHugh14 September 1879View
MackayHugh3 April 1876View
MackayJames Rose12 April 1880View
MackayJames Rose View
MackayRobert4 November 1872View
MackayWilliam John15 November 1879View
MackayWilliam John View
MacKechnieRonald21 September 1879View
MackenzieArchibald Alexander20 May 1876View
MackenzieArchibald Alexander View
MacKenzieCharles John18 January 1872View
MacKenzieDonald Alexander2 June 1872View
MacKenzieDonald Alexander View
MacKenzieDonald Alexander Ross14 January 1875View
MackenzieHenryNov 1869 View
MacKenzieJames14 September 1877View
MacKenzieJames View
MacKenzieJohn17 October 1876View
MacKenzieJoseph15 May 1878View
MacKenzieRobert25 October 1880View
MackenzieStuart Kelso Graeme4 August 1877View
MacKenzieWilliam Hardie24 May 1872View
MacKenzieWilliam Hardie View
MackettFrancis Nelson14 October 1877View
MackettFrancis Nelson View
MackeyThomas Joseph19 December 1874View
MackieGeorge28 March 1878View
MackieJames20 June 1884View
MackieJames Reid3 September 1881View
MackieJames Reid View
MacKinnonAlexander Donald Edward30 September 1878View
MacKinnonRobert Donald15 February 1878View
MackintoshAlexander28 June 1880View
MackintoshRobert11 August 1880View
MacLarenArchibald20 March 1881View
MacLarenGeorge William2 August 1878View
MaclartyJames8 April 1877View
MaclavertyColin Johnston20 February 1879View
MacLeanAlexander20 August 1873View
MacLeanAnthony Russell11 June 1882View
MacleanHector20 September 1876View
MacleanJames Alexander13 April 1880View
MacleanNeil20 August 1881View
MacLellanArchibald10 February 1876View
MacleodJohn MacKenzie9 September 1880View
MacleodJohn MacKenzie View
MaclureJames Hawkins9 February 1873View
MacmillanAlexander Ferguson17 March 1877View
MacmillanAlexander John18 September 1878View
MacMillanDavid17 May 1880View
MacmillanRobert24 February 1879View
MacNamaraPatrick Joseph17 March 1868View
MaconachieCharles Ogle22 April 1879View
MacphersonDuncan12 October 1876View
MacPhersonWilfred Laurie18 August 1877View
MacraeDaniel McKinley13 May 1878View
MacRaeDonald14 August 1880View
MacRaeDonald View
MacRaeHenry Aldritch11 April 1873View
MacraeJohn McDonald13 January 1875View
MacshaneGeorge Kingston20 May 1877View
MactavishDuncan16 May 1879View
MaddenWilliam John9 January 1866View
MaddockJohn29 November 1872View
MaddocksPercy Reginald4 August 1869View
MadillEdgar John31 March 1880View
MaganMichael Joseph6 March 1868View
MaganMichael Joseph View
MageeWilliam19 January 1873View
MagennisAlexander Fuller4 May 1866View
MaguireRobert31 July 1873View
MahonJohn17 October 1879View
MahoneyLeonard View
MahoodHarold Melvill19 September 1879View
MahoodJames George25 May 1879View
MahoodWilliam12 October 1880View
MahoodWilliam5 November 1877View
MaileHarry Ernest25 December 1879View
MaileHarry Ernest25 December 1879View
MainAlfred Herbert10 November 1878View
MainGeorge8 July 1879View
MainJohn16 December 1878View
MaineEli14 April 1871View
MairAllan Hay19 October 1879View
MaiseyGeorge Franconi12 November 1881View
MaiseyGeorge Franconi12 November 1881View
MakingsGeorge Edgar27 October 1873View
MakingsGeorge Edgar View
MakinsonJohn18 August 1877View
MalanDavid Eduart19 December 1870View
MalanPeter Jeremeas14 July 1876View
MalcolmJohn12 April 1880View
MalcolmJohn View
MallenJohn Lindores24 March 1876View
MallenJohn Lindores View
MalletNorman Wilfred9 January 1882View
MalletNorman Wilfred View
MalleyHorace St. Clair16 March 1865View
MalleyWilliam16 November 1879View
MalloyJoseph29 January 1875View
MaloneAndrew15 November 1878View
MaloneAndrew View
MaloneFrancis19 July 1878View
MaloneJohn7 May 1873View
MaloneJohn View
MalpageTheodore Albert8 June 1880View
MalpageTheodore Albert View
MaltbyJohn Walker1 October 1874View
MaltmanFred20 November 1878View
MandlenHarold21 August 1879View
ManlandJoseph Francis22 February 1881View
ManlandJoseph Francis View
ManleyDavid26 September 1881View
ManleyJames Frederick29 December 1881View
ManleyJohn15 April 1875View
ManleyJohn15 April 1875View
ManleyWilliam4 December 1880View
MannBenjamin9 April 1881View
MannGeorge3 November 1866View
MannGosworth12 October 1880View
MannGosworth View
MannHenry2 November 1879View
MannRobert Lloyd23 May 1880View
MannRobert Lloyd View
MannStephen30 June 1878View
MannStephen30 June 1878View
ManneringJoseph7 March 1878View
MannersArthur10 April 1877View
ManningJohn William2 April 1878View
ManningJoseph Henry4 January 1879View
ManningPercy7 May 1874View
ManrellCharles23 October 1881View
MansellAlbert View
MansellAlbertJuly 1867 View
ManselleWilliam John8 April 1879View
MansfieldAlbert9 June 1880View
MansfieldAlbert View
MansonEdward James2 October 1877View
MansonEdward James View
MansonWilliam21 August 1875View
ManyJack9 August 1880View
ManyJack View
MaplesCharles Bertram15 January 1878View
MarchantFrank Morris26 June 1881View
MarchantFred20 April 1878View
MarchantGeorge1 June 1878View
MarchantGeorge Henry9 May 1880View
MareFrederick Korsten12 May 1884View
MaresWilliam Henry20 March 1879View
MargachJames31 August 1880View
MargetsonSydney Richmond12 October 1877View
MargetsonSydney Richmond View
MargrateAlfred George24 July 1876View
MargrateGeorge Frederick12 April View
MarillierConstantine Kerr8 December 1870View
MarillierConstantine Kerr View
MarindinPhilip Hugh17 March 1871View
MaritzJohannes Christoffel27 October 1881View
MarkWilliam Stirling Thomas9 May 1852View
MarkerErnest7 June 1882View
MarkerErnest View
MarkhamCecil29 March 1883View
MarkhamSidney John25 April 1880View
MarklandJohn Samuel2 May 1866View
MarksDavid Herbert2 January 1880View
MarksDavid Herbert8 January 1881View
MarksDavid Herbert View
MarksErnest Walter2 January 1882View
MarksHyam14 March 1879View
MarksWilliam4 August 1878View
MarksWilliam View
MarleyErnest George28 January 1877View
MarleyGeorge8 March 1870View
MarleyGeorge View
MarlowPatrick17 March 1880View
MarlowPatrick View
MarnerCharles21 February 1879View
MarnerCharles View
MarplesJohn William27 December 1882View
MarrFred Fairfield29 May 1875View
MarrenEdward Thomas15 August 1870View
MarriageMontague William22 October 1876View
MarsdenAlbert19 July 1880View
MarsdenFrank1 May 1879View
MarsdenFrederick William11 April 1882View
MarsdenHenry Rowland26 October 1878View
MarsdenHerbert24 December 1880View
MarsdenPercival Edgar26 July 1875View
MarsdenWalter18 November 1875View
MarsdenWalter View
MarshEdward Thomas10 February 1880View
MarshJohn Charles Sydney7 January 1871View
MarshJohn Cyril25 September 1877View
MarshJoseph Frederick20 June 1870View
MarshLeslie25 April 1879View
MarshLeslie View
MarshallAlfred22 November 1876View
MarshallCharles Frederick25 November 1880View
MarshallDavid22 September 1873View
MarshallFred10 February 1874View
MarshallGeorge1 September 1880View
MarshallJames1 February 1872View
MarshallJohn5 November 1876View
MarshallJohn Henry25 September 1872View
MarshallWilliam11 December 1878View
MarshallWilliam2 August 1864View
MarshallWilliam Legg7 November 1881View
MarshamJohn Ralph Theodore9 April 1885View
MarsonAlbert Herbert5 August 1889View
MartinAndrew17 March 1874View
MartinCharles Frank2 October 1876View
MartinCharles Frank View
MartinDavid28 October 1876View
MartinEphraim John28 January 1873View
MartinFrancis16 November 1875View
MartinFrank Lavington9 September 1880View
MartinFred27 July 1874View
MartinFred12 May 1882View
MartinGeorge6 September 1876View
MartinGeorge7 May 1880View
MartinHenry22 May 1879View
MartinHenry5 June 1880View
MartinHenry William28 January 1876View
MartinHenry William View
MartinHoward8 May 1876View
MartinJohn30 May 1870View
MartinJohn View
MartinJohn Rogerson28 May 1866View
MartinJohn William2 August 1877View
MartinJohn William View
MartinJoseph16 July 1881View
MartinRobert Cameron9 June 1874View
MartinSamuel15 December 1870View
MartinSamuel James24 October 1880View
MartinSamuel James View
MartinThomas Frederick1 January 1877View
MartinThomas James14 November 1877View
MartinWilliam22 February 1875View
MartinWilliam18 January 1871View
MartinWilliam Blakeway9 February 1882View
MartinWilliam Henry20 October 1878View
MartynJohn Barke10 October 1872View
MartynJohn Barke View
MarvellCharles Walter16 September 1881View
MarvellCharles Walter View
MarvinEdwin William7 July 1878View
MarvinEdwin William View
MaskellWilliam12 May 1869View
MaskellWilliam View
MaskellWilliam Sydney3 May 1881View
MaskowitzJohan Gustaf10 April 1873View
MaskreyIsaac8 March 1878View
MasonAlexander Peebles8 October 1868View
MasonBenjamin Myddleton7 June 1880View
MasonBenjamin Myddleton View
MasonGeorge12 October 1881View
MasonJames Morris14 November 1866View
MasonJohn17 April 1877View
MasonTom Hotham6 January 1869View
MasonWilliam25 June 1866View
MasonWilliam12 April 1873View
MasonWilliam Anthony25 February 1875View
MasseyArthur22 May 1877View
MasseyWilfred Henry2 July 1880View
MasseyWilliam16 May 1870View
MassiahHubert Charles13 April 1881View
MassinghamFrederick James4 March 1880View
MassinghamHugh11 October 1878View
MassinghamHugh View
MastermanJohn Henry16 October 1881View
MastersGeorge Albert20 September 1875View
MastersonNicholas William18 February 1879View
MatherNelson Strang27 February 1880View
MathesonFreeman25 May 1876View
MathesonJohn10 April 1876View
MathesonKenneth21 September 1880View
MathesonNorman25 May 1876View
MathewsThomas11 January 1878View
MathiesonAngus4 January 1872View
MathiesonJohn11 August 1880View
MatsonFrancis Burnham21 November 1873View
MattheeDaniel Matthias Johannes2 April 1883View
MatthewAlexander12 May 1878View
MatthewsAlfred27 April 1877View
MatthewsCharles Henry2 April 1876View
MatthewsRobert4 March 1867View
MatthewsRobert View
MatthewsStephen Marmaduke18 September 1879View
MatthewsThomas Alfred19 July 1879View
MatthewsWalter John21 June 1875View
MaturinKyrle William13 October 1885View
MaudeAlbert Ernest5 April 1878View
MaundFrank Josiah8 August 1880View
MaundFrank Josiah View
MaunderWilliam James11 April 1874View
MaunsellCharles Edward16 October 1874View
MavinJames25 April 1874View
MawstonFrederick William3 January 1876View
MawstonFrederick William View
MaxwellAlexander12 June 1874View
MaxwellAlexander View
MaxwellAlexander Dunlop6 April 1879View
MaxwellAlexander Dunlop View
MaxwellHarry Owens Johnston28 February 1880View
MaxwellJames29 June 1873View
MaxwellJames24 November 1880View
MaxwellSanders26 July 1871View
MayArthur Edward29 April 1878View
MayJames12 August 1875View
MayRichard26 May 1878View
MayRichard View
MaySidney Herbert6 September 1876View
MaySidney Herbert View
MayWilliam18 March 1881View
MayWilliam View
MaybankHarry Charles30 July 1879View
MaybankHarry Charles View
MaycockHarry22 January 1876View
MayfieldJohn1 December 1867View
MayfieldJohn View
MayhewReginald Joseph George16 September 1884View
MayneHerbert13 February 1881View
MaystonWentworth Hume Dick21 December 1876View
McAdamArchie20 June 1880View
McAfferArchibald26 May 1886View
McAllanEdwin Alexander26 January 1884View
McAllanGeorge Herbert2 February 1878View
McAllanGeorge Herbert View
McAlpinCharles22 February 1879View
McAlpineJames Henry8 April 1876View
McAndrewEdwardNov. 1867 View
McArthurGeorge Stevenson Miller8 December 1880View
McAuleyScott30 November 1880View
McBainRonald29 December 1883View
McBeanAlfred Weston10 April 1878View
McBeanRoland Molesworth23 July 1879View
McBeanRoland Molesworth View
McBethJohn Home7 June 1872View
McBethJohn Home View
McBrideFrederick20 December 1881View
McBrideFrederick View
McBrienJames Howden30 June 1878View
McBrienJames Howden View
McBurnieWilliam6 January 1875View
McBurnieWilliam View
McCabeJoseph18 March 1881View
McCabeJoseph View
McCaffreyJames4 December 1877View
McCallWilliam James26 November 1868View
McCallanJames11 November 1879View
McCallanPatrick4 July 1881View
McCamisJoseph17 September 1878View
McCannGeorge17 January 1880View
McCannGeorge View
McCannJ. B. View
McCannJames1 April 1878View
McCannMathew John14 March 1870View
McCannMathew John View
McCannWilliam John29 April 1881View
McCanslandGeorge18 January 1873View
McCanslandGeorge View
McCarthyDaniel Joseph25 August 1869View
McCarthyErnest Henry2 April 1867View
McCarthyPatrick James17 March 1869View
McCaskillKenneth25 December 1879View
McCatchanEdward Head20 December 1881View
McCaughertyWilliam Thomas15 March 1880View
McCauleyJohn Thomas11 March 1881View
McCaullJames22 January 1882View
McCawJoseph13 May 1880View
McCawJoseph View
McClaskeyChester Haywood5 May 1876View
McCleanJames25 June 1868View
McCleanWilliam19 August 1872View
McClellanJames22 May 1878View
McClellanSydney Herbert25 March 1873View
McClellandArthur Henry5 March 1879View
McClellandArthur Henry View
McClellandDavid James11 March 1874View
McClellandJames21 July 1878View
McClintonJames14 June 1877View
McClintonJames View
McCloudGeorge27 February 1872View
McClueJohn9 February 1880View
McClungWilliam Henry2 April 1881View
McClurgWilliam11 March 1880View
McClymontJohn23 August 1880View
McClymontJohn View
McCollJohn11 October 1865View
McCombieLeopold Henry7 January 1881View
McCombieLeopold Henry View
McConaghieWilliam20 January 1880View
McConnellCharles Andrew17 January 1881View
McConnellWilliam19 January 1877View
McConvilleJohn13 December 1872View
McCorduckRichard3 March 1882View
McCorduckRichard View
McCorkindaleJohn30 May 1880View
McCourtArthur2 November 1881View
McCourtRobert James7 April 1865View
McCourtRobert James View
McCowanJames William8 July 1870View
McCowanJames William View
McCrakanJames Arthur12 August 1880View
McCreightJames17 March 1870View
McCreightJames View
McCrorieWilliam20 February 1874View
McCrorieWilliam28 February 1874View
McCullaghWilliam14 March 1877View
McCullochAlexander6 January 1869View
McCullochAlexander Bullock11 January 1869View
McCullochAllan18 May 1875View
McCullyWilliam Charles29 March 1876View
McCurdyWilliam Crawford16 January 1881View
McCurdyWilliam Crawford View
McCurryEdward18 March 1874View
McCurryThomas John22 August 1876View
McCutcheonJames28 December 1870View
McDermottAlex18 July 1878View
McDermottJohn Charles Thomas21 November 1880View
McDermottRichard6 January 1881View
McDermottThomas19 September 1866View
McDermottThomas View
McDonaldAlbert William Harvey16 September 1874View
McDonaldAlexander24 February 1877View
McDonaldAlexander8 September 1876View
McDonaldDonald12 January 1872View
McDonaldDonald4 May 1870View
McDonaldDuncan5 June 1879View
McDonaldEdward5 August 1881View
McDonaldErnest10 April 1875View
McDonaldHugh17 August 1872View
McDonaldHugh Alexander28 February 1878View
McDonaldJames22 September 1880View
McDonaldJames10 October 1880View
McDonaldJames View
McDonaldJames Frederick29 November 1880View
McDonaldJames Herbert11 February 1881View
McDonaldJames Herbert11 February 1881View
McDonaldJames Llanagan14 January 1880View
McDonaldJohn31 March 1872View
McDonaldJohn17 July 1876View
McDonaldJohn Aeneas15 August 1867View
McDonaldJohn Malcolm Thomson24 May 1875View
McDonaldJohn Malcolm Thomson View
McDonaldKenneth14 August 1880View
McDonaldNeil21 February 1872View
McDonaldPeter30 February 1878View
McDonaldReginald Richmond26 July 1869View
McDonaldThomas Stuart12 March 1878View
McDonaldWilliam3 January 1878View
McDonaldWilliam4 June 1870View
McDonaldWilliam27 September 1881View
McDonallHenry Lauchlan4 October 1870View
McDonellRonald15 January 1880View
McDonellRonald View
McDonnellJohn13 December 1880View
McDougallWilliam Cameron18 September 1878View
McDowellJohn James23 May 1880View
McDowellJoseph17 May 1880View
McDowellTom25 January 1881View
McElroyJoseph Hugh13 November 1874View
McElvenyWilliam Byron10 May 1879View
McEwanAlexander5 August 1880View
McEwanAlexander View
McEwenJames7 January 1881View
McEwenJames View
McEwenJohn7 September 1879View
McFadyenAndrew24 June 1872View
McFarlaneGeorge30 December 1880View
McFarlaneWilliam Henry25 February 1886View
McFrederickSamuel18 February 1879View
McGarrickEdwin3 June 1880View
McGarryThomas Joseph28 October 1877View
McGauranJohn5 March 1879View
McGibneyJohn13 May 1876View
McGillGeorge5 November 1871View
McGillJames15 January 1874View
McGillJames View
McGillSamuel6 October 1879View
McGillSamuel View
McGillivrayGregor1 May 1885View
McGillivrayWilliam Alexander27 September 1870View
McGinnisCharles Edward James21 November 1886View
McGivernRobert28 July 1880View
McGivneyLuke Joseph31 May 1871View
McGovernJohn7 March 1876View
McGowanJames Alex24 July 1876View
McGrathAlexander27 June 1877View
McGrathJames24 March 1898View
McGrathJohn22 December 1879View
McGrathMichael12 September 1873View
McGreeJohn Joseph21 April 1864View
McGreeJohn Joseph View
McGregorAlexander30 April 1881View
McGregorAlfred Alexander24 April 1881View
McGregorDavid Black7 February 1881View
McGregorDavid Black View
McGregorDuncan7 February 1877View
McGregorFrederick Augustus Rudyard Conrad7 March 1877View
McGregorJames Cochrane19 September 1874View
McGregorJames Cochrane View
McGregorKenneth29 December 1870View
McGregorRobert16 March 1876View
McGregorRobert View
McGregorRoderick Alexander11 April 1881View
McGregorWalter13 November 1880View
McGregorWilliam17 July 1871View
McGregorWilliam28 November 1870View
McGroartyJohn7 July 1878View
McGuireDanielDec 1880 View
McGuireGeorge Edward28 July 1878View
McGuireJames Patrick5 March 1879View
McHughThomas17 March 1881View
McHughTimothy1 April 1876View
McIlveenJoseph22 February 1875View
McInerneyAnthonySept 1876 View
McInnesAngus14 December 1877View
McInnesDonald16 January 1876View
McInnisWalter Hermon1 August 1880View
McInnisWilliam Wallace13 August 1870View
McIntoshAngus13 February 1881View
McIntoshJames5 June 1881View
McIntoshJohn28 June 1878View
McIntoshJohn24 December 1875View
McIntoshJohn View
McIntoshRobert16 March 1882View
McIntoshThomas6 October 1874View
McIntoshThomas16 December 1880View
McIntoshThomas View
McIntoshWilliam28 March 1877View
McIntoshWilliam23 June 1879View
McIntyreAlexander2 February 1876View
McIntyreAndrew26 February 1878View
McIntyreDuncan25 December 1871View
McIntyreRobert Henry4 September 1878View
McIntyreWilliam James28 March 1866View
McIverJohn16 March 1867View
McIverJohn View
McIverMalcolm17 October 1877View
McIverWilliam31 July 1883View
McIvorJohn25 November 1876View
McJennettJames3 June 1880View
McKayAlexander6 December 1880View
McKayDonald4 June 1876View
McKayHugh17 December 1878View
McKayJames9 December 1875View
McKayJohn17 July 1880View
McKayThomas22 December 1877View
McKayThomas View
McKayThomas James9 June 1882View
McKayWilliam26 May 1873View
McKechnieRobert Burns27 January 1874View
McKeeWilliam13 September 1872View
McKeeWilliam View
McKelveyJoseph28 March 1878View
McKelvieAlexander28 January 1882View
McKennaDaniel Edward18 November 1880View
McKennaDaniel Edward View
McKennaHenry5 March 1876View
McKennaHenry9 April 1868View
McKennaJohn Walter12 July 1875View
McKennaTerence Henry16 July 1883View
McKennaWilliam Joseph14 April 1874View
McKennaWilliam Joseph View
McKenzieDavid7 April 1880View
McKenzieDonald McLeay13 November 1872View
McKenzieDonald McLeay View
McKenzieGeorge17 May 1870View
McKenzieGeorge View
McKenzieJames30 March 1875View
McKenzieKenneth29 November 1870View
McKenzieWilliam13 February 1878View
McKenzieWilliam8 December 1875View
McKeonDavid24 May 1874View
McKeonSamuel8 March 1875View
McKeonWilliam Henry29 July 1873View
McKeonWilliam Henry View
McKerrellHarry Alexander25 May 1879View
McKieWilliam Charles3 April 1881View
McKieverJames Daniel31 August 1877View
McKieverJames Daniel View
McKillopDugald26 May 1876View
McKillopDugald View
McKinlayJames Faelor7 August 1876View
McKinnonAlexander12 June 1881View
McKinnonDonald14 January 1874View
McKinnonJohn10 April 1879View
McKinnonJohn9 April 1882View
McKinnonMurdock1874 View
McKinnonThomas26 May 1881View
McKitterickWilliam John1 August 1871View
McKnightJoseph27 January 1881View
McLachlanDonald31 January 1875View
McLachlanDonald27 June 1873View
McLachlanDonald View
McLachlanRobert17 August 1876View
McLaganDavid Innes28 May 1880View
McLarenAlexander14 September 1877View
McLarenGeoffrey28 February 1883View
McLarenJohn14 May 1878View
McLauchlanAlbert David29 March 1880View
McLaughlinFrancis9 September 1870View
McLaughlinSydney15 January 1881View
McLaurinFrederick Neil27 January 1880View
McLeanAlbert Charles7 May 1880View
McLeanAlbert Charles View
McLeanAlfred Hector21 September 1877View
McLeanCharlie16 October 1879View
McLeanDonald Angus8 March 1880View
McLeanEvan29 April 1873View
McLeanHurdis Leigh25 December 1877View
McLeanJames22 December 1866View
McLeanJohn17 May 1880View
McLeanJohn View
McLeanRoderick23 September 1875View
McLeanRoderick View
McLearyWilliam27 August 1879View
McLeishDonald5 October 1881View
McLellanAlfred George23 February 1879View
McLellanAlfred George23 February 1879View
McLennanFinley John29 June 1873View
McLennanMurdo7 September 1880View
McLennandWilliam5 October 1873View
McLeodAngus15 October 1877View
McLeodCharles1 January 1880View
McLeodDaniel Buton4 February 1873View
McLeodDonald14 November 1875View
McLeodErnest Herbert31 May 1880View
McLeodGeorge Frederick24 July 1877View
McLeodGeorge Gordon20 June 1876View
McLeodJohn2 September 1882View
McLeodWilliam16 December 1880View
McLeodWilliam22 July 1879View
McMackenJohn7 September 1876View
McMackenJohn View
McMahonDavid1 January 1875View
McMahonDavid View
McMahonJames Stephen2 April 1881View
McMahonJohn15 October 1870View
McMahonJohn View
McMahonPatrick James14 February 1881View
McMahonPatrick James View
McMahonPercy18 January 1873View
McMahonRobert Donal Edmund21 March 1871View
McMahonRobert Donal Edmund View
McMasterAlfred5 March 1876View
McMenaminJohn6 November 1890View
McMenaminJohn Joseph23 February 1870View
McMichaelRobert Francis14 February 1878View
McMillanAllan23 February 1875View
McMillanHugh Alex3 October 1881View
McMillanNeil27 July 1880View
McMorranJohn28 May 1869View
McMullanArchibald17 May 1875View
McMullanThomas John5 June 1876View
McMullenGeorge23 May 1876View
McMullenGeorge View
McMullenHugh6 March 1867View
McMurrayThomas23 January 1880View
McMurrayThomas View
McMurtrieDavid6 November 1879View
McNabArchibald5 October 1877View
McNabFrank James18 February 1901View
McNaughtonAlexander27 April 1867View
McNaughtonAlexander Ward11 December 1880View
McNaughtonHugh Gordon26 October 1877View
McNaughtonThomas3 October 1869View
McNaulWilliam John29 September 1873View
McNaulWilliam John View
McNeightGuy Mortimer14 May 1882View
McNeilJames31 March 1872View
McNeilJames View
McNeillArchibald25 June 1879View
McNemayJames Barry7 February 1873View
McNieGeorge12 July 1872View
McNivenThomas3 July 1880View
McNultyEugene26 February 1881View
McPheeDonald25 December 1880View
McPheeDonald25 December 1880View
McPheeNeil Aubrey14 October 1877View
McPhersonAlexander30 June 1879View
McPhersonAlexander7 March 1876View
McPhersonAlexander Cameron27 October 1884View
McPhersonDavid30 September 1870View
McPhersonDonald12 August 1880View
McPhersonDuncan Blair23 March 1881View
McPhersonJohn Gordon Smith14 November 1880View
McPhersonPeter17 June 1881View
McPhersonPeter View
McQuadeAlbert Alexander17 March 1878View
McQuadeJohn22 July 1881View
McQueenMalcolm24 March 1873View
McQueenPeter18 January 1878View
McQuillanJohn15 January 1863View
McSheaJohn Joseph15 July 1875View
McSherryThomas Johannes17 September 1872View
McSwainRoderick3 October 1866View
McSwainRoderick View
McTavishAlexander5 March 1879View
McTavishJohn16 September 1880View
McVeighJames17 April 1876View
McVittieAlexander9 April 1884View
McWilliamAlexander Henry7 February 1878View
McWilliamFrederick William7 June 1880View
MeachemWilliam11 January 1879View
MeachenLacey29 February 1880View
MeadeJames24 March 1871View
MeadeJohn Francis26 June 1880View
MeadowcroftThomas2 September 1880View
MeadowsJohn28 July 1881View
MeadowsJohn View
MeadsWilliam7 March 1881View
MearWilliam23 January 1879View
MearsChristopher Bass23 March 1876View
MearsChristopher Bass View
MearsGeorge5 February 1879View
MearsRobert2 July 1877View
MeasuresAlbert Edward19 May 1870View
MeathrelWalter William6 November 1878View
MeathrelWalter William View
MedhurstArthur Thomas29 April 1876View
MedlandHarry29 January 1870View
MedlicottGeorge Herbert6 June 1885View
MedwayLyle5 July 1880View
MedwellWilliam Godbehere13 March 1883View
MeeHarry View
MeeJoseph6 December 1873View
MeeThomas Aquilla Joshua12 July 1878View
MeechGeorge Barnard10 April 1880View
MeechWilliam Thomas19 November 1869View
MeehanArthur Francis14 September 1879View
MeehanArthur Francis View
MegawJohn2 January 1872View
MeikleRobert7 December 1875View
MeinFrancis Jeffrey2 August 1874View
MeinFrancis Jeffrey View
MelbournRobert6 February 1878View
MelbourneCharles1 August 1878View
MelbourneCharles View
MeldrumWilliam Tyndall13 June 1876View
MelicanDaniel3 May 1881View
MellorJesse14 July 1877View
MellsJohn Alyes10 February 1874View
MellsJohn Alyes View
MelvilleFred19 February 1879View
MelvilleWilliam John3 July 1884View
MendsFrederick Harold28 August 1879View
MenhennittEdward James25 March 1877View
MennieGeorge7 June 1881View
MennieJames13 August 1878View
MennimFrank20 May 1878View
MenziesAlexander20 January 1870View
MenziesAlexander View
MenziesJames11 February 1881View
MercerAlfred Henry24 November 1879View
MercerGeorge20 November 1877View
MercerHarold Robert8 September 1882View
MercerHarold Robert View
MercerHarry Edwin28 March 1877View
MercerHarry Edwin View
MercerJohn30 May 1881View
MercerJohn Joseph23 April 1873View
MerchantJames24 June 1878View
MerchantJames View
MeredithFrederick Charles25 March 1878View
MeredithGeorge23 November 1880View
MeredithGeorge View
MeredithGeorge Frederick2 November 1878View
MeredithHerbert Arthur Llewellyn15 March 1882View
MeredithHerbert James24 January 1871View
MerrettFrederick James13 April 1878View
MerrettFrederick James View
MerrillArthur25 December 1881View
MerrillArthur View
MerringtonFrederick Lionel29 December 1883View
MerryAlfred10 August 1878View
MerryEdward16 July 1874View
MersonAlexander21 September 1878View
MersonThomas5 May 1869View
MessageRobert William23 March 1881View
MessiterClaude Malim2 December 1879View
MetcalfJohn11 July 1879View
MetcalfeErnest14 November 1878View
MetcalfeErnest View
MetcalfeFreddy3 November 1880View
MetcalfeGeorge Henry16 June 1879View
MetcalfeJoseph3 August 1874View
MetcalfeJoseph26 January 1880View
MethvenJohn5 February 1880View
MewAlbert23 June 1877View
MeyerJames August8 November 1873View
MeyerJames August View
MeyerRobert Barrington23 October 1880View
MeyerRobert Barrington View
MicalleffGaetano1 October 1874View
MichieHarry26 November 1872View
MichieJohn14 July 1875View
MickleburghWilliam Montgomery21 June 1874View
MickleburghWilliam Montgomery View
MiddleWilliam Pieter6 January 1880View
MiddletonEdgar31 July 1878View
MiddletonWilliam6 January 1879View
MilerArthur17 January 1880View
MilesGeorge23 December 1879View
MilesSamuel Edward13 March 1882View
MilesWilliam13 March 1880View
MilkinsLeonard Charles14 November 1881View
MilkinsLeonard Charles View
MillaneMichael31 December 1883View
MillarJames1 July 1878View
MillarRobert11 May 1881View
MillardRichard Hambidge9 November 1877View
MillerAlexander8 February 1871View
MillerAndrew18 November 1877View
MillerAndrew View
MillerCharles John18 October 1880View
MillerEdward Howard15 May 1882View
MillerEdward Howard15 May 1882View
MillerErnest William29 October 1880View
MillerGeorge16 December 1880View
MillerGeorge View
MillerHarry Flanders3 November 1880View
MillerHenry William15 March 1873View
MillerHerbert3 November 1878View
MillerJames23 January 1879View
MillerJames4 July 1880View
MillerJames2 February 1870View
MillerJohn16 February 1879View
MillerJohn Henderson28 July 1880View
MillerJohn Malcolm20 September 1879View
MillerLeander Rufus23 September 1876View
MillerMoritz25 July 1873View
MillerRobert30 May 1867View
MillerThomas Cornelius18 April 1878View
MillerThomas Macgowan10 June 1879View
MillerThomas Ventor25 May 1879View
MillerWalter John26 July 1886View
MillerWilliam24 May 1873View
MillerWilliam2 September 1873View
MillerWilliam5 May 1877View
MilliganSamuel4 October 1882View
MilliganThomas18 January 1882View
MillingOliver Richard16 August 1875View
MillsAlfred9 August 1880View
MillsAlfred View
MillsCharles Augustus3 December 1874View
MillsEdward19 January 1879View
MillsFrancis Percy26 September 1881View
MillsFrancis Percy View
MillsFrederick Ancel1 November 1879View
MillsGeorge Thomas14 August 1879View
MillsHerbert Frank22 February 1871View
MillsHerbert Frank View
MillsJames21 July 1871View
MillsJohn Boyd17 February 1881View
MillsLeonard3 January 1882View
MillsRalph Samuel4 May 1873View
MillsRobert10 April 1879View
MillsSydney Thomas15 January 1877View
MillsWalter Charles29 January 1880View
MillsWalter Charles View
MillsWalter Valentine12 February 1878View
MillsWalter Valentine View
MillsWilliam26 February 1879View
MillsWilliam View
MilneDavid19 November 1875View
MilneGeorge27 September 1876View
MilneGeorge View
MilneJohn8 December 1880View
MilneJohn View
MilneWilliam Gibson Bradford30 July 1879View
MilneWilliam Rankin16 June 1880View
MilnerErnest10 October 1881View
MilnerErnest View
MilnerWilliam20 September 1871View
MilnesArthur5 December 1879View
MilsomReginald Arthur17 October 1881View
MiltonJames Mark22 June 1879View
MilwardFrederic Thomas15 June 1882View
MilwardJoseph11 February 1881View
MilwardJoseph View
MinchenGeorge Richard4 October 1880View
MinchenGeorge Richard View
MinnaarPiet31 August 1882View
MinnsErnest Edward2 August 1880View
MitchellAlexander23 November 1879View
MitchellAlfred James25 March 1874View
MitchellAllan21 April 1878View
MitchellAllan View
MitchellAlvin Clinton3 March 1876View
MitchellArthur8 October 1881View
MitchellCharles Brown28 October 1874View
MitchellDavid12 September 1870View
MitchellGeorge9 July 1879View
MitchellGeorge2 September 1870View
MitchellJames27 January 1879View
MitchellJames31 March 1872View
MitchellJames View
MitchellJames Daly24 March 1880View
MitchellJohn20 April 1872View
MitchellLionel17 June 1876View
MitchellLionel View
MitchellSam24 August 1877View
MitchellWilliam Henry12 May 1876View
MitchellWilliam John Dunstan16 June 1875View
MitchelmoreFrederick George24 May 1878View
MitchinsonFrank31 March 1875View
MizenArthur Edward20 February 1880View
MoaseEdwin27 October 1871View
MochanBernard27 January 1880View
MochanJames21 March 1875View
MockettJohn18 March 1872View
MockridgeGeorge19 May 1869View
MoffatGeorge24 November 1880View
MoffatGeorge View
MoffittGawn3 February 1878View
MoffittGawn View
MoirGeorge24 January 1876View
MoirJames13 April 1881View
MoirJames View
MoirJohn16 May 1880View
MolineuxJohn1 May 1875View
MolineuxJohn View
MollantArthur20 October 1874View
MolloyRobert7 July 1878View
MollyMartin14 May 1874View
MolseedWilliam4 April 1866View
MonahanDaniel22 January 1880View
MonahanEdward10 March 1868View
MonahanJohn Caldwell20 August 1869View
MoneyEdward James Hugh Childers de Bourble1 May 1903View
MonkCharlie13 January 1885View
MonroHugh Edward17 September 1879View
MonsellHarry James17 March 1869View
MonteathHarry4 March 1881View
MonteithJoseph2 May 1880View
MonteithRobert1 March 1876View
MontgomerieRobert11 July 1871View
MontgomeryDuncan7 June 1880View
MontgomeryErnest18 February 1880View
MontgomeryErnest View
MontgomeryHarold Robert8 May 1883View
MontgomeryHarold Robert View
MontgomeryJames27 August 1881View
MontgomeryJohn26 October 1879View
MontgomeryJohn View
MontgomeryMatthew11 June 1877View
MontgomerySamuel7 December 1880View
MontgomeryWalter Inglis Alexander4 July 1869View
MontgomeryWalter Inglis Alexander4 July 1869View
MoodieCharles Edward31 March 1868View
MoodieCharles Edward View
MoodyFrancis18 August 1881View
MoolmanJohannes Jurgens27 July 1893View
MoolmanPietrus Lafras13 August 1882View
MoonCharles Theophilus3 September 1868View
MoonThomas William Turner9 November 1879View
MooneyHenry1 March 1868View
MooratFrancis Joseph13 June 1879View
MoorcroftHenry6 December 1878View
MooreAlfred Henry17 December 1879View
MooreAlfred Henry View
MooreAlfred William22 April 1884View
MooreAndrew14 August 1873View
MooreBertram Callway21 September 1874View
MooreEdgecombe Wentworth Armstrong2 January 1880View
MooreErnest George15 November 1879View
MooreFelix Edward13 December 1880View
MooreFrank5 March 1875View
MooreFrank View
MooreFrank Starr24 November 1880View
MooreHenry5 May 1878View
MooreHenry8 January 1875View
MooreHugh28 February 1873View
MooreJames Henry26 April 1875View
MooreJames Henry18 December 1881View
MooreJames Joseph11 January 1881View
MooreJames Joseph View
MooreJames Mackay11 December 1879View
MooreJohn1882 View
MooreJohn27 December 1871View
MooreJohn Alexander9 September 1879View
MooreReginald19 March 1876View
MooreReuben26 March 1880View
MooreReuben View
MooreRichard11 February 1877View
MooreThomas Alfred7 October 1879View
MooreWilliam James28 July 1881View
MooreWilliam James View
MoorhouseEdmond4 April 1872View
MoquetWilliam Henry7 January 1873View
MoranWilliam Henry25 April 1867View
MorantLlewellyn William20 August 1873View
MorantLlewellyn William View
MorantWilliam Henry29 September 1876View
MorbeyAlbert Edward2 February 1879View
MoretonWilliam Moore Banfield14 July 1879View
MorfordThomas9 November 1871View
MorganCharles20 January 1880View
MorganCharles View
MorganEdgar Herbert27 December 1876View
MorganFrederick Dobson17 December 1879View
MorganGeorge12 February 1879View
MorganGeorge Agustus20 December 1875View
MorganGeorge Edward23 November 1877View
MorganJohn27 December 1878View
MorganJohn View
MorganJohn Edward20 January 1873View
MorganPercival Goodwin29 August 1874View
MorganRichard William29 May 1875View
MorganSidney Randall22 July 1876View
MorganThomas5 October 1879View
MorganWilliam Henry26 April 1881View
MorganWilliam Henry Ernest6 January 1887View
MoritzFrederick Ludwig15 January 1884View
MorleyAlexander Dawson3 October 1879View
MorleyAlexander Dawson View
MorleyHenry27 November 1871View
MoroneyThomas John1 August 1881View
MorrisAlbert Oliver20 April 1876View
MorrisAlbert Oliver View
MorrisAnnan6 January 1880View
MorrisCharles Robert26 February 1883View
MorrisCharles Robert View
MorrisDavid28 January 1880View
MorrisDavid View
MorrisFrancis Henry26 December 1872View
MorrisGeorge8 August 1881View
MorrisGeorge Augustus4 July 1879View
MorrisGeorge Benjamin10 May 1882View
MorrisHarry6 March 1875View
MorrisHarry McGill31 August 1875View
MorrisHarry McGill View
MorrisJames Joseph26 April 1873View
MorrisJohn25 May 1876View
MorrisMontague James14 July 1879View
MorrisRichard25 October 1867View
MorrisWilliam Frederick1 January 1879View
MorrisWilliam Frederick1 January 1879View
MorrisWilliam John3 April 1879View
MorrishHenry4 August 1880View
MorrishJohn Charles13 March 1880View
MorrisonAlexander27 June 1869View
MorrisonAlexander View
MorrisonAllan3 January 1876View
MorrisonClaude Roaul9 January 1880View
MorrisonDavid22 June 1879View
MorrisonDonald1 November 1878View
MorrisonDonald View
MorrisonFrederick William31 January 1867View
MorrisonFrederick William View
MorrisonGeorge19 November 1877View
MorrisonJames11 May 1875View
MorrisonJohn20 December 1875View
MorrisonJohn14 June 1880View
MorrisonJohn View
MorrisonJohn View
MorrisonJohn James Wood10 October 1873View
MorrisonJohn William3 September 1875View
MorrisonKenneth18 August 1879View
MorrisonKenneth6 November 1872View
MorrisonKenneth View
MorrisonMurdo16 March 1881View
MorrisonPeter22 September 1880View
MorrisonPeter View
MorrisonRobert24 March 1880View
MorrisonRobert View
MorrisonSydney James12 October 1879View
MorrisonThomas28 January 1880View
MorrisonThomas Henry30 April 1884View
MorrisonWalter Frederick10 August 1879View
MorrisonWilliam28 July 1872View
MorrissEdwin Pickwood10 September 1883View
MorrowGeorge24 November 1881View
MorrowJohn William20 January 1879View
MortimerCharles Henry6 July 1879View
MortimerNorman Hector Thornton16 July 1879View
MortonCharles13 June 1878View
MortonRobert Bruce19 December 1880View
MosesRobert George26 October 1879View
MossAustin24 June 1870View
MossCharles Edward19 January 1866View
MossCharles Henry25 April 1870View
MossHubert Barrow16 February 1876View
MossJames Silvanus28 November 1880View
MossJohn Higley19 February 1879View
MossJoseph Hazenger15 September 1875View
MossRobert22 July 1872View
MossRobert View
MossWilliam Ernest Hazenger11 December 1877View
MossmanAlfred14 June 1881View
MotleyFrank10 December 1873View
MotleyFrank10 December 1873View
MottAlfred John9 May 1881View
MottAlfred John View
MottJermiah Lewis22 April 1876View
MottWilliam Henry22 October 1877View
MoulderWalter Bernard3 July 1880View
MountfordAlbert Victor15 January 1881View
MountfordHenry Joseph3 August 1870View
MountfordHenry Joseph3 August 1870View
MoyersGeorge9 June 1870View
MuffettSydney Archibald Joel21 July 1880View
MuggleworthThomas John25 March 1871View
MuggleworthThomas John View
MuirHorace Wellesley18 June 1880View
MuirHorace Wellesley View
MuirJames3 December 1880View
MuirJohn12 March 1879View
MuirheadHugh16 February 1874View
MuirheadHugh View
MuirheadWilliam16 May 1880View
MuirheadWilliam1878 View
MuirheadWilliam View
MulhallWilliam5 March 1883View
MulhollandJohnJuly 1880 View
MulhollandJohn7 August 1873View
MulhollandJohn View
MulkernHenry Charles28 October 1864View
MullensEdward31 January 1878View
MullettRobert23 November 1880View
MulliganJohn Davies5 January 1880View
MumfordFrancis Harvey28 August 1880View
MundayJames26 October 1870View
MundyHarry30 March 1884View
MundyHarry View
MunnAlexander11 November 1876View
MunroCharles19 October 1880View
MunroGeorge19 July 1884View
MunroGeorge30 October 1875View
MunroWilliam3 February 1881View
MunroWilliam5 June 1873View
MunroeRobert29 September 1880View
MuntonGeorge William15 September 1872View
MunyardWilliam Frederick27 November 1879View
MunyardWilliam Frederick View
MurdoWilliam15 February 1881View
MurdockDonald Falconer25 September 1873View
MurdockDonald Falconer View
MurdockGeorge29 July 1880View
MurdockThomas15 September 1875View
MurdockWilliam13 February 1880View
MurieDavid14 April 1875View
MurphyAndrew14 August 1873View
MurphyDaniel View
MurphyDavid17 March 1877View
MurphyDavid View
MurphyDenis23 April 1876View
MurphyDouglas1 May 1880View
MurphyGerald Vincent16 July 1880View
MurphyJames24 May 1876View
MurphyJames4 March 1874View
MurphyJames View
MurphyJames View
MurphyLeo22 September 1877View
MurphyMatthew14 April 1868View
MurphyMaurice Francis28 November 1870View
MurphyPatrick23 November 1873View
MurphyRobert Burland13 September 1881View
MurphySewell John15 June 1879View
MurphyThomas15 March 1878View
MurphyThomas View
MurrayArthur Edward31 January 1871View
MurrayArthur Edward View
MurrayCharles28 October 1866View
MurrayDaniel Francis27 February 1878View
MurrayErnest21 March 1880View
MurrayFrank30 June 1870View
MurrayGeorge17 August 1878View
MurrayHenry James14 February 1880View
MurrayJames22 September 1867View
MurrayJames View
MurrayJohn3 December 1879View
MurrayJohn McCormick9 March 1879View
MurrayRichard21 April 1878View
MurrayRobert Soutar22 November 1877View
MurrayRobert Soutar View
MurrayWilliam28 April 1873View
MurrayWilliam View
MurrayWilliam Charles Lewis31 October 1880View
MurrayWilliam Charles Lewis View
MurrayWilliam John25 March 1880View
MurrellWilliam Fred10 March 1877View
MuscuttCharles Robert12 October 1879View
MuscuttCharles Robert View
MustardHenry Christopher3 August 1879View
MusteyJohn25 June 1879View
MusteyJohn View
MyattJoseph James20 June 1879View
MycockJoseph Malins16 July 1877View
MyersArthur Loxan28 January 1879View
MyersCharles13 February 1882View
MyersCharles View
MyersJoseph20 February 1880View
MylesFrederick William21 March 1866View
MylettThomas12 April 1876View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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