South African Constabulary Search : N
Surname Names Date of Birth View
NagleMorris3 April 1880View
NaismithRobert2 April 1880View
NapierAndrew6 August 1880View
NapierDavid30 June 1883View
NapierWilliam13 June 1876View
NashGeorge12 August 1877View
NashGeorge Richard24 October 1876View
NashJames3 December 1874View
NashJonas Bramble18 January 1880View
NaudeStephen Peter6 June 1873View
NaylorJames Philip Paul31 December 1880View
NaylorJames Philip Paul View
NaylorWalter19 November 1873View
NaylorWalter View
NaylorWilliam9 January 1879View
NealAlfred19 February 1879View
NealEric6 November 1881View
NealGordon Hubert6 March 1876View
NealGordon Hubert View
NealHenry29 June 1880View
NealeFrancis Ernest13 November 1879View
NealeIsaac Patrick25 February 1870View
NealeMalcolm Melville20 November 1877View
NeathFrank28 June 1880View
NeaveAlfred10 June 1880View
NeaveAlfred View
NeaversonRobert Henry8 March 1880View
NeaversonRobert Henry View
NeedhamFrank Vickers10 March 1863View
NeedhamJohn6 February 1876View
NeedhamThomas3 February 1880View
NeedhamWallace27 September 1877View
NeedhamWallace View
NeethlingJohn Henry12 December 1876View
NeethlingPeter Johannes3 November 1883View
NeffJohn Calvin10 October 1879View
NeilJames3 June 1870View
NeilMatthew6 September 1880View
NeilsonRobert14 September 1871View
NeishJohn4 May 1880View
NelGert26 October 1871View
NelGert View
NelJohn Albertus18 May 1881View
NelLouis30 March 1883View
NelPetrie Johannes11 August 1876View
NellBarend Jacobes Petrus17 May 1876View
NellJan Hendrik27 October 1882View
NellJohannes Petrus18 March 1881View
NelleyAlbert11 February 1879View
NelsonArthur Stephen18 July 1886View
NelsonJames3 May 1872View
NesbittPeter George31 January 1882View
NesbittThomas12 October 1872View
NesbittThomas View
NettletonThomas Edward21 September 1874View
NettletonThomas Edward View
NeveAlbert James18 October 1880View
NeveAlbert James View
NevileHerbert Sandford12 July 1876View
NevilleLatimer14 May 1871View
NevilleLatimer View
NewboldWilliam24 March 1881View
NewboldWilliam View
NewcombeLeslie23 November 1880View
NewellAlfred20 February 1879View
NewellSam20 June 1880View
NewlandsJohn26 September 1877View
NewmanAlbert Lydston26 June 1878View
NewmanCharles9 October 1873View
NewmanHarold Harker20 March 1880View
NewmanJames7 February 1882View
NewmanJohn17 November 1879View
NewmanJohn17 November 1879View
NewmanJohn View
NewmanMaximilian8 February 1870View
NewmanVictor22 February 1878View
NewnhamCaleb23 January 1877View
NewnhamCaleb View
NewnhamHerbert Ernest15 March 1876View
NewnhamHerbert Ernest View
NewnhamWilliam Thomas23 October 1879View
NewnhamWilliam Thomas26 December 1880View
NewnhamWilliam Thomas View
NewsonErnest George19 February 1882View
NewtonIsaac3 October 1879View
NewtonWilliam Leonard25 January 1878View
NiblockWilliam29 July 1880View
NiblockWilliam View
NiceJohn12 July 1877View
NicholRobert23 December 1868View
NicholRobert20 November 1877View
NicholWalter21 July 1872View
NicholWilliam2 May 1878View
NichollsErnest Edward4 April 1880View
NichollsErnest Edward View
NichollsFrederick Pearne3 March 1875View
NichollsPeter18 April 1880View
NichollsPeter View
NichollsRichard Ernest4 October 1878View
NichollsSamuel Alfred9 August 1880View
NichollsSidney Herbert10 October 1882View
NichollsThomas2 March 1871View
NicholsArthur Henry23 November 1871View
NicholsCharles Alfred11 February 1875View
NicholsCharles Alfred View
NicholsWilliam Thomas21 March 1877View
NicholsonErnest Elby9 June 1870View
NicholsonHenry22 August 1869View
NicholsonJohn17 February 1880View
NicholsonJohn13 February 1869View
NicholsonJohn15 August 1881View
NicholsonMalcolm1 March 1879View
NicholsonMalcolm View
NickelsFrancis Edward12 March 1880View
NicolHenry15 September 1881View
NicolJohnMay 1880 View
NicolJohn16 May 1880View
NieFrank Henry11 November 1876View
NieFrank Henry View
NightingaleJoseph Hartfell5 April 1876View
NightingaleWilliam5 February 1879View
NightingaleWilliam View
NivenRobert19 March 1875View
NixonAnthony Leo3 March 1880View
NixonRobert9 July 1876View
NoakesFrederick10 March 1878View
NobbsAlbert4 January 1876View
NobbsAlbert View
NobbsHerbert Wilch27 April 1880View
NobesWalter William28 November 1880View
NobleAlexander24 July 1876View
NobleFrank11 August 1875View
NobleThomas David6 December 1878View
NobleWilliam22 May 1887View
NobleWilliam Atkinson5 October 1877View
NolanAlbert Edward31 October 1875View
NoonFred19 July 1879View
NoonJohn Henry8 March 1880View
NoortgeJohannes Pietrus18 April 1879View
NootAlbert10 October 1877View
NootAlbert View
NorcottCharles Gerald10 May 1878View
NordenEdward John5 February 1883View
NordenHarold11 July 1880View
NordinIsrael13 August 1877View
NorkeHendrik25 October 1872View
NormanFrederick12 December 1882View
NormanWilliam10 May 1873View
NormintonCharles Andrew25 September 1867View
NorreyPercy Edward9 April 1884View
NorringtonPercy21 May 1880View
NorrisCharles Victor6 January 1878View
NorrisGeorge Richard10 December 1880View
NorrisStanley Leonard13 May 1880View
NorrisStanley Leonard View
NorthPhilip Montague23 April 1883View
NorthoverHarry James18 May 1869View
NortonCharles Edwin16 April 1881View
NortonJohn Howard14 March 1876View
NorwoodWalter18 October 1871View
NotleyWilliam6 May 1873View
NottFrank1 August View
NottFrank Norwood Richard1 August 1878View
NottleArthur25 July 1877View
NoyRichard21 June 1875View
NugentGeorge3 January 1879View
NunnCharles20 January 1880View
NunnCharles10 May 1878View
NunneleyWilliam4 March 1882View
NunneleyWilliam View
NunwickJames Harold18 December 1868View
NuttallJohn28 January 1881View
NutterChristopherOct. 1877 View
NutterChristopher View
NuttleyFrederick Charles29 October 1881View
NyeThomas Samuel8 November 1874View
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