South African Constabulary Search : O
Surname Names Date of Birth View
OadesWilfred11 November 1869View
OakesAustin12 November 1877View
OakesSterling Kellette14 March 1873View
OakeyFrank30 April 1881View
OakeyFrank View
OakleyJames Henry29 June 1873View
OatenEdward3 July 1881View
OatesJames Alfred6 February 1881View
O'BrienFrank Ernest17 July 1877View
O'BrienJohn25 December 1879View
O'BrienJohn12 December 1874View
O'BrienPatrick24 May 1883View
O'ConnellMorgan Henry28 January 1880View
O'ConnellPatrick27 February 1881View
O'ConnellPeter Daniel26 February 1880View
O'ConnellWilliam6 January 1879View
O'ConnorJeremiah19 August 1875View
O'ConnorThomas17 November 1876View
O'ConnorTimothy24 December 1885View
O'ConnorWilliam13 January 1873View
O'ConnorWilliam19 December 1878View
O'ConnorWilliam View
O'DalyCharles Nicholas Francis27 September 1867View
O'DalyCharles Nicholas Francis View
OddyGeorge7 March 1879View
O'DeaMichael28 January 1873View
OdellCharles28 September 1879View
OdellCharles View
OdlingWilliam Thomas17 September 1878View
O'DonnellDaniel24 June 1877View
O'DonnellThomas19 October 1865View
OelofseGert Jacobus20 February 1885View
OexleBertie Frederick Oscar22 March 1878View
O'FarrellHarry27 November 1881View
O'FarrellHarry View
O'FlanaganDennis Gerald27 November 1876View
OgdenThomas Henry15 January 1868View
OgdenThomas Henry View
OgilvieCharles Alexander11 May 1880View
OgilvieCharles Alexander View
OgilvieJames8 June 1869View
OgilvyWalter Mansel Balfour29 January 1875View
OgilvyWalter Mansel Balfour View
OgleJoseph2 August 1879View
O'GradyWilliam Edward30 July 1873View
O'GradyWilliam Edward View
O'HanlonJames28 August 1875View
O'HanlonJames View
O'HaraMichael6 April 1876View
O'KeeffeDaniel John31 August 1874View
O'KeeffeDaniel John View
O'KeeffeJohn3 September 1872View
O'KeeffePatrick22 October 1877View
O'KeeffePatrick12 July 1880View
O'KeeffePatrick View
O'KellyJoseph Aloysius9 April 1877View
O'LaughlinJames25 December 1881View
OldcroftRobert4 March 1881View
OldcroftRobert View
OldfieldJohn William8 January 1871View
OldridgeArthur Leonard8 July 1880View
O'LearyJohn William18 April 1871View
O'LearyJohn William View
OliverAdam1 May 1875View
OliverAdam View
OliverAlexander25 September 1880View
OliverEdward Norman16 September 1880View
OliverFrederick Charles19 April 1886View
OliverHalbert Buchanan19 April 1875View
OliverHerbert Alexander14 April 1881View
OliverJohn15 June 1879View
OliverJohn View
OliverPercy Douglas5 January 1883View
OliverRichard17 November 1879View
OliverRichard View
OliverRichard Simpson4 July 1877View
OliverRichard Simpson View
OliverWilliam Henry23 August 1880View
OlivierGert Cornelius6 December 1884View
OlivierGert Cornelius View
O'LoughlinJohn6 June 1883View
OlsenIsaac Max5 November 1882View
OmanAndrew5 July 1879View
O'MaraWilliam Henry11 October 1879View
O'MearaDavid22 April 1875View
OmmanneyMontague Francis19 December 1876View
O'MoreArthur15 July 1878View
O'NealeJohn Edward3 December 1882View
O'NealeJohn Edward3 December 1882View
O'NealeJohn Edward View
O'NeilJohn Terence21 June 1882View
O'NeillHenry Hughes5 April 1879View
O'NeillJohn Joseph14 January 1878View
O'NeillRichard18 September 1878View
O'NeillRichard View
OngleyAlfred John5 August 1879View
OntramEdward Darden14 April 1876View
OntramJohn William28 June 1876View
OosthuizenWilliam Tobias21 April 1879View
OppermannChristian Andrew6 August 1870View
OrdEdward13 April 1879View
O'ReillyBrian23 December 1884View
OrganOliver William11 June 1872View
OrganOliver William View
OrmistonAdam9 December 1868View
OrmistonAdam View
OrmsbyHoratio Nelson7 September 1882View
O'RourkeOwen20 September 1874View
O'RourkeOwen View
OrpwoodOliver16 April 1877View
OrrFrank Maitland14 August 1876View
OrrJohn Andrew View
OrrRobert Henry19 May 1876View
OrtliebBenedict James15 June 1891View
OrtliebCharles4 February 1881View
OrtonPercy Edgar18 March 1879View
OrtonReginald7 June 1881View
OsborneJohn8 November 1874View
OsmondPercy10 December 1881View
OsterRobert25 August 1881View
O'SullivanEdward Joseph3 May 1878View
OtterJames19 March 1879View
OtteyRobert George27 October 1880View
OttoIsaac Abraham16 January 1880View
OttoJohan Jacobus22 May 1884View
OttoTheodorus Engerates12 April 1880View
OultonHenry Charles5 October 1883View
OvensDavid Dorward4 April 1877View
OvensReginald Edwin2 August 1882View
OvertonCharles James5 June 1880View
OveryJohn16 January 1881View
OveryJohn View
OwenAlfred John17 May 1882View
OwenCecil3 March 1868View
OwenGeoffrey Peter28 October 1870View
OwenGeorge22 October 1880View
OwenGeorge View
OwenReginald10 December 1880View
OwenRupert23 July 1876View
OwenWilliam John Trevelyan5 April 1882View
OwensAlbert Edward View
OwensFrank Mathews1 May 1880View
OwensJohn10 May 1874View
OwensLewis Taylor16 November 1881View
OwensSidney8 October 1880View
OwensSidney View
OxerWilliam Arthur14 September 1875View
OxfordHarold11 May 1881View
OxfordHarold View
OxleyJohn9 January 1878View
OxtonGeorge21 September 1880View
OxtonGeorge View
OylerArchibald George16 May 1879View
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