South African Constabulary Search : P
Surname Names Date of Birth View
PackhamArthur Edgar14 August 1879View
PaddockErnest Arthur17 April 1878View
PageCharles Wallace16 August 1879View
PageErnest3 January 1877View
PageFrancis Richard16 April 1881View
PageFred10 December 1884View
PageHarry Cyril20 January 1880View
PageJohn Crosby19 September 1879View
PageSidney George4 April 1882View
PageWalter Noel22 October 1878View
PageWalter Noel View
PagetCharles Herbert14 January 1871View
PagetCharles Herbert View
PainterFrancis Henry18 December 1879View
PainterGeorge14 January 1870View
PainterGeorge1 January 1870View
PainterGeorge View
PalingGeorge14 December 1878View
PalkAlfred George29 December 1883View
PalkSydney Arthur31 October 1879View
PalkSydney Arthur View
PalladineSamuel17 February 1877View
PalmBarend Johannes29 January 1854View
PalmerAlfred13 September 1880View
PalmerCharles Stanley2 May 1877View
PalmerCharles Stanley View
PalmerCharles William11 August 1877View
PalmerEdward Orpen Herbert Orpen8 November 1873View
PalmerFrederick30 December 1880View
PalmerGeorge9 September 1870View
PalmerJames George1869 View
PalmerMaurice9 October 1883View
PalmerMaurice9 October 1884View
PalmerMaurice View
PalmerPhilip Sidney30 November 1880View
PalmerPhilip Sidney View
PalmerRalph Crisford Veitch15 November 1878View
PanchenAlfred George28 October 1880View
PanchenAlfred George28 October 1880View
PanchenThomas Utton24 March 1878View
PanterRobert Johannes1 May 1883View
PantonEdward7 April 1874View
PantonEdward View
PantonGeorge10 February 1878View
PantonGeorge View
PantonJoseph18 December 1879View
PantonJoseph View
PapeRobert Gill21 January 1877View
PapworthGeorge22 January 1880View
PardonJohn Burningham1 August 1876View
PardyReginald22 June 1880View
ParfettCharles George20 February 1866View
ParishGeorge Edward16 March 1881View
ParkJames4 April 1872View
ParkLeonard Knight26 June 1880View
ParkerAlexander13 March 1877View
ParkerArchibald Langdon25 August 1867View
ParkerCharles Grey Fairrie5 January 1880View
ParkerCharles Henry12 June 1877View
ParkerFrancis18 October 1872View
ParkerFrancis View
ParkerFred28 October 1879View
ParkerGeorge Milton Purdey20 September 1876View
ParkerHenry Arthur Knight5 February 1873View
ParkerHenry Leopold3 September 1880View
ParkerHerbert Kitteringham7 June 1874View
ParkerHerbert Kitteringham View
ParkerJames Low22 January 1870View
ParkerJohn James18 June 1877View
ParkerJoseph7 September 1868View
ParkerJoseph Edward2 May 1879View
ParkerMartin William27 May 1881View
ParkerPhilip2 July 1876View
ParkerRoland Jacques4 October 1881View
ParkerThomas Hyde22 September 1877View
ParkerThomas Hyde View
ParkesWilliam23 April 1876View
ParkesWilliam View
ParkinsonRobert Elison13 September 1881View
ParkinsonRobert Elison View
ParkinsonWilliam9 January 1881View
ParkinsonWilliam View
ParmleyThomas13 May 1879View
ParnellWilliam Henry16 February 1876View
ParrJohn13 December 1880View
ParrisAlfred24 October 1880View
ParrishTimothy John Chidley23 April 1880View
ParrishTimothy John Chidley View
ParrockJohn Thomas7 February 1882View
ParrottRobert13 January 1877View
ParryGilbert20 September 1879View
ParryLewis Thomas23 January 1879View
ParryWilliam18 February 1879View
ParsleyJoseph Henry8 September 1880View
ParslowSidney3 August 1881View
ParsonsArchibald Donald22 November 1883View
ParsonsArthur28 April 1867View
ParsonsFred14 October 1873View
ParsonsGeorge Frederick17 December 1881View
ParsonsHarry Roland16 August 1881View
ParsonsHenry7 July 1880View
ParsonsWilliam29 December 1871View
ParsonsWilliam View
PartingtonEdward Raby Ashton Philip6 June 1879View
PartridgeCharles1 April 1867View
PartridgeFrancis Thomas4 March 1881View
PartridgeGeorge15 September 1870View
PartridgeGeorge View
PascoeJohn Thomas17 April 1881View
PaseaArthur Edward25 October 1880View
PaseaArthur Edward View
PassHorace Henry26 May 1881View
PassmoreEddy George Titterton20 June 1867View
PatchAlbert27 January 1882View
PatchellGeorge7 March 1873View
PateFred29 January 1882View
PateFred View
PatersonGeorge5 January 1882View
PatersonGeorge View
PatersonJames1 July 1880View
PatersonRobert12 March 1879View
PatersonRobert View
PatersonRobert Cotton4 July 1879View
PatesHerbert Stanley24 October 1879View
PatonErnest Hugh4 June 1879View
PatonMatthew26 September 1877View
PatonWalter16 September 1874View
PattenJohn4 January 1877View
PattenJohn View
PattersonDaniel29 December 1876View
PattersonFrederick Henry8 August 1880View
PattersonJames9 June 1873View
PattersonJames Arthur13 November 1880View
PattersonThomas22 February 1880View
PattersonWilliam17 June 1872View
PattersonWilliam View
PattonJames14 February 1880View
PattonWilliam Thomas7 October 1880View
PattrickEdward James31 December 1882View
PattrickEdward James View
PaulAlexander John Kinloch27 February 1877View
PaulGeorge24 July 1871View
PaulHerbert Henry8 November 1875View
PaulLewis Alfred18 April 1873View
PawseyCharles22 July 1869View
PaxtonJames14 July 1878View
PaxtonJohn30 May 1874View
PayGeorge20 May 1875View
PayneFredric George17 March 1880View
PayneHerbert27 July 1879View
PayneHerbert24 May 1868View
PayneHerbert View
PayneRobert2 November 1869View
PayneRobert View
PayneTom8 June 1878View
PayneTom View
PayneWilliam Henry30 April 1869View
PaynterFrancis15 November 1870View
PaynterWilliam George19 October 1878View
PaynterWilliam George View
PeaceyHarold Thomas Alexander28 December 1878View
PeacockHarry Barnett27 February 1876View
PeacockHarry Barnett View
PeakeFrederick George14 April 1873View
PeakeFrederick George View
PeakeSidney John25 March 1880View
PealeHarold11 January 1881View
PealeHarold View
PearceArthur6 September 1880View
PearceArthur View
PearceEdward14 July 1882View
PearceFrederick John31 July 1882View
PearceHenry6 July 1879View
PearceHenry Parker24 April 1872View
PearceJoseph13 November 1875View
PearceJoseph View
PearceRobert20 August 1878View
PearceRobert24 August 1878View
PearlAlfred4 March 1879View
PearsallJohn21 April 1883View
PearsonAlbert7 October 1873View
PearsonAlbert7 July 1873View
PearsonAndrew William13 July 1881View
PearsonArthur Charles19 September 1870View
PearsonArthur Charles View
PearsonBenjamin12 August 1881View
PearsonCharles Hugh14 February 1881View
PearsonFrederick Everitt11 January 1881View
PearsonFrederick Nathaniel7 December 1879View
PearsonFrederick Nathaniel View
PearsonFrederick Norman8 November 1878View
PearsonGeorge David7 June 1875View
PearsonGeorge David View
PearsonHarry25 January 1877View
PearsonJohn Henry8 November 1870View
PearsonWilliam22 December 1875View
PearsonWilliam2 November 1872View
PearsonsWilliam6 September 1881View
PearsonsWilliam View
PeartCharles Mitchell12 March 1880View
PeckJohn William24 July 1872View
PecksGeorge18 October 1874View
PeddieRichard Cook14 November 1874View
PedleyArthur James21 February 1870View
PedleyWilliam Raleigh17 April 1874View
PedleyWilliam Raleigh View
PeelGeorge Duck10 November 1878View
PeerEdward9 September 1876View
PeerEdward View
PeersGeorge9 January 1880View
PeersHarry5 January 1873View
PeirceHenry Lovett10 March 1881View
PeirceHenry Lovett View
PellFrank10 February 1879View
PellFrank View
PellWilliam1 November 1872View
PelserCasper Jan Hendrik1880 View
PemberJames11 December 1878View
PembertonGeorge13 November 1880View
PembridgeFrank Mitchell11 March 1874View
PendergastJohn26 February 1870View
PendreighGeorge14 September 1881View
PendreighGeorge Andrew4 September 1881View
PengellyFrederick Hardy7 December 1872View
PenleyLionel Montague13 May 1881View
PennFrancis Charles25 March 1878View
PennefatherTom27 December 1875View
PennockGeorge22 November 1880View
PennockGeorge View
PennyCharles6 July 1879View
PennyHarold25 August 1882View
PentelowFrank6 May 1881View
PentlandGeorge9 December 1871View
PentonHarold4 January 1872View
PenwrightAlbert4 September 1882View
PepperHerbert21 November 1870View
PepperHerbert8 January 1866View
PepperWalter William9 May 1879View
PeppersGuy Stewart28 August 1880View
PercivalSpencer Robert21 May 1877View
PercyGeorge1 January 1874View
PercyHenry Bryan6 March 1876View
PerenBurchall Dinham19 June 1881View
PerenBurchall Dinham View
PerkinsArthur1 June 1881View
PerrinArthur31 March 1880View
PerrinSydney Bowyer8 October 1877View
PerrinWilliam Francis28 February 1880View
PerrinWilliam Francis View
PerrinWilliam John22 January 1875View
PerrinsHorace24 April 1878View
PerrinsPercival St. Leger17 September 1877View
PerryArthur22 November 1876View
PerryCharles15 August 1880View
PerryJeremiah Joseph20 July 1879View
PerryJoseph Arthur25 May 1874View
PerryJoseph Arthur View
PerryJoseph Charles14 February 1868View
PerryRobert James15 June 1881View
PerryWilliam9 July 1880View
PerrymanEdward17 March 1875View
PescodWilliam Thomas15 November 1875View
PescodWilliam Thomas View
PetcherHarry25 December 1878View
PeterFederico13 July 1862View
PetersWilfred George20 December 1880View
PetersWilliam30 May 1880View
PetersenOtto9 September 1872View
PetersenPiet17 June 1886View
PetrieAlexander11 July 1867View
PetrieAlexander View
PetrieGeorge Melvin4 August 1870View
PetrieHerbert Whitt16 November 1879View
PettersonPeter4 December 1879View
PettitAlfred Ernest20 March 1881View
PettitHarry George8 October 1880View
PettitHarry George View
PettitWilliam20 May 1881View
PettsGeorge11 December 1870View
PettyWilliam7 September 1875View
PetzerCarl Johannes26 January 1879View
PeymanMontrisor Walker7 July 1880View
PheasantJoseph21 December 1867View
PhelanHarry19 December 1872View
PhelanJames12 September 1875View
PhelpsFrederick Henry22 November 1877View
PhelpsJames Sidney28 October 1878View
PhilbrookGeorge4 December 1866View
PhilcoxAlfred7 March 1877View
PhilippsWilliam Harry16 December 1873View
PhilipsonRobert9 August 1876View
PhillipErnest11 January 1882View
PhillipJames Arthur Brocas21 April 1873View
PhillipJames Arthur Brocas View
PhillipsAustin29 May 1879View
PhillipsAustin View
PhillipsCharles18 April 1870View
PhillipsCharles15 August 1869View
PhillipsErnest6 July 1877View
PhillipsFrederick Edward11 April 1874View
PhillipsHenry Amon20 August 1879View
PhillipsHenry Amon View
PhillipsHerbert4 August 1879View
PhillipsHugh12 July 1875View
PhillipsThomas10 June 1874View
PhillipsWilliam Frederick27 December 1879View
PhilpottFrederick George Farmer17 July 1874View
PhilpottPercy21 May 1880View
PhippenAlbert6 March 1879View
PhippenAlbert View
PhippsHenry George24 August 1870View
PhizaekleaGeorge Robert22 January 1877View
PickardJohn21 September 1873View
PickardJohn View
PickeringRobert Stoddart17 June 1877View
PickettCharlie5 July 1880View
PickettHenry4 July 1879View
PickremHarold Laurin6 September 1880View
PienaarFred21 July 1877View
PienaarHenry Jacobus23 August 1879View
PienaarJohannes Theodorus8 March 1885View
PienaarPetrus Jacobus6 July 1883View
PienaarRudolph Johannes14 January 1877View
PierceWilliam9 August 1873View
PiercyThomas23 November 1872View
PierpointCharles3 September 1880View
PieterseZagrasas Frans27 August 1876View
PigginAlbert7 June 1880View
PigginAlbert View
PikeHenry Wesley14 August 1879View
PilbeamErnest Edward9 December 1879View
PilbeamErnest Edward View
PilkingtonThomas Victor26 May 1879View
PilkingtonWilliam Henry3 March 1874View
PinchesHubert Kinsey24 June 1878View
PincottWilliam6 April 1880View
PincottWilliam View
PineAlexander Stuart6 May 1880View
PinkAlbert Charles20 January 1881View
PinkertonHenry23 April 1866View
PinkertonJames24 April 1875View
PinkertonJames10 August 1876View
PinkertonSamuel4 June 1872View
PinksAlfred30 July 1881View
PinsentRobert Maye18 December 1881View
PinsentRobert Maye View
PipeStanley Samuel10 August 1881View
PiperCharles29 May 1876View
PiperWilliam30 September 1880View
PiquetArthur Fred Hewson9 April 1876View
PirieAlexander9 November 1873View
PitcherDaniel8 November 1871View
PitcherHerbert12 September 1880View
PittSydney11 February 1870View
PittsGeorge16 August 1877View
PittsHarold John27 February 1880View
PittsHarold John View
PittsJohn16 May 1880View
PittsJohn View
PizzeyCharles17 January 1874View
PizzeyRobert21 December 1880View
PlaceAlfred1 October 1883View
PlaskettFrederick Charles1 September 1881View
PlaskittJohn William7 April 1878View
PlayerAlfred Dennis27 July 1881View
PlayerAlfred Septimus10 January 1879View
PlayfairJohn Murray23 December 1879View
PlayfootJohn9 November 1868View
PlumbMartin22 July 1880View
PlummerFrederick Charles20 April 1878View
PlumridgeJohn William7 February 1881View
PlumsteadRobert10 April 1875View
PlumsteelWilliam9 January 1881View
PockettArthur26 January 1880View
PockettArthur View
PocklingtonSamuel22 December 1874View
PocklingtonSamuel View
PocockReginald William21 August 1880View
PoleyEdward Arthur10 January 1886View
PollardHarry8 August 1879View
PollardHarry8 August 1879View
PollecuttJames20 January 1873View
PollensJohannes13 January 1875View
PollensJohannes View
PollettCharles Augustus29 December 1871View
PollockAndrew2 May 1872View
PollockThomas23 March 1884View
PollockThomas Moore10 June 1879View
PomroyGilbert15 November 1881View
PondHarding Rand10 February 1878View
PonpardHorace25 November 1873View
PonpardHorace View
PooleEdward30 April 1881View
PooleEdward View
PooleJames Donald2 May 1879View
PooleJames Donald View
PooleJames Henry28 April 1885View
PooleJames Pritchard15 October 1870View
PooleJohn Henry25 May 1880View
PooleJohn Henry View
PooleJoseph12 September 1879View
PopeGeorge Elliott20 October 1879View
PopeHarold William2 January 1868View
PopeJames Archibald Victor31 January 1880View
PopeJames John George21 September 1873View
PopeJohn14 July 1881View
PopleCharles17 November 1867View
PortensEdward6 May 1876View
PortensGeorge Anthony4 April 1875View
PortensGeorge Anthony View
PorteousArthur Alexander9 July 1879View
PorteousArthur Alexander View
PorterAlfred24 April 1880View
PorterArchibald26 March 1877View
PorterCharles Dickinson16 August 1876View
PorterDavid30 September 1879View
PorterEdmund Philip1 November 1879View
PorterGeorge25 May 1879View
PorterGeorge Edwin21 December 1878View
PorterWilliam9 November 1877View
PorterWilliam23 November 1874View
PorterWilliam View
PoshleyCharles Henry21 August 1880View
PostonClaude22 July 1876View
PotburyGeorge5 October 1853View
PotburyGeorge5 October 1853View
PotgieterPetrus Philipus1877 View
PottErnest Ambrose14 February 1881View
PotterPercival13 August 1877View
PotterPercival View
PotterWilliam Perrigan14 January 1869View
PotterWilliam Perrigan14 January 1868View
PottsEdward Herbert13 April 1875View
PoultonJohn Ernest21 October 1879View
PouncettHarry24 May 1877View
PounderArthur19 November 1880View
PoveyWilliam3 November 1868View
PowellAbram Douglas6 December 1869View
PowellAbram Douglas View
PowellAlfred17 April 1875View
PowellAlfred View
PowellArthur Buller29 March 1876View
PowellBenjamin George13 March 1880View
PowellWilliam Clive28 November 1881View
PowellWilliam Enoch1 July 1879View
Powell-JonesStanley Walter4 December 1884View
PowerWalter Henry2 March 1880View
PowerWilliam28 April 1875View
PowisGeorge William16 October 1872View
PowrieAlexander1 September 1876View
PowrieHenry3 October 1880View
PrattBell9 January 1875View
PrattDavid George26 September 1874View
PrattJohn Delville10 December 1880View
PrattJohn Delville View
PrattJohn Walter28 January 1879View
PrattJohn Walter View
PrendergastPatrick Vincent11 May 1874View
PrendevilleWilliam2 January 1879View
PrestonArthur20 November 1870View
PrestonJohn Henry2 August 1880View
PretoriusChristian Adraan7 November 1876View
PretoriusFranz Petrus17 February 1872View
PretoriusFrederick William Conrad5 May 1879View
PretoriusHendrick Arnoldus13 March 1883View
PretoriusNicklaas Johanes12 July 1884View
PretoriusSamuel Jacobus9 October 1879View
PretoriusSolomon J.30 June 1882View
PrettyHerbert Henry1 December 1884View
PrevettThomas28 February 1882View
PriceAlfred George25 January 1880View
PriceArnold Thimbleby2 January 1881View
PriceCharles William24 August 1883View
PriceColin2 March 1875View
PriceErnest Reynolds29 June 1879View
PriceFrederick22 January 1874View
PriceHenry George11 April 1881View
PriceHenry George View
PriceJohn17 September 1874View
PriceJohn View
PriceJohn Charles18 December 1875View
PriceJohn Charles View
PriceJohn Raymond5 September 1876View
PriceJohn William2 July 1881View
PriceLewis21 August 1874View
PricePercy14 December 1881View
PricePercy View
PriceRichard3 September 1873View
PriceRichard View
PriceRichard James10 October 1873View
PriceWalter Samuel Vincent24 November 1868View
PriceWilliam1 October 1879View
PrickettThomas Walter3 December 1877View
PridmoreThomas21 July 1869View
PriestGeorge Herbert15 August 1869View
PrimroseVictor Charles6 September 1880View
PrimroseVictor Charles View
PrinceJames20 January 1881View
PrinceJames22 February 1881View
PringleDavid22 May 1878View
PrinsepErnest John6 February 1875View
PrinslooFrans Frederick25 May 1882View
PrinslooFrederick William25 November 1879View
PrinslooFrederick William View
PriorRobert Edward27 February 1881View
PriorRobert Edward View
PritchardArthur Thomas27 June 1878View
PritchardEdward9 April 1877View
PritchardEdward View
PritchardEvan1873 View
PritchardGeorge Albert17 August 1874View
PritchardGeorge Albert View
PritchardGeorge Hubert4 February 1879View
PritchardRalph James25 July 1883View
ProbetsSidney Robert2 April 1882View
ProcterSydney Hugh4 March 1879View
ProctorFrank19 August 1879View
ProctorJohn MacFarlane17 October 1872View
ProsserWilliam Charles Hastings11 March 1879View
ProudJames27 January 1871View
ProudJames View
ProudJohn Robert13 March 1874View
ProutDonald William16 February 1880View
PrudenCharles Richard9 February 1882View
PrudenCharles Richard View
PryceCarylap Rhys30 September 1876View
PryceCarylap Rhys View
PrydeJames4 February 1874View
PughJohn View
PugleJohn15 September 1882View
PugsleyArthur Theodore29 November 1879View
PullenReginald Charles23 September 1882View
PulleynJohn Manning15 March 1877View
PulvertaftHerbert23 January 1878View
PunnettRichard William James17 December 1881View
PunterEdward19 April 1877View
PunterEdward View
PurcellGeorge4 May 1880View
PurcellGeorge Tyler1 January 1867View
PurcellJohn Norton20 November 1870View
PurdyHugh16 November 1877View
PurdyHugh View
PurdyRobert28 October 1876View
PurnellRichard11 February 1875View
PurserHubert2 March 1877View
PurvesThomas10 July 1879View
PuthFrederick Charles6 June 1871View
PutterCornelius Johannes16 July 1875View
PutterPeter Johannes23 July 1881View
PuzeyErnest26 December 1876View
PuzeyErnest View
PykeArthur6 December 1880View
PymHorace Montagu Tyndal20 August 1876View
PymarSpencer Augustus20 September 1879View
PyrkeHarry30 August 1879View
PyrkeHarry View
PysdenEdward16 September 1879View
PysdenEdward View
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