South African Constabulary Search : Q
Surname Names Date of Birth View
QuailWilliam16 August 1874View
QuailWilliam View
QuanReginald23 January 1880View
QuayleHarold13 December 1876View
QueenJohn29 December 1880View
QuelchArthur16 November 1881View
QuickAlfred James1 April 1877View
QuickAlfred James View
QuigleyAndrew15 May 1880View
QuinThomas William26 July 1879View
QuinlanPatrick Joseph2 June 1879View
QuinlanThomas3 May 1874View
QuinnAlbert29 May 1882View
QuinnAndrew1 July 1869View
QuinnArthur30 December 1875View
QuinnJames Henry8 March 1874View
QuinnJohn View
QuinnJohn Heylin12 July 1882View
QuinnJohn Heylin View
QuinnPatrick Joseph3 April 1877View
QuinnWilliam John3 September 1877View
QuirkeFrancis14 February 1881View
QuirkeFrancis View
QuirkeNicholas Henry Brian15 March 1880View
QuirkeNicholas Henry Brian View
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