South African Constabulary Search : R
Surname Names Date of Birth View
RaathDavid John Phillip7 December 1874View
RabeJan Bestaan21 December 1883View
RaceyGerald S.23 June 1877View
RacherFrank Spurgeon4 October 1874View
RackFrederick Lawrence8 April 1879View
RadbournePercy Charles7 May 1883View
RadcliffeArthur Francis Algernon Delme24 January 1880View
RadcliffeDick28 July 1881View
RadnorHubert Arthur5 September 1883View
RadnorJohn William21 December 1876View
RaeJacob21 July 1872View
RaeWilliam22 March 1877View
RaffertyJames4 April 1878View
RaineArthur9 April 1879View
RaineArthur View
RainerErnest Hurbert26 July 1886View
RainesEdward3 November 1876View
RainesHorace14 February 1873View
RainsfordArthur Fitzpatrick29 April 1872View
RajotteSamuel Marion15 July 1878View
RajotteSamuel Marion View
RalphGeorge William16 February 1865View
RamageThomas19 December 1881View
RameyThomas14 November 1875View
RamsayDuncan16 November 1870View
RamsayJames11 November 1879View
RamsayJames Jolly11 April 1875View
RamsayWalter George31 May 1877View
RandallThomas21 June 1877View
RandellThomas26 August 1879View
RankinArthur George15 March 1875View
RankinFrancis Charles4 September 1873View
RankinFrancis Charles View
RankinJohn20 July 1878View
RankinThomas Cassels7 April 1878View
RansleyCharles12 December 1880View
RaperHarry14 May 1870View
RapleyCharles22 February 1874View
RasdallHerbert Lewis3 February 1876View
RasorHerbert1 January 1882View
RastinFrederick Charles4 February 1879View
RatcliffeEdward Bevan15 November 1880View
RathboneWilliam Albert31 March 1878View
RattrayWalter8 September 1876View
RaubenheimerPhilip John30 June 1882View
RautenbachGert Hendrik17 January 1878View
RavenFrederick Alfred14 November 1876View
RavenWilliam14 December 1881View
RavenWilliam View
RawesFrancis Arthur Montague27 February 1882View
RawlingsJohn Jackson29 June 1874View
RawlingsRichard25 September 1873View
RawlingsRichard View
RawlinsArthur Charles Champion25 July 1882View
RawlinsonHerbert21 May 1881View
RayJohn17 October 1880View
RaynerFrederick Harold21 January 1867View
RaynerFrederick Harold View
RaynerJohn Sherlock25 July 1874View
RaynerJohn Sherlock View
RaynesHenry Frederick6 April 1876View
RaynorHarry19 August 1879View
RaynorHenry8 March 1877View
RaynorHenry View
RaysonSamuel22 September 1877View
RazetFelix John Cook28 July 1873View
ReaWilliam Herbert1871 View
ReadHarry13 January 1873View
ReadJohn30 October 1879View
ReadeGeorge16 July 1879View
ReadeGeorge View
ReadeHarry Messiter3 October 1875View
ReadeHarry Messiter View
ReadingCharles Henry Rufus22 January 1877View
ReasonHarry16 August 1878View
ReddawayJohn Ash22 October 1880View
ReddyJames22 June 1867View
RedelinghuisJohannes Albertus Jacobus12 September 1880View
RedelinghuisPetrus Johannes23 September 1882View
RedfernJerimiah8 November 1880View
RedfernJohn William15 January 1862View
RedfernThomas12 July 1881View
RedfernThomas12 June 1881View
RedfordJohn18 October 1873View
RedgmentRobert Wright30 June 1871View
RedgraveCharles Edward15 March 1872View
RedheadEdward Dawson22 December 1878View
RedhouseAlbert Edward9 September 1879View
RedingtonJames Henry12 December 1882View
RedmanAlan27 July 1871View
RedmondCharles Thomas24 September 1876View
RedpathJames Francis17 December 1867View
RedstoneArthur William11 January 1875View
RedsullFrederick18 April 1873View
ReedAlbert Henry23 August 1878View
ReedAlbert Henry View
ReedAlfred19 February 1877View
ReedClifford7 January 1881View
ReedEdward14 June 1876View
ReedFrederick William5 February 1866View
ReedJoseph Henry20 February 1880View
ReedPercy13 December 1879View
ReedPercy View
ReedThomas Jackson20 August 1880View
ReedVotier22 January 1874View
ReedWilliam Mark30 August 1876View
ReesCharles Albert6 August 1882View
ReesFrank Harold21 April 1880View
ReesFrank Harold View
ReesWilliam21 January 1871View
ReeseCharles George28 March 1881View
ReeveThomas3 December 1880View
ReevesAlfred14 December 1880View
ReevesGeorge Charles26 July 1877View
ReevesHoward30 December 1877View
ReevesJohn Maunsell14 October 1878View
ReevesSpencer James24 October 1881View
ReevesTom Harry Bish21 August 1866View
ReevesWilliam George5 April 1880View
ReevesWilliam Henry20 January 1881View
ReganWilliam Edward21 August 1880View
ReganWilliam Francis22 October 1880View
ReidDavid6 November 1880View
ReidHarry Warren5 October 1878View
ReidJames Claud21 June 1880View
ReidJames Henry16 June 1884View
ReidRobert Lincoln22 July 1880View
ReidRobert Lincoln View
ReidSamuel2 January 1880View
ReidSamuel View
ReidThomas4 March 1877View
ReidThomas McSkinning4 March 1881View
ReidThomas McSkinning View
ReidThomas Robert18 May 1880View
ReidThomas Robert View
ReidWilliam24 September 1870View
ReidWilliam View
ReidWilliam Allen3 May 1876View
ReidWilliam Allen View
ReidWilliam Arthur Carlyle4 July 1866View
ReidWilliam Arthur Carlyle View
ReidWilliam Carlton1 November 1880View
ReidWilliam Carlton View
RenfrewAlexander14 April 1879View
RennardsonMark8 April 1879View
RennardsonMark View
RennellPercy1 October 1879View
RennellPercy View
RenneyCharles Frederick4 July 1880View
RennieGeorge27 June 1880View
RennieGeorge View
RennisonAlbert26 March 1881View
RenschHenry11 June 1881View
RentellHarry Edward13 November 1874View
RentzkeJohn Michael3 May 1884View
RenwickHoward Cameron18 July 1879View
RenwickJames24 May 1867View
RenwickWalter7 December 1876View
ReochWilliam12 September 1875View
ReuterCharles3 November 1881View
ReynarCharles Herbert17 June 1880View
ReynoldsAlbert29 July 1873View
ReynoldsArthur Edward27 March 1881View
ReynoldsArthur Edward View
ReynoldsCharles James4 July 1880View
ReynoldsClifford View
ReynoldsHerbert Alexander9 September 1881View
ReynoldsHerbert Ernest25 November 1880View
ReynoldsJohn17 September 1879View
ReynoldsJohn View
ReynoldsThomas21 May 1871View
ReynoldsThomas View
ReynoldsThomas Weseley21 February 1880View
ReynoldsVernon Louis9 August 1878View
ReynoldsWilliam John28 July 1878View
ReynoldsWilliam John View
RhindWilliam Alexander24 June 1879View
RhoadesCharles12 March 1873View
RhodesFrederic22 November 1874View
RiachWilliam11 December 1877View
RiachWilliam View
RiceWilliam20 May 1875View
RiceWilliam John5 April 1879View
RichardPhilip Andrew Morgan16 May 1881View
RichardsAlfred Charles27 January 1874View
RichardsGeorge William27 June 1877View
RichardsHerbert4 February 1880View
RichardsLionel Rickart24 November 1883View
RichardsPeter30 December 1881View
RichardsWilliam Spencer15 August 1879View
RichardsonArthur6 September 1877View
RichardsonDavid14 August 1875View
RichardsonDavid View
RichardsonFrederick John21 April 1879View
RichardsonHenry11 September 1875View
RichardsonHenry10 May 1872View
RichardsonJohn Robert11 January 1879View
RichardsonJoseph29 April 1879View
RichardsonRichard Francis22 March 1879View
RichardsonRichard Francis View
RichardsonRobinson Wood25 December 1874View
RichardsonThomas Walker16 November 1878View
RichesErnest John9 April 1878View
RichesSidney17 March 1881View
RickardGeorge29 April 1877View
RickettsCharles Howard2 June 1875View
RiddellJohn24 March 1878View
RiddellRichard Hutton20 May 1881View
RiddleCharles Edward5 June 1881View
RiddleEdward Vivian13 July 1881View
RiddleEdward Vivian13 July 1881View
RiddleWilliam29 November 1878View
RideoutAbsalom27 July 1878View
RideoutClarence Walter8 May 1880View
RidgenGeorge Edgar13 January 1875View
RidgerCharles Walter17 June 1881View
RidgersBertrand James26 December 1879View
RidgewellAlfred Joseph27 September 1883View
RidgwayAlbert William Hector15 December 1880View
RidgwayEdward James14 October 1882View
RidlerJames23 March 1878View
RidleyFrederick13 February 1873View
RidleyFrederick13 February 1873View
RidleyFrederick View
RileyFred25 May 1878View
RileyGeorge3 July 1879View
RileyGeorge Herbert4 March 1881View
RileyPercy1 March 1881View
RileyPercy25 April 1879View
RileyPercy View
RileyThomas21 February 1874View
RilleyJames Shand20 February 1881View
RingWilliam23 May 1883View
RingeLawrence William24 November 1879View
RingeLawrence William View
RinghamJohn William18 January 1878View
RinghamJohn William View
RingwoodJames Higginson31 October 1880View
RipperArthur John18 December 1879View
RippinWalter William6 February 1872View
RissonHenry10 April 1881View
RissonHenry View
RitchieAlfred9 July 1877View
RitchieArchibald23 May 1882View
RitchieErnest18 October 1881View
RitchieGeorge Robert3 November 1881View
RitchieJohn Nichol15 December 1880View
RitchieJoseph Alexander Murray29 October 1877View
RitchieJoseph Alexander Murray View
RitsonGeorge Spark7 June 1867View
RivingtonClive30 January 1881View
RivingtonClive View
RivisPatrick Lockhart17 March 1882View
RobbCharles Roulston7 October 1880View
RobbDavid3 August 1880View
RobbEdward Madeley31 January 1881View
RobbFrancis Frederick WhiteheadOct. 1873 View
RobbGeorge8 September 1879View
RobbJames Stewart2 March 1881View
RobbNeil23 July 1880View
RobbWilliam7 September 1876View
RobbWilliam Morris12 August 1878View
RobersonBertrand Benjamin Ridgewell7 April 1873View
RobertsArthur13 January 1876View
RobertsArthur13 May 1867View
RobertsArthur James6 December 1879View
RobertsArthur James View
RobertsFerdinand Daniel Jacobus28 July 1880View
RobertsGeorge28 August 1881View
RobertsGeorge View
RobertsGeorge Fabian21 January 1878View
RobertsGeorge Peskett11 August 1869View
RobertsHarry31 March 1879View
RobertsJesse Frederick12 September 1880View
RobertsJohn Owen1 January 1879View
RobertsJohn Theodore14 November 1870View
RobertsJoseph William Ferdinand16 May 1874View
RobertsJoseph William Ferdinand View
RobertsSamuel26 November 1881View
RobertsStafford William Henry25 April 1880View
RobertsTheunis Christoffel29 March 1869View
RobertsTheunis Christoffel View
RobertsWalter6 May 1880View
RobertsWilliam25 May 1878View
RobertsWilliam25 June 1879View
RobertsWilliam Charles4 March 1877View
RobertsWilliam Charles View
RobertsWilliam Henry30 December 1873View
RobertsWilliam John17 December 1881View
RobertsWillie Sydham15 July 1875View
RobertsonAlexander20 September 1879View
RobertsonAlexander View
RobertsonArthur William30 August 1880View
RobertsonArthur William View
RobertsonCharles Stewart16 February 1879View
RobertsonDonald20 May 1869View
RobertsonDonald View
RobertsonDugald James7 January 1881View
RobertsonEvander Shand26 November 1876View
RobertsonFrank16 April 1879View
RobertsonFrank Reed16 April 1879View
RobertsonFrederick George12 April 1879View
RobertsonGeorge2 February 1880View
RobertsonGeorge Frederick9 January 1881View
RobertsonHenry23 July 1868View
RobertsonJames6 January 1880View
RobertsonJames24 June 1879View
RobertsonJames29 July 1873View
RobertsonJames15 October 1880View
RobertsonJames View
RobertsonJames Moore27 November 1872View
RobertsonJames Nicol17 November 1882View
RobertsonJohn Alexander18 December 1866View
RobertsonJohn Henry21 June 1878View
RobertsonMatthew17 October 1880View
RobertsonMatthew28 December 1880View
RobertsonRoderick12 August 1880View
RobertsonRoderick View
RobertsonSamuel1 August 1878View
RobertsonWalter Robert27 December 1869View
RobertsonWilliam12 March 1877View
RobertzeLambert22 November 1875View
RobeyFrederick Charles26 February 1881View
RobeyFrederick Charles View
RobinsDenzel James3 November 1881View
RobinsonDouglas24 September 1866View
RobinsonEdward John22 May 1880View
RobinsonErnest Henry Turner28 March 1876View
RobinsonErnest Sinclair4 February 1881View
RobinsonGeorge23 January 1880View
RobinsonGeorge27 May 1867View
RobinsonGeorge13 June 1880View
RobinsonGeorge Henry30 March 1881View
RobinsonGeorge Henry View
RobinsonGeorge Thomas26 May 1879View
RobinsonHenry25 September 1880View
RobinsonHenry Thomas4 April 1872View
RobinsonJames30 July 1876View
RobinsonJames29 August 1869View
RobinsonJohn25 April 1874View
RobinsonJohn View
RobinsonJohn Scott7 March 1877View
RobinsonMaurice William Leonard22 February 1881View
RobinsonMiles3 September 1881View
RobinsonOscar Beverley Vivian9 April 1880View
RobinsonRichard Monty17 December 1880View
RobinsonRichard Smith19 July 1872View
RobinsonRobert11 December 1881View
RobinsonRobert3 October 1875View
RobinsonRobert25 January 1876View
RobinsonSamuel16 March 1872View
RobinsonSamuel Geekie30 September 1870View
RobinsonTemple Augustus13 May 1868View
RobinsonTemple Augustus View
RobinsonThomas5 May 1880View
RobinsonThomas1 May 1878View
RobinsonThomas30 November 1867View
RobinsonThomas View
RobinsonThomas Tinmouth5 April 1873View
RobinsonWilliam6 April 1880View
RobinsonWilliam20 July 1875View
RobinsonWilliam View
RobinsonWilliam Herbert5 March 1872View
RobinsonWilliam Newton29 October 1878View
RobinsonWilliam Thomas1 February 1876View
RobleyWilliam Henry21 October 1881View
RobsonThomas3 November 1872View
RobsonThomas James21 February 1870View
RobsonWilliam6 August 1861View
RocheArthur James10 October 1878View
RocheRobert Benjamin29 June 1876View
RocheRobert Benjamin View
RockLaurence4 July 1873View
RoddenJames30 April 1879View
RoddenJames30 April 1880View
RodenFrancis24 July 1880View
RoderickThomas26 November 1881View
RoderickThomas26 November 1881View
RodgerJames9 August 1880View
RodgersSamuel9 January 1874View
RodleyJoseph19 September 1872View
RodleyJoseph View
RodwayArthur19 January 1881View
RoeEdmund Charles18 July 1859View
RoeErnest John13 September 1877View
RoeHarry Herbert14 October 1873View
RoetsGerhardus Christoffel25 October 1878View
RoetsJohan Hendrik Adriaan14 September 1880View
RoetsJohannes Cornelus16 July 1883View
RoetsJohannes Nicholas Jacobus25 October 1877View
RofeRobert8 November 1880View
RofeRobert View
RoffeySidney15 August 1881View
RogersAlbert Howard3 November 1876View
RogersAlbert Howard3 November 1876View
RogersAlexander John4 March 1881View
RogersAlfred26 June 1875View
RogersEdward William14 April 1878View
RogersFrederick30 November 1879View
RogersHarold Murly7 August 1881View
RogersJames20 July 1868View
RogersJames10 July 1881View
RogersJames View
RogersJames Edward24 May 1875View
RogersJames Thomas Valentine14 February 1880View
RogersOliver Arnold7 April 1882View
RogersPatrick23 February 1873View
RogersPatrick View
RogersWalter George7 November 1883View
RogersWilliam Alfred26 July 1879View
RogersWilliam Charles7 October 1880View
RogersWilliam Charles View
RogersWilliam David27 August 1872View
RogersonHenry18 March 1871View
RogersonHenry View
RolfeArthur Thomas19 November 1871View
RolfeArthur Thomas View
RollandAlbert Edward25 July 1880View
RollsEdgar5 January 1881View
RollsJohn Kenly15 September 1874View
RollsWalter Arter4 February 1873View
RolstonRalph14 July 1876View
RolstonRalph View
RomanisJohn28 March 1878View
RonaldGeorge21 February 1873View
RonaldJames Salter5 April 1866View
RongierFrancis William23 September 1876View
RoodAlfred Ernest Albert9 March 1878View
RoodAlfred Ernest Albert View
RooksArthur Tillotson5 August 1881View
RooksArthur Tillotson View
RooksFred21 October 1879View
RooksFred View
RooksbyHorace26 December 1875View
RooneyHenry James30 March 1874View
RooneyHenry James View
RooneyJohn12 November 1881View
RooneyThomas11 November 1873View
RooneyThomas View
RoosJohannes Jacobus6 March 1881View
RootArthur William9 April 1872View
RootsWilliam Thomas25 July 1876View
RosaDavid17 June 1879View
RoscoeArthur Bertram9 January 1880View
RoseBasil28 January 1875View
RoseEdgar James7 December 1875View
RoseEdward Albert9 November 1871View
RoseLewis8 August 1880View
RosenquisttFrederick1 October 1874View
RossAlfred John19 October 1866View
RossArthur15 August 1869View
RossArthur View
RossEdward21 October 1879View
RossGeorge16 July 1878View
RossGeorge12 August 1880View
RossGeorge View
RossHarry17 December 1873View
RossJames20 November 1880View
RossJames Boath31 August 1878View
RossJames Matheson Percival21 December 1876View
RossJohn23 March 1877View
RossJohn29 December 1879View
RossJohn11 May 1881View
RossJohn Robert31 July 1880View
RossJoseph25 February 1878View
RossRobert4 August 1874View
RossSamuel Herron22 June 1880View
RossSamuel Herron View
RossWilliam8 November 1873View
RossWilliam6 May 1878View
RossWilliam26 May 1876View
RostronGeorge William17 April 1877View
RothnieGeorge1 July 1874View
RoughanWilliam21 July 1881View
RougheadAlexander5 June 1880View
RourkeJohn3 May 1878View
RouseMontague4 January 1881View
RouseMontague View
RouthCharles Gerald Arthur20 April 1876View
RouthCharles Gerald Arthur View
RouxDaniel Jacobus22 December 1882View
RouxFrederick Calitz7 August 1882View
RouxFrederick Carl1880 View
RouxFrederick Carl View
RowanStephen11 January 1880View
RoweJames20 April 1876View
RowlandAlbert Edward View
RowlandAlexander George30 November 1885View
RowlandWilliam John29 September 1871View
RowlesLeonard Charles13 January 1881View
RowleyAlexander Butler13 November 1874View
RowleyAlexander Butler View
RowleyCharles Henry3 February 1875View
RowleyFrank3 February 1874View
RowleyHarry Treeby13 May 1880View
RoxburghRobert28 May 1880View
RoyAlexander20 October 1876View
RoyAlexander View
RoyGeorge19 April 1877View
RoyJames Edward27 February 1880View
RoyRobert15 February 1880View
RoyRobert View
RoyalsJohn7 April 1881View
RoyleMervyn Vivian Cheney26 April 1880View
RubieGordon23 February 1882View
RuddJohn10 April 1880View
RuddJohn View
RuddockJohn8 April 1881View
RudkinHenry27 May 1878View
RudmanFrederick William23 April 1880View
RudmanFrederick William View
RuffleCharles John12 March 1880View
RufflesHenry William18 July 1873View
RuleLionel Sydney28 April 1880View
RuleLionel Sydney View
RumannWilliam Bernhard6 February 1869View
RumbleWilliam Edward14 October 1876View
RundleBeaumont14 April 1886View
RunhamHorace4 October 1871View
RunningGeorge14 June 1878View
RushtonJames Howard13 June 1877View
RushtonLouis9 February 1872View
RushtonLouis View
RussellArchibald27 October 1879View
RussellArthur Edwin18 December 1879View
RussellArthur Edwin View
RussellCharles5 June 1875View
RussellEdmund1 January 1881View
RussellFrank Albert6 February 1878View
RussellFrederick Charles8 July 1869View
RussellFrederick Charles View
RussellJohn21 March 1880View
RussellJohn12 August 1874View
RussellJohn27 September 1874View
RussellJohn View
RussellJohn Albert17 January 1879View
RussellJohn Newton22 December 1872View
RussellReginald Stephen5 September 1879View
RussellReginald Stephen View
RussellRobert Lawrie24 December 1878View
RussellSydney Allen10 March 1875View
RussellWilliam28 May 1878View
RussellWilliam8 August 1867View
RussellWilliam View
RussenAlfred4 December 1880View
RussenAlfred View
RuthenbergAlbert2 March 1883View
RuthenbergPeter Cornelius13 May 1881View
RuthenbergWilliam Frederick13 May 1881View
RutherfordHugh26 July 1880View
RutherfordThomas3 June 1873View
RutherfordThomas James29 October 1880View
RutkenJoseph7 February 1879View
RutkenJoseph7 February 1879View
RutterArthur5 January 1876View
RutterFrancis George10 January 1874View
RutterRichard Samuel10 September 1881View
RuxtonRobert5 April 1869View
RyanArthur4 May 1880View
RyanArthur View
RyanJohn26 February 1868View
RyanJohn Thomas30 September 1873View
RyanJohn Thomas View
RyanJoseph2 February 1881View
RyanJoseph View
RyanMartin25 December 1870View
RyanMichael1 January 1881View
RyanPatrick7 March 1881View
RyanPatrick Vincent27 September 1881View
RyndDennis Ashley Fearon5 July 1883View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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