South African Constabulary Search : S
Surname Names Date of Birth View
SabineHenry Thomas29 January 1882View
SaddingtonThomas William8 December 1880View
SaddlerRobert31 December 1882View
SadlerBernard Leon3 November 1878View
SadlerCharles10 November 1878View
SaintFrank24 May 1881View
SalamanSydney Dudley Martin8 October 1879View
SalisburyErnest14 August 1870View
SalisburyErnest View
SallisCharles30 April 1881View
SalmonAlbert Charles31 July 1874View
SalmonArthur George21 February 1879View
SalmonEdward Alfred11 July 1877View
SalmonHorace Phillip29 March 1877View
SalmonThomas28 June 1879View
SalomonsKeith Wade1 January 1887View
SaltGeorge William21 December 1883View
SalterGeorge25 January 1885View
SalterHorace Edward4 September 1876View
SalterMarcus20 October 1874View
SalterRobert3 April 1878View
SalterWilliam Thomas18 March 1881View
SammonEdward28 February 1879View
SammonsThomas31 December 1878View
SampsonJohn2 October 1879View
SandbrookEdward Harry17 June 1880View
SandefordHerbert Peter4 April 1879View
SandefordHerbert Peter4 April 1879View
SandersCecil Wilson23 August 1868View
SandersCecil Wilson View
SandersCharles Alfred25 March 1881View
SandersCharles Alfred25 March 1882View
SandersCharles Alfred View
SandersWilliam25 February 1873View
SandersonDuncan20 February 1880View
SandersonEdward27 June 1881View
SandersonThomas Robert5 March 1881View
SandsCharles19 January 1879View
SandsCharles View
SandyErnest Edward23 April 1875View
SandyGeorge Woods25 June 1874View
SandyWilliam Henry17 December 1882View
SangWilliam14 May 1873View
SargentFrank3 August 1876View
SargentHarry William3 October 1880View
SargentThomas Edward1 May 1872View
SaulWalter4 January 1881View
SaulWalter View
SaulezRobert George Rendall13 January 1882View
SaundersAlbert William2 May 1881View
SaundersAlbert William View
SaundersArthur Thomas10 April 1880View
SaundersCharles16 January 1880View
SaundersCharles Henry26 July 1874View
SaundersEdward Cecil5 November 1870View
SaundersFrank27 March 1876View
SaundersFrank15 March 1873View
SaundersGeorge14 December 1866View
SaundersGerald Sydney23 March 1867View
SaundersJohn William16 September 1877View
SaundersPiet Weitz6 August 1878View
SaundersWilliam John5 June 1883View
SaundersWilliam John View
SavagePeter8 May 1874View
SavellWilliam Russell1877 View
SawfordAlan16 February 1872View
SawfordAlan View
SawkinsFred Arthur6 August 1870View
SawyerHubert Benjamin14 January 1881View
SawyerHubert Benjamin View
SaxbyHorace Dobell26 February 1871View
SaxbyHorace Dobell View
SayerHarry3 July 1876View
SayerHarry View
SayersHarold Thomas14 July 1880View
SayersSamuel Suffern2 February 1877View
SayersWilliam18 March 1875View
SayersWilliam Thomas25 April 1875View
ScamblerJoseph Clifton27 May 1876View
ScammellGeorge24 July 1865View
ScanlenHendrik Jacobus2 April 1884View
ScanlonJohn Henry29 November 1880View
ScanlonJohn Henry5 September 1879View
ScanlonJohn Henry View
ScarffGeorge Robert29 November 1876View
ScarlettArthur William25 June 1881View
ScarlettFrank28 May 1880View
ScarlettFrank View
SchaferJohn Christian22 July 1879View
ScheepersJacobus Gerhardus5 August 1878View
SchoemanPillippus Johannes Jakobbus18 January 1881View
SchofieldAllan McCloud9 March 1875View
SchofieldBeverley Agreen20 August 1878View
SchofieldBeverley Agreen View
ScholesGeorge Frank25 March 1873View
ScholesGeorge Frank View
SchooleyArthur Ernest25 October 1877View
SchorrFrederick Lionel19 February 1879View
SchutteChristian Erens13 January 1874View
SchutteJohn Francis17 October 1885View
SchweitzerGeorge11 January 1882View
ScoonesThomas Edward28 August 1879View
ScorgieJohn Bisset29 April 1881View
ScorgieJohn Bisset View
ScothornArthur5 May 1880View
ScottAlexander30 December 1879View
ScottAlexander View
ScottAlexander John19 December 1879View
ScottAndrew1 May 1879View
ScottAndrew5 August 1875View
ScottAndrew Ewart31 December 1878View
ScottCharles10 September 1880View
ScottFrank12 July 1880View
ScottFrank William20 January 1879View
ScottFred21 November 1879View
ScottFred View
ScottGeorge21 November 1879View
ScottGeorge6 March 1880View
ScottGeorge Siddons18 October 1878View
ScottGordon15 April 1880View
ScottJames30 December 1872View
ScottJames Fortescue26 March 1879View
ScottJames Fortescue View
ScottJohn30 December 1881View
ScottJohn4 April 1871View
ScottJohn David5 July 1879View
ScottJohn Kerr16 April 1882View
ScottJohn Walter16 May 1881View
ScottNeil Campbell24 February 1879View
ScottNorman James12 August 1879View
ScottRichard7 July 1871View
ScottRichard13 January 1864View
ScottRichard View
ScottRobert29 July 1875View
ScottRobert Grant20 June 1880View
ScottRobert Morrow17 August 1879View
ScottWalter11 May 1880View
ScottWilliam21 September 1880View
ScottWilliam Rogers9 April 1881View
Scott-SimpsonMontague Douglas14 March 1880View
ScroggieJames Orr29 April 1871View
SeabrookHugh Raynor24 April 1882View
SeagerCharles Rupert24 September 1872View
SeagerWilliam Johnson14 July 1879View
SeamanFrederick2 March 1878View
SearThomas10 July 1872View
SearlsFrederick26 February 1881View
SeathGeorge21 December 1871View
SeathGeorge Murray21 November 1876View
SeathGeorge Murray View
SeatonWilliam Harold21 April 1880View
Seaton-WintonAllan12 August 1884View
SeckerWilliam Henry1 June 1876View
SeddonCharles Percy15 December 1881View
SeddonCharles Percy15 December 1881View
SeddonRupert Ernest6 November 1876View
SeeGarnet Edward11 August 1878View
SeelyEdward5 March 1879View
SeeryErnest Frederick23 September 1880View
SeeryErnest Frederick View
SeggieAlexander21 March 1881View
SelbyFrederick William4 October 1880View
SelbyHubert Bolton7 February 1872View
SelfErnest16 June 1880View
SelfThomas Hardy8 October 1868View
SelfThomas Hardy View
SellFrederick Augustus26 July 1876View
SellWilliam Charles25 November 1877View
SellWilliam Charles View
SellandAndro17 November 1880View
SellarsRaymond18 June 1880View
SelleyWilliam1 April 1880View
SellmanWilliam Henry21 July 1880View
SelmesHorace Albert14 April 1871View
SemonAlbert14 November 1871View
SemonAlbert View
SempleJames Wilson14 September 1872View
SeniorWilliam Henry4 May 1877View
SeniorWilliam Henry4 May 1875View
SepnerJohn27 November 1877View
SepnerJohn View
SeviourJohn George18 October 1878View
SewardJohn29 October 1880View
SewardJohn View
SewellArthur Edward William19 February 1878View
SewellEdward Jesse1 January 1879View
SewellFrank31 August 1876View
SewellJoseph27 May 1879View
SewterWilliam4 June 1879View
SextonJohn George25 November 1874View
SeymourArthur Wilfred7 August 1882View
SeymourBertram15 September 1881View
SeymourBertram View
SeymourCharles23 September 1881View
SeymourCharles Arthur2 September 1870View
SeymourHenry Charles Valentine14 February 1878View
SeymourHubert John21 March 1879View
SeymourJames Gregory31 December 1880View
SeymourJames Gregory View
SeymourReginald3 October 1881View
SeymourWilliam16 June 1876View
SeymourWilliam View
ShackellHenry James Edward29 August 1873View
ShackellHenry James Edward View
ShaddickAlfred12 November 1879View
ShalveyPhilip John3 December 1883View
ShanksDavid4 January 1878View
ShanksWilliam Graham3 April 1869View
ShannonGeorge21 April 1879View
ShannonJames Wilson30 October 1867View
ShannonJames Wilson View
ShannonTimothy Joseph1 February 1885View
ShardlowWilliam Ambrose18 January 1878View
SharmanWilliam John25 December 1878View
SharpFrederick Graham12 November 1879View
SharpHarry21 September 1884View
SharpHarry View
SharpHenry Gordon2 June 1877View
SharpJames17 July 1878View
SharpWallace John13 February 1880View
SharpeAlfred John3 May 1876View
SharpeAlfred John View
ShattockChristopher Harry25 August 1879View
ShawCharles Frederick31 March 1878View
ShawCharles Leonard21 May 1869View
ShawEvan Carter2 February 1875View
ShawGeorge6 April 1878View
ShawHerbert Graham17 June 1872View
ShawJames21 September 1879View
ShawJohn Edward21 May 1868View
ShawJohn William3 September 1881View
ShawThomas Herbert19 March 1874View
ShawWalter8 March 1870View
ShawWalter View
ShawWilliam18 June 1882View
ShawWilliam5 August 1879View
ShawWilliam Edward18 September 1878View
ShawcrossIsaac24 February 1879View
SheaGeorge Hetherington10 September 1872View
SheaMichael1 December 1874View
SheehanThomas20 December 1871View
SheenEdwin James2 August 1879View
SheldonAlbert William24 February 1880View
ShephardHenry Charles17 May 1881View
ShepheardFrederick1 January 1874View
ShepherdErnest9 August 1875View
ShepherdErnest8 March 1880View
ShepherdPeter1 February 1877View
ShepherdReginald Crawford17 December 1882View
ShepherdWilliam Henry23 September 1887View
SheppardAlbert Edward23 September 1878View
SheppardAlbert George22 August 1876View
SheppardErnest4 March 1878View
SheppardErnest View
SheppardWilliam20 August 1874View
SheppardWilliam Keighley Charles22 November 1876View
ShepperdAlston Lord19 September 1879View
ShepperdAlston Lord View
SheppersonCharles Edward28 May 1881View
SherborneDarby24 June 1879View
SherborneDarby View
SheridanHenry25 January 1880View
SheridanHenry View
SheridanHugh12 January 1877View
SheridanThomas25 July 1877View
SheridanThomas Henry26 December 1879View
SherlockEdward Norman12 June 1880View
SherlockEdward Norman View
ShermanEdwin Collingwood4 August 1882View
ShermanEdwin Collingwood View
SherriffWilliam Gordon25 August 1879View
SherriffWilliam Gordon View
SherwillAlbert Henry17 January 1879View
SherwillAlbert Henry View
SherwinRobert Duncan10 January 1870View
SherwoodEdgar Samuel16 December 1876View
SherwoodEdgar Samuel View
SherwoodErnest Albert11 December 1877View
SherwoodErnest Albert View
SherwoodGeorge Parker5 February 1878View
SherwoodThomas Oscar4 November 1879View
ShielGeorge27 December 1873View
ShieldsJames23 February 1879View
ShieldsWilliam15 December 1874View
ShieldsWilliam View
ShiptonHenry Reginald19 March 1880View
ShirkieAndrew Sanders12 January 1878View
ShirleyPaul28 May 1876View
ShooterGeorge22 April 1880View
ShoplandBernard3 September 1880View
ShoplandBernard View
ShoreAlbert William14 December 1881View
ShoreAlbert William View
ShoreArthur William15 June 1882View
ShoreRobert14 May 1874View
ShortCharles Haughton Gordon12 April 1881View
ShortJohn30 January 1886View
ShortThomas1867 View
ShortThomas Ridgey10 April 1879View
ShortWilliam Hall7 May 1877View
ShortleRick17 June 1870View
ShortridgeGuy21 June 1880View
ShorttAlbert Fitzgerald10 June 1877View
ShouldiceWilliam4 May 1876View
ShoultsFrederick Clement21 October 1878View
ShreeveJohn Frederick10 July 1875View
ShrewsburyAlbert William10 December 1867View
ShrewsburyAlbert William View
ShrimptonRichard Kenneth18 March 1882View
SibbaldAndrew Whittle23 October 1871View
SibbaldAndrew Whittle View
SibbaldWilliam1 March 1875View
SiemensJohn George25 May 1880View
SierArthur James2 February 1880View
SilkFrederic20 August 1881View
SillThomas1 June 1875View
SillThomas View
SillifantArchibald William16 June 1877View
SilversidesGeorge24 October 1868View
SilverthorneJames24 October 1872View
SimmondsFrancis Joseph31 May 1879View
SimmondsFrancis Joseph View
SimmonsHarry Edwin5 September 1881View
SimmonsHarry Edwin View
SimmonsWilliam25 September 1883View
SimmonsWilliam Henry31 October 1878View
SimmsEdward George30 April 1881View
SimnerJohn21 April 1874View
SimpsonArchibald4 May 1879View
SimpsonArchibald View
SimpsonFred Oliver29 April 1880View
SimpsonFred Oliver View
SimpsonFrederic25 January 1880View
SimpsonFrederick Charles3 February 1878View
SimpsonGeorge Alexander30 May 1870View
SimpsonHugh Stuart13 August 1880View
SimpsonJohn Bain20 August 1880View
SimpsonJohn Bain View
SimpsonJohn George27 October 1876View
SimpsonJohn James25 July 1875View
SimpsonJohn James View
SimpsonJohn William9 October 1865View
SimpsonJohn William View
SimpsonOscar Julious15 June 1882View
SimpsonRichard15 June 1880View
SimpsonRobert9 December 1880View
SimpsonWalter28 October 1881View
SimpsonWilliam28 June 1880View
SimpsonWilliam23 October 1882View
SimpsonWilliam Britton5 April 1880View
SimsBernard James19 July 1880View
SimsCharles28 May 1886View
SimsDavid21 November 1880View
SimsHenry James18 October 1877View
SimsHenry James9 February 1867View
SimsJames Hugh6 August 1878View
SimsWilliam6 January 1871View
SinclairAlexander Gordon1 September 1880View
SinclairDaniel11 April 1880View
SinclairGeorge Benjamin Tolmache10 August 1884View
SinclairJohn4 March 1881View
SinclairJohn James5 November 1880View
SinclairScot James3 October 1880View
SinclairWilliam John1 April 1868View
SindelAlfred15 December 1869View
SindelAlfred View
SingletonAlbert Walter23 December 1878View
SinnottDavid Peter25 January 1878View
SivellAlfred Robert27 June 1878View
SivellAlfred Robert View
SivyerThomas11 July 1879View
SkaifRobert John9 December 1869View
SkaifRobert John View
SkardonArthur Langdon2 July 1878View
SkeltonGranville9 March 1868View
SkeltonJohn William Alexander24 December 1866View
SkeltonPhilip Ralph14 May 1882View
SkeltonPhilip Ralph View
SkeneRobert Charles Ferrall16 May 1871View
SkengleJesse10 January 1873View
SkengleJesse View
SkevingtonWilliam Hindley5 November 1879View
SkevingtonWilliam Hindley View
SkillenWilliam11 August 1879View
SkinnerArthur22 November 1880View
SkinnerCharles1879 View
SkinnerGeorge William Grover28 February 1880View
SkinnerWilliam12 October 1881View
SkirvingHerbert Robertson20 March 1879View
SkirvingHerbert Robertson View
SkuseWilliam Ashe28 September 1879View
SkyrmeErnest27 October 1875View
SlabbertJoseph Leislie8 December 1885View
SlackDouglas Lockhart14 July 1870View
SladeZenas Alfred3 March 1872View
SlarkeArthur Edwin29 September 1878View
SlaterGeorge2 August 1880View
SlaterPaul James18 March 1874View
SlaterPaul James View
SlatherGerald Frank1 September 1879View
SlatherGerald Frank View
SlatterErnest25 June 1879View
SlatteryJohn26 December 1872View
SlawsonLeslie Godfree23 February 1881View
SleanHilliard15 September 1877View
SleeJack Thilthorpe13 December 1880View
SleeRobert19 March 1881View
SlightDavid2 April 1869View
SloanJohn Warren6 March 1874View
SloanRobert21 August 1880View
SloanRobert View
SloanSamuel William24 July 1879View
SlocombeWilliam Henry11 March 1876View
SlomanWilliam22 July 1878View
SmailSherriff14 May 1876View
SmaleReginald Perry29 May 1880View
SmallErnest5 December 1880View
SmallMortimer16 December 1875View
SmallWilliam Henry26 September 1868View
SmallacombeHarry22 July 1879View
SmallmanGeorge Ford31 March 1863View
SmartAlexander31 October 1881View
SmartArthur12 March 1874View
SmartArthur View
SmartHenry Frank30 November 1880View
SmartHenry Frank View
SmeetonFrederick18 December 1879View
SmetzerCharles Selby5 April 1878View
SmetzerCharles Selby View
SmilesLeon Eustace12 August 1872View
SmitCornelius Johannes25 December 1870View
SmitCornelius Johannes View
SmitGerhardus Gabriel11 November 1880View
SmitHerclaas Willem8 November 1875View
SmitJacobus Nicolaas19 July 1883View
SmitJohannes Jacobus11 September 1880View
SmitMatthys Johannes27 March 1878View
SmitMatthys Johannes View
SmithAbraham Terrace de Villiers18 February 1879View
SmithAlbert5 June 1878View
SmithAlbert17 February 1877View
SmithAlbert View
SmithAlbert Edward10 April 1876View
SmithAlbert Ernest Seymour22 January 1876View
SmithAlbert James29 October 1873View
SmithAlbert John16 November 1866View
SmithAlexander7 April 1880View
SmithAlexander John10 May 1878View
SmithAlexander John View
SmithAlexander John Craigen2 January 1881View
SmithAlfred29 August 1880View
SmithAlfred15 May 1871View
SmithAlfred29 August 1881View
SmithAlfred View
SmithAlfred Charles19 July 1885View
SmithAlfred Edward16 March 1879View
SmithAnthony3 October 1880View
SmithArchibald George26 December 1869View
SmithArthur2 June 1878View
SmithArthur20 January 1871View
SmithArthur Ernest8 January 1881View
SmithCharles14 September 1878View
SmithCharles Eli2 April 1880View
SmithCharles Frederick Ellen18 July 1880View
SmithCharles Goodburn25 July 1876View
SmithCharles Goodburn View
SmithColin Campbell Gunn8 May 1880View
SmithCrawford8 October 1876View
SmithDaniel Passmore24 June 1871View
SmithDavid10 October 1873View
SmithDonald Fraser25 December 1879View
SmithDouglas Porteen22 April 1880View
SmithDouglas Porteen View
SmithEdward7 April 1872View
SmithEdward1 September 1880View
SmithEdward James Frost1 January 1880View
SmithEdward Sayer9 December 1879View
SmithErnest William8 December 1881View
SmithFrancis Basil22 October 1875View
SmithFrank11 November 1880View
SmithFrank21 November 1879View
SmithFrank View
SmithFrank Charles14 January 1878View
SmithFrank Wallis21 January 1879View
SmithFrederick16 September 1874View
SmithFrederick18 October 1881View
SmithFrederick16 December 1875View
SmithFrederick Charles18 November 1880View
SmithFrederick Charles28 June 1871View
SmithFrederick Charles View
SmithFrederick Charles View
SmithFrederick Walter13 May 1871View
SmithFrederick William3 September 1880View
SmithGeorge13 August 1880View
SmithGeorge Henry11 October 1879View
SmithGeorge Henry William8 December 1881View
SmithGeorge Henry William View
SmithGeorge James30 January 1881View
SmithGeorge James9 October 1881View
SmithGeorge Vincent9 September 1878View
SmithHamilton12 February 1873View
SmithHarold29 April 1883View
SmithHarold Brander3 August 1878View
SmithHarry22 September 1880View
SmithHarry18 October 1879View
SmithHarry11 December 1869View
SmithHenry25 March 1871View
SmithHenry13 April 1876View
SmithHenry View
SmithHenry George4 February 1878View
SmithHenry George View
SmithHenry James Howman30 November 1881View
SmithHenry John6 April 1878View
SmithHenry Peter3 May 1879View
SmithHerbert James1 July 1877View
SmithHerbert William8 November 1881View
SmithIrwin Robert6 February 1881View
SmithIvo Charles15 October 1882View
SmithIvo Charles View
SmithJames9 September 1880View
SmithJames12 December 1877View
SmithJames12 December 1877View
SmithJames31 August 1878View
SmithJames17 July 1880View
SmithJames17 July 1881View
SmithJames View
SmithJames Allan16 September 1880View
SmithJames Henry13 March 1879View
SmithJames Henry View
SmithJames William16 August 1878View
SmithJohannes Henderik22 December 1882View
SmithJohannes Jacobus10 August 1884View
SmithJohannes S. View
SmithJohn2 April 1878View
SmithJohn11 October 1873View
SmithJohn31 December 1877View
SmithJohn17 August 1878View
SmithJohn7 February 1881View
SmithJohn26 September 1878View
SmithJohn14 October 1879View
SmithJohn View
SmithJohn Anderson7 May 1881View
SmithJohn Bennett8 August 1879View
SmithJohn Bennett8 August 1879View
SmithJohn Clark7 June 1878View
SmithJohn Dee17 October 1879View
SmithJohn Williston22 September 1876View
SmithJoseph19 May 1874View
SmithJosiah Needham15 July 1877View
SmithMaitland Jenkinson Alexander18 December 1866View
SmithMalcolm Lees17 February 1884View
SmithMaxwell Henry3 September 1875View
SmithMontague6 August 1878View
SmithMontague6 August 1878View
SmithNorman8 June 1880View
SmithNorman4 May 1878View
SmithNorman View
SmithNorman Pigott8 February 1882View
SmithNorman Pigott View
SmithOswald Gaunt28 June 1875View
SmithPercy25 March 1877View
SmithPhilip Louis22 August 1882View
SmithReginald Robert24 July 1879View
SmithRichard23 April 1878View
SmithRichard Frederick26 July 1875View
SmithRichard Frederick View
SmithRichard George27 October 1880View
SmithRichard James18 March 1870View
SmithRobert3 June 1880View
SmithRobert Ernest11 September 1877View
SmithRobert James7 July 1861View
SmithRobert James View
SmithRowland31 August 1878View
SmithSamuel Marshall4 May 1876View
SmithSamuel Walter18 April 1879View
SmithSidney31 August 1873View
SmithSilas14 July 1881View
SmithSydney Wordsworth2 August 1874View
SmithThomas18 August 1868View
SmithThomas10 August 1877View
SmithWalter11 July 1884View
SmithWalter14 December 1868View
SmithWalter View
SmithWalter Charles21 July 1879View
SmithWalter Charles19 December 1878View
SmithWalter George6 October 1879View
SmithWalter Haze16 December 1876View
SmithWalter John1 April 1880View
SmithWalter John View
SmithWalter Stratton30 August 1875View
SmithWilliam5 August 1870View
SmithWilliam2 June 1877View
SmithWilliam1 May 1881View
SmithWilliam19 February 1880View
SmithWilliam12 March 1876View
SmithWilliam22 October 1875View
SmithWilliam View
SmithWilliam View
SmithWilliam Absalom17 January 1880View
SmithWilliam Alexander12 May 1880View
SmithWilliam Gordon8 April 1881View
SmithWilliam Gordon View
SmithWilliam James4 August 1880View
SmithWilliam Lesley15 September 1880View
SmithWilliam Stephen20 November 1884View
SmithWilliam Thomas31 July 1880View
SmithiesLaw18 May 1874View
SmithsonHarold Aubrey8 June 1880View
SmithwickMichael Thomas15 February 1875View
SmoothyGeorge24 September 1877View
SmullanWilliam Henry19 April 1873View
SmutsAntonie Michael9 March 1881View
SmutsAntonie Michael View
SmutsGert Martinus13 March 1881View
SmutsGert Martinus View
SmutsGerthardus Martinus13 March 1881View
SmylyPercival Westby20 September 1882View
SmythAddison Richard22 December 1874View
SmythFrederick Charles23 February 1881View
SmythGeorge26 May 1876View
SmythJohn Joseph9 January 1877View
SmythJohn Joseph View
SmythWilliam Harold18 July 1876View
SmytheGoldwin12 July 1880View
SnellFrederick Charles5 September 1870View
SnellFrederick Charles View
SnellSidney20 October 1879View
SnoadWilliam George10 March 1872View
SnoadWilliam George View
SnoddyAlexander7 February 1873View
SnowdenErnest George5 December 1876View
SnowdenErnest George View
SnowdenThomas Waddilove Joseph25 October 1867View
SnyderWilliam Henry28 January 1871View
SoamesWilliam12 September 1873View
SobeyJohn11 September 1880View
Solly-FloodFrederick Frere29 June 1868View
SolomonHerbert Louis24 November 1870View
SomerPhilip James20 February 1872View
SomersCharles Hubert31 July 1880View
SomersCharles Hubert View
SomersWilliam Robert25 January 1880View
SomervilleArthur12 August 1874View
SomervilleArthur28 February 1876View
SomervilleStewart22 June 1879View
SoutarAlexander4 July 1880View
SoutarCharles22 November 1877View
SouthallThomas Preston31 January 1871View
SouthernErnest Jordan17 August 1877View
SouthernErnest Jordan View
SouthernWilliam11 October 1879View
SouthernWilliam View
SouthgateEdward John14 September 1878View
SouthgateGeorge Murray24 May 1875View
SouthonHarry18 January 1877View
SowersbyWilliam27 July 1880View
SowersbyWilliam View
SowterWilliam John22 April 1880View
SpackmanArthur Edward29 April 1874View
SpaldingDonald22 October 1876View
SparkJerry4 August 1876View
SparkesJohn16 July 1878View
SparkesWilliam Noble5 February 1869View
SparksBenjamin Alfred26 September 1880View
SparksFrederick George28 February 1877View
SparrowJohn Francis Morgan4 July 1875View
SpearJames Albert13 January 1881View
SpearWilliam John12 November 1877View
SpearmanFrederick17 October 1878View
SpeedSamuel8 December 1878View
SpenceRobert7 January 1880View
SpenceRobert View
SpencerAlbert15 May 1879View
SpencerClaude25 January 1879View
SpencerEdward14 November 1876View
SpencerHenry23 January 1876View
SpencerJames Swann Douglas21 January 1879View
SpencerJohn8 June 1883View
SpencerRobert Thomas17 January 1879View
SpicerHenry Frederick3 December 1881View
SpickettEdward15 November 1868View
SpiersCharles17 March 1870View
SpiersGeorge7 May 1879View
SpilsburyAlfred John23 March 1882View
SpilsburyAlfred John View
SpinkFrederic12 September 1879View
SpinkFrederic View
SpinksWilliam King13 October 1881View
SpiresEdward14 April 1880View
SpiresHerbert Henry12 February 1877View
SpittleTom11 December 1881View
SpittlesGeorge25 July 1875View
SpoonerGeorge Ernest5 January 1879View
SpoonerHenry Charles Cyril12 February 1884View
SpoorPercy Henry6 July 1881View
SpotswoodJohn Theobald10 March 1871View
SprackettErnest Henry21 February 1877View
SprattStuart20 July 1876View
SpreadburyWilliam Edward10 May 1868View
SpringHenry Thomas26 December 1878View
SprottPeter19 December 1877View
SprouleHarry John23 March 1880View
SprouleJohn Edward16 June 1876View
SprouleThomas Berry3 January 1876View
SprouleThomas Berry View
SprungBenjamin19 February 1880View
SpuffardWilliam George10 April 1871View
SquireHenry16 July 1877View
SquireWright Thomas30 September 1877View
St. LegerAlgernon10 June 1878View
StablefordHenry Vivian25 February 1883View
StablefordHenry Vivian25 February 1883View
StablesArchibald Hugh30 January 1878View
StacyFrancis22 May 1880View
StaffordJames William29 November 1879View
StaggCharles12 March 1878View
StaggCharles View
StaggWilliam19 April 1867View
StallardAlbert William29 June 1884View
StallardThomas Alfred4 January 1882View
StammwitzPercy21 February 1881View
StampsJoseph26 July 1878View
StanbankThomas Parker1 February 1879View
StanburyWilliam David17 July 1879View
StandenAlfred Edward29 September 1876View
StanfordAlbert Edwin28 January 1874View
StanfordWilliam12 July 1873View
StaniforthRobert9 July 1868View
StaniforthWilliam10 May 1874View
StanleyArthur Henry5 June 1882View
StanleyWilliam Arthur22 December 1878View
StantonEdgar12 January 1878View
StantonHarold Montague24 March 1878View
StantonHarold Montague View
StantonPhillip11 October 1871View
StapelbergIzak Matys20 March 1872View
StapelbergIzak Matys View
StapelbergNicolas Johannes20 April 1881View
StapelbergPeterus Johannes27 January 1884View
StapelbergPeterus Johannes View
StapletonJohn2 July 1879View
StarkeyArthur Percival6 October 1881View
StarrEdward7 June 1876View
StarrEdward View
StarrettJames12 July 1880View
StaufferAlbert Watson10 October 1876View
StaufferAlbert Watson View
SteadThomas Gomersall5 April 1860View
StebbingFrederick3 June 1878View
StedmanRobert Charles21 March 1878View
SteedHarry Ernest28 July 1875View
SteeleAndrew2 March 1877View
SteeleFrederick24 October 1882View
SteeleHarold Atkinson3 April 1877View
SteeleSamuel Coucher8 July 1881View
SteeleSamuel Coucher8 July 1881View
SteeleThomas10 December 1871View
SteeleThomas View
SteeleWilliam Henry30 July 1880View
SteelesFrancis16 October 1874View
SteenbergWilliam Frederick12 August 1881View
SteerPhilip15 March 1879View
SteigerJohn10 January 1874View
SteinbergJohn View
StenhouseHerbert Augustus6 March 1882View
StephenDaniel29 May 1880View
StephensArthur Fitz25 February 1879View
StephensGeorge Henry14 April 1881View
StephensJoseph Hugh30 September 1880View
StephensReginald Osborne28 March 1880View
StephensRichard Oliver25 March 1872View
StephensThomas19 May 1878View
StephensWilliam8 May 1880View
StephensonHarry Francis20 January 1876View
StephensonJames George4 June 1877View
SterlingArthur12 August 1879View
SterneRichard Joseph20 May 1877View
StevenJohn12 September 1875View
StevensAlfred24 July 1879View
StevensAlfred View
StevensArthur Richard8 January 1875View
StevensBertram29 January 1880View
StevensBertram29 January 1880View
StevensEdwin6 February 1875View
StevensGeorge William4 April 1879View
StevensGeorge William4 April 1879View
StevensJames Ainslie23 November 1869View
StevensLewis Henry13 February 1881View
StevensLewis Henry View
StevensReginald Gilbert27 June 1882View
StevensSydney Thomas3 November 1878View
StevensWilliam26 August 1867View
StevensWilliam John Young8 January 1877View
StevensWilliam Morton24 September 1876View
StevensonAlec Ruddell27 January 1872View
StevensonAlexander10 April 1880View
StevensonCharles D'Urban Sinclair12 July 1882View
StevensonFrank1 September 1865View
StevensonGeorge28 January 1878View
StevensonJohn25 September 1879View
StevensonJohn Hazel28 May 1877View
StevensonLauchlan27 December 1874View
StevensonLewis Lett14 August 1879View
StevensonLewis Lett View
StevensonWilliam Russell15 April 1868View
StewartAlexander28 August 1878View
StewartAlexander Collie31 October 1874View
StewartDavid14 March 1881View
StewartDavid10 June 1878View
StewartDavid View
StewartDavid View
StewartDonald26 September 1883View
StewartGeorge15 November 1871View
StewartGeorge31 July 1881View
StewartJames18 April 1872View
StewartJames Alexander11 July 1877View
StewartJames Bertram Francis Leslie15 September 1879View
StewartJames Bertram Francis Leslie View
StewartJohn23 April 1870View
StewartJohn23 July 1877View
StewartJohn21 November 1875View
StewartJohn David24 July 1872View
StewartJohn George Raffan18 October 1881View
StewartJohn Ivorach18 January 1876View
StewartRobert Marshall17 December 1876View
StewartRobert Marshall View
StewartThomas15 July 1878View
StewartWilliam25 June 1875View
StewartWilliam Neil6 January 1869View
StewartWishart Hunter10 October 1880View
StewartWishart Hunter View
SteynAntonie Johannes8 December 1882View
SteynStephanus Johannes16 August 1881View
SticklandHenry24 October 1882View
StidwellCharles Edward14 September 1879View
StilesArthur Benjamin30 November 1872View
StillHenry Fiddes1 December 1874View
StilwellEgerton4 January 1880View
StirlingGeorge Edward22 July 1879View
StirlingWilliam4 March 1880View
StirlingWilliam View
StobieJames Russell24 December 1876View
StoboRobert James3 May 1878View
StockdaleFrederick John13 June 1880View
StocksJohn William13 February 1879View
StocktonHubert Robert6 June 1879View
StokellJames7 February 1871View
StokesFrancis Maurice Collins29 August 1878View
StokesHarry10 October 1878View
StollardFermington Everard Stanley15 January 1868View
StolleryGeorge12 April 1873View
StoltzDirk Jacobus Petrus12 June 1875View
StoneAlfred William1 September 1872View
StoneEverard Harry10 July 1882View
StoneFrank James28 May 1880View
StoneGilbert13 October 1881View
StoneHenry14 August 1876View
StoneHenry View
StoneHugh Arthur Lethbridge26 October 1880View
StoreyJames2 December 1876View
StoreyJames View
StoreyWilliam6 April 1879View
StottGeorge22 September 1880View
StottGeorge View
StovoldBurton30 September 1867View
StrachanDavid William7 November 1881View
StrachanJohn26 September 1879View
StrainRobert8 February 1877View
StrainRobert View
StranahanRobert Oscar25 August 1880View
StrangeErnest Harold25 July 1877View
StrangeHenry George15 December 1879View
StrangeWilliam18 June 1878View
StratfordArthur Henry29 August 1880View
StrattonRalph Tyacke2 November 1882View
StrattonWalter9 January 1875View
StraussLeopold Duncan Tennent21 April 1870View
StrawsonGeorge Smith9 December 1878View
StrawsonRichard Thomas30 May 1881View
StredwickArthur29 August 1875View
StrettonJames11 July 1865View
StrettonJames View
StringfellowCharles Allan21 August 1874View
StrivensMaurice18 February 1877View
StrodeAlfred Ernest17 February 1881View
StrodeErnest17 February 1881View
StrongFrank Montgomery17 July 1868View
StroodPercy11 January 1881View
StroudCharles Robert24 January 1878View
StrydomGert Johannes20 August 1879View
StrydomGideon Joubert5 August 1877View
StuartCharles Duncan2 February 1875View
StuartGeorge Frederick1 February 1881View
StuartHenry Edward13 July 1877View
StuartJohn29 October 1876View
StuartJohn29 November 1881View
StubbsFrederick29 August 1874View
StubbsJames Harker11 August 1875View
StubbsSidney John13 August 1879View
StudleyEdward Groom10 October 1865View
StumpRichard Henry27 January 1877View
StumpRichard Henry View
SturgesErnest Edward2 May 1879View
SturgesFrancis Joseph24 February 1877View
SturrockPeter14 July 1877View
SturrockPeter View
SucheAlfred James Parnell4 March 1879View
SuchwellLeonard24 February 1876View
SucklingWalter George1 March 1882View
SucksmithRichard1 January 1881View
SugdenJack Malcolm23 October 1879View
SugdenWilliam22 April 1874View
SullivanFrank Joseph3 November 1880View
SullivanGeorge16 January 1881View
SullivanJohn4 April 1879View
SullivanMichael John9 October 1876View
SullivanMichael John View
SullivanRichard15 December 1870View
SummersCharles28 June 1871View
SummersCharles William3 August 1875View
SummersFrank13 March 1877View
SummersGeorge Victor12 December 1869View
SummersThomas Louis19 February 1882View
SummersWilliam James25 November 1880View
SummersWilliam James View
SurradgeRobert Young13 August 1874View
SurridgeHenry William17 August 1874View
SutherlandAlexander5 May 1879View
SutherlandAndrew22 May 1881View
SutherlandBenjamin8 October 1881View
SutherlandBenjamin View
SutherlandDavid Macleod15 March 1885View
SutherlandDonald26 August 1875View
SutherlandJames18 August 1872View
SutherlandJohn14 March 1875View
SutherlandRobert8 June 1878View
SutherlandThomas28 September 1872View
SutterGeorge Malcolm29 December 1878View
SuttonEdward15 June 1880View
SuttonEdward View
SuttonFrank Seagrave12 February 1878View
SuttonFrank Seagrave View
SuttonFred24 April 1880View
SuttonJohn Henry27 March 1881View
SuttonRobert Henry21 July 1878View
SuttonWilliam Thomas21 January 1876View
SwainCharles13 March 1880View
SwainHerbert James12 January 1877View
SwainsonOswald Joshua7 August 1878View
SwainsonOswald Joshua View
SwanConrad Malcolm6 June 1880View
SwanConrad Malcolm View
SwanJohn4 May 1881View
SwanepoelAdriaan Johannes18 August 1880View
SwanepoelJacobus Frederick13 September 1886View
SwanepoelJohannes Christian30 January 1899View
SwannArthur26 May 1878View
SwannWilliam8 August 1877View
SwannWilliam View
SwansonWilliam10 March 1880View
SwanstonDavid8 March 1873View
SwartCornelius Johannes9 July 1881View
SwartCornelius Johannes View
SwartCornelius Nicolaas2 January 1876View
SwartJacobus Nicholas13 July 1878View
SwartJacobus Petrus4 August 1879View
SwartNicholas Gerhardus21 February 1887View
SwartzNicholas Johannes8 November 1867View
SwartzNicolas27 March 1881View
SweetHarry7 November 1879View
SweetmanAlfred James12 February 1868View
SweetmanAlfred James View
SweetmanJames27 December 1880View
SweteVernon Leith Hay25 August 1876View
SwifteHarold6 March 1885View
SwindallHarold Augustus Bruce7 April 1880View
SydneyHoratio Edward3 January 1874View
SydneyHoratio Edward View
SykesGeorge13 December 1878View
SykesJoseph30 July 1879View
SymesJohn Henry27 October 1881View
SymondsEdward Henry17 August 1872View
SymondsGeorge Albert6 June 1868View
SymondsGeorge Albert View
SymondsJames11 September 1879View
SymonsCampbell Arthur9 September 1868View
SyresThomas Percy21 January 1862View
SyrettHoward9 May 1880View
SyrettRobert Stephen31 May 1878View
SyrettStephen George5 April 1881View
SyrettStephen George View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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