South African Constabulary Search : T
Surname Names Date of Birth View
TabuteauEdgar Olivier22 January 1876View
TabuteauEdgar Olivier View
TabuteauFrederick12 September 1877View
TabuteauJames Hugh29 November 1875View
TailbyJames Vernon5 May 1878View
TaitHenry14 April 1878View
TaitHenry Hill26 May 1875View
TaitJohn7 September 1880View
TaitJohn View
TalbotBenjamin26 November 1870View
TalbotJames Patrick22 November 1869View
TalbotJohn11 February 1871View
TalbottBertram Ephraim25 January 1876View
TameThomas30 October 1875View
TameThomas View
TamplinJohn Thomas10 January 1879View
TannerGeorge Henry14 August 1880View
TannerGeorge Henry View
TannerHenry Popham25 August 1882View
TannerHenry Popham View
TannerRaymond Stuart31 December 1880View
TansleyDick15 January 1878View
TansonThomas John29 December 1881View
TarrantAlbert William Charles3 August 1872View
TaskerFrank10 March 1879View
TaskerFrank View
TateJohn George19 January 1878View
TattamHenry William30 November 1881View
TattersallWilliam13 April 1881View
TatumGeorge25 July 1875View
TaylorAllan George6 January 1881View
TaylorAllan George6 January 1880View
TaylorAndrew1884 View
TaylorArthur3 December 1881View
TaylorArthur View
TaylorCharles Oliver9 October 1867View
TaylorCharles Oliver View
TaylorEdward26 October 1876View
TaylorEdward Francis18 February 1878View
TaylorEdward Francis View
TaylorEdward James22 February 1878View
TaylorEdwin Cowan4 April 1879View
TaylorErnest25 June 1876View
TaylorErnest9 June 1875View
TaylorFrank25 November 1879View
TaylorFrederick Thomas15 April 1880View
TaylorFrederick William31 March 1878View
TaylorFrederick William View
TaylorGeorge Henry21 May 1876View
TaylorGeorge Henry21 August 1875View
TaylorHarry2 May 1878View
TaylorHarry Ward22 June 1881View
TaylorHenry Evelyn Hume22 July 1877View
TaylorJames17 January 1878View
TaylorJames19 April 1878View
TaylorJames View
TaylorJames Winterbottom17 December 1877View
TaylorJohn10 June 1867View
TaylorJohn1 February 1881View
TaylorJohn20 October 1875View
TaylorJohn Anderson24 May 1880View
TaylorJohn Guard3 June 1879View
TaylorJohn Henry28 September 1881View
TaylorJohn Henry23 September 1878View
TaylorLawrence30 September 1880View
TaylorLee Ernest11 June 1882View
TaylorLeonard Gower19 July 1877View
TaylorPercy Rudolph18 May 1876View
TaylorPercy Rudolph View
TaylorRichard27 May 1879View
TaylorRichard Orpen Townsend21 November 1880View
TaylorSam Holland9 February 1870View
TaylorThomas7 March 1876View
TaylorWilliam Thomas14 January 1879View
Te BruggsClement Wilhelm22 August 1877View
TeasdaleEdwin8 March 1880View
TebbuttHorace11 September 1879View
TedderErnest Horton15 June 1867View
TedderErnest Horton View
TeekAlfred Bethell17 March 1880View
TelforAlexander Davidson20 August 1880View
TelfordGeorge27 September 1878View
TelfordJess Frederick14 July 1872View
TembyEdgar6 April 1879View
TempertonCharles13 January 1872View
TempleFrank6 September 1865View
TempleThomas27 August 1868View
TemplemanWalter24 April 1876View
TempletonJames11 May 1876View
TennantBertie Neville28 November 1871View
TennickPercy28 February 1879View
TeppettJohn Joseph16 June 1878View
TerryEdward29 March 1862View
TerryFrederick18 December 1875View
TerryFrederick View
TerryWilliam16 February 1881View
TerryWilliam View
TesterPercy Charles4 July 1879View
ThainAndrew Mitchell22 March 1880View
ThainErnest Arthur9 August 1878View
ThayerWilliam Hedley3 July 1880View
ThayerWilliam Hedley View
TheakstoneHarry1 May 1876View
TheakstoneHarry View
TheophilusGilbert Thompson8 October 1881View
TheriaultAlphonse23 July 1874View
ThomasAlexander John18 October 1873View
ThomasAlexander John View
ThomasCecil Clarence13 October 1878View
ThomasClaud Philip Henry5 April 1882View
ThomasErnest10 July 1872View
ThomasErnest Percy11 August 1877View
ThomasFrederick John15 September 1879View
ThomasFrederick William21 February 1882View
ThomasFrederick William8 May 1871View
ThomasFrederick William View
ThomasGeorge Cecil31 December 1880View
ThomasGeorge Henry4 March 1867View
ThomasHenry Reid2 December 1881View
ThomasHenry Reid View
ThomasHugh5 March 1873View
ThomasJames Mitchell1 February 1875View
ThomasJames Mitchell View
ThomasJames William12 July 1882View
ThomasJames William View
ThomasJohn21 July 1866View
ThomasJohn1 January 1866View
ThomasJohn23 August 1880View
ThomasJohn Christmas25 December 1877View
ThomasJohn Hywell2 April 1880View
ThomasLouis Frederick21 March 1880View
ThomasOliver2 July 1880View
ThomasPhilip22 May 1871View
ThomasPhilip View
ThomasRichard Allen13 August 1881View
ThomasRichard Allen View
ThomasStanley15 June 1881View
ThomasThomas26 January 1877View
ThomasThomas14 February 1878View
ThomasVaughan31 July 1874View
ThomasWalter L.16 June 1878View
ThomasWilliam20 September 1884View
ThomasWilliam Gilbert5 December 1878View
ThomasWilliam Henry7 March 1878View
ThomasWilliam John1 April 1872View
ThompsonAlexander29 January 1876View
ThompsonAlfred Edward17 March 1877View
ThompsonAndrew8 May 1878View
ThompsonCharles31 July 1882View
ThompsonCharles Edward9 April 1878View
ThompsonDavid Chadwick6 March 1875View
ThompsonDavid Chadwick View
ThompsonDavid Shaw Booth18 February 1881View
ThompsonDavid Shaw Booth View
ThompsonEdwin George13 July 1879View
ThompsonFrank Douglas16 February 1878View
ThompsonFrank Douglas View
ThompsonGeorge28 November 1867View
ThompsonGeorge6 November 1876View
ThompsonGeorge30 March 1881View
ThompsonGeorge Galloway9 May 1872View
ThompsonGeorge William17 April 1870View
ThompsonHenry25 March 1879View
ThompsonHenry23 May 1855View
ThompsonHenry View
ThompsonJames22 June 1880View
ThompsonJames View
ThompsonJames Augustus5 August 1878View
ThompsonJames Ferris8 January 1875View
ThompsonJohn11 December 1880View
ThompsonJohn5 August 1870View
ThompsonJohn Alexander5 May 1866View
ThompsonJohn Alexander View
ThompsonJohn Denniston14 June 1881View
ThompsonReginald James Osborne28 June 1865View
ThompsonRichard18 May 1877View
ThompsonRobert Marmaduke7 August 1866View
ThompsonSamuel Alcana16 July 1880View
ThompsonStewart17 April 1874View
ThompsonThomas28 January 1876View
ThompsonThomas View
ThompsonThomas Henry21 August 1881View
ThompsonTom15 June 1867View
ThompsonTom View
ThompsonWallace19 March 1877View
ThompsonWallace View
ThompsonWilliam5 July 1876View
ThompsonWilliam Henry29 September 1878View
ThompsonWilliam Irwin14 March 1880View
ThompsonWilliam Jiggens2 August 1867View
ThomsonArthur Robert31 March 1880View
ThomsonArthur Robert View
ThomsonDavid18 December 1880View
ThomsonDavid View
ThomsonDavid Aird3 April 1872View
ThomsonGeorge18 May 1874View
ThomsonHarold Gordon28 July 1876View
ThomsonJames21 December 1878View
ThomsonJames William10 October 1877View
ThomsonJames William View
ThomsonRobert Duncan Peter4 January 1870View
ThomsonThomas Grieve3 May 1878View
ThornFrank Edmund23 July 1875View
ThornJames20 November 1866View
ThornborrowGeorge Henry26 January 1880View
ThornborrowGeorge Henry26 January 1880View
ThornborrowGeorge Henry View
ThorneNorman20 July 1877View
ThornhillJames William26 July 1880View
ThornhillJohn Bensley18 September 1875View
ThorningHarry24 November 1879View
ThornleyThomas18 June 1872View
ThornleyThomas View
ThorntonFrank Ernest15 January 1881View
ThorntonFrank Ernest15 January 1881View
ThorntonHouseman17 August 1872View
ThorpThomas Henry28 November 1874View
ThorpeAmbrose Rogers14 February 1868View
ThorpeEdward George25 July 1877View
ThorpeThomas18 March 1870View
ThorpeThomas View
ThrowerArthur Evelyn24 December 1871View
ThunderEdwin Quentin30 July 1870View
ThurmanJoseph16 January 1868View
ThursbyWilliam20 February 1880View
ThursbyWilliam Augustus5 June 1880View
ThwaitesAugustus Phillip4 May 1874View
TibbsAlfred12 February 1871View
TibbsAlfred View
TicknerCharles Lewis5 February 1882View
TideyCharles Daniel11 April 1881View
TiernanThomas30 August 1879View
TierneyJohn Joseph4 May 1878View
TierneyMartin16 August 1879View
TigheSamuel29 May 1874View
TigheSamuel View
TilburyReuben30 October 1880View
TilburyReuben View
TillArthur William29 September 1874View
TillArthur William View
TillCharles Sydney17 May 1878View
TillThomas Arthur19 September 1881View
TillemansHerbert Peter11 April 1876View
TilleyArthur Leslie26 May 1877View
TilleyFrederick9 January 1877View
TillingGeorge Edward16 July 1875View
TillotsonGerald16 November 1881View
TimckeWilliam Henry21 February 1881View
TimlickArthur26 March 1879View
TimmisRalph Shaw7 May 1877View
TimmsGeorge Richard1 February 1872View
TingeyJohn Henry16 November 1880View
TingeyJohn Henry View
TinkPercy John Wills18 March 1880View
TippettPercival George17 January 1880View
TippingArthur Bramble30 June 1879View
TippingArthur Bramble View
TippingHenry13 June 1879View
TippingHenry View
TippingPercival10 July 1879View
TissemanFrederick Weber2 July 1880View
TissemanFrederick Weber View
TitmanHarry2 April 1870View
TitteringtonJohn William10 March 1880View
TodAlexander9 February 1881View
TodAlexander View
ToddDavid Hamilton20 May 1877View
ToddDavid Hamilton View
ToddJohn2 March 1878View
ToddRichard22 January 1881View
ToddRobert Stanley4 July 1873View
ToddRobert Stanley View
ToddWilliam John Gibson19 July 1877View
ToddWilliam John Gibson View
ToddsCharles Frederick10 February 1880View
TodmanCharlie6 July 1880View
TodmanCharlie View
ToftHenry Charles8 April 1881View
TolchardWilliam10 December 1879View
TolchardWilliam View
TollSamuel Arthur4 March 1875View
TollemacheReginald Ernest31 October 1880View
TollemacheWalter James31 October 1880View
TollethAlexander Wilson6 August 1879View
TolleyGeorge15 April 1873View
TolmieDuncan24 June 1869View
TolmieDuncan View
TolmieMurdock13 November 1880View
TomblingHenry James19 December 1878View
TomlinsonFrank11 November 1881View
TomlinsonThomas21 May 1877View
TomlinsonThomas James Pajet24 December 1875View
TongeReginald Severn8 November 1879View
TonkinEdward31 July 1880View
TonksSamuel11 September 1876View
ToogoodJohn Levi30 January 1877View
TooheyMichael25 April 1874View
TooheyMichael View
TooleJames23 May 1878View
TooleVincent17 February 1884View
TooleyEdward16 June 1877View
TooleyEdward View
TooleyRaymond Ralph22 August 1881View
ToomeyTimothy View
TophamCharles Robert28 October 1878View
ToplissTom Herbert John29 April 1880View
ToppingGeorge1 May 1880View
TormeyJoseph Heaton Cadman22 November 1882View
TorrGeorge Henry11 March 1877View
TorranceThomas30 June 1868View
TorranceThomas View
TorranceWilliam9 June 1881View
TottenGeorge17 April 1871View
TouchieWatson James4 March 1880View
ToughJohn Skene10 February 1873View
TowellGeorge Edwin14 March 1877View
TowellGeorge Edwin View
TowillCharles15 June 1871View
TowleErnest William24 July 1879View
TownCharles4 July 1876View
TownCharles View
TownsendArthur Thomas25 January 1868View
TownsendWilliam John11 December 1881View
TownsendWilliam John View
TownshendEdwin Hepburn1 February 1880View
TownsonHarold9 December 1878View
TownsonIsaac6 January 1882View
ToyeEdwin White23 July 1880View
TraceyMichael8 September 1885View
TraceyWilliam21 December 1866View
TraceyWilliam View
TrainorWilliam13 October 1880View
TrainorWilliam View
TrantesThomas6 August 1872View
TrapnellHenry9 December 1877View
TraversArthur Sylvester23 March 1870View
TraversEdwin Leonard28 August 1881View
TraversGeorge Maurice18 January 1881View
TraversGeorge Maurice View
TraversHarry3 September 1879View
TraynorChristopher12 January 1881View
TreadawayFrank9 November 1879View
TreadwellCharles10 August 1875View
TreadwellCharles View
TreasureHerbert James16 May 1882View
TreasurerRoderick Colin22 March 1881View
TrebleFred22 December 1878View
TrebleSidney5 October 1881View
TreenGerald Arthur9 March 1877View
TregarthenStephen Childwall4 February 1879View
TremlettSamuel22 September 1867View
TrenchClaude Llewellyn5 February 1881View
TresiderJohn Edward26 July 1876View
TrevorWillet29 August 1870View
TrewThomas Richard29 September 1877View
TrewThomas Richard View
TriboletBenjaminApril 1876 View
TrickeyJames9 July 1877View
TrickeyWilliam31 August 1879View
TriechardtJohn Peter7 October 1881View
TriggAlbert7 May 1877View
TriggAlbert View
TriggolArthur John23 January 1878View
TriggolWilfred Fish17 May 1879View
TrigwellGeorge Thomas11 January 1883View
TrillReginald11 July 1883View
TrimJohn Absalom24 January 1872View
TrinderRobert22 November 1876View
TrittonPercy2 December 1876View
TrotmanJohn Beaman3 February 1879View
TrotmanRobert21 November 1868View
TrottErnest Vivian23 December 1879View
TrottFrederick Arthur7 May 1879View
TrotterMarshall5 October 1878View
TrotterTorrens21 May 1877View
TroweReginald George25 January 1881View
TrudgeonPhilip Henry2 November 1879View
TrudgettRichard21 February 1881View
TruemanJames3 June 1872View
TrundleSamuel Robert2 December 1868View
TrustramLinley Charles Jaques7 June 1877View
TruterJohannes Andries26 July 1883View
TryonEdward John22 July 1880View
TryonHenry Covey25 July 1883View
TuckCharles14 November 1876View
TuckWalter Balfour30 November 1879View
TuckerArthur Lawrence Brian11 December 1881View
TuckerArthur Lawrence Brian View
TuckerWilliam16 August 1877View
TuckerWilliam Ernest25 September 1880View
TuckettFrank Henry23 June 1877View
TudhopeJohn Glassfold18 August 1875View
TuffenAlec28 April 1880View
TullnesJohn Edward8 April 1885View
TullochJames17 July 1875View
TullochJames View
TullyAlexander9 December 1878View
TumiltyWilliam28 February 1871View
TungateGeorge William21 August 1881View
TunsteadJames Henry4 June 1877View
TurkingtonJohn3 March 1879View
TurkingtonJohn View
TurnbullJohn4 October 1880View
TurnbullSamuel Joseph11 December 1872View
TurnerAlbert Edward28 June 1873View
TurnerAlbert Edward28 June 1873View
TurnerArthur George21 April 1874View
TurnerArthur William29 November 1880View
TurnerErnest24 February 1878View
TurnerErnest Edgar28 May 1880View
TurnerErnest Edgar View
TurnerFred20 June 1876View
TurnerFred25 May 1877View
TurnerGeorge26 September 1881View
TurnerGeorge Charles22 December 1879View
TurnerGeorge Holderness5 November 1878View
TurnerGeorge Holderness View
TurnerHarold10 January 1877View
TurnerHarold View
TurnerJames7 May 1879View
TurnerJohn28 August 1877View
TurnerJohn William Henry Albert7 September 1873View
TurnerJohn William Henry Albert View
TurnerLlewellyn Ribton14 April 1871View
TurnerLlewellyn Ribton View
TurnerRobert Morton24 September 1874View
TurnerStuart15 November 1875View
TurnerThomas26 February 1876View
TurnerThomas Edward1 April 1872View
TurnerWhitfield Dawson13 March 1880View
TurnerWhitfield Dawson View
TurnerWilliam Edward10 April 1871View
TurpieJohn Walter2 June 1880View
TurpinGeorge Scott24 March 1877View
TurtleEdward28 July 1866View
TustinGeorge3 August 1879View
TutteyThomas2 May 1873View
TutteyThomas View
TweedieAllan11 January 1881View
TwiggeRobert29 August 1880View
TwinamThomas Arthur24 November 1879View
TwinamThomas Arthur View
TwinemLeonard3 January 1877View
TwistFrank12 February 1875View
TwistFrank View
TylerCharles18 January 1870View
TylerGuy Francis11 May 1884View
TylerRichard29 March 1875View
TymmsAlfred Henry Robert25 November 1873View
TyrrellJohn30 November 1878View
TyrrellRobert Watkinson22 December 1879View
TyrrellStephen13 May 1881View
TyrrellTimothy23 January 1876View
TysonAlan Hugh31 May 1880View
TyteArthur Burdett15 November 1883View
TytheridgeJohn Stanley19 February 1876View
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